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After more than 12000 years of selective breeding, dogs come in more shapes and sizes than any other species on Earth. Today, there are more than 300 dog breeds, each having its breed standard and unique personality. In this category, you can find questions relating to a specific breed’s temperament, appearance, country of origin, height, weight, etc.

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What are the best dog breeds for a person with dog allergies?

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Each person with allergies will react differently to different dogs, even different dogs in the same breed. Although, certain breeds are usually better tolerated by those with allergies to dogs, such as: Airedale terrier (The King of the Terriers) Basenji Bichon frise Havenese Irish water spaniel Keeshond Kerry blue terrier Maltese Mexican Hairless and other "hairless" dogs such as Xoloitzcuintli Most poodle mixes like the Labradoodle Poodle Portugese water dog Schnauzer (miniature, standard and giant) Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Though these are good breeds for some allergy sufferers, some people have different types of allergies. Common allergens from dogs that cause allergic responses in people are the proteins found in their dander (dandruff), saliva, and sometimes in their urine. Also, some dogs in some breeds are not as allergen free as others in the same breed, therefore, a trial with the allergic person and the dog closely together for a period of time is the best method to use to determine if the dog is one that the allergic person can live with. Certain breeds are also known to be often problematic for those with allergies to dogs. These breeds include: Afghan Hounds Basset Hounds Cocker Spaniels Dachshunds Doberman Pinschers German Shepherds Irish Setters Springer Spaniels President Obama chose a Portuguese Water Dog after much research looking for a dog that was good for his daughter who has allergies. The Portuguese Water Dogs are known to be a good dog breed for many people with allergies to dog dander and saliva. You might also go to an allergist to determine if a series of allergy shots to help reduce the extent of the allergic response would be helpful in your case. As already mentioned, one person's allergies may differ from another person's allergies and the breeds listed above are only a few "hypoallergenic" dogs for some people. Therefore, the best approach before getting a dog for a home with someone who is allergic, is to visit the dog or bring the dog to the home to visit for a trial. Reputable dog breeders will be agreeable to assist with this process as will Humane Societies and most Shelters for dogs. Some claims of breeds that are hypoallergenic are disputed by medical allergists who say the variants may actually be the degree to which the person is sensitive, the size of the dog (smaller dogs spread less dander in the environment, therefore, may create fewer symptoms just due to a lower quantity of allergens), the ease of care of the dog breed's coat to brush to keep clean and dander-free, and other care and environmental factors. As stated above, some of the allergy problem can also be caused by saliva and urine, and not just dander (skin dandruff on the dogs), so bathing is also important in some cases. For a longer list and additional information about "hypoallergenic dogs", see the related links. See the related question below about dogs who are low shedding for more information about allergies and shedding. See also related links in the sources and related links section below. For additional and personal anecdotal information from contributors and allergy sufferers, see the discussion page. And feel free to add to that discussion about your experiences.
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How do you make your pit bull stronger?

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You take them out for walks, and play with them. Take them do gyms if they will alow animals and make it run in stuff. Feed it very good food. But making them become fighting dogs is never the answer, it is wrong!!
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What does a shar pei boxer pit look like?

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A pile of mistakes. An American Pit Bull Terrier should never be mixed with any other breed.
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How does a dog sweat through its mouth?

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Dogs, unlike humans do not have sweat glands in their skin and thus do not sweat. The way they keep themselves cool is by panting, which has a similar affect to sweating by pulling heat off of the dogs body and transferring it to the air/moisture in the air.
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Can a mastiff kill a bear?

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Only if it is well equipped with opposable thumbs, a high powered rifle and plenty of bear-repellent. While a bear is a clever animal, a mastiff's ability to use firearms is keen for their survival instinct in the wild. I don't understand what your talking about ^. Well todays mastiff could kill a black bear. However they would have absolutely no chance against a kodiak, unlike ancient mastiffs from rome. First of all Mastiffs were never pitted against lions or any other large carnivore in Rome or anywhere else alone..They may have been large dogs, but they fought in packs of 3 or more..And why would you even want to test his ability to kill a bear? Unless he is trying to protect.
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What are the top 100 smartest dog breeds?

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100 Afghan Hound (dumbest) 99 Basenji 98 Bulldog 97 Chow Chow 96 Russian Wolfhound 95 Bloodhound 94 Pekingese 93 Mastiff 92 Beagle 91 Basset Hound 90 Chinese Crested 89 Chiuaua 88 Chinese Shar-Pei 87 English Bulldog 86 Pug 85 Pomeranian 84 Matese 83 Boston Terrier 82 American Pitbull Terrier 81 Schnauzer 80 Shih Tzu 79 Lhasa Apso 78 Rat Terrier 77 Bull Terrier 76 Tibetan Mastiff 75 French Bulldog 74 Skye Terrier 73 Silky Terrier 72 Keshond 71 American Hairless Terrier 70 Manchester Terrier 69 Calvalier King Charles Spaniel 68 Dandie Dinmont Terrier 67 Redbone Coonhound 66 Italian Greyhound 65 Samoyed 64 Greyhound 63 Whippet 62 Welsh Terrier 61 Plott Hound 60 Pharaoh Hound 59 Miniature Pinscher 58 Patterdale Terrier 57 Kerry Blue Terrier 56 Harrier 55 Bedlington Terrier 54 American Bulldog 53 West Highland White Terrier 52 Havenese 51 Cairn Terrier 50 Dachsund 49 Yorkshire Terrier 48 Irish Red & White Setter 47 Boxer 46 Airedale Terrier 45 Belgiun Shepherd 43 Lakeland Terrier 42 Elkhoundf 41 Cocker Spaniel 40 Shiba Inu 39 Bichon Frise 38 Parson Russell Terrier 37 Gordon Setter 36 Field Spaniel 35 Newfoundland 34 Pointer 33 English Shepherd 32 Rhodesian Ridgeback 31 Bernese Mountain Dog 30 Olde English Sheepdog 29 Bearded Collie 28 Jack Russell Terrier 27 Weimeraner 26 English Springer Spaniel 25 Pembroke Welsh Corgi 24 Irish Setter 23 German Shrthaired Pointer 21 Alaskan Husky 20 Siberian Husky 19 Alaskan Malamute 18 Collie 17 Chesapeak Bay Retriever 16 Australian Shepherd 15 Saint Bernard 14 Akita Inu 13 English Setter 12 Great Dane 11 Brittany 10 Australian Cattle Dog 9 Rottweiler 8 Papillion 7 Labrador Retriever 6 Shetland Sheepdog 5 Doberman Pinscher 4 Golden Retriever 3 German Shepherd 2 Poodle 1 Border Collie (smartest)
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Can Staffordshire bull terriers drink milk?

