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Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Water is essential to initially wash away the dirt from it. Exfoliating and scrubbing are optional; while applying of moisturizers is required to ensure that the skin is protected.

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Is horse sperm good for skin?

Hahaha. . . So funny. I wonder where did you get that idea. There are numerous products or creams are available for skin care. USe these creams. ...
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Does drinking water help get rid of acne?

Sadly, no. All you can do is wash your face once or twice a day, most importantly before bed. Use drugstore acne treatments on your spots, and moisturize everywhere else. Don't pick or bother your acne, and try to do nice things like exfoliate or steam your face every once in a while. It really does help. If that still doesn't leave your skin beautiful and smooth, then see a dermatologist and they can help with medicines or even removal. ...
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Where are snow leapord bath salts legal?

To tell you the truth snow leopard bath salts have changed the chemical composition. the old formula was said to have MDPV witch was a very effective stimulant. The new formula does very little and the distributors of this product were told not to inform clients of the recent change for fear of low sales. A lot of people are angry about this especially the ones who buy in bulk. I would know i have been a loyal customer of theirs...
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How long does a sunburn last?

Generally depending on your skin complexion and severity of the burn the pain will last 2-4 days, less if the burn is minor, more if the burn is severe(in which case seeing a doctor is not a bad idea). Also peeling which generally occurs with burns, will take a few more days but peeling although unsightly, is not usually painful. Treatment can be applied in many different lotions(aloe vera)/home remedies/etc. Also avoid exposures to the sun to make sure the condition does...
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Why girls pierce ear what is scientific reason behind piercing ear?

You may find that there is no scientific reason girls and boys pierce their ears, it is just for glamour reasons. It is not dangerous and you don't get a disease from it. The worst that can happen is that it gets infected, you have to let it heal and let it heal again. Girls pierce ears for fashion or cultural reason. There is no scientific reason for it. When ears are pierced, the earring is less likely to be painful to wear....
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Does dry scalp and face related to stress?

Stress may be the sole cause or one of the causes of dry scalp. It may also worsen an existing situation. However, this does not mean that in all cases dry scalp is caused by stress. ...
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Can pyogenic granuloma be treated without surgery?

. My nephew had a pyogenic granuloma on his finger which grew rather large and bled profusely. His doctor told him it would not go away without surgery. He lived with it for about two months [keeping it covered due to bleeding and to prevent infection.] Then all the sudden it began to shrink... within two weeks it disappeared. It has not grown back. . ...
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What is westcort cream used for?

Wescort Cream is used to treat a variety of skin conditions (for example: Eczema, Dermatitis, allergies, rash etc.) It reduces the swelling, itching and redness that can occur in these types of conditions. ...
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Can HIV spread shaving blade?

it will if you make a wound or an opening to the body. The virus is very unstable and dies quite quickly if not protected in some sort of medium. so there may be a chance if you are sharing a blade that cuts both users simultaneously. HIV can survive in dry blood and mucous ( nasal discharge) upto 48 hours. HIV is also present in sweat and saliva of a person and will cause infection if it gets into blood. Though...
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What is VitaNiacin?

VitaNiacin is a unique blend of Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and niacinamide (Vitamin B3). It fights the 7 signs of ageing (see below) by maintining the skin's moisure content to deliver skin health and offer powerful exfoliation to produce beautiful skin. CLINICAL STUDIES In a clinical study with patients who had a skin condition called ROSACAE (which causes hypersensitive skin) it was discovered that those patients using a complex with VitaNiacin experienced a 36% increase in skin hydration. A vast majority of the patients...
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What do you do if your lip piercing is sinking into your skin?

Swelling is a normal reaction after a piercing, rinse with Listerine and do salt water soaks to avoid infection. Get a second opinion from a different piercer. It sounds like whoever did it may have used a bar too short, if a new piercing doesn't have enough room to move around it can become embedded. It sucks having to have a larger piercing in your mouth but that's how it's done and anyone who performs an oral piercing and uses a...
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Are there cures for shingles?

