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What trees flowers and plants are commonly found in the UK?

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trees and shrubs (mostly native, some non-native but very integrated.): alder, alder buckthorn, ash, aspen, beech, birch, blackthorn, bracken, cherry, sweet chestnut, horse chestnut, crab apple, dog rose, elder, elm, firs, gorse, hawthorn, hazel,

holly, hornbeam, juniper, larch, lime, maple, sycamore, oak, poplar, pine, rowan, sitka spruce, whitebeam, hemlock, willow, yew.

flowers (common names for native species. some are on more than once. CBA typing them up though):


Acaena, Two-spined

Aconite, Winter


Adder's-tongue, Small


Agrimony, Fragrant

Agrimony, Hemp

Akebia, Five-leaf


Alison, Hoary

Alison, Golden

Alison, Sweet

Alkanet, Green


Alpine Cotula

Amaranth, Common

Amaranth, Green

Amaranth, Indehiscent

Amaranth, Powell's

Amaranth, Purple

Anchusa, Garden

Anemone, Balkan

Anemone, Japanese

Anemone, Scarlet

Anemone, Wood

Anemone, Yellow


Angelica, Garden




Arabis, Garden

Archangel, Yellow

Arrow-grass, Marsh

Arrow-grass, Sea


Artichoke, Globe

Artichoke, Jerusalem

Arum, bog

Arum, Dragon


Asparagus, Garden

Asparagus, Wild

Asphodel, Bog

Asphodel, Scottish

Aster, China

Aster, Goldilocks

Aster, Marsh

Aster, Sea



Avens, Hybrid

Avens, Large-leaved

Avens, Mountain

Avens, Water

Avens, Wood

Balm, Bastard

Balm, Lemon

Balsam, Himalayan

Balsam, Orange

Balsam, Small

Balsam, Touch-me-not


Bartsia, Alpine

Bartsia, French

Bartsia, Red

Bartsia, Yellow

Basil, Wild

Bean, Broad


Bear's-breech, Spiny

Bedstraw, Fen

Bedstraw, Heath

Bedstraw, Hedge

Bedstraw, Lady's

Bedstraw, Limestone

Bedstraw, Marsh

Bedstraw, Northern

Bedstraw, Slender

Bedstraw, Wall

Beet, Sea


Bellflower, Adria

Bellflower, Clustered

Bellflower, Creeping

Bellflower, Giant

Bellflower, Ivy-leaved

Bellflower, Nettle-leaved

Bellflower, Peach-leaved

Bellflower, Spreading

Bellflower, Trailing

Bellflower, Tussock


Bindweed, Black

Bindweed, Field

Bindweed, Great

Bindweed, Hairy

Bindweed, Hedge

Bindweed, Mallow-leaved

Bindweed, Pink

Bindweed, Sea



Birdsfoot Trefoil

Birdsfoot Trefoil, Greater

Birdsfoot Trfoil, Hairy

Birdsfoot Trefoil, Narrow-leaved

Birdsfoot, Orange

Birdsnest, Yellow



Bistort, Alpine

Bistort, Amphibious

Bistort, Himalayan

Bistort, Red

Bittercress, Coralroot

Bittercress, Hairy

Bittercress, Large

Bittercress, New Zealand

Bittercress, Wavy



Bladderwort, Lesser

Bladderwort, Wavy


Bleeding Heart


Blood-drop Emlets


Blue-eyed Mary


Bluebell, Spanish



Borage, Slender



Broomrape, Bedstraw

Broomrape, Carrot

Broomrape, Common

Broomrape, Ivy

Broomrape, Knapweed

Broomrape, Oxtongue

Broomrape, Thistle

Broomrape, Great

Broomrape, Thyme

Broomrape, Yarrow

Bryony, Black

Bryony, White



Bugle, Pyramidal


Bugloss, Giant Viper's

Bugloss, Viper's




Bulrush x glauca

Bulrush, Lesser

Bur-marigold London

Bur-marigold, Nodding

Bur-marigold, Trifid

Burdock, Greater

Burdock, Intermediate

Burdock, Lesser

Burdock, Wood

Burnet, Fodder

Burnet, Great

Burnet, Salad


Burnet-saxifrage, Greater

Bur-reed, Branched

Bur-reed, Unbranched


Butterbur, Giant

Butterbur, White

Buttercup, Bulbous

Buttercup, Celery-leaved

Buttercup, Corn

Buttercup, Creeping

Buttercup, Goldilocks

Buttercup, Meadow

Buttercup, Rough-fruited

Buttercup, Small-flowered

Buttercup, St. Martin's

Butterwort, Common

Butterwort, Great

Butterwort, Pale


Cabbage, Bastard

Cabbage, Isle of Man

Cabbage, St Patrick's

Cabbage, Wallflower

Cabbage, Wild

Calamint, Common

Calamint, Lesser

Campion, Bladder

Campion, Moss

Campion, Plymouth

Campion, Red

Campion, Red x White

Campion, Rose

Campion, Sea

Campion, White

Candytuft, Garden

Candytuft, Perennial

Candytuft, Wild


Caraway, Whorled

Carrot, Moon

Carrot, Sea

Carrot, Wild

Catchfly, Alpine

Catchfly, Berry

Catchfly, Night-flowering

Catchfly, Nottingham

Catchfly, Sand

Catchfly, Small-flowered

Catchfly, Spanish

Catchfly, Sticky

Catchfly, Sweet-William

Catmint, Garden

Catsear, Common

Catsear, Smooth

Catsear, Spotted

Celandine, Greater

Celandine, Lesser

Celery, Wild

Centaury, Common

Centaury, Lesser

Centaury, Seaside

Centaury, Common x Sea


Chamomile, Austrian

Chamomile, Corn

Chamomile, Lawn

Chamomile, Sicilian


Chervil, Bur

Chervil, Rough


Chickweed, Common

Chickweed, Greater

Chickweed, Lesser

Chickweed, Upright

Chickweed, Water

Chilean Giant Rhubarb


Cicely, Sweet

Cinquefoil, Alpine

Cinquefoil, Creeping

Cinquefoil, Hybrid

Cinquefoil, Marsh

Cinquefoil, Russian

Cinquefoil, Spring

Cinquefoil, Sulphur

Clary, Wild

Cleavers, Common

Clematis, Orange-peel

Clover, Alsike

Clover, Birdsfoot

Clover, Clustered

Clover, Crimson

Clover, Haresfoot

Clover, Knotted

Clover, Long-Headed

Clover, Narrow

Clover, Red

Clover, Rough

Clover, Strawberry


Clover, Sulphur

Clover, Twin-headed

Clover, Western

Clover, White

Clover, Zigzag



Comfrey, Bulbous

Comfrey, Caucasian

Comfrey, Common

Comfrey, Creeping

Comfrey, Hidcote Blue

Comfrey, Tuberous

Comfrey, Rough

Comfrey, Russian

Comfrey, White

Coral Necklace




Cornel, Dwarf


Cornflower, Perennial

Cornsalad, Common

Cornsalad, Keel-fruited

Cornsalad, Narrow-fruited

Corydalis, Climbing

Corydalis, Pale

Corydalis, Tuberous

Corydalis, Yellow

Cotton-grass, Common

Cotton-grass, Haresetail



Cowslip, Mealy

Cow-wheat, Common

Cow-wheat, Crested

Cow-wheat, Field

Cranesbill 'Prince Regent'

