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Cats are a type of pet first domesticated in Egypt around 2500 BC. Today, they are very popular as companion animals worldwide. Cats are independent, and are less attention demanding than other animals. They also need very little exercise and does not need to be walk daily, like the way dogs do. These qualities make them ideal pets for people who can only spend little time with their companion animals each day, and people who wants an indoor pet. In this category, there are questions containing information about cats.

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Where does the black cat superstition originate?

The bottom of all this to my opinion, is the colour black. It was the colour of the old European (Roman, Celtic German goddess of fertility Mother Earth, giving the later "black madonna's". Which was not exclusively European ( Compare ISIS!!) Black was regarded as the colour of the earth, the goddesses' first element. Her second element was water, giving the colour blue. The elements of the male god ( in the sky) were air and fire ( sun) While druids were dressed...
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What is the habitat of cats?

Cats are descended from desert-dwelling sand cats, and so they were originally found in Egypt and the Middle East. These days cats live in the wild anywhere that it's warm or temperate (they can't survive very cold weather without shelter) and all over the world as indoor pets. ...
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Are cats colorblind?

No, they are not color blind. They see some colors, but not all colors. And they see colors differently than humans do. Cats seem to be able to distinguish between higher frequency colors, meaning cats respond to the colors purple, blue, green and possibly yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades of grey or purple. Purple, blue and green appear to be the strongest colors perceived by cats. Tests...
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What color do cats see?

We believe cats do see in color, although not exactly the way we do. In past tests, cats appeared to distinguish between the low to mid light wave spectrum (higher frequency), meaning cats responded to the colors purple, blue, green and yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades of gray or purple. Cats appear to see less saturation in colors than do humans, meaning cats do not...
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Where do cats like getting pet the most?

Where a cat likes to be pet depends on its personality. Some like to be scratched behind their ears while others prefer under their chin. Cats also have very sensitive muscles in their backs closer to the tail, which become tight easily. Massaging this area softly on either side of the spine will usually drive the cat insane with happiness. They will most likely thrust their back into the air with happiness. (usually not an amazing idea with older cats because they often...
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What does the penis of a male cat look like?

As you may have noticed, the male feline's penis is not as obvious as those in other species when you first look at the cat. Male cats have a reproductive system that is unique among domesticated animals, and one of those unique characteristics is that the penis is further back, smaller, and kept protected underneath the cat's tail and in a "sheath." Male felines have a small, pink, "barbed" penis that somewhat resembles a pine cone. Another contributor described it as...
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What is the antonym of stray?

1) contained, owned I have no idea but... is it found? 2) Stay Domesticated ...
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Older cat licking butt of kitten?

Normal maternal cleaning instincts. ( New answerer) Also, they might be showing signs of affection. ...
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How do you make cats do what they are told to?

After 8 years of having a very defiant cat and not having it do what I wanted it to do... my cat Sophie, whom which I had when I was 8 (and as 8 year olds go, Sophie didn't like me very much.) When I turned 16 of course I was a lot calmer (relatively speaking) but the years of poking and prodding didn't make her want to do anything she didn't want to do still... I read a very interesting...
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How can you treat your cat if it has a cold?

You should not do anything yourself to treat your cat's cold. Most upper respiratory infections in cats are caused by viruses that are very common in the cat population, so there aren't any medications available even through your veterinarian that will do anything about the infection. In general, antibiotics are a waste of time and money (plus aggravating if your cat doesn't want to cooperate with taking them) because antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. If the symptoms don't clear up in a...
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Do poodles chase cats?

It depends. No certian breed of a dog chases cats more than other breeds. It depends on the dog's history and experience with cats. ...
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How do you humanely get rid of a stray cat?

Humane Ways to Deal with a Stray Cat Ideas from Wiki s contributors: There are many humane ways to keep cats out of an area. One is a "Yard Guard" (or similar electronic device), which emits a high-pitched sound inaudible to humans, but extremely annoying to cats. It will protect a radius of about 200 square feet. For a bigger area, use 2 or more. Since cats develop a "path" they use regularly, they will soon learn to avoid the area. Motion-activated water sprinklers...
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How much do calico cats cost?

Unless you are buying a purebred cat that happens to be calico, calico cats shouldn't cost any more than any other cat. In many cases, you can get kittens, calico and otherwise, for free. ...
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What is a female striped Cat called?

The striped coat is termed "Tabby". The tabby patterning is common on many cats: Dark markings (stripes, swirls, spots) on a paler background. The stripe colour is solid (goes right to the hair root), but the background colour is banded with colour on each individual hair. A female striped cat would simply be called a Female with Tabby patterning. ...
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How many birds die by cats each year?

The National Audubuon Society says 100 million birds a year fall prey to cats. ...
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Why do cats lick when you scratch their back?

Not all felines will exhibit a licking behavior when their back is being scratched. The licking behavior, while common, is more of an individualistic behavior, and most likely a grooming response. When the cats back is being scratched, the cat feels something similar to self grooming or grooming from another cat, and some will lick the air in time with the stroking. Licking in response to stroking or scratching is not necessarily a species wide behavior however, and not all cats will react similarly. A...
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Are sand cats endangered species?

They are near the threat level. This means that it is in the middle.
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Why do cats play with mice before they kill them?

Sometimes it may appear as if cats are playing with their prey, or in this case mice. And sometimes they are. However, most often they are actually making sure their prey can't hurt them, so they are stunning their prey before giving it the killing bite. The killing bite requires a swift bite to the throat, but this exposes the cat's neck and belly to the prey. To avoid possible injury, they "play" with their prey. ...
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Is friskies or whiskas better for kittens?

Neither. Both brands are incredibly low quality. Both the dry food is packed with grains and cereals that offer no nutritional value whatsoever to a cat or kitten, and both dry and wet of both Friskies and Whiskas have a very low meat quality and content. The ingredients of Whiskas in particular, are very unclear on what exactly is in the food. Kittens and cats are strict carnivores. They get all their nutritional needs from meat. Kittens in particular, need a lot...
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What species are cats from?

The species name for the Domestic Cat is Felis catus.
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My cat has swollen right side of face?

go to the vet and check your cat out and hopefully they can do something about your cat. I just adore cats! They are sso cute and I have 2 of them! ...
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How many litters can a cat have in a cats lifetime?

Cats often come into heat every couple of weeks, with a gestation period of around 63 days. A Queen will often come back into heat when the kittens are weaned (around six to eight weeks). So, a female cat can have many, many litters during her lifetime. ...
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How long do male cats spray for?

Depends on the cat. If you wait neuter him after he starts to spray, its a good chance he wont stop. ...
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My cat has green puss coming out of eyes for 2 days what is that?

It most likely means your cat has an infection. See a vet for a proper examination. ...
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How do cats get worms?

Cats can pick up worms by ingestion such as with flea's and the tapeworm which is carried by the Flea, hookworms in the grass, and by other animals that already have these parasites. some kittens get them from their mothers who have them already. and yes cats can get heartworm also, from our mosquito non friends. ...