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Various types and breeds of domesticated cats, including short haired, long haired, Calicos, Orientals, and others

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What color do cats see?

We believe cats do see in color, although not exactly the way we do. In past tests, cats appeared to distinguish between the low to mid light wave spectrum (higher frequency), meaning cats responded to the colors purple, blue, green and yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades of gray or purple. Cats appear to see less saturation in colors than do humans, meaning cats do not...
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Do Russian blue cats have tabby stripes?

No, Russian Blue cats do not have any stripes on their body. Russian Blues are exclusively a solid "blue", which is a silver-grey colour. They should have no other additional markings on their body. ...
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Are pure white cats rare?

Not especially. (I guess it depends on what you consider "rare"; one source I found indicated that about one out of 20 cats was white.) There are three ways a cat can turn out white: It can have the gene for white coat color (self white... what you probably mean by "pure white"). It can have the gene for white spotting, and be "spotted" so extensively that it appears to be self white with maybe a few colored hairs in some inconspicuous place. It...
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Is it legal to have a Savannah Cat in Ohio?

Yes. You can also refer to the website in the Related Links below for more information. ...
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Why is your white cat turning orange?

most Orange cats tend to be a lighter orange (almost a white) when kittens and as they get older. ...
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Are Tri colored cats mostly girls?

Cats with splotches of different colors, such as calicos are almost exclusively female. The coloring is caused because the gene for each color is on the X chromosome. In females, there are two X chromosomes and each may have an allele for a different color, for instance orange or black. In each cell, one X chromosome "shuts down", creating patches of different colors where different chromosome have been "shut off". The only way to have a male calico is if the animal...
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Do Sphynx cats sweat?

All cats sweat. Not the dripping sweat we humans can do, but they do have patches of sweat glands in the face, belly, paw pads and tail area. Because the Sphynx is hairless it is more noticeable when they do sweat because you can feel it. When my three Sphynxes lay on me on a hot day, I can feel a a slight amount of dampness from them , but much more from me! ...
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Can tabby cats be female?

Yes, tabby cats can be female.
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Where is Siamese cat habitat?

Siamese cats are descended from temple cats in Siam, which is modern-day Thailand. Recently, breeders crossed the modern Siamese with cats from Thailand to create the Old-Style Siamese, or Thai cat. If you meant where do Siamese cats like to live, they're like most cats in that they enjoy warm, peaceful places. ...
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What is a parti-colored cat called?

Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell and White, Bi-colour or Calico
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What is the meanest house cat?

Personally I don't think the breed makes that much of a difference. I think it is the raising and teaching of the cat and how stressed or happy a cat is that determines weather it's behaviour would come across as 'mean' or not, breeds give you a guideline on typical behaviours, how energetic, how big they may grow, moulting etc.. ...
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How many weeks are domesticated cats pregnant?

Cats will give birth 62 days (plus or minus 2 days) from the date of conception. The longest period of time a cat will be pregnant is 69 days the shortest is about 61-62. ...
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How do female cat attract male cats?

When a female cat is trying to attract a male cat, she is 'in heat' and may be more friendly than usual, act strangely and meow loudly. She also lets off a scent that tells male cats to come to her. ...
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What is the opposite of tabby?

Calico , Brindle , solid colour .
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Why do kittens like playing with string?

Cats play with string because they are instinctively drawn to the movement of possible prey (rats, mice, lizards, and their tails). IMPORTANT: Cats should not be allowed to SWALLOW string, yarn, or tinsel. In some cases, this can lead to intestinal injury. Always supervise your cat when playing with string or yarn. ...
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How do you tell the length of hair on kittens?

do you mean as in how can you tell how long its hair is goona be? if so it is kinda just a wait and see unless it already has really flowing hiar already normally be about 4 to 5 weeks you will be able to tell how long its hair will be. ...
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How long after you stop feeding feral cats will they go away?

You should definitely, stop feeding the cat...unless you want to own another cat! Usually it is not good to feed feral cats for fear of rabies, ticks and fleas. (BAD fleas) However, you can take the cat to the Doctor and see if has rabies or ear mites, ETC. Good Luck! Another Actually, the biggest mistake was to feed them in the first place. like Javalinas, once you feed them, they don't go away. If you can make it through howling and screeching...
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How much do blue cream Himalayan cats shed?

I don't have an amount of how much they shed but Himalayan cats need to be brushed daily to keep their coats looking healthy. Knowing that is the case, I would venture to guess that they shed a lot although daily brushing should help to cut down on that. ...
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Why do parking lots and alleys require extra attention?

Because the field of view is limited..(?)
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Why is a tortoiseshell cat only a female breed?

Because the gene that is responsible for giving a cat the calico (tortoiseshell is a type of calico) color pattern is carried only in the females. ...
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Which is supposed to be bad luck - cat crossing your path or you crossing the cat's path?

If a black cat comes across your path, it is considered bad luck. It could, however, just be superstition. Perhaps... ...
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What are some types of cats that start with the letter P?

Types of cats that start with the letter 'P;: Persian (tamed breed) Puma (wild) Panther Iwild) Also is the Peterbald (a Russian breed that loses its hair as it grows) and the Pixiebob (a spotted breed with a short tail, not related to bobcats). ...
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What kind of cat is black with a long tail?

There are lots black Persian, British black short hair and my favourite type (like my cat at home) is a Bombay ...
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Are Bengal cats the closest relative to big cats?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of other cat breeds that are very close to their ancestors. You would need to know the cat's gene history and its family tree. ...