Cranesbill, Alderney

Cranesbill, Bloody

Cranesbill, Cut-leaved

Cranesbill, Dovesfoot

Cranesbill, Druce's

Cranesbill, Dusky

Cranesbill, French

Cranesbill, Hedgerow

Cranesbill, Knotted

Cranesbill, Long-stalked

Cranesbill, Meadow

Cranesbill, Munich

Cranesbill, Pencilled

Cranesbill, Purple

Cranesbill, Rock

Cranesbill, Round-leaved

Cranesbill, Shining

Cranesbill, Small-flowered

Cranesbill, Wood

Creeping Jenny

Cress, Garden

Cress, Hoary

Cress, Shepherd's

Cress, Thale

Cress, Tower

Crocus, Autumn

Crocus, Early

Crocus, Golden

Crocus, Sand

Crocus, Spring

Crocus, Yellow


Crosswort, Caucasian

Crowfoot, Celery-leaved

Crowfoot, Common Water

Crowfoot, Ivy-leaved

Crowfoot, River Water

Crowfoot, Round-leaved

Crowfoot, Three-lobed


Cuckooflower, Greater

Cuckoo Pint

Cucumber, Squirting

Cudweed, Cape

Cudweed, Common

Cudweed, Dwarf

Cudweed, Heath

Cudweed, Marsh

Cudweed, Small


Dactylorhiza x wintoni

Daffodil, Pheasant's-eye

Daffodil, Sea

Daffodil, Wild


Daisy, Michaelmas

Daisy, Ox-eye

Daisy, Seaside

Daisy, Shasta


Deadnettle, Cut-leaved

Deadnettle, Henbit

Deadnettle, Northern

Deadnettle, Red

Deadnettle, Spotted

Deadnettle, White

Dewplant, Pale

Dewplant, Purple



Dock, Argentine

Dock, Broad-leaved

Dock, Clustered

Dock, Clustered x Golden

Dock, Curled

Dock, Fiddle

Dock, Golden

Dock, Shore

Dock, Water

Dock, Wood


Dodder, Greater

Dragon's Teeth


Duckweed, Common

Duckweed, Fat

Duckweed, Greater

Duckweed, Ivy-leaved

Duckweed, Least

Duckweed, Rootless


Eelgrass, Dwarf

Eelgrass, Narrow-leaved


Enchanter's Nightshade

Enchanter's Nightshade, Alpine

Enchanter's Nightshade, Upland

Eryngo, Blue

Eryngo, Field

Eryngo, Italian

Eryngo, Tall

Evening-primrose, Common

Evening-primrose, Fragrant

Evening-primrose, Intermediate

Evening-primrose, Large-flowered

Evening-primrose, Pink

Evening-primrose, Small-flowered

Everlasting, Mountain

Everlasting, Pearly


Eyebright (arctica)

Eyebright, Broad-leaved

Eyebright, Chalk

Eyebright (foulaensis)

Eyebright, Glandular

Eyebright (pseudokerneri)

Eyebright, Vigur's

Fat Hen




Fiddleneck, Common


Figwort, Balm-leaved

Figwort, Cape

Figwort, Water

Figwort, Yellow

Flag, Sweet

Flax, Crimson

Flax, Cultivated

Flax, Fairy

Flax, Lesser New Zealand

Flax, New Zealand

Flax, Pale

Flax, Perennial

Fleabane, Bilbao

Fleabane, Blue

Fleabane, Canadian

Fleabane, Common

Fleabane, Guernsey

Fleabane, Hooker's

Fleabane, Mexican

Fleawort, Field



Fluellen, Round-leaved

Fluellen, Sharp-leaved

Forgetmenot, Alpine

Forgetmenot, Changing

Forgetmenot, Creeping

Forgetmenot, Early

Forgetmenot, Field

Forgetmenot, Great

Forgetmenot, Pale

Forgetmenot, Tufted

Forgetmenot, Water

Forgetmenot, Wood



Foxglove, Fairy

Fringe Cups

Fritillary, Snakeshead


Fumitory, Common

Fumitory, Common Ramping

Fumitory, Few-flowered

Fumitory, Purple Ramping

Fumitory, Tall Ramping

Fumitory, Western Ramping

Fumitory, White Ramping

Garlic, Crow

Garlic, Few-flowered

Garlic, Field

Garlic, Hairy

Garlic, Honey

Garlic, Keeled

Garlic, Neapolitan

Garlic, Rosy

Garlic, Three-cornered

Garlic, Wild

Gentian, Alpine

Gentian, Autumn

Gentian, Chiltern

Gentian, Early

Gentian, Field

Gentian, Fringed

Gentian, Marsh

Gentian, Spring

Gentian, Trumpet

Germander, Wall

Germander, Water


Gladiolus, Eastern


Globe Flower

Globe-thistle, Blue

Glory of the Snow

Glory-of-the-snow, Boissier's

Glory-of-the-snow, Lesser

Goat's Rue



Goldenrod, Canadian

Goldenrod, Early

Good King Henry

Gooseberry, Cape

Goosefoot, Many-seeded

Goosefoot, Maple-leaved

Goosefoot, Nettle-leaved

Goosefoot, Oak-leaved

Goosefoot, Red

Grape-hyacinth, Azure

Grape-hyacinth, Garden

Grass of Parnassus

Grass, American Blue-eyed

Grass, Blue-eyed

Grass, Pale Yellow-eyed

Grass Poly

Grass, Veined Yellow-eyed

Grass, Yellow-eyed

Greenweed, Hairy

Gromwell, Common

Gromwell Purple

Ground Elder



Groundsel (rayed)

