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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter O?

Adjectives beginning with O: oafish oak oat oaten oatmeal obdurate obedient obeisant obese objectionable objective oblate obligated obligational obligatory obliging oblique oblivious oblong obnoxious obscene obscure obsequious observable observant observational obsessed obsessive obsolescent obsolete obstetric obstinate obstreperous obtainable obtrusive obtuse obvious occasional occidental occipital occlusive occult occupational occupied oceanic ocher octagonal octogenarian ocular odd oddball odious odorant odoriferous odorous off off balance off campus off color off key off-color offbeat offensive offhand official offshore often oiled oily okay old old-fashioned old-world olden older oldest oleic olfactory olive Olympian Olympic ominous omnipotent omnipresent omniscient omnivorous oncoming one one-sided onerous onetime ongoing only onrushing ontological opal opalescent opaque open open-ended open-minded opened operable operatic operating operational operative ophthalmic opinionated opportune opportunistic opposing opposite oppositional oppressive opprobrious optic optical optimal optimistic optimum optional opulent oracular oral orange oratorical oratory orbital orchestral orchid orderly ordinary organic organized (also spelled organised) orgasmic orgastic oriental oriented original ornamental ornate ornery ornithological orotund orthodontic orthodox orthogonal orthopedic oscillating ossified ostensible ostentatious other otiose our oustanding outback outboard outbound outdated outdoor outer outermost outgoing outlandish outlying outrageous outright outside outspoken outstanding outward oval ovarian ovate over overactive overaggressive overall overanxious overbearing overblown overboard overcast overconfident overcooked overcrowded overdeveloped overdone overdue overexposed overhead overheated overjoyed overloaded overnight overpaid overpowering overpriced overprotective overqualified overrated overseas oversensitive oversize oversized overstimulated overt overweight overwhelmed overwhelming overworked overwrought oviparous ovoid owlish ...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter B?

(Some nouns are used like adjectives, but are called noun adjuncts or attributive nouns. This would include words such as baby, e.g. baby talk ) babbling babyish back bacterial bad baffled baffling baggy Bahamian Bahrainian baked baking bald baled baleful balky ballistic balmy bamboozling banal banned Bantu barbaric barbarous barbed bardic bare bared barefoot barn-like barnacled barred baser bashful basic bass batty Bavarian bawdy bawling beady beaming beastly beaten beautiful bedridden beefy befitting befuddled beige bejeweled belated Belgian believable bellicose belligerent belted bendy beneficent beneficial beneficient benevolent Bengali benign bent berserk best better beveled bewildered bewitched bicameral bickering bifurcated big big-boned big-busted big-hearted bigger billed bipedal bisexual bitter bitty bizarre black black-tempered blackish bland blank blasé bleak bleary blessed blessy blighted blind blissful blithe bloated blocky blond blond-haired blonde bloody blooming blossomed blotchy blow-dried blowzy blue blue-eyed bluff bluish blunt blurry blushing blustery boastful bobbed bodacious boffo bogus bohemian boiled boisterous bold Bolivian boned bonkers bonny bony bookish boorish bored boring Bosnian bossy both bothersome Botswanian bouncy bountiful bouyant bovine bowed boxy bracing brackish bragging brainy brash brassy bratty brave brawny brazen Brazilian breakable breathable breathtaking breezy brick brief bright brilliant brisk British brittle broad broke broken bronze brotherly brown brown-eyed browny brunette brutal brute brutish bubbly budding buff bug-like bulbous Bulgarian bulimic bulky bullish bully (slang) bumbling bummed bumpy buoyant burdensome burgeoning burly Burmese burnt bushy businesslike busted bustling busty busy buttered buttery buttoned buxom buzzing ...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter R?

