Smoking and Tobacco Use

Includes questions related to the abuse of and dependency on nicotine and nicotine products including cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use

Can smoking feces be harfull?

considering it is our waste and smoking is bad for you yes yes yes it is

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Is smoking tea bad for your health?

Any form of smoke inhalation is bad for your health.

All forms of smoke contains tiny particles of carbon and partially-burned carbon chains that has the ability to latch onto your bodily cells and damage them, causing injury to those cells and even the growth of cancer.

Smoke also contains other sub-chemicals which dissolve in the bloodstream, causing damage to the arteries and making them inflamed. Over time they will also cause fat to be clogged up in your arteries, causing strokes and heart attacks.

Smoke doesn't have to contain harmful ingredients such as tobacco or cannabis to be harmful to you.

Any form of smoke is harmful to the human body, no matter where it comes from. Humans are oxygen-breathing creatures, smoke is carbon, the exact opposite of oxygen.

Tea contains a chemical called tanine. When tea is drunk normally, tanine is harmless to the body. However, if tanine is combusted (smoked) it can cause complications to the digestive system and dissolves the water content in the body, causing the skin to become brittle and rough.

Another natural chemical in tea called thealine can also cause migraines if smoked.

Tea also contains natural traces of caffeine, smoking caffeine negatively effects the nervous system and raises blood pressure. It can also lead to irritability, aggression and lack of concentration, which can be dangerous if mixed with everyday activities such as driving a car.

Tea is specifically designed for drinking. When tea is consumed via drink it is very beneficial to the body. However, if it is smoked it can be rather harmful.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Does drinking alcohol or smoking cause itching?

Only if you are allergic to either.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use

What is a natural property of nicotine?

Nicotine is an allelochemical. All plants naturally produce scores of these chemicals to protect them from herbivores, pests or contesting plants, to grow and to reproduce. Very little research has been made into allelochemicals (apart from nicotine!) but what little has been performed suggests that many could be toxic (in the appropriate dose) or even carcinogenic.

Nicotine is produced by the tobacco plant to repel pests. Nicotinic pesticide is approved for organic farming use.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry is trialling nicotine-based drugs to treat a range of medical conditions from obesity, dementia and psychotic disorders, as well as for pain relief.

P.S. Nicotinic acid is a byproduct of the oxidation (burning) of nicotine. It is also known as niacin and Vitamin B3.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

How does smoking affect your social life?

Smoking can ruin your life in many ways. When teenagers smoke their relationship with their parents go south. Most parents do not approve of their children smoking and will do anything to prevent it but some children just do not listen. When most teenagers rebel from their parents, the parents start to wonder if they are actually doing good jobs as parents and maybe they are the reason for this sudden rebellious act. However, little do they know that it is actually the teenager's friends. Peer Pressure is the main reason why teenagers smoke. If you smoke, you score some cool points with other teenagers that smoke. However, there is always that one friend that actually has sense and tries to talk you out of smoking. You do not listen and usually that friend eventually gives up and you lost a friend that actually cared about you.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smokeless Tobacco
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Does chewing smokeless tobacco affect the eyes?

My optometrist tells me it does affect the eyes. He said that my eyes weren't getting as much oxygen due to using tobacco, and that it was just beginning to affect my vision in one of my eyes. I quit chewing 9 days ago, and I plan to stay off it forever.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Is passive smoking and direct smoking the same?

No, because passive smoking is inhaling the second hand smoke that Other people smoke and exhale. Direct smoking is when the person inhales the smoke that they themselves smoke. If you have a cigarette in your mouth, that's direct smoke. If you inhale other people's smoke, that's passive smoking.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Where can you take a cigar rolling class?

In University de Dominian Republic, University de Cuba, Havana or University de Nicaragua under the Faculty of Rolling Technology.

Smoking and Tobacco Use
Smoking Cessation

Can you smoke when you have a fever?

You should not. A fever usually indicates that your body is fighting an infection. Smoking inhibits good circulation of the blood and that can prevent the healing work of your immune system from having full effect and prolong your recovery or worsen the condition. Obviously, it would also be contraindicated if the infection or the symptoms are in the respiratory system. Treat your body better and consider getting on a smoking cessation program if your health is important to you and to your loved ones.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use

How long does the average smoking man live?

Depending on your genetics! If your lucky 70-80 with great health complications. Not so lucky 40-50.

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Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

What are the side effects of quitting smokeless tobacco?

u nna be trippin brah

Children and the Law
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Is smoking hookah illegal for minors?