Groundsel, Heath

Groundsel, Sticky

Groundsel, Welsh

Hampshire-puslane, Uruguayan

Hare's-ear, Sickle

Hare's-ear, Small


Hawkbit, Autumn

Hawkbit, Lesser

Hawkbit, Rough

Hawksbeard, Beaked

Hawksbeard, Leafless

Hawksbeard, Marsh

Hawksbeard, Northern

Hawksbeard, Rough

Hawksbeard, Smooth

Hawkweed, Common

Hawkweed, Mouse-ear

Hawkweed, Narrow-leaved

Hawkweed, Orange

Hawkweed, Ox-tongue

Hawkweed, Shaggy Mouse-ear

Hawkweed, Spotted

Hawkweed, Tall Mouse-ear

Heath, Blue

Heath, Cross-leaved

Heath, Darley Dale

Heath, Dorset

Heath, Prickly

Heath, Sea

Heath, St Dabeoc's


Heather, Bell

Hedge-parsley, Knotted

Heliotrope, Winter

Hellebore, Corsican

Hellebore, Green

Hellebore, Lenten-rose

Hellebore, Stinking

Helleborine, Broad-leaved

Helleborine, Dark Red

Helleborine, Dune

Helleborine, Green-flowered

Helleborine, Lindisfarne

Helleborine, Marsh

Helleborine, Narrow-leaved

Helleborine, Narrow-lipped

Helleborine, Red

Helleborine, Violet

Helleborine, White

Helleborine, White x Sword-leaved

Helleborine, Young's




Hemp-nettle, Bifid

Hemp-nettle, Common

Hemp-nettle, Large Flowered


Herb Bennet


Herb Robert

Herb Robert, Giant

Hieracium brittaniciforme

Hieracium decolor

Hieracium maculatum

Hieracium pseudoleyi

Hieracium speluncarum

Hieracium vagum

Hieracium vulgatum


Hogweed, Giant


Holly, Sea





Honeysuckle, Box-leaved

Honeysuckle, Fly

Honeysuckle, Henry's

Honeysuckle, Himalayan

Honeysuckle, Japanese

Honeysuckle, Morrow's

Honeysuckle, Perfoliate

Honeysuckle, Tartar

Honeysuckle, Wilson's

Honeywort, Greater


Horehound, Black

Horehound, White

Horned-poppy, Yellow

Hornwort, Rigid


Horsetail, Branched

Horsetail, Field

Horsetail, Great

Horsetail, Mackay's

Horsetail, Marsh

Horsetail, Rough

Horsetail, Shore

Horsetail, Variegated

Horsetail, Water

Horsetail, Wood



Houndstongue, Green


Hyacinth, Garden

Hyacinth, Tassel


Iris, Bearded

Iris, Dutch

Iris, Netted

Iris, Siberian

Iris, Stinking

Iris, Turkish

Iris, Yellow

Ivy, Ground

Jacob's Ladder

Japanese Lantern

Kale, Greater Sea

Kale, Sea

Knapweed, Common

Knapweed, Greater

Knapweed, Lesser

Knawel, Annual

Knawel, Perennial


Knotgrass, Equal-leaved

Knotgrass, Ray's

Knotgrass, Sea

Knotweed, Japanese

Knotweed, Lesser

Knotweed, Pink-headed


Lady's Mantle

Lady's Mantle, Alpine (alpina)

Lady's Mantle (acutiloba)

Lady's Mantle (filicaulis ssp filicaulis)

Lady's Mantle (filicaulis ssp vesita)

Lady's Mantle (glabra)

Lady's Mantle (glomerulans)

Lady's Mantle (micans)

Lady's Mantle (minima)

Lady's Mantle (monticola)

Lady's Mantle (subcrenata)

Lady's Mantle (wichurae)

Lady's Mantle, Garden

Lady's Mantle, Intermediate

Lady's Mantle, Silver

Lady's Mantle, Smooth

Lady's Tresses, Autumn

Lady's Tresses, Creeping

Lady's Tresses, Irish



Lavender, English

Lavendar, French


Leek, Babbington's

Leek, Round-headed

Leek, Sand

Leek, Wild

Leopardplant, Przewalski's


Leopardsbane, Wildenow's

Lettuce, Garden

Lettuce, Great

Lettuce, Prickly

Lettuce, Russian

Lettuce, Wall

Lily, Arum


Lily, Jersey

Lily, Kerry

Lily, Martagon

Lily, Orange

Lily, Peruvian

Lily, Pyrenean

Lily, Snowdon

Liquorice, Wild

Lobelia, Garden

Lobelia, Heath

Lobelia, Water

London Pride

Loosestrife, Dotted

Loosestrife, Lake

Loosestrife, Purple

Loosestrife, Tufted

Loosestrife, Whorled

Loosestrife, Yellow

Lords and Ladies

Lords & Ladies, Italian

Lords & Ladies, Rare


Lousewort, Marsh






Lupin, Garden

Lupin, Narrow-leaved


Madder, Field

Madder, Wild

Mallow, Common

Mallow, Dwarf

Mallow, Garden-tree

Mallow, Greater Musk

Mallow, Marsh

Mallow, Musk

Mallow, Smaller Tree

Mallow, Tree

Mare's Tail

Marigold, Corn

Marigold, Marsh

Marigold, Pot


Marshwort, Lesser


Masterwort, Pink

Mayweed, Scented

Mayweed, Scentless

Mayweed, Sea



Meadow-rue, Alpine

Meadow-rue, Common

Meadow-rue, Lesser

Medick, Black

Medick, Sickle

Medick, Spotted

Medick, Toothed

Melilot, Ribbed

Melilot, Small

Melilot, Tall

Melilot, White

Mercury, Annual

Mercury, Dog's


Michaelmas-daisy, Common

Michaelmas-daisy, Confused

Michaelmas-daisy, Glaucous

Michaelmas-daisy, Late

Michaelmas-daisy, Narrow-leaved

Mignonette, White

Mignonette, Wild

Milk-vetch, Purple

Milkwort, Common

Milkwort, Heath

Milkwort, Sea

Mind Your Own Business

Mint, Apple

Mint, Corn

Mint, Corsican

Mint, Round-leaved

Mint, Sharp-toothed

Mint, Spear

Mint, Tall

Mint, Water

Mint, Whorled


Moneywort, Cornish


Monkeyflower, Coppery


Monkshood, Hybrid

Monk's-wort, Yellow


Montbretia, Giant



Mouse-ear, Alpine

Mouse-ear, Common

Mouse-ear, Dwarf

Mouse-ear, Field

Mouse-ear, Grey

Mouse-ear, Little

Mouse-ear, Sea

Mouse-ear, Sticky




Mugwort, Chinese

Mugwort, Slender

Mullein, Caucasian

Mullein, Dark

Mullein, Great

Mullein, Hoary

Mullein, Hungarian

Mullein, Moth

Mullein, Orange

Mullein, Twiggy

Mullein, White


Mustard, Black

Mustard, Chinese

Mustard, Garlic

Mustard, Hedge

Mustard, Hoary

Mustard, Russian

Mustard, Treacle

Mustard, White

Naiad, Holly-leaved


Nettle, Common

Nettle, Fen (Nettle, Stingless)