rabid race racial racing racist racked rackety racy rad radar radial radiant radiating radical radio radioactive raffish rageful ragged raggedy raggy raging rainless rainy raised rakish rambling rambunctious rampageous rampant ramshackle rancid rancorous random randomized rangy rank rapacious rapid rapturous rare rascally rash raspberry raspy ratable rational rationalistic rattle-brained ratty raucous raunchy ravaged ravenous raving ravishing ravishment raw raw-boned razor-sharp reactionary reactive readable ready real realiable realist realistic realized rear rearing reasonable reassuring rebel rebellious reborn recalcitrant recent receptive recessive recherche reciprocal recited reckless reclusive recognizable recognized recoil recoilless recommendable recommended reconcilable recondite record recoverable recreational rectangular recumbent recuperative recurrent recusant recyclable red red-hot redder reddest reddish redeeming redemptive redheaded redolent redoubtable reduced reductive redundant reedy reeking referential refined reflective reflexive reformed refractory refreshing refulgent regal regardful regenerative regimented regional registered regressive regretable regretful regrettable regular regulatory rehabilitated reimbursable rejoicing rejuvenated rejuvenating related relative relaxed relaxing relentless relevant reliable reliant relieved religious relished relishing reluctant remaining remarkable remedial reminiscent remiss remonstrative remorseful remorseless remote removable remunerative renaissance renascent renegade renewable renewed renowned rentable rental repayable repentant repetitious repetitive replete reprehensible representative repressed repressive reproachful reproducible reproductive reproving repugnant repulsive reputable reputed required researchable resembling resentful reserved resident residential residual resilient resistant resistive resolute resonant resonate resonating resounding resourceful respectable respected respectful respective resplendent responsible responsive rested restful resting restive restless restorative restricted restrictive resultant resurgent retail retaliatory retanile retentive reticent retinal retired retractable retributive retro retrospective reusable revealing revengeful revered reverent reverse reversible reviled revised revokeable revolting revolutionary revolving revving rewarded rewarding rhapsodic rhetorical rheumy-eyed rhubarb rhythmic ribald rich rickety riddled ridicules ridiculous rigged right right-brained right-handed right-minded righteous rightful rigid rigorous riled riotous rip-roaring ripe rippled risen risible rising risked risky risque ritual ritualistic ritzy rival riveting roaring roasted robotic robust rocking rocky rogue roguish roistering rollable rolled rollicking rolling rolly romanian romantic roomy rootin' tootin' rootless rose rosy rotable rotary rotatable rotating rotted rotten rotting rotund rough round rousing routine roving rowdy royal rubber rubbery ruby rudderless ruddy rude rudimentary rueful ruffled rugged ruined ruinous ruling rumbling rumbly rumored rumply runaway rundown running runny runty ruptured rural rushed rushing Russian rusted rustic rusticated rusting rustproof rusty ruthless rutted rye radiant, rainy, random, rare, raw, real, recent, reckless, red, regular, reliable, remote, rental, resourceful, rich, rigid, ripe, robust, rosy, royal, rubber, rusty, ...
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What are some foods that begin with the letter X?

Xanthones (contained in the mangosteen fruit. They are commonly used for medicinal purposes.) X-cat-ik chillies (light yellow fresh chillies; very hot and typically left whole to flavour prepared meat and fish dishes) Xacuti masala (Indian delicacy prepared with marinated meat or fish and mixed spices) Xalwa a somali (cornflour paste) Xanthan gum (thickener for food, emulsifier, foaming agent, gelling agent, stabilizer, suspending agent, and whipping agent) xanthum gum xanthareel Xavier souppe (classic Italian soup) Xavier steak (American steak dish) Xerem de Fiesta (dish from Cape Verde, and Africa) xian hamburger xiphias Xom...
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What are some animals that begin with the letter N?

Animals that begin with the letter N are: Nabarlek (aka Pigmy Rock-wallaby) Nag (another name for a horse) Naga Naked Mole Rat Nandine Nandoo Nandu Nanny Goat Narbarlek Narwhal Natterjack Toad Nautilus (sea mollusk with a coiled shell) Neapolitan Mastiff Needle Fish Needle-nosed dolphin Nematode (worm) Nene Neon Tetra (small fish) Nerka Nettlefish New Holland Mouse New Zealand Grebe Newfoundland Newt Night Crawler Night Hawk Night Heron Nightingale Nightjar Nile Crocodile Nilgai Nine Banded Armadillo Nit No-see-ums (tiny biting flies that are so tiny that it is hard to see them) Noctilio Noctule Noddy Nodosaurus (dinosaur) Noolbenger Norfolk Terrier North African Ostrich Northern Cardinals Northern Elephant Seal Northern Flying Squirrel Northern Fur Seal Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat Northern Pike Northern Right Whale Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf,...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter Z?

