Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

Questions about words beginning with certain letters, including those used in the game Scattergories. Scattergories offers players twelve of 144 categories and one of twenty letters each turn, which they have to pair. So, you would have to come up with say, a college major, a boy's name, or another category that starts with the letter B (or whatever letter you roll).

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What Returning weapon that starts with the letter b?

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A boomerang is a weapon that starts with the letter B, and returns to its owner when thrown.

What words start with the letter E describing Scrooge?

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Scrooge can be described as eccentric. His behavior is strange and unconventional.

Embittered, Exacting,Extortionate

What are some cigarettes that start with S?

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Sonoma light, Ultra light ,full flavor, menthol and so on


What is a good excuse for being late giving thanks?

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"I've been meaning to call and thank you but I've just been so busy with everything that I can hardly remember to do the things I need to do."

What are some laptop brands starting with the letter K?

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Koncar is a laptop brand. It is manufactured by Koncar Group, a company based in Croatia.

What are Christmas related words that begin with each letter of the alphabet?

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Christmas Cake

Drummer boy

















Under the tree




Yule Log


I must admit, I had to go to Yahoo Answers for some help as I was stuck on a few like Y, Z

What do you think of the idea for me to get the letters ADAE tattooed on my left wrist because the four letters stand for the first letter in my my two brother and my little sisters first names?

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I think it's a great idea, it shows the love you have for your family. But be cautioned, It's forever and getting it is sometimes painful.

Before you get anything tattooed on your body, think very hard about it. You have to live with these letters for the rest of your life. People prejudge other people very fast and imagine if you found the job of your dreams or the man/woman of your dreams, and they saw the tattoos and prejudged you, it could be the reason that you miss out on whatever it is that you want. Maybe you are young and in the future you could regret it and on the wrist is very hard to hide. I know someone who has a tattoo on the top of her arms and now she has a great job, she has to hide the tatts as her boss doesn't like them and she can't show them. Being responsible is thinking of how things like this will affect your future/

How hot does a blunt get?

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I am basing this on info from the link below where Dr. Michael Ewart performed these experiments on cigarettes. I think the results would be relatively close to what you are looking for.

We performed a series of experiments in order to determine the actual temperature of the lit cigarette. Here are the results for the temperature at different locations and under different conditions:

Temperature without drawing:

Side of the lit portion: 400 deg C (or 752 deg F)

Middle of the lit portion: 580 deg C (or 1112 deg F)

Temperature during drawing:

Middle of the lit portion: 700 deg C (or 1292 deg F)

The above numbers represent the average we obtained by performing several trials and can be considered accurate to within 50 deg C. A standard Fe-CuNi digital thermocouple thermometer was used in all trials.

For more, please refer to the link below.

What Christmas gifts start with the letter w?

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Washcloth, wastebin, washer, washing machine, wool sweater, water dispenser

What reindeer names begin with D?

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Dasher, Dancer & Donner (Santa's reindeer)

(Donner is also spelled as Donder or Dunder)

Stores that start with r?

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Rack Room Shoes, Radio Shack, Reeds Jewelers, Relax the Back, Restoration Hardware, Rhodes Furniture, Rite Aid, Rooms To Go, Ross Stores and Rue21 are stores that begin with the letter R.

What weapons start with O?

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  • Ortgies Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Onegar - Named after the animal it is a siege engine similar to a catapult.

All beers that start with the letter b?

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· Bachelor ESB (Deschutes Brewery; Bend, Oregon)

· Bad Penny Brown Ale (Big Boss Brewing Company; Raleigh, North Carolina)

· Ballantine

· Beck's (Germany)

· Billy Beer (Falls City Brewing Company; Louisville KY)

· Black and Gold Premium Craft Lager

· Black Butte Porter (Deschutes Brewery; Bend, Oregon)

· Blackhorse Ale (Blackhorse Pub and Brewery; Clarksville TN)

· Blatz (Valentin Blatz Brewing Company; Milwaukee WI)

· Blue, Labatt (Canada)

· Blue Moon (Colorado)

· Budweiser

· Buffalo Gold Golden Ale (Boulder Beer Company, Boulder Colorado)

· Busch Bavarian Beer

What are some names of weapons starting with the letter Q?

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· QBB-95 (a Chinese light machine gun)

· QBZ-95 (a Chinese assault rifle)