Nettle, Small


Nightshade, Black

Nightshade, Deadly

Nightshade, Green

Nightshade, Leafy-fruited

Nightshade, Small

Nightshade, Woody


Nonea, Yellow

Onion, Turkestan

Onion, Wild

Orache, Babbington's

Orache, Common

Orache, Frosted

Orache, Garden

Orache, Grass-leaved

Orache, Spear-leaved

Orchid, Bee

Orchid, Birdsnest

Orchid, Bog

Orchid, Burnt

Orchid, Common Spotted

Orchid, Coralroot

Orchid, Cornish Spotted

Orchid, Dense-flowered

Orchid, Early Marsh

Orchid, (Dactylorhiza x wintoni)

Orchid, Early-purple

Orchid, Early-spider

Orchid, Fen

Orchid, Fly

Orchid, Fly x Bee

Orchid, Fragrant

Orchid, Fragrant Heath

Orchid, Frog

Orchid, Greater Butterfly

Orchid, Green-winged

Orchid, Heath-spotted

Orchid, Lady

Orchid, Lady's-slipper

Orchid, Late-spider

Orchid, Leopard

Orchid, Leopard Marsh

Orchid, Lesser Butterfly

Orchid, Lizard

Orchid, Maculata x Purpurella

Orchid, Man

Orchid, Marsh Fragrant

Orchid, Military

Orchid, Monkey

Orchid, Musk

Orchid, Narrow-leaved Marsh

Orchid, Northern Marsh

Orchid, Pyramidal

Orchid, Small White

Orchid, Small-flowered Tongue

Orchid, Southern Marsh

Orchid, Tongue




Oxlip, False

Oxtongue, Bristly

Oxtongue, Hawkweed

Oxytropis, Purple


Pansy, Dwarf

Pansy, Field

Pansy, Garden

Pansy, Horned

Pansy, Mountain

Pansy, Sand

Pansy, Wild

Parrot's Feather

Parsley, Cow

Parsley, Fool's

Parsley, Milk

Parsley, Stone

Parsley, Upright Hedge


Parsley-piert, Slender

Parsnip, Wild

Pasque Flower

Passionflower, Blue

Pea, Broad-leaved Everlasting

Pea, Fyfield

Pea, Marsh

Pea, Narrow-leaved Everlasting

Pea, Sea

Pea, Tuberous

Pea, Two-flowered Everlasting

Pearlwort, Annual

Pearlwort, Heath

Pearlwort, Knotted

Pearlwort, Procumbent

Pearlwort, Sea


Pennycress, Alpine

Pennycress, Field


Pennywort, Floating

Pennywort, Manyflower Marsh

Pennywort, Marsh

Pennywort, Water

Peony, Garden



Pepperwort, Field

Pepperwort, Narrow-leaved

Pepperwort, Smith's

Pepperwort, Tall

Periwinkle, Greater

Periwinkle, Lesser

Persicaria, Pale


Pheasant's Eye

Pick-a-back Plant


Pigmyweed, New Zealand


Pigweed, Prostrate

Pilosella peleteriana

Pimpernel, Bog

Pimpernel, Scarlet

Pimpernel, Yellow


Pink, Cheddar

Pink, Deptford

Pink, Maiden

Pink, Proliferous

Pink-sorrel, Annual

Pink-sorrel, Large-flowered

Pink-sorrel, Pale



Plantain, Buckshorn

Plantain, Greater

Plantain, Hoary

Plantain, Ribwort

Plantain, Robin's

Plantain, Sea

Pokeweed, Indian

Pondweed, Bog

Pondweed, Broad-leaved

Pondweed, Cape

Pondweed, Curled

Pondweed, Fennel

Pondweed, Grass-wrack

Pondweed, Small

Poppy, Atlas

Poppy, Babbington's

Poppy, Californian

Poppy, Common

Poppy, Long-headed

Poppy, Oriental

Poppy, Opium

Poppy, Prickly

Poppy, Rough

Poppy, Welsh

Poppy, Yellow Horned

Potato-vine, Chilean


Primrose, Birdseye

Primrose, Scots




Purslane, Pink

Purslane, Sea

Purslane, Water


Quillwort, Land

Quillwort, Spring


Radish, Garden

Radish, Sea

Radish, Wild

Ragged Robin


Ragweed, Perennial


Ragwort, Broad-leaved

Ragwort, Fen

Ragwort, Hoary

Ragwort, Marsh

Ragwort, Narrow-leaved

Ragwort, Oxford

Ragwort, Silver

Ragwort, Silver x Common

Ragwort, Wood


Rampion, Round-headed

Rape, Oil-seed

Rattle, Greater Yellow

Rattle, Yellow

Red-hot Poker, Common



Restharrow, Small

Restharrow, Spiny

Rhubarb, Brazilian Giant

Rhubarb, Giant

Rhubarb, Indian

Rhubarb, Monk's

Rhubarb, Ornamental

Robin, Little

Rocket, Annual Wall

Rocket, Garden

Rocket, Eastern

Rocket, Hairy

Rocket, Sea

Rocket, Tall

Rocket, White

Rock-cress, Bristol

Rock-cress, Hairy

Rock-cress, Northern

Rock-rose, Common

Rock-rose, Hoary

Rock-rose, Spotted

Rock-rose, White



Rupturewort, Smooth

Rupturewort, Fringed

Rush, Flowering


Safflower, Downy

Saffron, Meadow


Sage, Jerusalem

Sage, Wood



Saltwort, Prickly

Samphire, Golden

Samphire, Rock

Sandwort, Fine-leaved

Sandwort, Mountain

Sandwort, Sea

Sandwort, Spring

Sandwort, Three-nerved

Sandwort, Thyme-leaved



Saw-wort, Alpine

Saxifrage, Alternate-leaved Golden

Saxifrage, Celandine

Saxifrage, Highland

Saxifrage, Irish

Saxifrage, Kidney

Saxifrage, Marsh

Saxifrage, Meadow

Saxifrage, Mossy

Saxifrage, Opposite-leaved Golden

Saxifrage, Pepper

Saxifrage, Purple

Saxifrage, Round-leaved

Saxifrage, Rue-Leaved

Saxifrage, Starry

Saxifrage, Tufted

Saxifrage, Yellow

Scabious, Devilsbit

Scabious, Field

Scabious, Giant

Scabious, Small

Scurvygrass, Common

Scurvygrass, Danish

Scurvygrass, English

Scurvygrass, Mountain

Scurvygrass, Pyrenaen

Seablite, Annual

Sea-kale, Greater

Sea-lavender, Common

Sea-lavender, Lax-flowered

Sea-lavendar, Matted

Sea-lavender, Rock

Sea-spurrey, Greater

Sea-spurrey, Greek

Sea-spurrey, Lesser

Sea-spurrey, Rock


Self-heal, Cut-leaved

Self-heal, Hybrid


Shamrock, Purple


Shepherd's Needle

Shepherd's Purse

Shepherd's Purse, Red


Sibbaldia, Mountain



Skullcap, Lesser

Skullcap (hybrid)

