Eyebrows are the hairs that arch over your eyes. They are an important part of facial recognition, In some cultures, they are plucked and groomed. In other countries, bushy thick eyebrows are considered attractive.

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How often can you wax your eyebrows?

It depends on how fast the hair grows back. So depending on that as often as you need too. I get mine waxed about every 2-3 weeks.


Can you pierce an eyebrow with a clear ring?

When you go to get it pierced, as your piercer to use a clear glass retainer instead of a curved barbell. Don't use plastic or any type of organic. Glass is a very good material for initial jewelry.

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Does an anti eyebrow piercing hurt?

Yes. All piercings hurt.


Can you play soccer with your new eyebrow piercing?

Yes you can, however you should tape the piercing down (this is assuming you have a barbell in your eyebrow, rings make taping down more difficult). Use Elastoplast brand fabric bandage tape, this is more flexible and easier to remove once the game is over. Check with you coach because chances are good some idiotic referee will tell you to remove the jewellery from your piercing, that being the case I guess you will be side lined for a period of 6 to 8 weeks or get a Bioplast barbell for game play (it still needs to be taped down for safety.


How do you hide an unhealed eyebrow piercing?

Get your hair cut to have bangs go over it, I part my bangs on the other side of my face to hide both of mine during work.


Is it safe to get eyebrows tinted in pregnancy?

Yes its safe.


What is the best eyebrow hair removal tool?

In my opinion it would be tweezers because it is not as painful as waxing and it is more precise in the way that you can remove exactly the hairs that you want to.


What is plugging your eyebrows?

I think you mean plucking your eyebrows, and that is to remove eyebrow hair with tweezers.


Why do eyebrow hairs hurt?

Having them no, having them pulled out yes! Still tolerable though so don't worry.


Is there a way to make your eyebrows grow faster?

Well, not really but... If you leave them to grow back, they will be back in no time. Just try not to tweeze them.


Is Paul Burfoot that plays 'Eyebrows in The Getaway' the same Paul Burfoot who owns 'Fish in Soho'?

oh yeah that's him alright- no money, has love only for himself- right dodgy geezer

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How much does your hair grow in one day?

The average is about 0.4mm a day.


Can your eyebrows get greasy?

Yes they can get greasy via natural oils or greasy hair products. This can be helped by washing them with cold water and using skin products meant to help oily skin.


How do you get wax out of a terry towel?

Put your iron on WARM! Then get paper toweling. Place the terry towel on your ironing board, put the paper toweling over it and press with the iron for 6 - 7 seconds. It will melt the wax (you may have to do this several times until all wax is melted.) If the wax is red or any other color and your terry towel is white, you could then put it in cold water with a little bleach and let it soak for approx. 20 mins.

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Can you smoke with a tongue piercing?

you can, but it isn't recommended for at least the first 48hrs.


Do rabbits have eyebrows?

No, rabbits do not have eyebrows

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Is there any way to make your beard grow faster if you're 17 and still can't grow one and all you have is fuzz?

All men are different and some can even grow facial hair as early as 13 years old. Most young men your age have "fuzz", so I wouldn't get too concerned about it. Avoid shaving if you are trying to grow a beard as shaving DOES NOT increase facial hair growth.

Take a look around at the male relatives in your family (father, brothers, male cousins) and see how much facial hair they have. If some of your relatives have hardly any hair on their face and the other half have normal to thick facial hair growth than you are probably somewhere in the middle. You will probably end up with enough hair to grow a beard or mustache.

My husband can grow some hair on his face, but not everywhere and he just can't grow a beard (he's in his 50s) but can grow a mustache without any problem.

Believe it or some women don't care that much for facial hair on a man. Some complain that it's too rough and itchy. However, I suggest you ignore these women if you truly want to grow a beard. There are plenty of women who love facial hair on men.

However, having too much facial hair can also be a real hassle to maintain. This is one of the main reasons why some men have chosen to shave.

Don't worry so much about your facial hair and before you know it you'll be complaining you need to shave too often.

The product listed under the related links, along with some similar competitors, will help to feed your follicles. It's used for people with alopecia, and works wonders. Using this along with a followup product (also made by Enjoy) will thicken the hairs wherever you put it.

Also, taking testosterone booster will help you to grow a thicker beard.

Please refer to the related link for more information.

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What is normal hair loss and excessive hair loss?

In the daily course of our lives, we lose hair through everyday actions such as washing, combing, and brushing. Many people find this is cause for concern as they do not understand the process of hair growth and hence do not know when and if they should worry about their hair fall. Here is some help in understanding what hair fall you should expect and what is more.

The average human head has around 100,000 hair follicles. On average, blondes have the highest density of hair: 140,000 hair follicles, redheads the lowest at 90,000 follicles, and those with black hair have on average 110,000 follicles.

Human hair follicles are perhaps the only organs that actually grow in a specific cycle. In this cycle, our hair goes through three stages:

  • Anagen: This is the growing stage of human hair. It lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 years and as much as 85-90% of our hair is usually in this phase. Some people cannot grow the hair past shoulder length, others can grow their hair down to their ankles. The length of your anagen cycle limits the length to which you could grow your hair.
  • Catagen: After the anagen phase, our hair enters into the catagen phase, which is a small regression phase. It is kind of a transition stage between the anagen and telogen phases. This phase lasts around 2-3 weeks and about 1% of hair is at anytime in this phase.
  • Telogen: This is the last and resting phase of human hair. At any given time, 10-15% of hair is in this phase, which can last around 3-4 months. In this phase the hair is just sitting on your body and basically waiting to fall out.

It is normal to lose hair through our daily hair care, but what is "normal" varies from person to person, and therefore so does what is "excessive". The denser your hair, and the shorter your anagen cycle the more hair you will normally lose per day. For example, suppose that you hair is blond and your average anagen + catagen + telogen cycle lasts 3 years. That means every year about 47,000 hairs are replaced (140,000/3). That is equivalent to losing an average of 127 hairs per day normally . Or suppose you are a redhead, and your anagen+catagen+telogen cycle lasts 5 years, that would mean that on average you lose 90,000/(5*365), or about 50 hairs per day. Thus while losing 130 hairs a day regularly may be normal for one person, it could be excessive for another.

Obviously, there is no way to actually count how many strands of hair you lose everyday. Nevertheless, your daily hair care routine cannot be the cause of excessive hair loss and if you are experiencing excessive hair loss, it will be because of some other underlying causes such as genetics, medications, etc.

Excessive hair loss over a long period is is called alopecia. Baldness in men (Androgenetic alopecia) is very common and is also known as male pattern hair loss or baldness. A human body is programmed to produce an enzyme know as 5 alpha reductase. When the Androgen hormone in the scalp produces testosterone which mixes with 5 alpha reductase, it produces Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is not well received by male (and female) hair follicles, cutting off blood supply, which is critical to growth of new hair. Thinning hair and or balding process begins when this occurs. Male pattern hair loss is more common as male bodies produce a higher quantity of testosterone.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Is Propecia or Rogaine better?

Any medicine which is developed for use in America has to go through laboratory tests and clinical trials; after which it has to be approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) before it can be available to the public.
In America, the FDA has approved only two drugs, namely finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine) for use in hair loss. Men can use both the drugs but women can only use Rogaine and not Propecia. If you are not American, you should find out under which brand name these drugs are available locally.
  • Propecia is available as a pill and has to be taken once a day with or without food. Propecia works by decreasing the enzyme activity that results in the formation of a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is primarily responsible for male and female pattern baldness. By blocking the conversion of hormones into DHT it helps to maintain the existing hair as well as in assisting re-growth of thinning hair follicles. In male pattern baldness, during each cycle of hair growth, the hair becomes thinner and finer till it stops growing altogether. Propecia helps by making these thin strands thicker.
  • Rogaine is a solution of which ten drops need to be applied on the scalp twice a day. Although the exact action of Rogaine is unclear, researchers believe that it primarily prevents hair from thinning but in some patients can also increase the protein blocks which in turn make the hair follicles sprout new hair. When Rogaine is applied where there are hair follicles, it works as a hypertrichotic agent that can actually promote hair growth.

