Parenting and Children

Parenting is the promoting and supporting of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of a child to adulthood.

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Parenting and Children

How do you get your parents to notice you?

u jst have to go near them n try to talk to them n if it doesnot work then, try to do something which will divert their attention towards u.

Communication is the best way to build a good relationship.Send them greetings,buy a card during special occasional a simple gift will do.If you love to cook,cook their favorite dishes or sometimes treat them in to their favorite restaurant.Always make them feel how much you care for them.

Parenting and Children

Mrs Smith has nine children half of them are girls . how can this be true?

All of them are girls

Call of Duty
Parenting and Children
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Is call of duty 5 OK for kids with blood and cuss turned off?

I do not believe you can turn those off, yet it depends what age range the kids are, I am 12, and play it, because there's only like 5 curses in the game, and then the multiplayer has 100% clean language, and something you could say, don't say it's blood, say it's jelly.

Maybe you shouldn't play it at all. It IS rated M, after all.


However, no one ever seems to care about the rating, so you're probably in the clear to play.

But seriously, if you're offended by cussing and blood in video games, then don't play this because this is a war game, which means lots of killing.

Parenting and Children

What should you do if your son likes to wear girl's clothing?

If your son has the feeling that he'd like to experience what it’s like to wear girl's clothing and if he's just curious to know what it feels like, you should indulge his curiosity. Nobody will be harmed by his experimentation - and that may be all that comes of it.

Parenting and Children
Sugar and Sweeteners

Does sugar really make kids hyperactive?

Not for most children. Contrary to popular belief, many studies have proven there's no link between most kids' sugar consumption and their level of activity.

Some kids can be affected more than most, like those with ADHD or those who are more sensitive to blood sugar spikes—but these cases are the exception to the rule.

Some researchers suggest the perceived link between sugar and hyperactivity comes from the conditions surrounding sugar intake. High-energy events, like birthday parties, often have sugar-rich treats as a centerpiece of the festivities—it’s not the sugar that’s hyping them up, pediatric dietitian Kristi L. King suggests, but the adrenaline. Further, one study illustrated that parents who think their children have consumed sugar rate their kids’ activity levels higher, even if they never actually had any sugar.

So, although there are some notable exceptions, the link between sugar and hyper kids seems to be mostly imagined.

Parenting and Children

Can children of narcissistic parents ever recover?

Narcissism is the personality trait of selfishness taken to an extreme level, and like any personality trait, it can be slowly changed through great effort or at least blunted with behavior modification techniques. While it is possible for children of a narcissist to suffer some emotional issues due to their parent being much more involved with themselves than with their child, many children of narcissists find that emotional support from another parent, a grandparent, or through friendships.

Psychiatric professionals constantly marvel at the durability and adaptability of children. However, not all children are that adaptable and if you are someone who suffers emotional issues because one of your parents is a narcissist, then you absolutely can be helped. However, please don't believe that having parents who are narcissistic will automatically cause you to have issues. This may be a root cause of some of your problems, but people are complex, and if you are happy and well adjusted, then there is no reason to fix something that isn't broken.

However, often children of parents with a socially debilitating personality trait like this one will find that they are emotionally needy and/or that they share the very trait that caused them pain during their childhood. Personality traits are slow to change, and doing so most often requires therapy and commitment. Narcissism is extremely pervasive and most narcissists will not recognize it in themselves. They may seek treatment because they believe their parents have "messed them up" or they can see the negative results of their personality trait (poor relationships, immoral acts that cause guilt, etc.), but do not understand how their decisions are creating these situations.

Plus, you'll work on becoming more adaptable as "emotional agility" (Not allowing the behavior of others to impact you) is absolutely key to being mentally strong. Ultimately, this is what is important. While personalities are extremely difficult to change, learning to blunt them so that people do not make negatively impacting decisions is not nearly as difficult.

Parenting and Children
Puberty and Adolescence

What is the difference between child development and parenting?

child development is the physical and social growth where by the child develop as time goes on and it also includes emotional development.parenting is the way the parent takes care of the baby in terms of feeding and other staff

Parenting and Children
Word and Phrase Origins
Manners and Etiquette

What is the meaning of 'You are grounded' when someone does something wrong?

"You are grounded" is a fairly common punishment for kids. It refers to being unable to leave the house except to go to school or family activities. No going to parties, sporting events and the like. In some places it also means no telephone calls. The intent is to restrict social interaction, which may have been the cause of the grounding in the first place. In today's society it is less effective due to cell phones and internet access.

Parenting and Children

Effect of cinema on youth is it good or bad?

Both, it's up to the parents to determine their kids should and should not be exposed to.

Parenting and Children

How many children did Betty Wright have?

about 6 i think

Parenting and Children
Children and the Law

What happens to parents who encourage children to commit dangerous or illegal acts?

They go to jail.

Parenting and Children

Name a reason you might take your child out of a movie?

1) They are crying or having a tantrum.

2) They've peed or pooped themselves (or are in imminent danger of doing so).

3) The movie is too scary for them.

4) The movie is too boring for them.

5) The theatre is too hot or too cold for them.

6) They are scared of the dark.

bad language

crying during movie


sex scene

got sick


Parenting and Children

Why doesn't my mom want to spend any time with me?