Skunk-cabbage, American


Snapdragon, Trailing




Snowdrop, Caucasian

Snowdrop, Greater

Snowdrop, Green

Snowdrop, Pleated

Snowflake, Spring

Snowflake, Summer


Soldier, Gallant

Soldier, Shaggy

Soldier, Water


Solomon's-seal, Angular

Solomon's-seal, Garden

Sorrel, Common

Sorrel, Four-leaved Pink

Sorrel, French

Sorrel, Mountain

Sorrel, Pale Pink

Sorrel, Pink

Sorrel, Sheep's

Sorrel, Spreading Yellow

Sorrel, Upright Yellow

Sorrel, Wood


Sowbread, Eastern

Sowbread, Spring

Sow-thistle, Common Blue

Sow-thistle, Corn

Sow-thistle, Hairless-blue

Sow-thistle, Perennial

Sow-thistle, Prickly

Sow-thistle, Rough

Sow-thistle, Smooth


Spearwort, Greater

Spearwort, Lesser

Speedwell, Alpine

Speedwell, American

Speedwell, Breckland

Speedwell, Common Field

Speedwell, Creeping

Speedwell, Fingered

Speedwell, Garden

Speedwell, Garden x Spiked

Speedwell, Germander

Speedwell, Green Field

Speedwell, Grey Field

Speedwell, Heath

Speedwell, Ivy-leaved

Speedwell, Large

Speedwell, Marsh

Speedwell, Pink Water

Speedwell, Rock

Speedwell, Slender

Speedwell, Spiked

Speedwell, Spring

Speedwell, Thyme-leaved

Speedwell, Wall

Speedwell, Water

Speedwell, Wood


Spikenard, Ploughman's

Spiraea, Himalayan

Spleenwort, Forked

Spleenwort, Sea

Spring Beauty

Spurge, Balkan

Spurge, Broad-leaved

Spurge, Caper

Spurge, Cypress

Spurge, Dwarf

Spurge, Irish

Spurge, Leafy

Spurge, Meditteranean

Spurge, Petty

Spurge, Portland

Spurge, Sea

Spurge, Sun

Spurge, Twiggy

Spurge, Upright

Spurge, Wood

Spurrey, Corn

Spurrey, Sand

Squill, Alpine

Squill, Autumn

Squill, Siberian

Squill, Spring

Squill, Turkish


St John's Wort, Des Etangs'

St John's Wort, Hairy

St John's Wort, Imperforate

St John's Wort, Marsh

St John's Wort, Pale

St John's Wort, Perforate

St John's Wort, Slender

St John's Wort, Square-stalked

St John's Wort, Toadflax-leaved

St John's Wort, Trailing

St John's Wort, Wavy

St Paul's-wort, Western

Star of Persia


Star-of-Bethlehem, Drooping

Star-of-Bethlehem, Early

Star-of-Bethlehem, Garden

Star-of-Bethlehem, Spiked

Star-of-Bethlehem, Yellow


Star-thistle, Red

Starflower, Spring



Stitchwort, Bog

Stitchwort, Greater

Stitchwort, Lesser

Stitchwort, Wood

Stock, Hoary

Stock, Sea

Stock, Virginia

Stonecrop, Australian Swamp

Stonecrop, Biting

Stonecrop, Caucasian

Stonecrop, English

Stonecrop, Greater Mexican

Stonecrop, Hairy

Stonecrop, Kamtschatka

Stonecrop, Lesser Caucasian

Stonecrop, Lesser Mexican

Stonecrop, Mossy

Stonecrop, Reflexed

Stonecrop, Rock

Stonecrop, Spanish

Stonecrop, Tasteless

Stonecrop, White

Storksbill, Common

Storksbill, Common x Sticky

Storksbill, Musk

Storksbill, Sea

Storksbill, Sticky


Strawberry, Barren

Strawberry, Garden

Strawberry, Plymouth

Strawberry, Wild

Strawberry, Yellow-flowered

Sundew, Great

Sundew, Oblong-leaved

Sundew, Round-leaved


Sunflower, Perennial

Sweet Cicely


Swinecress, Lesser


Tare, Hairy

Tare, Smooth

Tasselweed, Beaked


Teasel, Cut-leaved

Teasel, Fuller's

Teasel, Small

Thistle, Broomrape

Thistle, Cabbage

Thistle, Carline

Thistle, Cotton

Thistle, Creeping

Thistle, Dwarf

Thistle, Marsh

Thistle, Meadow

Thistle, Melancholy

Thistle, Milk

Thistle, Musk

Thistle, Plymouth

Thistle, Slender

Thistle, Spear

Thistle, Welted

Thistle, Woolly

Thistle (Woolly x Spear)

