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Who makes Decade cigarettes?

Cheyenne Internatonal, Grover, North Carolina. - Originally made by Liggett Group.


How do you get cigarettes if you're underage?

You would politely ask an indifferent adult to purchase cigarettes on your behalf.


Are Pink Elephant Cigarettes Tobacco Free?

Well.. why would it be called a cigarette -_-

Electronic Cigarettes

What stores sell the smokeless cigarettes?

You can find Electronic Cigarettes at three types of locations:
1) Specialty stores which are more focused on customer service and normally do not sell cheap units, and:
2) General merchandise stores, normally do not know much about the products and sell cheaper units, and:
3) Online stores (not suggested until you learn about e-cigs):

List of Stores: (please do not post links in the answer, use the add link to the left)


You should check out Vapor Cabana if your in the Dallas area. They have a large selection of electronic cigarettes and also have a Oxygen Bar. The phone number is 972-846-7520 and there address is 14580 Beltwood Pkwy E Suite 103 Dallas, TX 75244.


What makes a cigarette smooth tasting?

The smoothness of a cigarette comes from the exact variety of tobacco used. Some types of tobacco are more bitter than others. That is one reason why they use additives, since bitter tobacco is often less expensive to grow, and it is cheaper to use a high-yield but bitter variety and then treat it with additives or blend it with milder tobacco.

Additives such as menthol may give the perception of a cigarette being easier to smoke. Filters also help take away the bitterness. Plus after smoking becomes habitual, you might learn to ignore some of the bitterness.


Why does cigarette smoke sometimes smell like pot?

They don't only to people who don't smoke they have both a very distinct and different smell. You could be smelling a blunt, a type of joint rolled using cigar leaves. Some marijuana users will buy cigars and throw out most of the tobacco and put marijuana inside.


How can you add flavor to your cigarettes?

Mix it with honey:)


Why doesn't a cigarette catch fire?

For the same reason a damp matress won't ignite...there is a certain aount of moisture in every tobacco product which would prevent it from truly igniting in flame!

US Army
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Can you smoke cigarettes in the army Class A uniform?

It does really depend, on like where you are, and who you have around you.... i would consult your Sergant, or who ever is in charge in stead of on here, cause for me i am stationed in Fort Drum NY and our commander says that we shouldn't but that he can't controll what we do... so just talk to your commander and yaa

Beer and Brewing

Who is the narrator for the Coors beer commercials?

Fred Thompson

State Laws

What is the legal age to buy motor oil?

Motor oil is not for zippos. You can buy motor oul at any age with no problems. Zippo fluid is different, you can buy it at any age, but store's won't sell it to you usually

Conditions and Diseases

How many cigarettes does it take to get lung disease or cancer?

I do not suggest smoking,But I believe it takes very many,as it can take many years of smoking to get cancer/disease


Why do people put cigarettes in the freezer?

Many people are under the impression that will keep them fresh. What they don't know, is with today's self defrosting freezers, they are actually doing more harm than good. (this includes cigars as well) The freezer is actually drying out the tobacco, exactly what you were trying to prevent. Ever notice how ice left in a tray will eventually disappear or "evaporate".


Why do djarum cigars make me feel high only two at a time after that its just smoking but after i feel really relaxed something cigarettes never do?

is it because cloves have more nicotine than regular cigarettes if so then why do i loose my buzz after the first two?


Is it weird to get dizzy after smoking a cigarette?

not weird

its completly normal


What is the legal age to buy cigarettes in Maryland?

18 But if some Maryland lawmakers have their way, 18 will be too young to smoke a cigarette. Derek Valcourt has more on an effort to raise the minimum smoking age in the state to 21. Twenty-one would then be the legal drinking age and the legal smoking age.


How much money are Newport's cigarettes?

Depends where you live.

Here in Arizona, they can range anywhere from nine to ten dollars. (3.6$ online)


Are cigarettes mind altering drugs?

Yes. But not mind-altering in the sense that they get you high, as in marijuana is "mind-altering" or LSD is mind-altering. The nicotine in cigarettes literally makes your synapses fire in a way specific to achieving more nicotine. In other words, certain parts of your brain begin to function smoothly or unsmoothly--dependent upon whether the drug nicotine is present of lacking--as you become addicted to the main drug in cigarettes.

People have a tendency to become nervous and slightly unstable even after they've become addicted and continue to placate their addiction with consistent nicotine. The brain becomes needy all of the time, which also effects other ways of processing thoughts and emotions, thus "altering" the mind.

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Are cigarette ashes flammable?

No, because flammable means "capable of being easily ignited and of burning quickly", and the ashes are the remnant of material which has already been burnt upand generally cannot burn any further because the flammable material has already oxidized.

Of course, the ashes can still be dangerous if they're hot, and can cause other material to catch fire, but that's because the ashes are hot, and the other material is flammable and that other material can catch fire if the ashes are hot enough, not because the ashes themselves are flammable.

However, if some flammable material, like cloth, is heated without being in the presence of air, as in a closed container, the hydrogen will be split from the material and vented away as a gas, leaving a matrix of carbon, and the remaining "char cloth" can be used as tinder in a survival kit to easily catch fire from sparks from a fire starter or from a coal produced by friction.


Who regulates tobacco sales?



How much do cigarettes cost in Houston?

Around $7 on average per pack.

Children and the Law
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Is smoking hookah illegal for minors?

Kind of, that is because it is flavored tobacco. In the laws eyes buying any form of tobacco under the age of 18 is illegal, however you can smoke hookah at 16 but you can not own it. There is an alternative that is legal to buy at any age. It is called Soax which is herbal that contains no tobacco and none of the harmful chemicals like nicotine. It is not illegal for minors to use this due to it being a non-tobacco product.


Does Wal-mart carry smokeless cigarettes?



Should you pump and dump after smoking cigarettes?


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Do any members of 30 seconds to mars smoke cigarettes?

Yes, I.C. Weiner and Phillip Fry smoke.


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