The Renaissance was a period in which Europe underwent a rebirth in regards to classical art, literature, and architecture. The movement originated in Italy during the 14th century before spreading throughout Europe.

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Middle Ages

Did they have potatoes in the middle ages?

It depends who you mean by "they".

Potatoes are native to the Americas and were not available in Europe until long after 1492, when the Middle Ages had ended. Native Americans had both sweet potatoes and standard potatoes, but just like tobacco neither of these were seen in Europe until the Renaissance era - the beginning of modern times.

Food & Cooking

What did poor people eat during the renaissance?

In roman history, the poor/lower class (the lower class was called plebians, as a little vocab for you) ate stale, old bread, and relish. Relish for plebians isn't like the relish we have today. Their relish was pretty much left over slop, and food.


Middle Ages
Medieval Pilgrimages

How can the kings of the middle ages lose power?

Kings sometimes lost power by alienating their vassals to the point of rebellion. King John of England had this happen to him. When they stood their ground against him, he signed the Magna Carta to stay in power. Another king who lost power to rebellious lords was Richard III; in his case, he died in battle.

Kings lost power by getting into arguments with the popes, or sometimes with bishops. King Henry II of England had this happen, as did Emperor Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire. In both cases, the monarchs were very powerful, tried to grab power from the Church, and lost a great deal of the power they had.

Some kings were overthrown by family members. King Edward II of England is an example; his wife and her lover imprisoned him and are widely believed to have killed him.

Some kings were overthrown by other people. This happened when Pepin the Short overthrew Childeric III and became King of the Franks.

A king could lose a war with a foreign enemy. When King Edward II of England fought against the Scots and lost, it did not cost him any part of England, but it meant that the King of Scotland was no longer his vassal.

History, Politics & Society

Why did renaissance individuals set themselves apart from medieval predecessors?

They had access to new knowledge and new technology (primarily the printing press, but also new and improved construction techniques). There was also greater exchange of ideas, through travel and trade, which led to improvement in music, literature and the arts.

History of England

Who ruled England during the Renaissance?

The monarchs of the Tudor dynasty:

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Edward VI

(Jane Grey)

Mary I

Elizabeth I


Were there drugs in the renaissance period?

yes people used and sold drugs outside of theaters i dont know of very many but one i do know of is weed which they called it cannabis and hemp.


How did art change Europe during the Renaissance?

during the renaissance people expressed new idea's in a whole bunch of different subjects. Art expressed idea's that never had been shown or maybe even never thought of. That changed Europe from being the country who follows "the book"

to a free thinking fun place.

Isabella Student of 7th grade university


Upper class and lower class in the renaissance era?

when peasants became frustrated, a might break out these were crushed by the authorities

Entertainment & Arts
Art History

How was renaissance art differ from medieval art?

Rennaisance art used perception, a very new concept for artists of the time, and had a noticeable vanishing point while Medieval art did not. Also, many Renaissance artists preferred to paint frescoes, and used oil based colours.

Middle Ages

What were the different levels of society in the Middle Ages?

King, Clergy, Nobles, Knights, Bourgeois, Peasant, Serf, Slaves

in order of power from left to right, left being most powerful


How did the printing press impact Europe during the Renaissance?

it spread humanism through the use of propaganda

Since the Catholic church and papacy were very dominant in Europe during this time, the production of secular material (such as the mentioned propaganda) caused conflict between the church and the press. However, positive impact wise, it did increase the spread of knowledge throughout Europe and lead to the establishment of the first printing house in England.

History of Italy
Harlem Renaissance

What sources inspired renaissance artists and scholars?

Just to let y'all know, this answer is correct because I got it out of my social studies book. The sources that inspired the Renaissance artists and scholars was human life, and they used perspective. Perspective is a way of showing the depth and distance on a flat surface. I hope this was resourceful!:)

Word and Phrase Origins

Who coined the term renaissance?

Nobody coined the term "Renaissance." Renaissance is an actual part of the French language. It literally means "rebirth."

BTW I don't speak French, but this is common knowledge for anyone studying European History.


Which movement was most prominent during the Renaissance?


