Archery is the bow and arrow used by the ancient civilizations of the world in hunting, fishing, and warfare. Today, they are used for recreational and hunting purposes.

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Comanche Indians

Did colt make bow and arrows?

Colt make big boom boom hand canyons not stupid elf bow you fooooolll


How do you add score in archery?

you see were your arrows hit. start at the center of the target and count down from either 15 or 10. different associations and clubs score their targets different. if the target has 5 rings, the center would be 10, the ring outside the center 7, the ring outside that 5, the ring outside that 3 and the last would be 1.

The Legend of Zelda

How do fire arrows work?

Fire arrows are used to quickly burn up enemies, but are also important towards the end of the game. You mainly use them to light unlit torches in the Fire Temple, and during the "trials" in the castle during the last couple hours of the game.

On the Nintendo 3DS, the controls are: Go to "Items". Tap your bow, then assign it to a button, I, X,Y, or II, then double tap it to select "fire arrows." Press the assigned button, then aim and shoot at something flammable by pressing the button again.

Controls for the original game: Press START, go to ITEMS, select your bow and arrow, assign it to DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT, then select FIRE ARROWS. Hit START, to return to the game, and then tap the assigned button, then aim with the middle joystick and hit the assigned button to fire.

If you are using another version of the game, such as the Wii Virtual Console edition, or an emulation, please consult the manual.

To open the manual for the Wii edition, press the HOME button while your game is running and hit "Manual."

Sentence and Word Structure
Example Sentences

How can you use archery in a sentence?

Archery is a fun way to develop good hand-eye co-ordination.

Middle Ages

When did archery start in the middle ages?

Archery - the use of the bow and arrow - predates the Middle Ages by several millenia.

Beautifully formed arrowheads of flint and chert have been found all over the world dating to at least 6,000 ago, and possibly well before that.


Where is archery usually played?

Archery is normally practiced, as a Competition Sport, on an archery range. Although an archery range can sometimes be located in the center area of a running track (that circular track used for running sports) at the local high-school or college, many archery ranges are located in archery stores (perfect for winter-time archery) and parks, the ranges located in parks are usually for the use of the general Public, free of charge. There are even ranges which are built separate from other sport fields and arenas.

Olympics Archery

What draw weight do olympic archers use?

"The bow's draw weight is around 22 kilograms (48 pounds) for men, and over 17 kg (38 lbs.) for women. The bow consists of a riser and two limbs."



How many fingers are used to draw a bow?

It depends as there are many ways to draw a bow. There are three main answers, 2 fingered, 3 fingered, and then with a mechanical release. [I use three fingers, but every person is different].


How do you get archery equipments in Adventure Quest Worlds?

There is a ranger class which utilizes bows but the bows must be obtained separately. Furthermore bows aren't used the conventional way, instead they are used like melee weapons and fire no arrows unfortunately. The ranger class requires rank 10 rep with Sandsea, which is like 300,000 rep points.

There is:

Falconer's bow, which is members only and costs 25k from the good shop in SwordHaven castle, and also requires rank 10 good.

Plasmid Bow, one of the few non-member bows. Dropped by Swamp Thing which can be found in the areas Mountain, Lab, and Fire River.

Festive Holiday Bow, non member, can be found in Quibble Coinbiters shop in Battleon, and costs 5000 gold. Available only seasonally around Christmas if they choose to offer again.

There's a few more.


What did a bowyer do?

He made bows for archery!

Military Equipment
Minecraft Pocket Edition

Where do you get string in Minecraft?

You can also get it from cobwebs


What word is used for the last arrow in an archery contest or the final outcome?


Newspapers and Magazines

Can you build a crossbow out of newspaper?



What missile is fired by a crossbow?

a bolt


What type of tree is used to make bows?

I'm by no means a proffessional bowyer, in fact I'm hardly a bowyer at all. But I do enjoy self-made bows quite a bit and take a lot of fun from trying to make my own.

