The Italian Republic is a South European neighbor of Switzerland. This ancient peninsula is the location of a record 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Typical contributors seek answers to questions about Italy's reputation for excellence in antiques, architecture, art, education, fashion, food, literature, sports, and tourist activities and sites.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

Why doesn't the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall over?

The tower hasn’t hit the ground yet because its tapered and slightly curved shape keeps its center of gravity fairly low. That means it can tip quite a bit before toppling.

In a more poetic sense, though, the tower was falling over for a long time—albeit very slowly. Its tilt, which was first noticed shortly after construction began in 1173, kept increasing until 1990. That’s when engineers declared that, at a tilt of more than five degrees, it was in danger of collapsing. A team then figured out how to correct the lean, bringing it back to a safe angle.

Since then, it’s been getting straighter, believe it or not. The residual effects from the construction meant the angle had decreased another four centimeters by 2018.

Restaurants and Dining Establishments

How many restaurants are there in Italy?

The number of restaurants in Italy are constantly changing. If you were to try looking for a more specific branch or type of restaurant, in might be more conducive in your search query.

I am sorry but I can't state the specific number as of now.

Literature and Language

What are other names for Venice?

Venice is known as 'Venezia' in Italian. This is the official name, and the name you will see when you get there.

It is also known as Venise in French, Venedig in German, Benétke in Slovenian and other names in other languages.

If you are wanting some more poetic unofficial names, Venice has been known as the "La Dominante", "Serenissima", "Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Masks", "City of Bridges", "The Floating City", and "City of Canals".

Currency Conversions

How much is one euro in Italy worth in American money?

As of November 29th 2010, one Euro is worth 1.3137 dollars.

Distances and Travel Times

How far is Rome from the ocean?

Rome is 23 miles away from the ocean.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Postage and Shipping

Where can you buy Italy postage stamps?

The easiest way is to buy them from the Italian Post Office. You can purchase them online through their web site. Stamp dealers typically have a selection as well.


How did Venetia become a part of Italy in 1866?

Although a Kingdom of Italy had been formed, it did not include all of Italy. The missing parts were Rome and Venetia. Neither could be gained easily because Rome was under the protection of Napoleon III and French troops while Venetia was controlled by Austria and its troops. But an opportunity arrived and Venetia was annexed in 1866. That opportunity was the Seven Weeks' War between Austria and Prussia. Austria promised Venetia if Italy stayed neutral and Prussia promised Venetia if Italy joined them in the war. Italy decided to join Prussia due to a previous agreement. Although the Italian army did poorly, Prussia won the war and it held up its part of the bargain.

Travel & Places

Do Italians wear costumes for festivals?

sometimes. it depends

the carnival season is when they wear costumes- the most famous one being held in Venice.

Criminal Law
International Laws

Which countries have no extradition treaties with Italy?

Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Morrocco.


After someone has posted the above, I make this link to an article by Karen Fish which suggests there are 160 countries which Italy has no extradition agreement with, but they do not include Brazil or Sri Lanka.

William Shakespeare
Globe Theatre

Why are so many of Shakespeare's plays set in Italy?

There are a lot of plays which are at least partly set in Italy. The reason for this may well have to do with Shakespeare's sources. As a student in school, he would have been set Latin passages for translation, and these would have included Roman historians like Tacitus. We know that some of Shakespeare's plays derive directly from Tacitus. In addition, more modern Italian storytellers like Bocaccio and Ariosto were popular in England of that time, and many Italian stories found themselves translated, first into French and then from French to English (The Romeo and Juliet story followed this route).

Against a background of stories from Ancient Rome and Renaissance Italy, it would make sense to use these familiar settings for original tales (Ancient Greece was another favourite, used by Shakespeare on six occasions). The Italians were thought of as sophisticated, cunning, devious and perhaps a little licentious. These qualities went well with comedies which relied on deceptions and sexual passion to drive the plot. Venice was a cosmopolitan place, making it a natural setting for plays that deal with race relations (Merchant of Venice and Othello)

Further, in writing comedies, Shakespeare avoided (with one exception) setting them in contemporary England. Perhaps he felt that a foreign setting made the play more exotic and helped the audience to get into it better. However, there were a lot of popular prejudices against various European peoples (the Spanish in particular were disliked having recently attempted to invade England) and of all of them the Italians were probably seen in the best light.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Can you take tobacco to Italy?

