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This category should contain questions regarding bodies of water such as Canals, Coasts, Dams, Lakes and Oceans.

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What body of water separates the Baja California Peninsula from mainland Mexico?

It's not separated completely (it's a peninsula, not an island), but the main body of water separating Baja California from the rest of Mexico is the Gulf of California, an offshoot of the Pacific Ocean. Technically I suppose you could say that the Colorado River (which empties into the Gulf of California) also separates it, but the actual state border between Sonora and Baja California is only MAINLY the Colorado River (there are places where the border deviates from the river's course),...
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What gets wetter as it dries?

A towel gets wetter as it dries you. YOU dry off while the TOWEL gets wet. a towel!! A Towel ...
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What bodies of water border Mexico?

Mexico has 11,122 kilometers (6,911 miles) of coastline, facing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (via the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea): On its western coasts, Mexico is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Along its northwestern coast is the Gulf of California or Mar de Cortes, which is defined by mainland Mexico and the Baja California peninsula. On its eastern shores, Mexico faces the Gulf of Mexico between the US-Mexico border and the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, close to the city of...
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What body of water surrounds Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is not surrounded by water. However, it is bordered on its eastern side by the Øresund strait, which connects the Baltic to the North Sea. ...
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Name five types of ocean fish?

Parrot Fish + Convict Fish + Clown Fish + Sharks + Barracudas + Angelfish + Cod + Blow Fish and a ton of others ...
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What is the name of Russia's icebound sea?

The Laptev Sea, but other sea's north of Russia are Barents Sea, Kara Sea, and the East Siberian Sea. ...
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What is the World's most dangerous body of water?

Lake Superior between Michigan and Canada has the most shipwrecks for a body of water that size. If you combine all of the shipwrecks of the great lakes, they have more shipwrecks than all of the other bodies of water in the world combined. ...
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How do people use the Ganges delta?

I think people use the Ganges delta for resources.
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What does detergent do to lakes?

detergent itself: practically nothing. however many commercial detergent blends include phosphates: these can fertilize algae growth, reducing oxygen in the water, and killing other aquatic life. ...
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What are famous bodies of water in Alaska?

The Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, the Chukchi Sea and the Yukon River. ...
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What are gulfs?

a portion of the ocean partly surrounded by land - as in the Persian Gulf
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How bodies of water are formed?

first when it rains, water comes down. then it eventually evaporates into the sky. witch makes it rain again. with keeps on making puddles that make the ground kind of dig in. so then you have bodies of water! ...
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Which body of water separates England from France?

The 350-mile long stretch of water is known as the 'English Channel' in English, or 'La Manche' in French. It separates England from France and is 21 miles wide at its narrowest point between Dover and Calais. The English Channel (Le Manche in French). ...
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What are bodies of water near San Francisco?

Erm, just the Pacific Ocean, no biggie :D
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What is Mexico's largest landform?

The Central Mexican Plateau or Mexican Altiplano is the largest landform in Mexico. It is delimited by the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges, and covers 30% of Mexico's territory. It is also home to almost 75% of the Mexican population. ...
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What percentage of Australia is covered by wetlands?

It is difficult to give a straight answer. Despite being the driest continent on earth after Antarctica, Australia has 520 wetlands which are recognised by state authorities as being "important". Coastal and marine wetlands, which make up 161 of these recognised wetlands, make up 42% of the coastal strip. The coastal strip is roughly defined as a 3 km strip extending from marine waters inland. This coastal strip also includes very large areas of mangroves and tidal flats, mostly in northern Australia. The percentage...
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How does bodies of water affects the growth of human society and economy?

shipping, food sources, drinking water, sanitation, sustainable agriculture and live stock, recreation. ...
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When and why does phosphorescence occur in Puget Sound?

Phosphorescence occurs in places all over the world and it happens when small micro organisms " glow" in the water. These plankton like creatures come from the bottom of the ocean where it's dark so they only come out at night. I have seen phosphorescence in the puget sound before and it occurs around the middle of august in the summer but in the sound it only happens in summer. Most of the times I have noticed it's a clear night...