Some adjectives beginning with Z: zaftig (having a full figured body) zaniest zany zapped zappy zazzy zealous zephyrean zero zestful zesty zibeline zig-zagged zigzag zinciferous zingy zip zipped zipping zippy zodiacal zoetic zoftig zoic zonal zoned zonked zoogenic zoological zooming zoomorphic zoomy zoophilic zoophilous zoopy Zoroastrian Zwinglian zygodactyl zygoid zygomorphic zygotic zymogenic zymotic ...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter M?

Adjectives that begin with the letter M: macabre macaronic Macedonian Machiavellian macho macro mad madcap maddening made made-to-measure made-to-order made-up magenta magic magical magmatic magnanimous magnetic magnificent magniloquent mailable main mainstream majestic majestical major makeshift making maladapted maladaptive maladjusted maladroit Malay Malaysian malcontent male malefic malevolent malicious malignant malleable malodorous malted mammalian mammoth manageable managerial mandatory mangled mangy maniacal manic manifest manifold manipulative manky manly manmade mannerly mannish manual many maple marble marbled marching marginal marine marital marked marketable maroon marred married marsh marshmallow marshy martial martian marvelous masculine mass massive master masterful matchless material materialistic maternal mathematical matrimonial matted mature maudlin mauve maverick mawkish maximum mayoral meager mean mean-spirited meaningful meaningless measly measurable measured meaty mechanical meddlesome meddling median medical medicinal medieval mediocre Mediterranean medium meek melancholy mellifluous mellow melodic melodious melodramatic melted memorable memorial memorize menacing mendacious menial mental mentionable merciful merciless mercurial mere meretricious meritorious meromorphic merry mesmerizing messianic messy metal metallic meteoric meteorological methodical Methodist meticulous metric metropolitan mettlesome mewing Mexican microscopic microwaveable mid middle middle-aged middle-class middling midlife midwestern miffed mighty migrant migratory mild mild-mannered mildewed mile-wide militant military milky milled mimicking mind-blowing mindful mindless mine mingy mini miniature minimal minimalist minimum miniscule ministerial minor minted minty minuscule minute miraculous mirky mirrored misanthropic miscellaneous mischievous miscreant miserable misguided misleading misrepresented missing missionary misted misty misunderstood mixed moaning mobile mocking mod model moderate modern modernistic modest modish modular moist Moldavian moldy molecular molten momentary momentous monarchical monastic monetary moneymaking Mongol Mongoloid mono basic monochromatic monocular monogamous monolithic monomorphic monosyllabic monotone monotonic monotonous monstrous Montanan monthly monumental moody moonlit moorish moory moot mopey moping mopish mopped moral moralistic morbid more moribund Moroccan moronic morose mortal mortified mosaic mosey mossy most motherly motionless motivated motivating motley motorized mottled mountainous mournful mousy mouthy movable moving mow mown much mucky muddled muddy muffled muggy mulish multi-talented multicolored multidimensional multifarious multilateral multiparous multiple multipurpose multivalent multivariate mummified mundane municipal munificent murderous murky muscular mushy musical musing musky musty mute muted muttering mutual my myopic myriad mysterious mystic mystical mystifying mythical mythological magenta marvelous mad ...
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What are some animals that begin with the letter J?

