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Exercise is fundamental to healthy living. Ask questions here about types of exercise and developing exercise habits in your life.

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Easiest way to lose lower stomach fat?

Get your body transformation in 100 days with Clinic dermatech, I was checking a blog - and found they are offering services for body shaping, for more you can contact them @
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How long does it take to see weight lifting results?

You can get results in 1-2 weeks. That is, you can 'feel' some muscles growing, but dont expect to look noticably different. On the first day lift weights for about 30 mins, and make sure you lift weights that are 'reasonably heavy' but not to an extent that you are struggling after the 3rd lift (rep). Your muscles must hurt for a few days after this session, to the extent that when you extend your arm it hurts, and when you...
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How do you lose weight from your inner thighs?

Lose fat from your inner thighs Here WikiAnswers contributors share advice on how to lose fat from inner thighs: Try Plea squats. They focus on your inner thighs. Try skipping - do at least 1000 skips everyday. This makes you lean. It is a cardio exercise when done at a good pace. Avoid running or jogging as they build your thigh muscles therefore adding bulk. Cardio walking is easier on your body than running or jogging and it is sustainable long term. So,...
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How many calories does the 'plank' exercise burn?

A perfectly performed plank - held for 60 seconds - will burn between 15 and 20 calories (according to Wii Fit Plus). ...
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How do you get flat abs without losing weight?

* If you want to get a flat stomach you need to lose stomach fat first, and you cannot lose fat in your stomach only; our bodies don't work that way. As you lose fat all over you will start seeing the fat come off the stomach area as well and as a result your stomach muscles will start to show. * However, if you take steps to gain muscle while losing fat your body weight may remain about the same....
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of weight training?

Weight training, which is a subset of resistance training, has several advantages and disadvantages over other forms of training, or lack of training at all. Advantages: It can help you to build bigger, stronger, and more powerful muscles. It can help sculpt your body into a more functional and attractive shape. It is one of the key ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle. It can increase your resistance to injury and some diseases. It often improves your mood, self-esteem, and outlook on life. Disadvantages: It can...
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How do you get rid of a double chin?

Get rid of a double chin Doing some facial or more specifically neck or chin exercises might reduce your double chin. Here are a variety of suggestions from Wiki .com (1) Try this exercise: Press your palm to your forehead for 10 seconds while resisting with your head and neck. You should feel your neck and chin tighten. Repeat the movement with your hand on the back of your head, then on each side, with your hand cupped over your ear. (2) Try this exercise:...
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Why do we need to do a physical fitness sports and talent test?

A physical fitness sports and talent test will help determine what level of exercise program you can perform without doing damage to your muscles and organs. ...
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How many calories burned doing house work?

This is a great chart. Also to find how much you can eat and still lose weight use this: To calculate your daily calorie limit in order to lose weight, follow this formula. Take your target weight, multiply it by 4.35 and add 655. Take your height in inches and multiply it by 4.32. Take your age and multiply it by 4.7. Subtract the age total from the height total, then add the new total to your weight total. This number...
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What is cardio exercise and what are good examples?

The best cardio exercise is the one that suits you as an individual. In other words, the best cardio exercise is the one that you can sustain. For example, walking is easier on your body than running or jogging. Therefore, walking will be the best cardio if you are significantly overweight or unaccustomed to exercise. Therefore, the best cardio (or more than one if you like variety) is one that you can physically sustain and not grow bored with after the first week. Any...
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Do you enter fat or saturated fat into the weight watchers calculator?

Enter the total fat, which includes both saturated and unsaturated fat.
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Best exercises for weight loss?

Any for of cardio is a great exercise. This can range from jogging, walking or even mowing the lawn. Anything to get your heart rate to rise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car in the back of the parking lot. Everything helps. Best exercises for losing weight Cardio exercises that increase your heart rate, like jogging, running, walking long distances. Walking to lose weight is easier on your body than running or jogging and it is sustainable long term. These are all...
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How long does it take to walk 5.5 km?

Depends on how fast you walk.
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How long do you have to run to burn off 150 calories?

If your move faster then you then your will burn more calories. People can Burn 150 calories by running at a pace of 8 miles an hour for 10 minutes. It depends on your BMI, BMR, how fast you run and where you are running. On average however if you weigh 150 lbs and run for 8 minutes at speed of 10 mph - that should burn approx. 150 kcal. ...
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How can you get a flat and toned stomach within 6 weeks?

To get a flat stomach you may need to reduce fat all over your body. For some people (but not all, it depends on the cause) it is not possible to reduce fat in just one part. Either way, you first need to eliminate or strictly limit refined processed carbohydrates (apart from the occasional treat). Refined processed carbohydrates are the major cause of insulin resistance and fat accumulating around the stomach or abdomen. Replace those foods with 'fat burning' foods. Make excellent...
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How long it takes to burn 500 calories on a bike?

It depends on how hard you're working, and a bunch of other things. But around 45-60 minutes if you're working hard enough to sweat. ...
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How many blocks equal a mile in new york city?

In large cities the number varies depending upon the original grid layout. In NYC (Manhattan) the number of north-south blocks per mile is 20. East-west blocks (between avenues) are typically just under 5 north-south blocks in length, so the number of east-west blocks per mile is 4. ...
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How did ledamonsterbunny lose all that weight?

She lost like 30 lbs in a month, and no, she didn't starve herself, she ate loads of fruit and vegetables and drunk hell loads of water, oh and she worked out too. ...
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What exercises can you do for a bigger butt and breasts?

The problem with the buttocks and the breasts are that both of these areas are suspect to the additional laying down of adipose tissue (fat cells). Essentially, however, exercising these particular regions will generally firm and increase size of the muscles of these areas, especially if using the right exercising regime. You can tighten or tone your butt and your boobs. This is likely to improve their shape and appearance. The muscles underneath your boobs are your pectorals and those shaping your butt...
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Who created meditation?

Going as far back as 5000 years ago it is said that the Indian artifacts created meditation calling it "Tantra". As many know Buddha is known to be one of the most famous icons for meditation since 500 B.C. Buddha's teaching become popular in the Asian continent Soon this practice started affecting the east, but didn't affect the west civilization until the mid-20th century. CREATION OF MEDITATION The word 'Meditation' is derived from the Latin verb 'Meditari', meaning 'to think'. However, meditation is something more...
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How does the terrain effect sports?

In different ways. What kind of terrain
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How can you get rid of belly fat?

Attempting to reduce fat in just one part of your body at a time is likely to be disappointing. Fat reduction works like this: When you try to lose fat, the reduction occurs all throughout your body. Unlike muscle-building, it cannot be specifically targeted to one region. Also, the reduction in fat will not be quickly apparent because it will not be focused on only one spot on your body. So it's helpful to have a "slowly but surely" attitude. Note that exercises...