Addictive Behaviors

Compulsive behavior that people take part in to the exclusion of other physical, social or psychological needs

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Addictive Behaviors

What is a poly addict?

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Addictive Behaviors

Can you become addicted to fun?

We suspect that most people who are excessively fun-oriented (with the exception of those who engage in extreme sports for the adrenaline and/or endorphin high) do so as a result of emotional problems, rather than addiction.

Fun can be mood-altering, but much depends on how one defines addiction. The most accepted definitions involve engaging in activities that cause trouble in daily life, but continuing to do them despite the consequences. There are also the issues of compulsion and withdrawal. However, one must also consider the definition of "fun." If it always involved drinking or drugs, there could certainly be an addiction component. We would add that there is nothing wrong with fun. It is one of the things that make life worth living. If, however, it has reached the point of making life more difficult instead of making ie happier and more carefree, there is certainly something to be looked at, no matter what we call it.

Dreams and Dream Interpretation
Addictive Behaviors

What happens if you daydream too much?

Daydreaming = Not concentrating

Not concentrating = fail exams

Failed Exams = no GCSE/A levels

No A levels = no unversity/ higher ed

no education = Stupid

stupid = no job

no job = no money

no money = no food or water

no food or water = starvation

starvation = death


Or, original thinking.

Addictive Behaviors

How addictive is gabapentin?

Gabapentin is structured similarly to of one of our brain's neurotransmitters gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. GABA affects our brain in a way that it slows down the electrical impulses that flow within or central nervous system. There have been no studies that were able to conclude how Gabapentin works formally. Users have reported that the drug can replicate some of the features of an addictive drug in a way that it can cause withdrawal symptoms and some psychoactive effects. Some users of Gabapentin have reported that they have felt psychoactive effects such as euphoria, increased sociability, relaxation, and sense of calm. Coupled with the withdrawal symptoms that can be caused by the drug, some users end up becoming dependent on Gabapentin.


Home Improvement
Addictive Behaviors
Glue and Adhesives

What happens when you smoke super glue?

You die.

Human Behavior
Addictive Behaviors

Should you eat oily food when binge drinking?

no it will not slow the effects it will only coat your stomach and make the alcohol come up later with whole food making it easier to choke to daeth since your esopogus is nummed by the alcohol anyway, that's when most people choke to death in restraunts with a drink with dinner,its a fact it numbs your ability to swallow.

Whoever wrote this... was an idiot.

Illegal Drugs
Medication and Drugs
Addictive Behaviors

Will drugs used to treat OCD help prevent addictive behaviours?

In my opinion the answer to this question would be yes, OCD drugs would be effective against addictive behaviors. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder's key features (occording to the DSM IV) include "obsessions (persistent, often irrational, and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts)" and "compulsions (actions which are used to neutralize the obsessions)". An example could be someone who is obsessed with germs and being clean, so therefore compulsively washes his hands, uses tissues to pick things up etc. He uses the actions to help calm or neutralize the thoughts.

Addiction or dependency (to drugs for example) can be defined as an obsession with the drug or being high, or even with another unpleasant feeling like anxiety, and the compulsion to use the substance to alleviate or neutralize that obsession. Addicts often describe their use as self-medicating. They may describe themselves as always being "stressed" or feeling "not-normal" until they use their drug of choice to "fix" the problem.

So if OCD behavior can be helped by medications such as certain selective seratonin re-uptake inhibitors, then so would addictive behavior since they are really one-and-the-same. Now would the meds. prevent addictive behaviors? That suggests that you are trying to stop behaviors that have not happened yet, and in the case of addiction where the behavior supplies the diagnosis, that just may not be possible.

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Illegal Drugs
Addictive Behaviors

How do you write a service plan for a community based drug treatment and rehabilitation center?

A visit to a nearby center offering the services that you have in mind would be a great place to begin. People truly do like to help when given the chance and are great sources for giving hints on what pit-falls are ahead. Just don't go to a center that you would be in direct competition with. In person is always best, with a phone call to set up a time to visit when they are least busy. Take a look at this site: for an example. If you'd like to see one in Adobe format, (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader), try this site: (The above URL will open Adobe Acrobat Reader). To find out how to submit your plan to your state's government, you may need to visit your state's government site. Or you might try contacting your Congressman/woman for better information.

Addictive Behaviors

How does exercise addiction affect a person's health?

Excessive exercise can lead to stress- and impact-related injuries, and eventual permanent deterioration of tendons, ligaments and joints.

Addictive Behaviors

Is snuff addictive?


Addictive Behaviors

Is anyone addicted to sniffing or smelling carpet freshener?

I am. I like to eat the Arm and Hammer carpet deoderizer

Hi, I don't know how to respond to this answer so i am just going to add to the post. I was wondering how often do you eat it and what made start eating it for the first time?

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Addictive Behaviors

How does alcohol affect the limbic portion of the brain?

This portion is related to memory, sexual and emotional behavior. When this portion of the brain gets affected with alcohol, the individual's emotions are exaggerated. The behavior can range from boisterousness, verbal aggression, and violent behavior to quiet withdrawal and tearfulness. Sometimes there can be memory lapses of events which occurred during drinking.

Child Health
Addictive Behaviors

Will your kids inherit bad eating habits?

I agree habits are deffiniately not inherited however kids can be taught unhealthy habbits for eating .

Addictive Behaviors

What happens when you hold your poop in for months?

You could not hold it in for months unless you truly blocked it with something. Eventually, your bowels would eject it anyway. Your body will NOT let you poison yourself.

Medication and Drugs
Addictive Behaviors
Drug Addiction

Are there any Poems about alcoholism or drug addiction from the 18TH century?