Middle Ages

Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?

The Renaissance began in Italy for a variety of reasons.

RUINS OF ANCIENT ROME: Throughout Italy their were ruins of ancient Rome like art and architecture. The ruins remind Romans about their glorious past.

CITY-STATES: At this time Italy was made up of many states and wasn't a single country some of the most important were Florence, Milan, Venice and Genoa. These states competed in who had the best art and buildings.

WEALTH OF ITALIAN CITIES: During the middle ages, Italy was the centre of trade in Europe. Merchants brought silk and spices from Asia and they became rich. Ideas and knowledge came with them. They used the knowledge to become patrons of the art.

FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE: Constantinople (now Istanbul) was the capital of the eastern Roman empire. Scholars in this city kept learning of Greece and Rome alive. Scholars came to Italy and Italians went to Constantinople to learn from their manuscripts. Ottoman Turks threatened their city for many years before capturing it in 1453. Before it was captured, many scholars went to Italy and took their manuscripts with them.

INVENTION OF THE PRINTING-PRESS: Copying manuscripts was slow and expensive. In the fifteenth century was invented. Now the learning of Greece and Rome could spread more rapidly through Europe.

By the fourteenth century much of northern Italy was extremely wealthy. It was a great trade area that sold woolen cloth which sold rapidly. Florence was a major trading city. Positioned near the sea for trade and safe from pirates.cities of Genoa, Venice and Milan also lay on important European trade routes.

The Renaissance is thought of as beginning in Florence, Venice, and other Italian cities, with various historians dating the beginning as early as the late 13th century or as late as about 1350 or 1400. All of these dates place it before the invention of the printing press or the fall of Constantinople, and the earlier ones make the Late Middle Ages coincidental with the first have of the Renaissance.

There were a number of contributory factors, one of which was that the cities in which the Renaissance began were republican city states, which put middle class people in power, rather than the nobility, and these were people who saw a constant need to improve and advertise their importance.

Another cause was that Italy was a focus for shipping in southern Europe, making the merchants there very wealthy.

Another cause was the destruction of the Knights Templar, who had run a very effective system for storage and transportation of money. This produced a financial vacuum in which powerful merchant families could build banking empires with no national boundaries.

Also, Italy had been the center of the Roman Empire. Italy's cities had become very wealthy. The region was still divided into many small city-states.


Who was the Renaissance man and why?

The common term Renaissance man is used to describe a person who is well educated or who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields. Also called a Polymath, the idea developed in Renaissance Italy from the notion expressed by one of its most accomplished representatives, Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472): that "a man can do all things if he will."

One of the most well known persons termed to be a Renaissance man was Leonardo da Vinci.

Other persons termed as a Renaissance man were Michaelangelo, Shen Kuo, (a Chinese scientist and statesman of the Song Dynasty (1031-1095)), Howard Baker (who won high jump titles, and played cricket, football, and water polo), and Rolf Harris (whose fame has come as a popular artist, television presenter and singer).


What are the characteristics of roman art?

there is no characteristic.

Authors, Poets, and Playwrights
Middle Ages

How was Dante Alighieri's childhood?

he had a heart attack then died before u know it then he got raped and it was a happy ending


What was the relationship between artist and patron during the renaissance?

ion know shuga

Middle Ages

What are the qualities of a good king in medieval times?

1) Courage

2) Strength

3) Leadership

----- Also:






What city did the Renaissance begin?


Drama and Acting
Elizabeth I

What type of stage was most common during the Elizabethan era?

The most common stage in the Elizabethan Era was the thrust stage


What was life like as a priest in the Renaissance?

priests were still fairly well off if you look at their place in society. but the renaissance was a rebirth of learning. people began questioning the morals of the church. literacy rates were climbing. therefore, the priest's prestige and power over the people went down. people could read the bible for themselves

Classical Music

What are 5 important things about the Renaissance Era music?

the first is you must not commit adultery then second dont masterbait to music, and third i don't know so ill just stop there. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!

History of Italy

Unlike earlier scholars Renaissance scholars did what?

attempted to apply knowledge to scientific problems.


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