There are quite a few trees that can be used to make bows, some more suited than others depending on the design, level of skill and experience of the person involved, and other factors. Yew, ever since the british discovered it's use in this context, is considered one of the finest woods for use in a D-shaped (As in a D-like cross-section) longbow, as the lighter sapwood is a natural backing for the heavier, stronger heartwood which gives the bow it's power. This sort of wood does take a considerable amount of experience and skill to manipulate and read properly, so it may not be a good choice for the fledging archer/bowmaker.

However, yew is considered inferior when making what is known as a "flatbow". This means that the back (side of the bow facing away from the archer) and the belly (side of the bow facing towards the archer) of the bow limbs are flat and usually wide, varying anywhere from 1 1/2" to 3" wide.

Osage orange, in contrast, excels when used in a flatbow, especially when the latewood (usually a darker orange hue) is thicker and more abundant than the lighter-colored earlywood. Osage is very durable and resilliant to natural weather conditions, aesthetic abuse, and the like.

Other woods such as hickory, oak, cedar, ash, etc. also make wonderful bows, but the characteristics and behaviors of each wood must be considered when designing a bow, no matter what format (longbow, flatbow, indian-style D-bow, etc.) you decide on.

If you want more information, I highly recommend a book series titled "The Traditional Bowyer's Bible." It's not a step-by-step guide, rather a compilation of knowledge contributed by numerous experts on the subject and put into varying chapters. Other titles like "The Bent Stick" and "The Witchery of Archery" are exceptional choices as well for seeking knowledge on the subject of bowyer. Online resources like and the leatherwall are a veritable limitless source of knowledge and input.

Medieval Warfare

Do bow and longbow arrows work with crossbows and do crossbow bolts work with bows and longbows?

No and no.

Specifically, arrows for bows are longer and more flexible as a slight flex can improve an arrow's flight, but crossbows would be too powerful and break the arrow.

Crossbow bolts/quarrels are far too short to be used correctly in a bow, as a real archer would never partially draw the bow to shoot an arrow, yet a bolt would not be long enough for the archer to draw back to his or her anchor point (that same place on their face they always draw back to, to make shots powerful and consistent).


What is the name of archery target ring?

The face ;)

Target Shooting

Did anyone died from an airgun?

YES.... plenty

Get shot in the eye or other soft tissue spot such as the temple and the pellet can enter the cranium causing irreperable damage to the brain.

There have been suicides murders and accidental shootings well reported within the media.

Plastics and Polymers

What polymers are used in archery?

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), also known as high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) or high-performance polyethylene (HPPE). A well known brand for this plastic is "Dyneema" which is also used in bullet-proof vests.

Hunting and Shooting
United Kingdom

What is the string and cable length on a 1999 Jennings Buckmaster compound bow with the supercam eccentrics recurve quad limbs and 36 inch axle to axle measurement?

String is 98.5 and cable is 41.5 It varies by draw length, this is for 28" draw


Who invented hoyt archery?

In 1942, Earl Hoyt, Jr. created the Hoyt Archery Co.


What is the Name of pouch for arrows?



What do you call a person who does archery?

an archer


What makes an arrow fishtail in flight?

Fishtailing is typically caused by a spine issue. If your spine is too weak or too stiff, then your arrow will not clear the riser of the bow cleanly (see archers paradox). Fishtailing can also be caused by torquing your grip or other form errors. If your are shooting vanes then fishtailing might be caused by a clearance issue.

To address fishtailing, address form issues. If the problem persists, make sure your vanes are clearing your rest cleanly. If you shoot traditional (off the shelf with feathers) then your problem probably isn't clearance. At this point fix your spine. I do this by bareshaft tuning, done out to twenty yards. To confirm that my spine is correct, I shoot through paper, and shoot big fixed blade broadheads. This should address any fishtailing issues.


What is the difference between a crossbow and a compound bow?

a crossbow is sideways and a compound has multiple strings.


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