If your mother works, she may not have much time to spend with you, it is because the cost of living is so high and she wants to be able to pay the bills especially for the food and every day needs you have.

If she works she is tired or, if she is a stay-at-home mom she may not be feeling well, so medications may make her tired or just very tired from looking after the chores at home.

You could help her with some chores: possibly in taking you to school; sports practices; doctor's or dentist's appointments.

Moms tend to get tired, but be assured your mother loves you very much. Sit down with your mother and let her know how you feel so she can explain to you how much she loves you and why she is so tired. Most of all be sure you are happy and have a good education.

Also, it depends on what your mom's social life is like. If she is divorced she may feel that she wants to be loved by a man who would care for her in a different way from you, her child would. This is natural she just probably feels lonely if this is the case.

Parenting and Children
Tattoos and Body Art

Symbols of fatherhood?

Yes, there are several universal symbols for father. many of the symbols for father can be viewed on the offical universal family flag and the universal symbol for father.

Parenting and Children
Gospel Music
Film Directors

Is carl payne and allen payne related?

This is because they are brothers

Parenting and Children

What day in Canada is Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day?

Wednesday Nov 3rd

Parenting and Children

What can you do for fun with your parents?

you can play "i never"

Parenting and Children
History of China
China and Chinese Territories
China's One-Child Policy

What do the people of China think about one child policy?

As authentic Chinese man, I think the one-child policy taken by the Chinese Central Government has more advantages than disadvantages, though it's not carried out completed in some rural areas of China.

I have to admit that the policy do help China a lot both in economy development and social development.

Parenting and Children
Child Development

What is the benefits of parallel play in young children?

among the stages of play the 1st stage is one where the child is playing by himself and if there is any other child around, may even stop playing. The THIRD stage is that of co-operative play, wherein, children play together. The SECOND stage is the parallel stage. It comes right in between solitary play and co-operative play. In this stage 2 children may play with the same toys, although doing their own different things. However, the fact that they are sharing the toys, room and space, indicates that they are learning to co-operate and share with others. Also, when one wants a toy the other has, with giudance, they may learn to ask each other for toys, increasing communication skills as well. Therefore, the main benefits of parallel play include learning new skills of co-operation, communication and sharing.

Parenting and Children
Human Rights

Do parents have the right to randomly inspect teenager's rooms?

  • Yes, parents do have the right to randomly inspect the teenager's room only if they suspect their teen may be using drugs or alcohol; checking out what their young teen is up too on the the Internet and the parent has seen a great change in their teen. Otherwise the teen has the right to their privacy within reason just as a parent needs some privacy. Without just cause a parent should not inspect the teen's room or read their diary.

Yes parents do have this right. Since their children are presumably minors, parents have legal control over their children. Since this behavior is not breaking the law, it is acceptable behavior. However, teenagers should have privacy like any other human being, and there should be a good reason to search the room, such as possession of a weapon, drugs, etc.

Parenting and Children
US Presidents
John F. Kennedy

What was rose Kennedys mothers maiden name?

Rose Kennedy's mother was born Mary Josephine Hannon, but called Josie.

Parenting and Children
Languages and Cultures
Learning a New Language

Is it much easier for children to learn a second language than it is for adults?

It’s common to hear adults lament that they didn’t start learning a second language earlier since it’s much easier when you’re younger, but this is somewhat of a misconception.

Children and adults learn languages differently, and yes, children have the edge when it comes to achieving native-like mastery. That’s partly because children use the “deep motor area” of their brains to learn new languages—this is the same part of the brain that controls actions that come second nature to us, like tying a shoe. As you age, the window for learning in the deep motor area narrows, so adults learn languages with other parts of the brain—and thus, they’re often less natural speakers of their second language.

But it’s important to keep in mind the different situations in which adults and children learn languages. Most children who pick up a second language are exposed to it constantly and pick it up the same way they pick up their native language, even learning them simultaneously. Adults, however, may take on a second language in college or later, while having additional responsibilities, expectations, and stressors. Unlike adults, children are allowed to make mistakes and learn at a much slower pace without having to worry about failing in an academic, social, or professional sense.

Furthermore, according to a paper published in the journal Cognition, “studies that compare children and adults exposed to comparable material in the lab or during the initial months of an immersion program show that adults perform better, not worse, than children ... perhaps because they deploy conscious strategies and transfer what they know about their first language.”

So in a nutshell, adults aren’t drastically worse than children at learning a second language—they even outperform children when learning under the same conditions—but they do have some disadvantages. In most cases, though, they simply don’t receive the same exposure and opportunity.

Parenting and Children

What does the phrase your mom mean?

A slang or joke response you can use for almost anything.


What are you doing tonight?

Your mom.

It smells like a wet dog in here.

Your mom smells like a wet dog.

What is that thing on your face?

Your mom.

Parenting and Children
Growth Rates
Child Development

Causes why a child stops growing at 4 years old?

Problems with the pituarity gland, or poor diet. Take the child to a doctor.

Parenting and Children
Family Reunions

What are the introduction of broken family?

The introduction to a broken family is not accepting personal responsibility.

When we don't accept our personal responsibility, whatever the situation may be, it places the burden on other people in the relationship, which makes things difficult. When things are difficult, we become unhappy. Eventually, this can lead to a broken family. Of course this is only one reason, but a very popular one.


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