Thistle, Yellow




Thyme, Basil

Thyme, Breckland

Thyme, Garden

Thyme, Wild


Toadflax, Annual

Toadflax, Bastard

Toadflax, Common x Pale

Toadflax, Hybrid

Toadflax, Italian

Toadflax, Ivy-leaved

Toadflax, Malling

Toadflax, Pale

Toadflax, Prostrate

Toadflax, Purple

Toadflax, Sand

Toadflax, Small

Tobacco, Sweet




Toothwort, Purple


Tormentil, Trailing

Traveller's Joy


Trefoil, Hop

Trefoil, Large

Trefoil, Lesser

Trefoil, Slender

Trefoil, Slender Birdsfoot


Tulip, Cretan

Tulip, Wild


Turnip, Wild


Tutsan, Stinking

Tutsan Tall

Twayblade, Common

Twayblade, Lesser



Unknown Goosefoot

Unknown Geum

Valerian, Common

Valerian, Marsh

Valerian, Pyrenean

Valerian, Red

Veronica, Hedge


Vervain, Argentinian

Vetch, Bithynian

Vetch, Bush

Vetch, Common

Vetch, Crown

Vetch Horseshoe

Vetch, Kidney

Vetch, Narrow-leaved

Vetch, Spring

Vetch, Tufted

Vetch, Upright

Vetch, Wood

Vetch, Wood Bitter

Vetch, Yellow

Vetchling, Bitter

Vetchling, Grass

Vetchling, Meadow

Vetchling, Yellow

Vine, Grape

Vine, Russian

Viola x burnatii

Violet, Common Dog

Violet, Dame's

Violet, Early Dog

Violet, Fen

Violet, Hairy

Violet, Heath Dog

Violet, Marsh

Violet, Pale Dog

Violet, Sweet

Violet, Teesdale

Violet, Water

Violet, Wood Dog

Wall-rocket, Annual

Wall-rocket, Perennial

Wall-rocket, White


Wallflower, Alpine

Wallflower, Violet



Watercress, Fool's

Watercress, Narrow-fruited

Waterweed, Canadian

Waterweed, Curly

Waterweed, Nuttall's

Waterwort, Six-stamened

Water Crowfoot, Brackish

Water Crowfoot, Common

Water Crowfoot, Fan-leaved

Water Crowfoot, Pond

Water Crowfoot, River

Water Crowfoot, Thread-leaved

Water Dropwort, Corky-fruited

Water Dropwort, Fine-leaved

Water Dropwort, Hemlock

Water Dropwort, Parsley

Water Dropwort, Tubular


Water-lily, Fringed

Water-lily, White

Water-lily, Yellow

Water Milfoil, Spiked

Water-parsnip, Greater

Water-parsnip, Lesser


Water Pepper, Dense-flowered

Water-pepper, Least

Water-plantain, Common

Water-plantain, Floating

Water-plantain, Lesser

Water-plantain, Narrow-leaved

Water Starwort, Common

Water Speedwell, Pink


Water Starwort, Intermediate


Weasel's-snout, Pale


Whistling Jack

Whitlow-grass, Common

Whitlow-grass, Glabrous

Whitlow-grass, Hoary

Whitlow-grass, Yellow

Whitlow-grass, Wall

Willowherb, Alpine

Willowherb, American

Willowherb, Broad-leaved

Willowherb, Broad-leaved x Chickweed

Willowherb, Great

Willowherb, Hoary

Willowherb, Marsh

Willowherb, New Zealand

Willowherb, Pale

Willowherb, Rosebay

Willowherb, Short-fruited

Willowherb, Spear-leaved

Willowherb, Square-stalked


Wintercress, Small-flowered

Wintercress, American

Wintergreen, Chickweed

Wintergreen, Common

Wintergreen, Intermediate

Wintergreen, One-flowered

Wintergreen, Round-leaved

Wintergreen, Serrated






Wormwood, Field

Woundwort, Downy

Woundwort (Hedge x Marsh)

Woundwort, Field

Woundwort, Hedge

Woundwort, Marsh

Woundwort, Perennial-yellow


Yarrow, Fern-leaf

Yellow-cress, Creeping

Yellow-cress, Great

Yellow-cress, Marsh

Yellow-cress, Northern

Yellow-cress, Walthamstow

Yellow-sorrel, Fleshy

Yellow-sorrel, Least


grasses, sedges, rushes and ferns (again, CBA with the typing):

Adiantum capillus-veneris (Maidenhair Fern)

Agrostis canina (Velvet Bent)

Agrostis stolonifera (Creeping Bent)

Aira caryophyllea (Silver Hair-grasss)

Aira praecox (Early Hair-grass)

Alopecurus aequalis (Orange Foxtail)

Alopecurus borealis (Alpine Foxtail)

Alopecurus bulbosus (Bulbous Foxtail)

Alopecurus geniculatus (Marsh Foxtail)

Alopecurus myosuroides (Black-grass)

Alopecurus pratensis (Meadow Foxtail)

Anisantha sterilis (Barren Brome)

Anisantha tectorum (Drooping Brome)

Anthoxanthum odoratum (Sweet Vernal Grass)

Apera interrupta (Dense Silky-bent)

Arrhenatherum elatius (False Oat-grass)

Asplenium adiantum-nigrum (Black Spleenwort)

Asplenium marinum (sea Spleenwort)

Asplenium ruta-muraria (Wall-rue)

Asplenium septentrionale (Forked Spleenwort)

Asplenium trichomanes (Maidenhair Spleenwort)

Asplenium viride (Green Spleenwort)

Asplenium x clermontiae

Athyrium filix-femina (Lady Fern)

Azolla filiculoides (Water Fern)

Blechnum penna-marina (Antarctic Hard-fern)

Blechnum spicant (Hard Fern)

Blysmus compressus (Flat Sedge)

Blysmus rufus (Salt-marsh Flat Sedge)

Bolboschoenus maritimus (Sea Club-rush)

Botrychium lunaria (Moonwort)

Brachypodium rupestre (Tor Grass)

Brachypodium sylvaticum (False-brome)

Briza media (Quaking Grass)

Bromopsis inermis (Hungarian Brome)

Bromopsis ramosa (Hairy Brome)

Bromus hordeaceus (Soft Brome)

Bromus secalinus (Rye Brome)

Calamagrostis epigejos (Wood Small-reed)

Calamagrostis sp.

Catapodium marinum (Sea Fern-grass)

Catapodium rigidum (fern Grass)

Carex acutformis (Lesser Pond Sedge)

Carex aquatilis (Water Sedge)

Carex arenaria (Sand Sedge)

Carex atrofusca (Scorched Alpine-sedge)

Carex bigelowii (Stiff Sedge)

Carex binervis (Green-ribbed Sedge)

Carex buxbaumii (Club Sedge)

Carex canescens (White Sedge)

Carex capillaris (Hair Sedge)

Carex caryophyllea (Spring Sedge)

Carex chordorrhiza (String Sedge)

Carex digitata (Fingered Sedge)

Carex dioica (Dioecious Sedge)

Carex distans (Distant Sedge)

Carex disticha (Brown Sedge)

Carex echinata (Star Sedge)

Carex elata (Tufted-sedge)

Carex elongata (Elongated Sedge)

Carex ericetorum (Rare Spring-sedge)

Carex extensa (Long-bracted Sedge)

Carex flacca (Glaucous Sedge)

Carex flava (Large Yellow-sedge)

Carex hirta (Hairy Sedge)

Carex lasiocarpa (Slender sedge)

Carex lepidocarpa (Long-stalked Yellow Sedge)

Carex leporina (Oval Sedge)

Carex magellanica (Tall Bog-sedge)

Carex maritima (Curved Sedge)

Carex microglichin (Bristle Sedge)

Carex nigra (Common Sedge)

Carex norvegica (Close-headed Alpine-sedge)

Carex ornithopoda (Birdsfoot Sedge)

Carex otrubae (False Fox Sedge)

Carex ovalis (Oval Sedge)

Carex pallescens (Pale Sedge)

Carex panicea (Carnation Sedge)

Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock Sedge)

Carex pauciflora (Few-flowered Sedge)

Carex pendula (Great Pendulous Sedge)

Carex pilulifera (Pill Sedge)

Carex pseudocyperus (Hop Sedge)

Carex pulicaris (Flea Sedge)

Carex punctata (Dotted Sedge)

Carex rariflora (Mountain Bog-sedge)

Carex recta (Estuarine Sedge)

Carex remota (Remote Sedge)

Carex riparia (Greater Pond Sedge)

Carex rupestris (Rock Sedge)

Carex salina (Saltmarsh Sedge)

Carex saxatilis (Russet Sedge)

Carex spicata (Spiked Sedge)

Carex strigosa (Thin-spiked Wood Sedge)

Carex sylvatica (Wood Sedge)

Carex vaginata (Sheathed Sedge)

Carex versicaria (Bladder-sedge)

