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Animal Rights and Abuse

Animal rights has to do with the idea that animals should have the same basic rights as humans. Abuse includes anything that hurts or harms the animal, such as not providing a suitable living space, using animals for drug experimentation, and physically harming them.

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What are three main reasons for animal poaching?

Animal poaching (The illegal hunting or capture of animals.) has many causes, but the overwhelming causes are poverty and sport. Impoverished people can make a living through the lucrative animal trade, while rich people can afford to take trips. The main demands for the animals are: Exotic pets, traditional medicine, and trophy hunting. ...
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What does Lady Gaga think about animal cruelty?

Lady Gaga defends wearing fur by posting a statement on saying "I want you to know that I care deeply about your feeligns and views, and I will always support your philosophies about life. I do not however support violent, abusive, and childish campaigns for ANY CAUSE. Particularly one I respect: Animal Rights." A link to the full statement can be found in the related links section. ...
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Does the animal shelter put sick dogs to sleep?

It depends on which animal shelter you're talking about. There are some who simply do not treat any animals and they kill all or nearly all animals for illness or space. Some treat minor illnesses then the animal is put up for adoption. If space gets tight, though, they may still kill animals. There are at least 87 communities in the United States with shelters who do not kill for space, nor do they kill animals with treatable illnesses or animals with...
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What is the advantage of animal euthanasia?

There are only three situations that immediately come to mind where euthanizing an animal has distinct advantages. 1st- An animal has massive physical trauma and is highly unlikely to survive and is euthanized to end its suffering (see #2) 2nd- An animal has a chronic condition in which state it is in immense pain, and the owner feels it to be immoral to allow the animal to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary. 3rd- An animal has been proven to be highly aggressive...
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How much Alcohol would it take to kill a donkey?

A bottle of grain alcohol would do the trick. Not smart! even one can kill. Very painful death! If they aren't dead, they will get sick, and even colic! note: soda can also cause colic. ...
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What are ways animals get abused?

Being hit, slapped, wiped, beat with objects or any type of violent touching is abuse. Being tied tight to a tree with an unsafe collar or tied up with objects is abuse. Being left with no food, water, proper care, treatment, vet checks, without a home, etc ; also known as neglect, which is a type of abuse. ...
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Why do people smuggle animals?

Some will do it simply for money. While you can get more money from smuggling drugs you can also get more jail time if you are caught. Animal smuggling from that stand point is "safer". Others do it because they want to own an animal that is restricted for some reason, being endangered, or seen as a risk for the local wildlife etc. If they can't get it legally they might try illegaly. Then there are those who smuggle animals that already...
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What is the salary for an animal welfare officer?

The salary of an animal welfare officer will depend on the city/state. The estimated starting salary is about $18,500. ...
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Who is more cruel man or animal?

Man is one of few species which kill for fun. Chimpanzee will sometimes raid another group's territory and massacre (but technically, they are battling for territory). Chimps have been known to walk up to a nursing mother chimp and grab her baby, kill it and share the meat with the others (except Mom...guess that's a plus). Female lions avoid mating when they have young cubs, so when a male lion wants to get his freak on, he'll walk over and kill the cubs...
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How many dogs get abused every day?

How on earth would anyone know? It is a big world out there. The above answer is partially true, but we can get a better idea as to the number of reported cases by going to, as it currently shows that in 2010 there were 1,106 cases reported in the U.S. This is a great website full of everything one can or should know about this topic and a great place to start. ...
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Why sports involving animals should be banned?

Some sports like dog sleeding might need to be banned since it puts the animals in danger, but I don't see a problem with pet shows. Except for the fact that it exploits the animals cuteness. ...
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Does prestige cosmetics test on animals?

As a representative for Prestige Cosmetics, I can assure you that we do not test our products on animals. ...
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How many animals die of human cruelty every year in Australia?

At least 250,000 but probably millions.
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What are some slogans to stop animal cruelty?

Don't kill the animals... Kill the animals in you! Fails to protect animals... Sails to nature's destruction. Animals dont deserve to be abused. Animals are friends, not food. Dont harm the harmless. Don't Shop adopt! Be a voice for the voiceless! Defend man's bestfriend Animals have feelings too ...
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Why do people shoot animals?

For several reasons. Some animals are hunted for food, others for sport, and some because they are, frankly, pests. ...
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Should animals be eaten?

Answer: Some people choose not to eat meat because of the way that they are treated. We are not carnivores. Animals should lead natural lives, free from confinement, suffering from the hands of humans and unnatural death. Answer: If one decides they want to be a meat eater, they can very well do so whether another human being believes they should or not. Life survives from life, as in, each and every living organism feeds off of another to sustain their life,...
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What is a good name for an animal rescue group?

A good name could be Pet Savers
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Are Ojon hair products tested on animals?

Ojon hair products are not tested on animals. Ojon is opposed to animal testing and actively works to eliminate all animal testing from all industries, not just the cosmetic field. ...
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What does rishu means?

Answers: The word RISHU means to rise and is a very good name. rishu "flame, heat" ...
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Why are Whales extinct instead of Chickens?

Whales aren't extinct. However, the reason for the population difference is that Whales take longer to reproudce than Chickens do. Not only that, many Chickens are kept for the sole purpose of producing eggs and since they are a common food source, humans breed them. It takes a Whale seven months to reproduce and a Chicken two weeks. ...
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How are cosmetics tested on animals?

In a few ways. There is the Draize test, where they drip product into rabbits' eyes. There is a skin test where they put the product on animals' bare skins. They used to shave rabbits for this, but shaving a rabbit throws uncertainty into the experiment: was the irritation caused by the product or by shaving the rabbit? There are genetically engineered hairless animals they use now for this. There are lethal dose tests but they aren't done except for dyes--nothing else...