For either of these drugs to work they need to be taken for long periods. Propecia has to be taken for at least 6-8 months after which if you see any difference in hair loss, you will naturally want to continue it. Rogaine has to be taken indefinitely as we keep getting new hair follicles which need to continually be treated with the drug.
For women there is no question of which is better as Propecia is not approved for their use.
For men, studies and clinical trials seem to suggest that Propecia is a better alternative than Rogaine. Rogaine has proved to be more useful in holding on to existing hair whereas Propecia does help in also promoting new hair growth. Even though this may be the case, each medicine has its own benefits and you may benefit more from one than the other. So really it boils down to being a personal choice and what works best for you.

Propecia and Rogaine both are effective medicine for hair loss treatment. Both the medicine are FDA approved for hair loss treatment. These two medicines have shown great results in their clinical research and practical use for the treatment of hair loss. Rogaine has an ingredient present in it called Minoxidil. Minoxidil was basically used for high blood pressure but it also showed great results for balding problem.h Doctor also suggest Minoxidil as balding solution.


Propecia has sexual side effects associated to it such as less desire for sex, difficulty in achieving an erection, and a decrease in the amount of semen. More over, this may not be used by women.
Rogaine is the marketing name for Minoxidil. Minoxidil does not contain ingredients which block DHT from getting into your hair follicles.

It is simply designed to dilate the blood vessels in the hair follicles that are growing smaller, with the idea that more nutrients might be able to get to those hair follicles to help keep them alive, but as DHT still seeps in, the hair thinning and hair loss process still continues. Minoxidil is also not effective for Frontal Baldness or Receding hair line.

Another alternative is a product called Provillus. This is a supplement built to block the DHT(Dihydrotestoterone) in the body. Provillus contains compound ingredients such as, biotin, gotu kola, magnesium stearatern Muria Puania, pumpkin extract, Saw Palmetto, silicon dioxide, vitamin B6, and zinc. These compound ingredients help prevent thinning hair follicles form becoming thinner-leading to baldness. The nourishing blend of nutrients in Provillus helps the hair become thick. It is not only a cure for Hair loss but also a natural supplement which aids overall health. Additionally it is safe to use for both men and women.
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What can happen if you pierce your own eyebrow?

an infection and do not do this!

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How do you convince your parents to let you get your tongue pierced at 16?

Check the LawsIn some states it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to get anything other than their ears pierced. Answer

This is sneeky, so you never heard this from me! Go to eather parent, parents (Grandma & pa), ask them if mom or dad ever did anything like that when they were young, remember though, tongue pirecing is way different then say something crazy your parents did wayyyyy back in the late 70's early 80's. I ended up caving in on all three of my daughters when they wanted to do it, and I was there all three times when thay had it done, and I was also there to give them each a hanky to dry their tears that were streaming, afterwards too! Good luck!


Try this one (; Go some place like Hot Topic and buy a fake one. Then just wear it until they find out. Once they do and get mad and cool off. Then get someone to pierce it for you and then you have the right of way (; I have no idea what I'm talking about xD


Did dinosaurs have eyebrows?

no because they did not have hair at all they had only skin

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How old do you have to be to get your eyebrow pierced in Australia?

14 years old

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What does a vertical eyebrow piercing look like?

Depends on what you look like as well. But in general they can range from sexy to scary, like all piercings.

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Can a 17 year old be charged as an adult for shop lifting?

It depends on your state's law and the desires of the prosecutor. The state's law will define what age a person is a juvenile or an adult. If your state defines an adult at the age of 17 then you can be charged as an adult.


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