Some animals that begin with the letter J: Jabiru (tropical stork) Jacana (wading bird) Jack Russell Terrier Jackal (wild animal like a dog) Jackdaw Jackel Jackrabbit Jack Russel Terrier Jagdterrier Jaguar Jämthund Japanese Akita Japanese beetle Japanese Chin Japanese fighting fish (also known as beta fish) Japanese Spitz Japanese Terrier Jarabugo fish Jaxartosurus (dinosaur) Jay Jaybird Jelen (English Deer) Jellyfish Jenny (another name for female donkey, bird, or crab) Jerboa (rodent) Joey (also known as a young kangaroo). John dory (fish) Jumbo shrimp Jumping mouse Jumping spider Junco (bird) June bug jackass Jaguar Jackal jack rabbit Jaguar, jackal, jack (male donkey), Japanese crane Jay is a bird. Jack Russell Terrier is a dog breed. Jaybird June...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter P?

Adjectives that begin with P: packed padded painful painless painstaking painted palatable pale palliative pallid paltry panicky panoramic paper papery parallel paramount paranoid paranormal paraplegic parasitic parched parsimonious parted partial particular passe passing passionate passive past pastel pasty patchy patent paternalistic pathetic patient patriotic patronizing patterned paunchy paved peaceable peaceful peachy peaked pearly peculiar pedantic pedestrian peevish pellucid pelvic pendulous penitent penniless pensive penultimate penurious peppery peppy perceptive peremptory perennial perfect perfidious perforated perfumed perfunctory perilous periodic perjured perky permanent permissible permissive pernicious perpendicular perpetual persistent persnickety personable personal perspicacious persuasive pert pertinacious pertinent pervasive perverse perverted pesky pessimistic pestilent petite petrified petty petulant pharmaceutical phenomenal philanthropic philosophic phobic phonetic phonic phony photogenic physical picayune pickled picky picturesque piecemeal pied piercing piled pimply pin-striped piney pink pinkish pious pitiful pitted placid plaid plain planar plastic plausible playful pleasant pleased pleasing pleated plentiful pliant plucky plump plush pneumatic poetic poignant pointless poised poky polarized polarizing Polish polished polite political pompous ponderous pooped poor popular porcine porky pornographic porous portly Portuguese posed posh positive possessive possible postal potent powdery powerful powerless practical pragmatic prayerful preachy precarious precious precipitous precise precocious precursory predictable predominant preeminent preemptive prefabricated preferable pregnant prehistoric premature premium prepared preposterous prepubescent present presidential pressed prestigious presumptuous pretentious preternatural pretty previous prewar priceless pricey prickly prim primal primary principled printable prissy pristine private prized probable problematic procrastinative prodigious productive professional proficient profitable profuse progressive prominent promiscuous promising promotable prompt proper prophetic propitious prosaic prosperous protective protuberant proud proverbial provocative prudent prudish prurient pseudo psychedelic psychic psychosomatic psychotic pubescent pubic public puce pudgy puerile puffy pugilistic pugnacious pugnant pulchritudinous pulpy pumped pumpkin (color or pie) punchy punctilious punctual pungent punitive puny pure purfumey purified purloined purple purplish purring pushy pusillanimous putrid puzzled puzzling ...
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What are some adjectives that describe a person and begin with the letter R?

radiant radical ragged raggedy raging rain-soaked rakish rallying rambunctious rancid random randy rapacious rare raspy raspy-sounding rational rattled ratty raucous raunchy ravenous ravishing raw reactionary ready real realistic reasonable reassuring rebel rebellious rebutting recalcitrant receptive reckless reclusive recognizable recognizing recommend recreant red-faced red-haired redheaded redundant refined reflective refreshing refulgent regal regarding regressive regular rehabilitated rejuvenated related relative relaxed relentless relevant reliable relieved religious reluctant remarkable renowned repellent repentant repetitive replaceable reprehensible reptilian repugnant repulsive reputable resentful reserved resilient resistant resolute resounding resourceful respectable respected respectful resplendent responsible responsive rested restful restless retired retro retrospective revengeful revered reverent reverential reviled revolting rewarding ribbed rich ridiculous right right-handed righteous rigid riled risky risque riven riveted riveting robust rogue roguish Romanian romantic rosy rotten rotund rough round rowdy royal ruddy rude rugged rural Russian ruthless ...
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What are some animals that begin with the letter Q?