Carex viridula ssp brachyrrhyncha (Long-stalked Yellow-sedge)

Carex viridula ssp oedocarpa (Common Yellow-sedge)

Carex viridula ssp viridula (Small-fruited Yellow-sedge)

Carex vulpinoidea (American Fox-sedge)

Carex x elytroides (C. acuta x nigra)

Carex x grahamii (Mountain Bladder-sedge)

Carex x limula (C. aquatilis x bigelowii)

Carex x pseudoaxillaris

Carex x turfosa (C. nigra x elata)

Catabrosa aquatica (Whorl Grass)

Catapodium marinum (Sea Fern Grass)

Catapodium rigidum (Fern-grass)

Ceterach officinarum (Rusty-back)

Chara virgata (Delicate Stonewort)

Cladium mariscus (Great Fen-sedge)

Cortaderia selloana (Pampas-grass)

Cortaderia richardii (Early Pampas-grass)

Corynephorus canescens (Grey Hair-grass)

Cryptogramma crispa (Parsley Fern)

Cynosurus cristatus (Crested Dog's-tail)

Cyperus eragrotis (Pale Galingale)

Cyperus longus (Galingale)

Cyrtomium falcatum (House Holly Fern)

Cystopteris dickiena (Dickie's Bladder Fern)

Cystopteris fragilis (Brittle Bladder Fern)

Dactylis glomerata (Cocksfoot)

Danthonia decumbens (Heath Grass)

Deschampsia cespitosa (Tufted Hair-grass)

Digitaria sanguinalis (Hairy Finger-grass)

Diphasiastrum alpinum (Alpine Clubmoss)

Dryopteris affinis (Golden-scaled Male Fern)

Dryopteris carthusiana (Narrow Buckler-fern)

Dryopteris dilatata (Broad buckler-fern)

Dryopteris expansa (Northern Buckler-fern)

Dryopteris filix-mas (Male Fern)

Dryopteris submontana (Rigid Buckler-fern)

Echinochloa crus-galli (Cockspur)

Eleocharis palustris (Common Spike-rush)

Eleocharis mamillata ssp austriaca

Eleocharis quinqueflora (Few-flowered Spike-rush)

Eleocharis uniglumis (Slender Spike-rush)

Eleogiton fluitans (Floating Club-rush)

Elymus caninus (Bearded Couch)

Elymus repens (Common Couch)

Elytrigia (Couch Grass)

Equisetum arvense (Field Horsetail)

Equisetum fluviatile (Water Horsetail)

Equisetum hymale (Rough Horsetail)

Equisetum palustre (Marsh Horsetail)

Equisetum ramosissimum (Branched Horsetail)

Equisetum sylvaticum (Wood Horsetail)

Equisetum telemateia (Great Horsetail)

Equietum variegatum (Variegated Horsetail)

Equisetum x litorale (Shore Horsetail)

Equisetum x trachydon (Mackay's Horsetail)

Eriophorum angustifolium (Common Cotton-grass)

Eriophorum vaginatum (Harestail Cotton-grass)

Festuca altissima (Wood Fescue)

Festuca arenaria (Rush-leaved Fescue)

Festuca arundinacea (Tall Fescue)

Festuca gigantea (Giant Fescue)

Festuca ovina (Sheep's Fescue)

Festuca rubra (Red Fescue)

Gastridium ventricosum (Nit Grass)

Glyceria declinata (Small Sweet-grass)

Glyceria fluitans (Floating Sweet-grass)

Glyceria maxima (Reed Sweet-grass)

Glyceria notata (Plicate Sweet-grass)

Glyceria plicata (Plicate Sweet-grass)

Gymnocarpium dryopteris (Oak Fern)

Gymnocarpium robertianum (Limestone Oak Fern)

Helictotrichon pubescens (Downy Oat-grass)

Hierochloe odorata (Holy-grass)

Holcus lanatus (Yorkshire Fog)

Hordelymus europaeus (Wood Barley)

Hordeum murinum (Wall Barley)

Hordeum secalinum (Meadow Barley)

Huperzia selago (Fir Clubmoss)

Isolepis setacea (Bristle Club-rush)

Juncus ambiguus (Frog Rush)

Juncus articulatus (Jointed Rush)

Juncus balticus (Baltic rush)

Juncus biglumis (Two-flowered Rush)

Juncus bufonius (Toad Rush)

Juncus bulbosus (Bulbous Rush)

Juncus castaneus (Chestnut Rush)

Juncus compressus (Round-fruited Rush)

Juncus effusus (Soft Rush)

Juncus filiformis (Thread Rush)

Juncus gerardi (Saltmarsh Rush)

Juncus inflexus (Hard Rush)

Juncus inflexus x balticus

Juncus maritimus (Sea Rush)

Juncus pygmaeus (Pigmy Rush)

Juncus squarrosus (Heath Rush)

Juncus subnodulosus (Blunt-flowered Rush)

Juncus tenuis (Slender Rush)

Juncus trifidus (Three-leaved Rush)

Juncus triglumis (Three-flowered Rush)

Juncus x obotritorum

Juncus x surrejanus (Jointed x Sharp-flowered Rush)

Kobresia simpliciuslata (False Sedge)

Lagurus ovatus (Harestail Grass)

Lolium multiflorum (Italian Rye-grass)

Lolium perenne (Perennial Ryegrass)

Luzula campestris (Field Wood-rush)

Luzula multiflora (Heath Wood-rush)

Luzula pilosa (Hairy Wood-rush)

Luzula sylvatica (Great Wood-rush)

Lycopodiella inundata (Marsh Clubmoss)

Lycopodium clavatum Stagshorn Clubmoss)

Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern)

Melica nutans (mountain Melick)

Melica uniflora (Wood Melick)

Mibora minima (Early Sand-grass)

Milium effusum (Wood Millet)

Molinia caerulea (Purple Moor-grass)

Nardus stricta (Mat Grass)

Nitella opaca (Dark Stonewort)

Nitella translucens (Translucent Stonewort)

Oreopteris limbosperma (Lemon-scented Fern)

Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern)

Panicum capillare (Witch-grass)

Parapholis incurva (Curved Hard-grass)

Parapholis strigosa (Hard Grass)

Phalaris arundinacea (Reed Canary-grass)

Phegopteris connectilis (Beech Fern)

Phleum arenarium (Sand Catstail)

Phleum bertolonii (Smaller Cat's-tail)

Phleum phleoides (Purple-stem Cat's-tail)

Phleum pratense (Timothy)

Phragmites australis (Common Reed)

Phyllitis scolopendrium (Hartstongue)

Poa annua (Annual Meadow-grass)

Poa bulbosa (Bulbous Meadow-grass)

Poa compressa (Flattened Meadow-grass)

Poa pratensis (Smooth Meadow-grass)

Poa trivialis (Rough Meadow-grass)

Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody)

