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Usually battery powered, flashlights are a portable means of creating artificial light. They allow a person safer navigation through darkened areas.

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Would a flashlight work on the moon?

Yes it would only if we could try it.
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How a beam of laser light is different than the beam of light produced by a flashlight?

It does depend on the kind of laser, but the main difference is that a laser emits a focused beam of light of the same wavelength (i.e. color) while a flashlight emits light of many different wavelengths, and 'beams' this light by reflecting it using a concave mirror built into it behind/around the bulb. ...
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How do you use nokia 5800 flashlight as torch?

e.g. with PhoneTorch app, which is a useful app to to use the LEDs in the phone like a torch (flashlight). ...
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How many flashlights are sold each year?

20 million in Canada alone
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What type of a circuit do flashlights use?

A flashlight is a series circuit. The batteries positive end connects to the flashlights switch. The switch connects to the center pin of the light bulb. The bulb filament is connected to the center pin of the bulb and the outer metal shell of the bulb socket. The shell of the bulb socket is connected to the metal flashlight's body which returns to the negative end of the battery. Turn on the switch and you have light. ...
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What parts are needed to make an ever-lasting flashlight?

Answer Wow, ID1177301194 put ANSWER in the answer box. Okay, well you should start with getting the materials. Materials 2 D cell batteries [use alkaline instead of heavy-duty (carbon-zinc) batteries] (2) 5" pieces of number 22 insulated copper bell wire with approximately 1" of insulation stripped off all ends Cardboard tube (toilet tissue or paper towel) cut to 4" in length PR6, or number 222, 3-volt flashlight bulb 2 brass fasteners (brads) 1" x 3" cardboard strip Paper clip Tape Bathroom-size paper cup Note: You can use C or AA or...
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What makes a wind up flashlight shine what does it wind together to make the energy is it zinc magnets or something else?

i'm not very sure, but i know it has magnets. as for zinc, you will have to see if someone else answers it. Yeah...;. ...
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Will flashlight bulbs connected to a battery run down faster if they are connected in a series or parallel circuit?

It doesn't matter, unless we're talking about some bulbs with integrated switching power supplies, in which case it might make sense to offset (distance) them by about (SwitchingFrequency / NumberOfBulbs) Hz, to make the general load appear mostly resistive. But in about 99.9% of the cases, the placement of a load (and a light bulb is a load) does not change the amount of current it uses as it's a property of the light bulb itself. Of course, with LED lights it's...
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When were flashlights invented?

In 1896, Joshua Lionel Cowen invented a decorative lighting fixture for potted plants which consisted of a metal tube housing a light bulb and a dry cell battery. It failed commercially, and so Cowen sold his company and patents to Conrad Hubert that same year and turned his attention to building and selling model trains. Hubert renamed Cowen's company the American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company and, recognizing the true potential of Cowen's invention, hired David Misell to produce a tubular flashlight for...
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If you turn on a flashlight while on a spaceship going the speed of light what speed is the light from the flashlight moving at?

c - Light goes at c in all frames of reference according to Special relativity ...
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Does a fleshlight work as a flashlight?

The Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve with a hard plastic case made to resemble a flashlight, with a soft, skin-like insert for an incredibly realistic feeling. Fleshlights are only used as male sex toys and in no way can be used as a flashlight. ...
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Where to get flashlight on mafia?

They are randomly dropped items from robbing.
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Who makes rocky flashlights?

FUJI Industries Company LTD. 1-866-613-3741 479-715-6563 902 SE 5th St., Ste. 16 Bentonville, AR 72712-6019 ...
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Removing battery acid from a flashlight?

Flush with lots of water, neutralise with weak solution of sodium carbonate. Mario Don't forget to take into account whether or not it is from an alkaline battery. If so, you may need to neutralize with a weak acid rather than a base. Inquire further on another site. -Matt ...
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How does a dynamo flashlight work?

A dynamo flashlight works by producing its own electricity. The flashlight has a crank that is turned by the operator. The crank runs a small generator inside that produces enough electric to run the flashlight. ...
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Where can you find a circuit diagram to build your own flashlight?

Go onto ebay or visit a hoby store another idea is to go to a website on how to build a flash light ...
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Why did the backpackers carry a flashlight?

he wanted to lighten his load
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What is the flashlight used by silent hill cop?

Its a swivel flashlight. I know this because I did a search on google and I came across a flashlight that looks exacly the same as the one Harry Mason uses in silent hill 1. ...
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Do police officers still use Maglite flashlights?

Yes, probably the most widely used brand-name. Rugged and reliable.
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Why do Australians call flashlights torches?

The English word for "Flashlight" is "Torch". As well, prior to electricity or battery operated flashlights, any flaming illumination was called a "torch", referring to making a fire on the end of a long stick (as seen in movies and still used in some undeveloped areas). ...