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Waterfowl are birds that spend a majority of their time in and around bodies of water. Included in this group are ducks, geese, and swans. Many are migratory and are often hunted as game.

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How long do spoonbills live for?

they live for as long as ten years
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How big are common loons feet?

A common loon's foot is about the size of a human palm.
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Is a California gull an omnivore?

It is considered a scavenger, like hyenas and pigeons.
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What travels in gaggles?

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What is a water bird ending in E?

Grebe, Crane, Goldeneye, and Goose are four types of water birds that end in "e". The Snipe is another wetland bird, but it spends its time on the shores and marshes, rather than swimming in the water itself. ...
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What is a baby swan called?

A baby swan is called a Cygnet (pronounced sig-net)
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Do blue footed booby birds fly?

Yes. As do Nazca boobies and Red footed boobies.
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Can you tame an albatross?

In my experience, there's pretty much no bird that can't be tamed, and the Albatross is actually known for being quite tame already on land. Of course, I wouldn't recommend it though, seeing as a tame bird is often a dead bird: there are some people who would take advantage of it's friendliness, and possibly kill it. Also, it's better and healthier living in the wild, rather than learning to go where humans are. If you live in a rather unpopulated area however,...
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How long can loons stay under water?

Not as long as Chuck Norris!
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If you touch a mallard duckling will its mother disown it?

no its a myth to scare little children
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Where is albatross find?

Well they spend most of their life at sea but you can find them in Brazil and South Africa. ...
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How long does an albatross live?

An albatross can live from 30-70 years long.
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How big do white call ducks get?

The white call duck is smaller than ducks like mallards they get approximately 1 ft tall and about 1 and a half ft long ...
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How do goslings eat?

Most species of gosling eat a mix of insects and the growing tips of plants, both being good sources of protein that is essential for growth. Like their parents, they have serrated edges to their beaks that act like tiny saws and make snipping off pieces of vegetation very easy. ...
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Do ducks eat duck weed?

Yes, they do but not enough to warrant purchasing a flock to clear your pond of duck weed cause truth be told while they will eat it when the notice it, where ever duck weed grows, there is sure to far more exciting things to nibble on than just the duck weed--not to mention waterfowl can pass duck weed from one body of water to the next ...
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What are the adaptations for an albatross?

One of the adaptations of an albatross is something called dynamic soaring. It has a long wingspan for a long period of flight. ...
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Do Mallard Ducks roost in trees?

I begged the differ, I have a mated pair of mallard ducks on my property that feed in the river and fly up every evening and sleep in our trees in the morning. I didn't think it was possible due to their webbed feet but nature proved me wrong! ...
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How does a great blue heron protect itself?

It just so happens to have wings and if there's a nearby threat, it can take flight and easily escape like any other bird. ...
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What is an eclipse drake?

Most ducks shed their body feathers twice each year. Nearly all drakes lose their bright plumage after mating, and for a few weeks resemble females. This hen-like appearance is called the eclipse plumage. The return to breeding coloration varies in species and individuals of each species. Blue-winged teal and shovelers may retain the eclipse plumage until well into the winter. Wing feathers are shed only once a year; wing colors are always the same ...
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What is the value of Duck Stamp collections for example the entire 1993 State duck collection?

This can take a while. From what I can tell, 1993 Duck stamps are worth a little less than twice their face value. The link below provides a catalog of all the state stamps and what you can purchase them for. Good luck! ...