There is no cure for shingles, but treatment may shorten the length of illness and prevent complications. Treatment options include: Antiviral medicines to reduce the pain and duration of shingles. Pain medicines, antidepressants, and topical creams to relieve long-term pain. antibiotic treatment Shingles is caused by a virus called Herpes zoster, sometimes years after having chicken pox; no one knows what causes the virus to re-activate but is often preceded by stressful situations or a weakened immune system. Over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines (Benadryl) and topical numbing creams (Lidocaine cream),...
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Can you get shingles again?

Yes. Ask your health care professional when the shingles are gone if you should have a vaccination against shingles. These are available, safe and effective. However, they can be costly and some insurance plans do not cover them. Find if you need one, can take one, where to get one and how much it costs, through discussions with your health care professional and your pharmacist. Yes u can get Shingle's again ...
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How can you clean the dirt from your body?

Pumice in soap works really well. Here is the soap that I use for getting off tough grease and dirt:
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Can you use Jojoba Oil on your face?

Yes, you can, but it depends on your skin type. You should diagnose your skin type first. Is your skin normal to dry or combination to oily? Jojoba oil is good for dry or normal skin, but is a fungicide too, which can be good for acne. Answer 2: It is a best face moisturizer for acne and combination skin, apply it overnight to cure acne, reduce scars, prevent wrinkles. ...
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How can you get dead skin off your lips?

Mix vasaline honey and sugar together and rub it on your lips. The sugar will remove the dead skin cells, the honey will make it taste nice and the vasaline will soften your lips. Or get a sof toothbrush, warm it in warm water to soften the brush and basically brush your lips for 20 seconds. And im only 12 x ...
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What causes vaginal acne?

Acne on the genitals occurs for the same reasons it occurs on the face, back or any other place on the body. It is simply adding insult to the injury of having to survive adolescence that it occurs in such a private spot. You have my sympathy. Keep clean, eat a healthy diet and wait. It will go away. There are many causes of vaginal acne. They may include the following: Bacteria in the pores in skin which make infection on the body Excess...
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Does Cetaphil help clear acne?

Cetaphil is a moisturizing hand cream designed for moisturizing skin. Not clearing skin. In fact, it may clog your pores and actually cause acne. So the short answer is no. >>cetaphil makes a cleanser and lotion. it is a very mild water based solution. using cetaphil cleanser alone can sometimes dry your skin. it is non-abrasive and barely suds, which is good because you don't want to damage your skin by scrubbing it twice a day. it is mild enough to use...
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How do you get pinkish complexion?

1. Take dates daily. 2. Take lime juice after your breakfast for 48 days. 3. Daily 3 glass of butter milk. 4. Take daily 3 badams daily. 5. Take pomegranate daily for 48 days. 6. Take any yellow or orange colour fruit juice daily. ...
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Is it possible to have a sun tan on your tongue?

No! You get a tan when the melanin in your skin clumps together to keep you from burning. The more melanin you have, the harder it is to burn. That's why you hardly ever hear African-American people taking about their sunburns, they have a LOT of melanin. Your tongue (and your liver) do not contain melanin because they don't need it. They are normally inside your body and do not have skin. ...
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What are the disadvantages of paper cuts?

Paper cuts are quite common and harmless and do not cause any problems and usually heal in a few days. There is a risk of infection but it usually heals without any treatment. ...
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How long does it take for a facial scab to heal?

it comes off about in 5 days then turns pink. put neosporin on it everyday or Vaseline it may take a few weeks but if you treat it with what i tell you to put on it it will heal 25% faster than an untreated scab. GOOD LUCK!! i have the same problem ...
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What is the difference between pimples and boils?

Pimples are caused by oil and dirt in your pores. These turn black when they are exposed to air. Boils are when the oil is trapped under the skin. ...