Yes you can. I think the duty-free allowance is one carton of 200 cigarettes, or a similar amount in cigars or pipe tobacco.

Languages and Cultures
Italian Language and Culture

What languages are spoken in Italy?

Almost all Italian natives are bilingual in that they speak very well both their local dialect and standard Italian. Nowadays there are fewer and fewer illiterates who do not speak the official language very well.

Even the elderly who mainly speak a dialect are exposed to Italian everyday, because that is the language spoken on the telly or in public offices.

Foreigners living in Italy, or some well-educated people, often speak other languages too.

Young people are supposed to speak English, because it is a mandatory subject for all, during compulsory education. But, unfortunately, English teachers are very rarely English natives in Italian schools, so do not expect everybody to possess a high level of English.

In some provinces and regions other languages are spoken too. E.g. French in Valle d'Aosta and German in Sudtirolo and Trentino. Also Slovene, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Italian, but there are many dialects and a few regional languages such as Ladino. Some people in the Dolomites speak a dialect of German. Near the French border there are dialects of Occitan or Provençal spoken as well as French. In Trieste some people speak Slovenian or Croatian, and in Sardinia they also have their own language.


The above is a good answer. In addition, Italy, like most other major European nations has growing numbers of apparently permanent immigrants for whom Arabic, Turkish, and other Middle Eastern and African languages are primary and will continue to be primary for at least another generation.
They speak Italian.
Italian mostly, but English once and a while.
i think no if exception of englısh
The country "shaped like a boot" is Italy.

Italians speak Italian.

Italy in WW2

How do you say Happy New Year in Italy?

felice anno nuovo

Flight Times

What is the flight time between Dublin and Sardinia?

There are no direct flights from Dublin to Sardinia. So the journey takes more than one flight. The flying time would be about 3 hours, but there could be a time between the flights which makes the total journey time longer. So it will depend on what combination of flights you get. You would easily make the full journey on the same day.


Is Italy hotter than Greece?

no, i dont think so well not in the summer for sure

Yes, the areas of Italy outside the alps are warmer than Greece. But in the summer, Greece and Italy have about the same temperatures.

World War 2
Germany in WW2
US in WW2

When did the US fight Germany Japan and Italy?

when the attack on pearl harbour ended, the Americans declared war on both countries as they found out somehow that the Germans had helped the Japanese to prepare for the devastation at pearl harbour

Road Distance

How many kilometers Italy Milan to Spain Barcelona?

977 km taking this route:

  1. Take E62 - A7 from Milano towards GENOVA to E80 - A10 to SAVONA and VENTIMIGLIA via E25 - A26. When you are at E80 - A10, follow signs to E80 - A10 to VENTIMIGLIA.
  2. Follow E80 to E15 to PERPIGNAN and BARCELONE in FRANCE near NARBONNE.
  3. Take E15 to Barcelona.
Arts and Crafts

Where can you buy venetian beads from in Italy?

There are several websites for venetian glass beads. Use your search engine and type in venetian glass beads. The sites should pop up and you can browse to your heart's content.

Italian Food

How does climate effect foods in Italy?

Grapes (for instance) need a warm climate so they can grow properly. If the weather is too cold, too wet or too hot, the grape harvest will be bad.


Are there a lot of Asian people in Italy?

No. Italy had no overseas empire in the modern period, save for part of present day Libya, and consequently little contact with people of Asian origin unlike the United Kingdom and France both of which have large Asian populations as a result of the British and French Empires in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Why is pizza important in Italy?

Pizza is staple food of Italy


What is a man made attraction in Italy?

the leaning tour of pisa

the gondieliers in venice

the colusium in Rome

the vatican

Italy in WW2

What are the countries bordering Italy?

Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, and France.


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