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Geography is the study of the Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena. Find questions about geology, agriculture, population and more.

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Which two countries in South America are landlocked?

Landlocked countries do not have any coast on an ocean or sea. The two countries in South America that are landlocked are Bolivia and Paraguay: Bolivia is surrounded by Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. Paraguay is surrounded by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay and Bolivia. Bolivia is the only land-locked country in South America. Peru and Chile block Bolivia from the South Pacific Ocean. Bolivia is named after Simon Bolívar, a leader in the Spanish American wars of independence....
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What countries border Mexico?

The country of Mexico, located on the southern tip of North America, has three international borders, one with another North American country and two with a couple of Central American nations: To the north, with the United States of America (capital: Washington, DC), sharing a common border of 3,141 Kilometers (1,952 miles) along the American states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The US-Mexican Border also runs along the Mexican northern states of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas and...
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What do you call a space between two mountains?

The space is called a vally ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually it depends on what you mean by "between" . the actually space that lies between two mountain tops is called a saddle. Thinking of a valley as the intersection where the two sides of two mountains merge is a bit of stretch but could be true. In that case, the valley originates at the saddle which often forms a valley on opposite sides. ...
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What are two peninsulas found in Mexico?

There are two important peninsulas in Mexico: The Baja California Peninsula, located on northwestern Mexico, is a long but slim peninsula stretching along 1,250 Kilometers (775 miles) from the San Diego-Tijuana border down to the seaside resort of Cabo San Lucas, and is separated from mainland Mexico by the Gulf of California (also known as Sea of Cortes). It has an arid climate (Köppen BWh: Warm, Dry) as most of the peninsula falls within the Sonoran Desert limits, but has occasional fertile valleys...
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What country southeast of Australia is made up of two main islands?

New Zealand is an island country 2,000km, or 1,250 miles, south-east of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean. Two large islands, called the North Island and South Island, make up most of the country, which also includes numerous smaller islands, including the more substantial Stewart Island to the south. It is to be noted that New Zealand is not part of Australia, despite its relative proximity. ...
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What body of water separates the Baja California Peninsula from mainland Mexico?

It's not separated completely (it's a peninsula, not an island), but the main body of water separating Baja California from the rest of Mexico is the Gulf of California, an offshoot of the Pacific Ocean. Technically I suppose you could say that the Colorado River (which empties into the Gulf of California) also separates it, but the actual state border between Sonora and Baja California is only MAINLY the Colorado River (there are places where the border deviates from the river's course),...
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What is the capital of Argentina?

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is located near the eastern coast of Argentina, at the mouth of the Rio Parana. Across from Buenos Aires lies Uruguay. It is also the most populous city of Argentina. ...
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What is the central line of latitude called?

The central line of latitude is called the equator.
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What country has three A's in its name?

Australia, Antartica,
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What is an example of place geography?

The Great Pyramids Of Giza
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Why does river straightening reduce flood risk?

Straightening of river reduces floods in the immediate area because it allows the water to go straight instead of having to turn through curves. A natural meandering river has a curvy or sinusoidal shape to its path. A straight river would travel only a kilometer per kilometer of valley floor. Water associated with a curvy river will have to follow the natural sinusoidal curves and will travel considerably more distance per kilometer of valley floor. Also, water in a natural river will...
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What landmarks are in Rwanda?

Hotel Des Milles Collines is an important monument in rwanda
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Which continent is the least urbanized?

Antarctica - it has no cities.
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How do maps show distance and direction?

a map can show direction by.... compass rose (north, south, east, west) lines of longitude (lines going up and down) and lattitude (the lines going sideways - the middle longitude line is called the prime meridean. the middle lattitude line is called the equator. 3. the scale... ( the length of the line is usually an inch that represents 100-500 miles) the scale is located towards the bottom on the map. 4. a map can also show direction by a "map key" if it...
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What are the important tools of geography?

Maps GPS/SatNav Surveys Globes Compass
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What body of water surrounds Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is not surrounded by water. However, it is bordered on its eastern side by the Øresund strait, which connects the Baltic to the North Sea. ...
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What are the names of the 52 states?

The names of the 50 states of the United States of America are : # Alaska # Alabama # Arkansas # Arizona # California # Colorado # Connecticut # Delaware # Florida # Georgia # Hawaii # Iowa # Idaho # Illinois # Indiana # Kansas # Kentucky # Louisiana # Massachusetts # Maryland # Maine # Michigan # Minnesota # Missouri # Mississippi # Montana # North Carolina # North Dakota # Nebraska # New Hampshire # New Jersey #...
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What states are considered west coast states?

California, Washington, and Oregon are all literally on the West coast . All have Shoreline. The West begins where the Great Plains meet the Rocky mountains. What states are considered Western would have a different answer: -California, Washington and Oregon, plus Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana. Also Alaska and Hawaii are sometimes considered Western states. ...
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Name an occupation whose members use a net in their work?

Presumably tennis players, goal keepers, trawler crew, bee keepers ..... etc. ...
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What is leaching in terms of geography?

Physical Geography Dictionary Process in which water removes and transports soil humus and inorganic nutrients in solution. Geography Dictionary A process of soil nutrient removal through the erosive movement and chemical action of water. ...
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Is Canada bigger in land mass than Great Britain?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, second only to Russia. Canada is many times larger than Great Britain. ...
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How big is the White Desert in Egypt?

The White Desert also known as Sahara el Beyda is 45 km north of Farafra Oasis (located in Western Egypt). Located in the Libyan Desert mid-way between Dakhla and Bahariya. ...
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How is shopping connected to geography?

The products you buy where customize to the geographic area that you are located in . Shoppers in specific area have a certain taste which is common. e.g. Kabbalah jewelry can fit everybody , but there are buyer more likely to buy them in a specific geography. Even though it may be an Internet store available for all , most buyers will be from a certain geographic district. ...