Polypodium vulgare (Common Polypody)

Polypogon monspeliensis (Annual Beard-grass)

Polypogon viridis (Water Bent)

Polystichum aculeatum (Hard Shield Fern)

Polystichum lonchitis (Holly Fern)

Polystichum munitum (Western Sword-fern)

Polystichum setiferum (Soft Shield Fern)

Pucinellia distans (Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass)

Rhynchospora Alba (White-beaked Sedge)

Schoenoplectus lacustris (Common Club-rush)

Schoenoplectus pungens (Sharp Club-rush)

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (Grey Club-rush)

Schoenus nigricans (Black Bog-rush)

Selaginella selaginoides (lesser Clubmoss)

Sesleria caerulea (Blue Moor-grass)

Setaria pumila (Yellow Bristle-grass)

Setaria viridis (Green Bristle-grass)

Spartina anglica (Common Cord-grass)

Thelypteris palustris (Marsh Fern)

Trichomanes speciosum (Killarney Fern)

Trichophorum germanicum (Common Deergrass)

Trichophorum x foersteri ( Northern x Common Deergrass)

Trisetum flavescens (Yellow Oat-grass)

Vulpia bromoides (Squirreltail Fescue)

Vulpia fasciculata (Dune fescue)

What is the longest English town name?

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'Littlehampton'. 13 letters.

What happens in Greenwich?

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In 1975 Martha Moxley was murdered by Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel because on the night before Halloween he beat her with a Golf club. It was a very gory scene. so terrible.

What is the county town of berkshire?

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What colour was lancaster rose in war of roses?

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Lancaster was red, the House of York was white

What is the major industry?

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the important characteristics are manufacturing goods and transporting them to cheap and easy places in need.

How many people have anorexia in England?

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About in the hundreds

Why are footballs made in Pakistan instead of England?

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Footballs are not made made in England because people in LEDC's ( Less Economically developed countries ) will make footballs for much lower pay. On average people in places like Pakistan will sew footballs for 50p, you can roughly sew four footballs a day which means the people stiching footballs get roughly about 2 pounds a day!

How many stamps do you need to send a postcard from USA to UK?

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Just go to and you'll find everything you need there :] pricing and everything

How is the st Mathew's song similar to Beasts of England?

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Answer the question

What was the names of the passengers that came from England?

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*Mr. John Carver, Katherine his wife, Desire Minter, and two manservants, John Howland, Roger Wilder. William Latham, a boy, and a maidservant and a child that was put to him called Jasper More.
*Mr. William Brewster, Mary, his wife, with two sons, whose names were Love and Wrestling. And a boy was put to him called Richard More, and another of his brothers. The rest of his children were left behind and came over afterwards.
*Mr. Edward Winslow, Elizabeth his wife and two menservants called George Soule and Elias Story; also a little girl was put to him called Ellen, the sister of Richard More.
*William Bradford and Dorothy his wife, having but one child, a son left behind who came afterward.
*Mr. Isaac Allerton and Mary his wife, with three children, Bartholomew, Remember and Mary. And a servant boy John Hooke.
*Mr. Samuel Fuller and a servant called William Button. His wife was behind, and a child which came afterwards.
*John Crackston and his son John Crackston.
*Captain Myles Standish and Rose his wife.
*Mr. Christopher Martin and his wife and two servants, Solomon Prower and John Langmore.
*Mr. William Mullins and his wife and two children, Joseph and Priscilla; and a servant, Robert Carter.
*Mr. William White and Susanna his wife and one son called Resolved, and one born a-shipboard called Peregrine, and two servants named William Holbeck and Edward Thompson.
*Mr. Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth his wife, and two children called Giles and Constanta, a daughter, both by a former wife. And two more by this wife called Damaris and Oceanus; the last was born at sea. And two servants called Edward Doty and Edward Lester.
*Mr. Richard Warren, but his wife and children were left behind and came afterwards.
*John Billington and Ellen his wife, and two sons, John and Francis.
*Edward Tilley and Ann his wife, and two children that were their cousins, Henry Sampson and Humility Cooper.
*John Tilley and his wife, and Elizabeth their daughter.
*Francis Cooke and his son John; but his wife and other children came afterwards.
*Thomas Rogers and Joseph his son; his other children came afterwards.
*Thomas Tinker and his wife and a son.
*John Rigsdale and Alice his wife.
*James Chilton and his wife, and Mary their daughter; they had another daughter that was married, came afterward.
*Edward Fuller and his wife, and Samuel their son.
*John Turner and two sons; he had a daughter came some years after to Salem, where she is now living.
*Francis Eaton and Sarah his wife, and Samueltheir son, a young child.
*Moses Fletcher, John Goodman, Thomas Williams, Digory Priest, Edmund Margesson, Peter Browne, Richard Britteridge, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardiner, Gilbert Winslow.
*John Alden was hired for a cooper at Southampton where the ship victualed, and being a hopeful young man was much desired but left to his own liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed and married here.
*John Allerton and Thomas English were both hired, the latter to go master of a shallop here, and the other was reputed as one of the company but was to go back (being a seaman) for the help of others behind. But they both died here before the ship returned.
*There were also other two seamen hired to stay a year here in the country, William Trevor, and one Ely. But when their time was out they both returned.
These being about a hundred souls, came over in this first ship and began this work, which God of His goodness hath hitherto blessed. Let His holy name have the praise

What was the most popular job in 1750 in England?

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A backsmith, a tailor, goldsmith or a tinker

Is London in US?

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There are numerous places in the states called "London". * London, Arkansas - * London, California - * London, Indiana - * London, Kentucky - * London, Minnesota - * London, Ohio - * London, Richland County, Ohio - * London, Pennsylvania - * London, Texas - * London, West Virginia - * London, Wisconsin - * London Mills, Illinois - * London Springs, Oregon.

How many times does England fit in to France?

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15.06 times.

Mexico = 1,972,550 km2 (761,606 mi2)

UK = 130,422 km2 (50,356 mi2).

Who was chief minister of England?

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David Cameron is the Prime Minister of England and the United Kingdom.

How many people die in England in a year?

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I presume you are trying to find out a count for one particular war. You need to specify which war.

What are the busiest ferry ports in the UK and why?

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The single busiest ferry port in the UK is Dover, with 1.6 million cars, 700,000 lorries, 118,000 buses and 16 million passengers a year.

It is so popular because it is only 21 miles from Calais, France - the gateway to continental Europe.

How many people immigrate from England?

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People immigrate TO a country and emigrate FROM a country.

How far is Newport wales from London heath row airport?

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Roughly 124 miles - taking about two hours by car.

What settlement was big ben founded in?

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in WhiteChapel Foundry in London

Which are the wettest months in Britain?

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December,January and Febuary

Is the Isle of Wight part of Hampshire?

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No, it is now a county.

It used to be part of Hampshire.