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Sheep and goats are both herbivorous mammals with hoofed feet. Of the Family Bovidae with three subfamilies, ten Genera, and 32 species, there are lots of sheep and goats to count in this category. It's a whole circus act with climbers, acrobats, and high fashion horns worthy of attention that certainly won't put anyone to sleep! Jump on in to this category with questions and answers about the world of sheep and goats.

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Goats and Sheep

A farmer has 19 sheep All but 7 die How many are left?

If you red the question carefully, you can see that it clearly says ALL BUT 7. So, 12 sheep died, leaving 7 left.

Goats and Sheep
The Difference Between

What is the difference between a sheep and a lamb?

A lamb is a sheep that is 12 months old or less. The term lamb is most commonly used to describe the lamb's meat. When a lamb becomes a year old it is now referred to as a sheep.

Goats and Sheep

What is the female version of sheep?


Animal Life
Goats and Sheep

Wool yielding animals in different countries?

Some wool yielding animals include:







Goats and Sheep

What is the goat man of myth?

I think you're referring to the mythical half-man - half-goat creature called Pan.

Goats and Sheep

What is the opposite gender for ram?

The female sheep is a ewe; the male is a ram.

Goats and Sheep

Why do sheep follow a shepherd so easily?

Fear is a great motivator: See the sheepdog trials held each year. Every time I've seen sheep out with the shepherd, the shepherd is DRIVING the sheep along, they are not blithely following him. And some of those sneaky shepherds use goats to lead the herd of sheep, so they only have to lead the goat or goats.

Goats and Sheep

How do you describe a goat bleat?

mehehehea or malalolololo!

Goats and Sheep
Jokes and Riddles

Why are the three billy goats called gruff?

When they have a threesome, things get a little g"ruff" lol

Goats and Sheep

What lived under a bridge ready to eat goats?

A troll!

Goats and Sheep

Do goats live in the desert?

Yes goats do live in the desert

Goats and Sheep

What is feminine gender of billy goat?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.

A billy goat is a male goat (sometimes referred to as a buck).

A nanny goat is a female goat.

Goats and Sheep

Can goats eat banana peels?

Yes they can in fact they enjoy it.

Is is also very nutrious and filled with potassium

Goats and Sheep
Horse Breeding

Can a mini stud horse mate with a female goat?

No. Sheep and goats are close enough species-wise and if you cross them you get what is called a shoat. But horses and goats are too far apart genetically for a successful cross.

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Goats and Sheep

What is the name of the young one of Sheep?

A Lamb

Goats and Sheep

What is a female sheep called?

An adult male sheep is known as a ram (or, in some areas, a tup); a castrated male sheep is called a wether. An adult female sheep is called a ewe (pronounced yooh), or - at lambing time - a dam, and a baby sheep of either sex is a lamb.

Where necessary to list gender of infant sheep, they are referred to as ewe lambs or ram lambs.

A sheep aged between lamb and shearing age is known as a hogget; the title depends on when they cut their first permanent incisors, though the name also involves various factors important to sheep farmers.

Goats and Sheep

What is yarn spun from sheep's coat called?


Goats and Sheep

What is a baby sheep?

A lamb.

Goats and Sheep

Definition of man in sheep's clothing?

This is a new on to me, the nearest usual saying being "wolf in sheep's clothing". Following on from the generally accepted meaning of that, I guess it could mean a man who follows the herd (or flock?) and generally does as he is told.

Unless of course it's related to the alleged sex habits of rural Welshmen? ;-)

(Google: Welsh sheep jokes)

Goats and Sheep

What do you call the goat sound?

It's called a bleat.

Goats and Sheep

What is the name of a girl goat?

A female goat is known as a doe.

Goats and Sheep

Do goats make the same noise as sheep?

Yes, but it really depends on what you think

Goats and Sheep

Is it safe to drink goats milk when pregnant?

Yes! It's very good for you! Just make sure that the milk-- any milk you drink-- has been pasteurized.

Goats and Sheep
Animal Parasites

How often should you worm a goat?

It depends on the type of worms that your goat has - it is best to do a faecal egg count and a larval culture first. Then depending on what worms are found then a drench which is appropriate.


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