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Hunting and shooting are considered sports and cultural heritages. Basically, hunters and shooters pursue a deer, hare, boar, fox, birds or other wild animals with a shotgun or a rifle.

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Is it illegal to shoot a beaver?

In some places it is, you just have to check local laws, and be sure it isn't, in your area. ...
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Can you shoot in Mount Hood National Forest?

Yes, you can shoot in Mt. Hood National Forest for the purpose of hunting. Hunting in Mt. Hood is permitted during hunting season ONLY. Like anywhere else in the state of Oregon, you must have a valid hunting license in order to hunt in Mt. Hood National Forest. ...
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Can you shoot a 10 gauge magnum rifled slug shotgun shell in a full choke 10 gauge magnum Marlin super goose gun?

It is generally not advisable to shoot slugs through a full choke, although people argue about this all the time. Personally I use IC choke for Foster slugs. Sabot slugs are designed to be used in rifled barrels only. You can but it proves a little dangerous. But the biggest factor is that the lead slug squeezes through such a small hole it deforms and your accuracy goes to crap. ...
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What is the Best rifle scope under 200?

Any good scope will not come for $200 . I have got one Nightforce benchrest for under $1400 from NightforceUSA and quite happy with the decision. It will prove cheaper in the long run .Check out ...
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When does the rut start in Mississippi?

it starts in early December late November
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Where can you find pink deer rifles?

I have seen a few at Gander Mountain. Academy outdoors and sports might carry them. You might also check with the Bass Pro Shop in Outdoor World in Rockwall, TX. Other than that, you might be able to buy one offline. I think dicks sporting goods might have them. If your getting it for your daughter Rossi makes kids guns and Ithink they come in pink ...
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What does it mean to 'flush' your game in falconry?

the word 'flush' in falconry means to uncover prey which is hiding in grass or bush such as a quail or a pheasant. ...
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Do foxes hunt in groups?

Fox hunt alone except when vixens are teaching their young to hunt. Their prey is small and doesn't require more than one fox to make a successful hunt. ...
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Can you shoot rifled slugs through a smooth bore barrel?

Shooting rifled slugs is the ONLY way to shoot thru a smoothbore for deer. If you shoot sabot slugs thru a smoothbore, it will not spin and therefore not be accurate. For accuracy, the slug must spin out of the barrel. Either shoot a rifled slug thru a smooth barrel, or shoot a saboted slug thru a rifled barrel. ...
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What is one of the best paintball brands?

angel, smart parts, tippmann no no and no, angel makes rather large poppet style markers, SP makes a few good enty/mid level markers but the high end stuff is really lacking in either performance or value, and tippmann makes sear tripped blow forwards, in fact that's all they make, all of their markers are the same exact design with different things on the outside. planet eclipse makes some of the beat poppets out there along with Bob long, Dye makes the best spool...
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Is shotgun hunting legal in Arizona?

In short, yes. The following PDF document has complete hunting regulations for Arizona: ...
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What is the age and value of a Dan Wesson Arms model 744 44 magnum revolver?

Here is advice and input: * The pistol pack which I bought in the late '70s, also included four different barrels, tools and two grips in a fitted case. The current value of one of these pistol pack seems to be between $500 and $800 with an near perfect example going out at over a $1,000. An individual pistol might be from $300 to $500 a depending on the condition. * See, or for what other people are doing...
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How do you clean spring assisted knife?

Use canned air to remove dust and loose dirt. A cotton ball, cotton swab or soft cloth work well to remove dirt and debris. Wipe away oil from your hands after each use to limit the amount of dirt that sticks to the knife. Be sure not to mess up the coil spring or tension bar, as then it wouldn't be spring assisted any more. ...
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What age can you own a gun?

Where I live (Canada) you can get your unrestricted firearms license at the age of 18. Unrestricted classifies as most guns used to hunt (ex. shotguns, rifles). You can get a restricted license which allows you to purchase handguns. This is for Canada though so the laws where you live are probably different if you live in the US. Try researching your local laws on firearm possession and purchasing. ...
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Can you shoot slugs through an accu-choke?

Without knowing the particular make up of the barrel or slug, I would say that the answer is NO as slugs are generally designed for a non choked barrel. If you really want to know take your shotgun to a firearms specialist. This guy is essentially right on the money. Take it to a dealer or gunsmith. You should never take the chance and fire a slug though a choke--it just isn't designed for it. Use smooth bore if you want to be...
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Is it legal to shoot birds with a pellet gun in NC?

Depends on the bird, and the season. A pellet gun, slingshot or bazooka- it is still hunting. Some birds may not be hunted, some at only certain times or days of the year. Check with the North Carolina Game Commission for a definitive answer. ...
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What do the rings on a waterfowl lanyard mean?

They are bands that are found on banded ducks. Certain agencies band ducks with aluminum tags to collect migratory information. Once a duck is harvested, the band is called in to give the agency data on the bird (lifespan, migratory path). Placing the bands on the lanyard is a way of showing off ones trophies as banded ducks are fairly rare (ie you have to do a lot of hunting to find one) ...
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Why should you aim with your dominant eye?

If you attempt to use your non-dominant eye, your dominant eye will continue to attempt to send an image to your brain, and you will wind up holding the firearm at an angle to the target. ...
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How do you make 12 gauge bolo rnds Can you buy the supplies to make them.?

i dont know about making them but you can buy them for $14 for 3 @ i dont know about making them but you can buy them for $14 for 3 @ ...
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How fast does a 30-06 rifle shoot per second?

That would depend on what grain bullet you use. There is a significant difference between a 110 grain and 180 grain. A 110 has a muzzle velocity of approximately 3400 feet per second while slowing down range to 3100 feet per second at 100 yards and 2800 at 200 yards. A 180 grain muzzle velocity is 2700 slowing to 2500 at 100 yards and 2300 at 200 yards. ...
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Can you shoot buckshot with adjustable choke shotgun?

Yes. Slugs are not a good idea, due to potential damage to the adjustable choke. Buckshot should be fine. ...
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How do you take apart a Marlin Model 336C?

Lower the lever and remove the lever retaining screw, pull the lever straight down out of the firearm. Slide the bolt out of the reciever, being careful not to loose the extractor. Reasemble in reverse. Here is a link to the owner's manual that may help. It is printable. Good luck. ...
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Why do people hunt doves?

We use to hunt pigeons near old barns and along field edges. It was a fun way for me to see my uncles when they were home and we would clean the birds for my grandmother to cook. A pigeon and a dove are very similar in size and with a group of guys you could put together a nice meal. They are faster in the wild versus the ones that seem to sit right next to you in the...