Qinghai Lake Toad - (Bufo tuberculatus Zarevskij, 1926) Qinghai lake, China/Tibet border Qinghai Lizard - Genera: (Phrynocephalus) A lizard, Qinghai Province, China, 2 or 3 species Qinling panda - (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis) A subspecies of giant panda, China Quadrate Pebblesnail - (Somatogyrus quadratus) A freshwater snail, USA: critically endangered Quadrisectus - (Pseudodynerus quadrisectus Say) A wasp S.E. USA. Quagga - (Equus quagga quagga Boddaert, 1785) Sub-species of zebra, S. Africa: extinct Quahog - (Mercenaria mercenaria) A bivalve, saltwater clam, SE coast of Canada to the Yucatan Quail - Family:...
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What are some animals that begin with the letter A?

Animals beginning with A: Aardvark Aardwolf Abalone Abyssinian Cat Abyssinian Ground Hornbill Acacia Rat Achilles Tang Acorn Barnacle Acorn Weevil Acorn Woodpecker Acouchi (Rodent Resembling a Squirrel) Adams Stag-Horned Beetle Addax Adder Adelie Penguin Admiral Butterfly Adouri Aegean Cat Affenpinscher Afghan Hound African Augur Buzzard African Bush Viper African Civet African Clawed Frog African Elephant African Fish Eagle African Golden Cat African Ground Hornbill African Harrier Hawk African Hornbill African Jacana African Mole Snake African Paradise Flycatcher African Pied Kingfisher African Porcupine African Rock Python African Wild Cat African Wild Dog Agama Agouta (Rodent Resembling a Mouse) Agouti (Rodent Resembling a Squirrel) Aidi Airedale Airedale Terrier Akita Inu Alabama Map Turtle Alaotra Grebe Alaska Jingle Alaskan Husky Alaskan Klee Kai Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Salmon Albacore Tuna Albatross Albertosaurus Albino Aldabra Tortoise Allens Big-Eared...
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What are some adjectives that describe a person and begin with the letter B?

bad bald bare bashful battle-hardy beastly beauteous beautiful behind believable belligerent beloved bendy beneficent benevolent bent better bewildered bewildering bewitched biased biblical big big-hearted bigoted bitter black blinking blissful bloated blond blonde blue blushing blustery bodacious bogus boisterous bold bolshy bony boring bossy bouncy bountiful braggart brainy brash bratty brave bright brilliant British brotherly brown bubbly built bullish bumpy businesslike ...
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What are some foods that begin with the letter D?

Here are some foods that begin with the letter D: Dagwood dog Dagwood sandwich Dahi (da-hi) Dahl soup Daikon radishes Daim bars Daiquiri Dairy products Dal (lentil dish) Damper Damson jam Damson pie Damson plums Damsons Dandelion greens Dandelions Dandelion wine Danimals yogurt Danish bacon Danish kringle Danish pastry Danon yogurt Darjeeling tea Dark brown sugar Dark chocolate Dark corn syrup Dasani water Dashi (soup) Date-nut bread Date cake Date cookies Dates Dauphin potatoes Deep-dish pizza Deep-fried anything Deer Deer jerky Deer mushrooms Del-dixi pickles Deli sandwich Delmonico steak Demerara sugar Denver omelette Derby cheese Dessert Devil's-food cake Devil crabs Devil dog (boxed sweet treat, much like a Suzy q, Twinkie or Ho Ho) Deviled eggs Deviled ham Devil's temptation (pudding) Devon cream Dewberries Dhansak Diced tomatoes Diet coke Diet soda Digestive biscuits Dijon chicken Dijon...
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What would calf length be on a crossword puzzle?

midi or cocktail length
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What is the first letter of a four letter word meaning to go in search of?