Coleridge wrote "The Pains of Sleep" in 1803, which is an accurate description of opium withdrawal. While not technically 18th Century, he certainly researched the subject faithfully for a good part of that period.

Mental Health
Addictive Behaviors
Drug Addiction

Is consequenting a word?


Addictive Behaviors

What is a home detox method for Lortab?

\ The addictive agent in Lortabs is Hydrocodone -- a synthetic opioid. The REAL answer to this question goes as follows: Some years ago, addictive meds were defined as those your body built such a strong tolerance to that stopping cold was very dangerous and could even be fatal. Alcohol is one of these; babrbituates are another. Stopping barbitutae habits was a nightmare, because it wasn't uncommon for your patient to convulse on you and even die. Hugely dangerous, those addictions. Nowadays, addiction to hydrocodone is real alright, but unlike the meds from the bad old days, it won't kill you. In fact, it won't cause really acute symptoms like delerium tremons (from ETOH). Stopping a reasonably major hydrocodone addiction (say up to 4.4g per day) feels like you have a truly nasty flu -- no more and no less. So -- here's how you do it: # Get some time where you don't have duties are chores. Four days is likely more than enough. # Lay in a stock of GatorAde or some other sports drink. Drink lots of it all the time. # Stock up on food you can eat without having to do much in the kitchen beyond the microwave. Stuff you like. # Feel free with sugar foods -- this is a vacation. # Use Benadryl Flu Tabs or the like. Maybe some aspirin or Ibuprofen if you need it. Nothing prescription except any other prescription meds you're taking for other issues (like, if you're taking heart medication, of course continue it). # Rent enough movies. # Don't take incoming calls unless you want to. No bill collectors :}. # Tell everyone you're out with the flu. # Plan on sleeping a lot. # Stop the Lortabs. # And spend the next 4 days recovering. # Remember all through this that you're ill now but it'll be better soon. Nothing wrong with you -- just like a flu. # If you ever get scared or hurting during this, have someone on call to help you -- but you wont get scared or hurting. Honestly -- that's all there is to it -- IF you're ready to stop this habit. Best of luck.

Addictive Behaviors

Why is chocolate addictive?

Because it produces the release of endorphines in your brain (a natural enhancer of pleasurable feelings) and therefore you get addicted to the resulting feelings Because of the SENSATIONS you get when you let it melt in your mouth.. Chocolate is a prime example of love at first site.

because chocolate naturally contains a chemical, scientifically proven to send messages to the brain, this message is relevant to happiness, and therefore you Brain feels encouraged to consume it again.

It also has a legal drug in it called caffeine ( also found in coffee) that makes you want it so much!! XD

chocolate, in its purity. is a natural serotonin (5htp) enhancer. very subtle but also truly what makes you eat more

Addictive Behaviors

Is Straterra addicting?

Obviously, I can't provide you with a clinical answer. I can only tell you about my own experience. I have a somewhat addictive personality but I have never felt like taking more Strattera than the recommended dose. YMMV of course. I just don't find Strattera fun. If it didn't work the way it does, I certainly wouldn't look for the stuff to entertain myself.

School Subjects
Addictive Behaviors

What was the 442nd regiment?

442nd Regimental Combat Team of World War 2 fame. This unit was organized from Japanese-Americans during a time when the US did not trust anyone who looked like a Japanese. Japan had just attacked the US and declared war. Americans joined the Army to go into war and fight the Japanese. Here was a group of Americans from Hawaii and west coast who joined to fight for their country---USA. A Regimental Combat Team was a unit that was not large enough to be called an "infantry division". It did have 3 battalions and support artillery and engineers. This unit was sent to fight with the US 5th Army in Italy. Then it was sent to Southern France and later returned to Italy where it was attached to the 92nd "Buffalo" Infantry Division(Colored). This unit excelled itself in battle. It is recognized as the most decorated unit of its size during World War 2. The organization was as follows: 442nd COMBAT TEAM
442nd Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion (100th Infantry Battalion) - Companies A, B, C, D
2nd Battalion - Companies E, F, G, H
3rd Battalion - Companies I, K, L, M
522 Field Artillery Battalion - (16 Mar 1945, reassigned to 7th Army)
232 Combat Engineering Company
Anti- Tank Company
Cannon Company
Service Company
206th Army Band
Supporting Units
599th Field Artillery Battalion of 92nd Division

Human Behavior
Addictive Behaviors

How do you treat binge drinking?

Binge Drinking is a form of alcoholism and can treated through abstinence with help through Alcoholics Anonymous.

Addictive Behaviors

Addicting game the vision test 48 and 49?

#48 is A (there are no hidden answers) and 49 is the star above the D in don't you just love a starry night (it's about an ingh above it)

Addictive Behaviors

Can you get addicted to laxatives?

Laxatives can be addictive, however, not in the same way as a narcotic drug or cigarettes. The more you use laxatives the more your bowel movements will become dependent on them. A bottle may recommend taking only 2 tablets. However, after prolonged use, you will have to take more for them to work. Fairly soon you will be taking handfuls and up to a few bottles of laxatives in order to have a bowel movement. With prolonged use you will become completely dependent on laxatives in order to have a bowel movement, and you can cause yourself to become constipated permanently.

Addictive Behaviors

Is lying habitual?

I, although have no medical experience, do believe it is. My whole life has been a lie. My mother lied to me till the day she died. My ex husband lied to me throughout out 12 y marriage, and my younger brother is just as bad. And it isn't about anything important. It seems as though most of it is to make themselves look beter. Their lives aren't as important as they would like them to be, so lying and making themselves out to be something else, feeds their egos. Its really sad, because they actually don't understand the impact their lies have on the ones aroud them.

Addictive Behaviors

Why nitravet 10 mg tablets is used?

specially for druggist it makes them active n also use for pain relief er...


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