Kind of, that is because it is flavored tobacco. In the laws eyes buying any form of tobacco under the age of 18 is illegal, however you can smoke hookah at 16 but you can not own it. There is an alternative that is legal to buy at any age. It is called Soax which is herbal that contains no tobacco and none of the harmful chemicals like nicotine. It is not illegal for minors to use this due to it being a non-tobacco product.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Can you snort a nicotine lozenge?

We are not sure. We can tell you that it would be extremely dangerous. Nicotine is a deadly poison when it is introduced into the body too rapidly. We wouldn't try it, and anyone who would needs to take a good look at their compulsive behavior.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use

Do any members of 30 seconds to mars smoke cigarettes?

Yes, I.C. Weiner and Phillip Fry smoke.

Life Insurance
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Will a claim for a smoker be denied if the policy is for a non-smoker?

There is a probationary period from the date that the policy is sold and accepted. If the applicant lied on the insurance form and dies during that period, the insurance company investigates (they always do, to my knowledge, when there is a death), and finds the lie, the company is obligated to pay ONLY the premiums paid to the date of death. If the insured dies as a smoker AFTER the probationary period, my experience in reading TONS of policies is that the company has to pay the full benefit.Smoking vs. Non-smokingI am not an expert on all companies' life policies, so you might ask your agent or company about your policy specifically. However, what typically happens is that if you have had a policy with the rate of a non-smoker for more than two years and need to file a claim, and the insurance company discovers that you are and have been a smoker, the company may take part of the death benefit to pay the difference in back premium between a smoker and non-smoker. So, in essence, the death benefit will be smaller to pay the back smoker premiums. The reason two years makes a difference is because the incontestability clause may play a part in how the death benefit is paid or not-paid. In this case, it may not play a role. I would ask either a company representative anonymously or maybe even your agent.

More input from FAQ Farmers:

  • There is legal precedent here. New York Life denied a claim in Pennsylvania when they showed that the decedent insured lied about his smoking habit on the application. The estate of the decedent asked that the benefit be reduced to that which would have been purchased by the premium under a smoker's rate. The insurance company refused, pointing out that they must rely on the truthfulness of statements made on the application, and permitting decedents to benefit unfairly, with no risk to themselves, causes the price of insurance coverage to increase for everyone else. I should not have to pay a higher premium because of others' dishonesty. The judge found in favor of the insurance company, and the company refunded the premiums paid to the estate of the decedent.
  • The issue is one of misrepresentation on the application. An insurance has the right to rely upon the material representations made by a prospective insured on the application, and does not have an obligation to independently investigate their veracity. The representations, including health history, habits, and activities have a bearing upon the risk that that the insurer is assuming when it issues the policy and the premium that it charges. Naturally, the same factors would not apply to all types of policies (for example, smoking would not be an issue for an auto policy).
Environmental Issues
Smoking and Tobacco Use

How does smoking harm the environment?

  • In a small way one person smoking one cigarette emits a small amount of polluting smoke and gases into the atmosphere. (This does not contribute to global warming, as the carbon dioxide was recently removed from the atmosphere when the tobacco was growing. This is part of the carbon cycle.)
  • In a small way one person throwing away one cigarette butt adds a poisonous object to the environment that often gets washed into waterways and rivers, and eventually into the ocean.
A:Actually, in a way they're good for the environment because they kill people so that lowers the population and then less gas is burned. A:Cigarette smoke, whether our own or second-hand, is certainly dangerous to our internal environment, as it is known to be the cause of a number of diseases and conditions that lead to ill health and death. A:As far as the external environment is concerned, apart from making it smell bad the primary danger is probably fire. It is safe to say that cigarette-ignited fires have done extensive and widespread damage to the environment over the years. In addition to immediate damage, fires release greenhouse gases that have been safely stored in trees and other plants, and kill the plants themselves. This means that not only are the carbon dioxide and particulate matter released, but the plants are no longer available to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.
Smoking and Tobacco Use

What does smoking oak leaves do?

try it and find out different people have different reactions but i highly doubt that it will do anything to you

Smoking and Tobacco Use
Percocet and Percodan

How long does nicotine stay in your blood system?

If you are getting nicotine from smoking a cigarette, you know that nicotine

works quickly, so it does not last long in the bloodstream. Most of the nicotine

is gone in a couple of hours, which is why most people need to smoke throughout

the day to keep the nicotine levels up. It would pretty much be out of your

system in 24-48 hours. One thing to note is that their are some rare people who

do metabolize nicotine slowly, so just be aware that it can occur.

The major breakdown product of nicotine is cotinine, which can be detected in

urine. This byproduct lasts longer than nicotine, and can be found for up to one

week after quiting smoking.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

How do you get your dad to stop cheating?


first of all if you are the kid, I do am sorry if your father is having an affair. Now you want to know how you can tell your dad to stop? by talking to him and tell him that if he loves you, he needs to stop what he was doing, or you can ask him to move out before things gets bad and hurt so many people. Once again I am sorry..

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Can the police confiscate tobacco?

Yes, if you're under the legal age, or if it was illegally obtained (smuggles cigarettes, for example).

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Smoking and Tobacco Use

Science has shown that smoking causes cancer Which is an example of how society responded to this information?

One example of how the public has responded is:

Has it? Extremely flawed, cherry-picked, biased and obsolete epidemiological studies have SUGGESTED that smoking MAY INCREASE THE RISK of cancer. Smoking is just one of many SUSPECTED CONTRIBUTING FACTORS for cancer. For example, there are at least sixty suspected contributing factors for lung cancer - alcohol, dairy products, fumes from gas appliances, owning a colour TV set or a refridgerater, family history of cancer, traffic pollution, asbestos, radon, sawdust and wood burning stoves being a few.

Smoking prevalence has decreased significantly in the developed world yet the incidence of cancer has INCREASED just as significantly. WHY? That is the question that requires an answer.

Not 1 Death or Sickness Etiologically Assigned to Tobacco. All the diseases attributed to smoking are also present in non smokers. It means, in other words, that they are multifactorial, that is, the result of the interaction of tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of factors, either known or suspected contributors - of which smoking can be one.

Don't fret over list of cancer 'risks'

"We are being bombarded" with messages about the dangers posed by common things in our lives, yet most exposures "are not at a level that are going to cause cancer," said Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, the American Cancer Society's deputy chief medical officer.

Linda Birnbaum agrees. She is a toxicologist who heads the government agency that just declared styrene, an ingredient in fiberglass boats and Styrofoam, a likely cancer risk.

"Let me put your mind at ease right away about Styrofoam," she said. Levels of styrene that leach from food containers "are hundreds if not thousands of times lower than have occurred in the occupational setting," where the chemical in vapor form poses a possible risk to workers.

Carcinogens are things that can cause cancer, but that label doesn't mean that they will or that they pose a risk to anyone exposed to them in any amount at any time.

Now,Im glad to see the ACS admitting to the dose response relationship finally!

So now we understand why the following is factual:

are hundreds if not thousands of times lower than have occurred in the occupational setting," where the chemical in vapor form poses a possible risk to workers.

Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, Vol. 14, No. 1. (August 1991), pp. 88-105.

ETS between 10,000- and 100,000-fold less than estimated average MSS-RSP doses for active smokers

OSHA the components in tobacco smoke are diluted below existing Permissible Exposure Levels (PELS.) as referenced in the Air Contaminant Standard (29 CFR 1910.1000)…It would be very rare to find a workplace with so much smoking that any individual PEL would be exceeded



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Smoking and Tobacco Use
Smoking Cessation

How long does nicotine stay in your bloodstream?

The nicotine should be out of your system within 3 - 4 days after your last cigarette. But the cravings for it will last quite a bit longer since nicotine is addictive both physically and psychologically.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Why is tobacco called tobacco?

tobacco means killing people

Smoking and Tobacco Use
Led Zeppelin

Does Robert plant still smoke cigarettes?

No,i don't think so....

Smoking and Tobacco Use

How do you read expiration code on grizzly tobacco can?

I'm on the phone with the American Snuff Co. right now trying to find an answer to how to tell the date of my Grizzly Longcut Straight can of tobacco.

Look at the last 2 characters of the code on the bottom of the can. The first character of the last 2 characters should be a letter and the very last character is a number. The letter is a code for the month. A = January, B= February, C = March, D = April, E = May, F = June, G = July, H = August, Then they skip I because it looks like a One (1), so J = September and so on..

The last character is a number and it is the last digit of the year. So a Zero (0) stands for 2010. A One (1) would be 2011 and so on. I hope that helps everyone out so we don't all have to call Grizzly to ask. I don't know why they just don't print the date like everyone else. Enjoy and keep on dippin'!


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