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They won't die from drinking milk, but dogs should not consume too much diary products as it can upset their stomach, since they find it difficult to digest.
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At what age do pitbull get aggressive?

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Theres no specific time they get aggressive. They act how they act because how they are raised and how they are trained.
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Will my 10 week old blue heeler's ear prick up?

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Most likely. Australian Cattle Dogs are born with their ears floppy, but eventually they should stand up. It does not happen with some dogs until they are a few months old. In rare cases, a dog's ears will stay floppy, though this is a flaw in the show ring. (Perfectly fine for a pet!)
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What age is a dog considered full grown?

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It depends on the breed. Big dogs like Saint Bernards can take up to 18 months to grow to their proper size. While smaller dogs can take 6 months+
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Why do black labs cross their paws?

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They are just resting. This is not really a breed trait, many dogs do this, but you will see it often on dogs, like labs, who have longer legs in proportion to their bodies (also called "up on leg"). For example, the Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) dogs are more often seen with their front paws crossed than out straight. It is probably the most comfortable position for them when on the floor.
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Neapolitan mastiff or pit bull?

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I like Pit bulls better, but they tend to fight alot. Really, i would choose the mastiff, but you have to realize this is a big breed.
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Are pit bulls illegal in Texas?

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No they are not i thought the same thing and almost moved my 4 month old pit to Oklahoma with my cusen...thank god i did some research There are some cities in Texas that do not allow or restrict pit bull ownership, though. The only two at the moment are Garland and Madisonville City. (
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What breed of dog is Jim on Mike and Molly?

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He's a Brussels Griffon...actually a Brussels Griffon mix. I would guess with Chihuahua, some sort of Toy Terrier or even more than one breed. He's a really cute little guy, but his features aren't quite right for a Griffon. His muzzle isn't as short or wide, his coat isn't quite right, and his legs are longer.
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What breed of dog is a chow wow?

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Their genetics come from a breed called an akita inu, their are south African, American and Japanese akita's. You can distinguish which one you have from the colour of their furr.
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How stop playing with your retainer?

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Keep your hands off the retainer. You can put gloves or mittens on since you wouldn't want to touch it with those on. Trust me, they feel strange when wet. If you absentmindedly mess with it while you do something like watching TV, put a rock in each of your hands. When holding this, you won't have a free hand to mess with your retainer. When you go so long without messing with it, reward yourself with a little treat. That could give you something to work towards.
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Why would my dogs 11yo yorkie belly turn dark overnight?

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it b/c your family not feeding it well of the dog is tired of the food your giving it
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How long does it take for a pug to get pregnant?

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when she is in heat. (on her period) most fertile days are the 11th-15th
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English setter and basset hound a good mix?

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No. Absolutely not. In what way? We actually have an English Setter Basset Hound mixed breed and she is fantastic and ADORABLE! She's white with black and brown "ticking" like a setter with short legs and a long body- but not quite as stout as a basset. She's very friendly and has a great temperament, just needs a lot of exercise. You can see photos here: We also have a English Setter Basset Hound mixed breed and she's wonderful. She's 7months healthy and beautiful. She is strong willed and requires alot of activity (long walks, outdoor play). She is great with people including children.
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How do you train my blue nose pit bull?

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well it depends on how you want to train them if you want to make them protective over you that's easy you only keep them around you don't let anyone pet and love on them exept for you pit bulls are easy to train. but if you want them to be nice take them around people for they will be use to people really it all depends and some pits don't have a mean bone in there body like my brothers dog use to be crazy but they played the crazy right out of her and now she is the nicest dog you will ever meet
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Why does golden retrievers ears smell?

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Well, if they stink, then there is probably an infection, either yeast or bacterial. If there is brown sticky like stuff in there, then there is definitely an infection. The most common ear infections are yeast infections. The best thing to do is see a vet, let them diagnose the problem, flush out the ears, and get you medication. I recommend this first and foremost, however, you can get a mild ear cleaner and clean the ears yourself. For yeast infections, I swear by the over the counter vaginal yeast infection medications. It is the same type stuff your vet will give you for an ear yeast infection, however, it does not take care of bacteria if it is present. One other thing you need to consider is ear mites.