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Questions which relate to the island nation of the United Kingdom, which lies close to the Atlantic coast of Europe. The UK comprises the three countries of England, Wales and Scotland, which are located on the island of Great Britain, and the province of Northern Ireland, which lays are the northerly end of the adjacent island of Ireland.

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What is the UK company The Broadband Factory?

I can't find any relevant information anywhere on the web with regard to this company; beware: if you use your own checking account to process any checks and they bounce thirty days later, you would be held liable, not The Broadband Company. Waiting two weeks for the check to clear the bank won't work either, if one tries this type of business arrangement they should ask the branch manager how long it takes for the bank to find out if a...
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Where is the Skoda UK head office?

I think it is in Milton Keynes,you can contact them via the Skoda website and they do reply as i found out,but be warned from My experience they don't live up to there slogan of looking after Happy motorists and will reply just to keep you, so they think happy,they are full of Bull S**t ...
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How many people live in the capital of Scotland?

Estimated at 471,650 in 2007. The population of Edinburgh is 497,019 on 3/12/2012. ...
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What is the telephone country code for the United Kingdom?

+44 is the country code for the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Country code +44 also includes the Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey (including Alderney and Sark), and the Isle of Man. Dial your international access prefix (commonly '00', but many countries use other prefixes) in place of the + sign, then country code 44, then you drop the first 0 of the number you are calling. For example, Liverpool is area code 0151, but you dial +44 151...
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What countries comprise the UK?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are British Crown Dependencies but are not part of the UK. Note that the UK is sometimes referred to as Great Britain but strictly speaking Great Britain does not include Northern Ireland. UK is an abbreviation of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The countries which make up the UK are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. ...
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When was Father's Day first celebrated in the United Kingdom?

The very first Father's Day celebration took place in 1910.
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How do you look up UK Driving Times?

The best way to find driving distances, times and routes within the UK is to use one of several web sites which will do the calculations for you. This will give up-to date answers and will allow you to specify precise locations down to postcode (which is MUCH finer than zipcode). Two such sites are shown as Related Links. These links and other sites cover the whole of the UK and are also valid for travel in Europe. ...
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How much does a pineapple cost in the UK?

It depends on the time of year so anything between £1 and £3.
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Who succeeds the queen of The United Kingdom?

Succession is dependant on who is the closest blood relative. In the current case, Queen Elizabeth the II, her son Charles is next in line. ...
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Why are British called limey?

During the 18th and early 19th century, after long periods at sea, sailors were afflicted by a condition known as scurvy. It was eventually discovered that this condition was caused by a lack of vitamin C during long sea voyages. To cure the problem, British sailors were given a ration of limes. American sailors were amused by this and started calling the British sailors Limeys which quickly spread to British people in general. ...
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Which British football teams wear hooped shirts?

BLUE AND WHITE: Reading... Queen's Park Rangers... Greenock Morton GREEN AND WHITE: Yeovil Town... Celtic... RED AND WHITE: Doncaster Rovers... Hamilton Academical RED AND YELLOW: Partick Thistle BLACK AND YELLOW: Alloa Athletic BLACK AND WHITE: Darlington... Queen's Park ...
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Is catnip for cats legal in the UK?

Yes, catnip is certainly legal in the UK, and is widely available. Catnip is usually used in or on cat toys, scratching posts, and can be sold as powder, spray and there are even catnip-flavoured treats for cats. ...
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Where is Scotland's largest fishing port?

Peterhead (population: 18,000) situated in the easternmost point of Aberdeenshire is largest fish port. ...
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How are leaders selected in Great Britain?

The people select Members of Parliament by voting at a General Election.The Prime Minister is always the Leader of the political party with a majority in Parliament. The head of state is a monarch, so they get their position by birth right and are not selected. ...
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What is the official bird of Britain?

Before the year 2015, there wasn't an official bird of Britain. Despite that, British people would always claim that the robin was their national bird, though this was not official. However in 2015, Britain held a national public vote to find itself a national bird. As a result of the public votes, the Robin is the national bird of Britain. The other contenders were: Barn owl Blackbird Wren Red kite Kingfisher Mute swan Blue tit Hen harrier Puffin You can read more about this here: Official voting site and results Country Living article BBC News article ...
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What does the last letter mean on the British National Insurance number card?

Direct quote from the web-site in the related link... "The suffix dates back to when contributions were recorded on cards which were returned annually, staggered throughout the tax year. "A" meant the card was to be returned in March; "B" in June; "C" in September and "D" in December. Although contribution cards are no longer used, the suffix has remained an integral part of the NINO." ...
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How much is 4000 Israel new shekels in pounds sterling?

695 pòunds Sterling. But it changes all the time. March 19, 2014.
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What type of food does united kingdom eat?

Well, residents who live in the UK eat fish and chips, curry, pizza, pasta nothing too strange really. In the United Kingdom the staple foods are exactly the same as they are in the USA and Western European countries. In UK cities and towns you can find restaurants serving a wide selection of ethnic foods from around the world. Meat (Beef, pork, chicken), potatoes and vegetables in season is the commonest meal. ...
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Why is Great Britain a rich country?

It broke from Rome early and kept the money It plundered Spanish Galeons from the New World by Piracy It had/has creative people eresulting in it being the first to the Industrial Revolution It built a very powerful navy under Henry 8th and continued by Elizabeth 1st enabling it to control the seas and become a major colonial power. Warning - this answer is biased - it is a DEMOCRACY Who says we are rich ? We are in recession and times are...
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Which different nationalities make up the population of Great Britain?

Generally speaking, the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh.