Nintendo Wii

The Wii is the latest game console released by Nintendo in 2006. This system has been very successful due to its use of an innovative wireless motion sensitive controller.

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Nintendo Wii
Resident Evil Video Games

What question can you never answer yes to?

This is a trick question, because it does not say the answer must be truthful. There is no question that you cannot answer yes to, if you are willing to lie. Even the traditional "are you dead?" fails, because a living person can indeed answer untruthfully when asked it.

You see this is wrong. "Are you dead" cannot be answered yes to or else you would OBVIOUSLY NOT be dead, idiot.

For men that question would be "do I look fat in this dress?"

answer - short answer

Are you dead?

Are you alive?

Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii

What are the 5 oceans of the world?

Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean

Nintendo Wii
Call of Duty

What happened to call of duty zombies app?

The new Black Ops Zombies App had an update which was suppose to fix some bugs, but it didn't so when playing a game it will suddenly crash.

Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Nintendo Wii

Are there any good Wii racing games like Death Race?

There are many good racing games in Wii like Mario Kart Wii, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, Excite truck and Track Mania

Nintendo Wii
Animal Crossing City Folk

How do you get a CD in Animal Crossing City Folk?

Go to the roost on Saturday nights after 8pm. On the stage there will be a white dog called Totakeke or K.K. Slider. Let him play you a song. Afterwards, he will give you a copy of that song for free.

Nintendo Wii
Guitar Hero
Green Day

Can you play green day rock band with Wii remotes?


Nintendo Wii
Video Games

How do you sell your ship in galaxy on fire 2?

Buy another one. The value of your current ship is automatically deducted from the cost of the new one.

Television and Video
Nintendo Wii

How do you set wii up to LED tv?

The Wii operates in standard definition so the cables that are supplied with it should work. Most modern televisions have RCA (or phono) connectors for audio and composite video. The standard Wii connector should connect to one of these sets of connectors.

In Europe, televisions may have a scart connector instead of phono sockets. In this case, a scart adaptor may be needed to make the final connection.

Nintendo Wii

How do you play ROBLOX on the Wii?

You can go on roblox on the wii, but you can't play any roblox games on the wii

Nintendo Wii
My Sims

Where is Yuki's cave in Mysims agents?

On the beach. Go to the edge that's closest to the train station then jump on the rocks and go in the tunnel.

Nintendo Wii
Animal Crossing City Folk

Can you steal things in Animal Crossings City Folk?

Well I sure hope not, I mean, you don't wanna become klepto!

Nintendo Wii

How can you scrub Wii games?

download wii scrubber

Computer Hardware
Nintendo Wii

Does Wii Have an Ethernet Port Built In?

No. You must either get a USB adapter or use a Wireless connection.


Another, more accurate answer.The standard Wii comes with a wireless NIC built in. You may need to configure the Wii and/or your wireless router to make it work.
Nintendo Wii
Animal Crossing City Folk

Where is the fountain in Animal Crossing City Folk?

To get a fountain in your town, you have to save up 200,000 bells and let your town build another bridge. After the bridge is built and the Civic Centre allows you to start donating again, save up 400,000 bells and donate that too. Your town will then build a fountain.

This fountain is especially useful for throwing axes in to you can get a silver or a gold axe.

Nintendo Wii

How do you connect Wii direct TV and a RCA TV?

When you connect to your RCA plug connection at the back of a TV sometimes you need to set your TV to a different source than the ant or cable that is normally printed by the RCA plugs. They also have to be the inputs and not the outputs

Nintendo Wii
Harvest Moon (video game)

In Harvest Moon Magical Melody how do you get the best kind of wool?

Take good care of your Sheep. The happier it is and the more hearts it has the more likely it will give you better quality Wool. Brush and feed it everyday. And let it outside when the weather is good.

Nintendo Wii

How do you put a bow on your Mii?

you do this in any color... EyebrowsType: 1st page, 4th row, 2nd columnColor: 1st row, 3rd columnRotate: 4 counterclockwiseSize: 4 biggerHorizontal: 2 narrower

Vertical: 6 up

this is for the wii only

Nintendo Wii
Animal Crossing City Folk

What happens when you tear down houses in animal crossing?

The person who owns the house is gone, and with all of their stuff. EVERYTHING!

Nintendo Wii
Super Mario Brothers

How many world in super Mario crossover?

It is just eight but you can choose other people

Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Nintendo Wii

Is there a way to download Homebrew for Wii version 4.3U?

get it.

Nintendo Wii

Bayformers optimus prime vs full power fully fed galactus with ultimate nullfair?

first of all super boy when he was living in smallvill would DEMOLISH optimums prime in around 3 minutes and superman's sneeze can destroy 100 trillion quadrillions of times more then optimums prime can ever do and Mr Maxy blinking could literally destroy 50 quintillion quintillion quintillion demesnes with a blink. he cant even destroy a small town with all of his powers. and super boy prime would own 500 centillion mxys put together super boy prime. superman prime is at least 10 quintillion times stronger then super boy prime.

o and an ant would literally have a FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR better chance against superman prime then superman prime at 1 trillion x his strewth would have a chance against golden superman prime one million with his ring. superman prime is an ant compared to golden superman prime one million with ring using a trillionths of 1 % of his power and finally galactic without in blink one million out of existence 1 blink. galactic blink is like 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 big bang exp lions and prime one million is like a ant by comparison with in he nuked a number so hi no one nos how hi its ho of universe in 10th of a second in 1 blast so please BAY VERSE prime isn't even a contender

Nintendo Wii
Call of Duty
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Can you play call of duty for wii without a zapper?

Yes, that's what I do because i don't have a zapper, but i would say it would be much easier because there is a handle under to fire button so it feels alot more like your holding a rifle

Nintendo Wii
Super Mario Brothers

What is the point difference in a mercy game in baseball on super Mario sluggers?

The answer for the game is 10

Nintendo Wii

Does Wii display through your home flat screen TV?

Yes, it does. As long as there are holes to plug the cables into.


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