There is more than one 4-letter word that means "to go in search of." To go in search of: S for seek H for hunt L for look ...
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What are some adjectives that describe a person and begin with the letter N?

nagging naive naked nameless nappy narcissistic narcoleptic narrow narrow-minded nasal nasally nasty national native natty natural naughty nauseating nauseous nautical neanderthal nearby neat nebulous necessary needless needy nefarious negative neglectful neglective negligent neighborly (neighbourly) nerdy nervous neurotic neutral new nice nifty nimble nine, nineteen, ninety ninth noble nocturnal noiseless noisy nonchalant noncommittal nonconformist nondescript nonjudgmental nonstop nontraditional normal nostalgic nosy (nosey) notable noteworthy noticeable notorious novice noxious nude nuisance numb numberless numerate numerous nurturing nutritious nutty nymphomaniacal ...
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How can you make one word with the letters in NEW DOOR?

When you rearrange the letters: new door = one word
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter L?

labeled labial labored laboring laborious lachrymose lackadaisical lacking lackluster laconic lacrimal lacustrine lacy laddered laddish laded laden lady-like lagging lagy laical laid-back lallygagging lame lamentable laminated lanceolate landlocked landward languid lanky lapping large larger largest lascivious lashed last lasting late latent lateral latest Latin latter laudable laughable laughing lavender lavish law-biding lawful lawless lax lazy leaded leaden leaderless leading leafy leaky lean learned least leathery lecherous left left-handed leftist lefty legal legendary legged leggy legible legislative legitimate leisurely lemon lemony lengthwise lengthy lenient Lenten leper-like leprous lesbian less lesser lethal lethargic level lewd lexicographical liable libelous liberal licit licorice lidded lidless lifeless lifelike lifelong lifting ligatured light lighthearted lightweght lightweight likable like likeable likely lilac lilting limbed limber lime limey liminal limited limitless limned limp limy linear lingering lingual linguistic linkable linked lionhearted lip-locked lipped lippy liquid lisping listless lit literal literary literate lithe litigious little liturgical livable live lively livid living loaded loath loathsome local lockable locked lofty logarithmic logical logistic logistical lolling lone lonely lonesome long longer longest longing longitudinal longstanding longsuffering looking loom looming loony loopy loose loping lopsided loquacious lordly loser loserish losing lost loud loudest lousy loutish lovable loveable loved lovely lovesick lovey-dovey loving low lowdown lower lowly loyal lubed lubricious lucent lucid lucky lucrative ludicrous lugubrious lukewarm lumbering luminous lumpy lunar lurching lurid luscious lush lustful lusting lustrous lusty luxuriant luxurious lycanthropic lying lyrical laggard ladylike large, lax, lawless, legible, liberal, literal, logical, lousy, lush...
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What are some animals that begin with the letter I?

Animals beginning with I: Iaeris Metalmark Iao Valley Nesosydne Planthopper Ibadan Malimbe Iberian Barbel Iberian Chiffchaff Iberian Emerald Lizard Iberian Lynx Iberian Midwife Toad Iberian Mole Iberian Nase Ibex (A Type of Wild Mountain Goat) Ibis (A Large Bird Related to a Stork) Ibisbill Ibizan Hound Ice Blue Red Top Zebra Ice Fish Iceland Gull Icelandic Horse Icelandic Sheepdog Ichidna Ichneumon Fly Ichthyosaurs Ichthyostega (The Earliest Known Amphibian) Icterine Warbler Iggy-Pops Iguana Iguanodon (Dinosaur) Illadopsis Ilsa Mocha Degu Impala (African Antelope) Imperator Angel Imperial Eagle Inca Tern Inchworm Indian Cow Indian Elephant Indian Glassfish Indian Hare Indian Jackal Indian Palm Squirrel Indian Pangolin Indian Rhinoceros Indian Ring-Neck Parakeet Indian Rock Python Indian Skimmer Indian Spiny Loach Indiana Bat Indigo Bunting Indigo-Winged Parrot Indochina Hog Deer Indochinese...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter E?

