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Includes questions related to the abuse of and dependency on alcoholic beverages and general alcoholism.

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How much alcohol in becks non alcoholic?

I believe that all nonalcoholic beers are .5% alcohol....
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Can you drink alcohol after scoliosis surgery?

Of course you cannot drink alcohol after surgery, the pain meds prescribed would cause havoc if alcohol is then introduced. It is not advisable to drink when taking pain medication. However, once you have healed and are no longer on medications, it would be fine to drink some alcohol. ...
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How many O'douls non alcoholic beer can you drink and still be okay to pass an ignition interlock test?

Depends solely on a number of factors. O'Douls beer has 0.5% ABV, and II tests require you to have a BAC < 0.02. Since BAC varies per person because of weight and body build, I cannot give you a definitive answer. Drinking and driving, regardless of whether you are over the limit or not, is considered illegal, and yes, you can still get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, even if you have only had 1 beer. ...
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Does drinking alcohol or smoking cause itching?

Only if you are allergic to either.
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How do you beat a urine alcohol test?

Alcohol stays in your system for a short time so the best way is to drink on the weekends except for Sunday and you will have plenty of time for the alcohol to leave your system. There is no remedy for removing the alcohol from your system other than the natural course of your body's filtration. People claim that coffee, water and other things can dilute or remove it from your system but that simply isn't true. Just as people claim the...
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Does charcoal mask an etg urine test for alcohol?

No. Charcoal is effective at absorbing poisons from the stomach and upper gastrointestinal tract -- sometimes. However, ETG tests measure the metabolites of alcohol after they have been created and excreted by the liver. They are then eliminated from the body by the kidneys, in urine. Charcoal has no effect on this process. The only sure way to pass an ETG test is abstain from all liquids that contain alcohol, even mouthwash. ...
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Can ETG tests show positive from over the counter products like Nyquil?

Nyquil, for your information, is 50 proof. It contains more alcohol than wine. An EtG test will detect alcohol from any source, including after shave. If you're being tested, stay away from all substances containing alcohol for 24 hours, and do not ingest anything containing alcohol for at least three days prior to the test. ...
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Does drinking alcohol cause dark spot on your body?

Yes, usually on the backs of the hands first. These are similar to "age spots, " but generally larger and they develop more rapidly and spread to the forearms. They may also appear on the face. These "Liver spots" are caused by a combination of reduced liver function and reduced circulation of blood to the surface of the skin. Thinning of the skin usually accompanies the spots, making the person more prone to bruising and superficial abrasions, which then take longer than...
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How does cocaine make you sober when you're drunk?

It doesn't. It just makes you feel more alert. Your faculties remain impaired, and you are even more likely to do something else stupid. The only thing that can sober you up is time. ...
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What are effects of vices in human body?

That all depends on the vice you are talking about
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When does alcohol start to effect you?

Obviously it would depend on how much you drink. Depending on your age, weight, and tolerance. For the average person it takes about three or four shots of whiskey to get somewhat drunk. This would kick in about 15 to 25 minutes after you drink it. This is because of the ethanol alcohol in the drink. Your liver has to detoxify your blood and if you drink more than your liver can handle it doesn't purify enough of your blood. ...
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How can you numb your tongue before piercing it?

Don't try piercing it yourself. Get a professional to pierce it for you. I've added a picture for you to look at, sorry it's blurry, it's basically a woman who tried to pierce her own tongue. Don't wan't to EPIC fail? Get it done proffesionally! ...
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What percentage of alcoholics seek recovery?

Roughly 25%. That is not to say that they all succeed. The success rate is probably about one-quarter of that, at best. The success rate of most programs is very low. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has a success rate of about 5% at the end of one year. The program with the highest independently-evaluated success rate is the non-profit St. Jude Program. It's long-term success rate has been documented and certified at 62%. ...
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Is 24-dichlorobenzyl alcohol classed as an alcohol?

Yes, it is. Any organic compound that has a hydroxyl group(-OH) can be classified as an alcohol, regardless of the other function groups attached to it. ...
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What happens when you're drunk?

Many things happens when you are drunk like: vomiting disorientation false feeling of joy and/or bravery ...
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What are the best alcoholic drink combinations?

my fav is combining vodka with orange juice :p
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Do alcoholic mixers go bad?

Yes, once they are opened they must be refrigerated. They should be used within about a week. ...
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What is the best pop to drink?

It all depends on what you want. If you like sugary drinks get a mountain dew. If you like thicker drinks get a coke pepsi or dr. pepper. If you like flavorful drinks get a sunkist or fanta product. If you want a low cal. one then get a diet whatever sprite or 7-up, but if you have access get a mr. Newport, it pits sprite and 7-up to shame. ...
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What is a person called who habitually gets drunk?

That person would be called a drunk. If s(he) was unable to stop drinking, that person would be called an alcoholic. ...
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What causes someone to become an abuser?

Statistics show that intimate partner abuse, including domestic violence, has declined by one half in the last decade in the United States. Jay Silverman and Gail Williamson demonstrated in "Social Ecology and Entitlements Involved in Battering by Heterosexual College Males" (published in Violence and Victims, Volume 12, Number 2 (Spring 1997) that abuse is best predicted by two factors: the belief that mistreatment is justified and the succor of peers. These two facts elucidate the cultural and social roots of abusive behavior. Abuse is...
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Will you be denied coverage for alcohol abuse?

I would call several companies at random, including the company you are applying at. I would pose as a potential future member and give no identifying information. If they ask for anything such as a phone number, a social security number or anything else than can identify you, simply say that you are not currently a member and want some basic, general information. This will give you your answer without jeopardizing your insurance coverage. If you lie on your application, however, and...
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Does alcohol make some people abusive?

Yes, unfortunately it does.