each eager eagle-eyed earlier earliest early earnest earsplitting earthen earthly earthy easier easiest east easterly eastern easy easygoing eatable eaten ebbing ebony ebullient eccentric ecclesiastic ecclesiastical echoey eclectic ecological economic economical ecru ecstatic ecumenical edgey edgy edible edifying edited editorial educated educational eerie effective effeminate effervescent efficacious efficient effluent effortless egalitarian egg egged eggy egotistic egotistical egregious eight elaborate elaborating elastic elated elder elderly eldest eldritch electoral electric electrical electrifying electronic elegant elegiac elementary elephantine elevated eleven elfin elicit eligible elite elizabethan elliptical elongated eloped eloquent elusive emaciated embarrassed embarrassing embellished emblematic embracing embryonic emerald emergency emergent emerging emeritus eminent emotional emotionless empathetic emphatic empirical empowering empty enamored enchanted enchanting encouraging encyclopedic endangered endearing endless endogamous endoplasmic endothermic endurable enduring energetic energizing enervated enforceable engaging engulfing enigmatic enjoyable enjoying enlarged enlightened enlightening enormous enraged enriching enteric enterprising entertained entertaining enthusiastic enticing entire entitled entrancing entropic enumerable enveloping enviable envious environmental ephemeral epic epileptic eponymous equable equal equine equitable equivalent equivocal erect ergonomic ermine erotic errant erratic erroneous ersatz erstwhile erupting esoteric essential established esthetic estimated eternal ethereal ethical euphemistic euphoric European evanescent evangelical evaporating evaporative evasive even eventual evergreen everlasting every everyday evident evidential evil evocative evolutionary exact exacting exaggerated example exasperating exceeding excellent exceptional excess excessive excitable excited exciting exclusionary exclusive excruciating exculpatory excusable execrable executive exemplary exempt exhausted exhausting exhaustive exhilarating existent existing exiting exorbitant exothermic exotic expandable expansive expectant expected expeditious expendable expensive experienced experimental expert expiratory explanatory explicable explicit exploratory explosive exponential expository express expressive expunged exquisite extemporaneous extempore extended extensive exterior external extinct extra extracurricular extraneous extraordinary extraterrestrial extravagant extreme extroverted exuberant exultant ...
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Is there a five letter word ending in z?

* abuzz * blitz * breiz * cadiz * capiz * frizz * glitz * grosz * hertz * jerez * klutz * optez * pfalz * spitz * topaz * vaduz * waltz * whizz * wootz Answer 2: chizz fritz hafiz soyuz spitz ...
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What are some words beginning with ff?

There are a small number of placenames beginning Ff- (e.g. Ffestiniog and Ffrith). There are also some English personal names that start with Ff-, often spelled all in lowercase by convention, such as ffolkes and ffiona. ...
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What is the American word for refrigerator?

Frigidaire was a brand name which was shortend to "Fridge" and used generically for all brands. "Icebox" is also used, but "fridge" is more common. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "fridge" is a shortened form of "refrigerator," although the brand-name Frigidaire may have contributed to it's continued popularity. ...
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What are some animals that begin with the letter L?

Some animals that begin with the letter L: Labrador Retriever Ladybird Ladybug Lagotto Romagnolo Lakeland Terrier Lake Trout Lama Lamb Lammergeier Lamprey Lancashire Heeler Langur Lapponian Herder Lapwing (bird) Largemouth Bass Lark Latvian horse Laughing thrush Laysan Albatross Leafbird Leafhopper Leafwing (insect; butterfly) Least Weasel Leatherback Sea Turtle Leech Lemming Lemon Shark Lemur Leonberger Leopard Leopard Seal Lesser Sooty Owl Leveret Lhasa Apso Lice Liger (cross between a tiger and a lion) Light-mantled Albatross Lightningbug Lilac breasted roller Limpet Limpkin Ling Linnet Lion Lionfish Lipizzaner (horse) Little Grebe Little Kiwi Little Penguin Lizard Llama Lobo Lobster Locust Loggerhead Turtle Long-Tailed Weasel Long Eared Owl Longhorn (cattle) Longspur (bird) Loon Lorikeet Loris Louse Lovebird Lungfish Lynx Löwchen Some animals that begin with letter L are:- 1. Lion 2. Leopard 3. Locust 4. Ladybird 5. Lizard 6. Llama 7. Loggerhead Turtle 8. Lobster 9. Lice 10. Lemur 11. Lark ...