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The River Nile

What countries does the Nile River flow through?

The Nile River is located on the continent of Africa and consists of two main branches (the White Nile and the Blue Nile), these merge and become one river known simply as the Nile River. The White Nile is the source of most of the Nile's water and fertile soil. The White Nile is the longer of the two rivers.

The source of the White Nile is the Great Lakes area in Rwanda.

The source of the Blue Nile is Lake Tana, Ethiopia in the Ethiopian hill-country.

The White Nile flows from Rwanda, through Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and then Sudan.

The Blue Nile flows from its source in Ethiopia into south eastern Sudan.

Both the White and Blue Niles travel through Sudan and then merge at Khartoum (where the name changes simply to The Nile River) before traveling north through the rest of Sudan, into Egypt and finally flowing into the Mediterranean Sea at the Nile Delta

So in short the Nile River flows through: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. To be fair there are also a few smaller, feeder branches that deposit water into the White Nile that have their origins in the Democratic Republic of Congo, although they are not normally considered part of the source. The Blue Nile's source, Lake Tana, is fed by rivers of Eritrea.

Other: Length - 6,650 km (4,130 miles).
Although the Nile is not the largest river in volume, it is one of the longest rivers in the entire world. The Nile runs through the countries of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zaire, Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania, Rawanda, and Burundi.

ONE of the countries the Nile river ran threw in ancient Egypt was Memphis. :)
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What ceremonies were carried out to ensure the successful flooding of the nile?

ceremonies carried out sacrifises to the gods and spirits

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How far does the nile rivers flood plain stretch?

it doesn't anymore. a dam was built in 1970 so the river doesn't flood anymore.

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What is a delta?

A delta is a triangular deposit of sediment at the end of a river or stream. It happens when the strong current of the river slows down and deposits the sediments it has been transporting.

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How do people control rivers?

They put locks and weirs in to slow the flow and make it more even, and they also build dams to act as reservoirs and to deepen some areas which can otherwise be a bit shallow e.g. The Three Gorges Dam in China.

The River Nile

What continent is Lake Nasser located on?

it locate in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Strictly, "Lake Nasser" refers only to the much larger portion of the lake that is in Egyptian territory

The River Nile

What is the length of the Nile River from source to mouth?

It is approximately 4,132 miles / 6,650 km long from its source in Nyungwe National Park of Rwanda to the mouth in Egypt.

For further information see the link below.

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Why do so many people live in the Nile river Valley?

Due to the nutrient-rich soil and ample supply of water.

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What are the Nile River's uses?

It has numerous uses including -


Water for drinking.

Water for crop irrigation.

Water for domestic supply.

Water for industrial use.




Waste disposal.



Given the Nile is over 4,000 miles long, flows through numerous countries and has tens of millions of people close by, it has many many uses.

The River Nile

What foods did the Nile provide Egypt?

It provided good, fertile soil to grow crops such as wheat and papyrus plant. There was also fish that the Egyptians speared to eat.

The River Nile

How was the water diverted into the fields of Egypt?

the water was diverted by digging ditches in the ground going through the fields, when the tied of the river raised then it would travel down these ditches, the ground would then soak it up and the plants would suck it in. The ditches were called aqueducts.

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What is the boat that crosses the river?


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Why do rivers take their source on highlands?


The River Nile

In which African country is the Nile Delta located?

The Nile Delta is located in Egypt.

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What are two landforms formed by river Deposition?

River deposition creates landforms such as alluvial and deltas.

The River Nile

What is an action verb to describe the Nile River in Africa?


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What is the location of the river Nile?

It is on the continent of Africa flowing, south to north, over 4,000 miles through a number of countries. The link below is an interactive map.
Egypt because it is acient and the name is from the greek neilos The River Nile flow northwards along the east coast of Africa, running roughly parallel to the Red Sea.
the nile river runs throw egypt and sudan. Portion of the nile also runs through ethiopia,rowanda,and tazania
The Nile River is located on the Continent of Africa it is 4,184 miles long.
In Africa and the link below gives a map.
i dont now

The white niles source is lake victoria it flows through Rwanda,Tanzania,Uganda,ana South Sudan it empties into the mediteranian sea (probs not how u spell it)

The Blue Nile flows through Ethiopia and South Sudan

The River Nile

What is the Gift of the Nile where does it come from?

The gift[s] of the Nile River.

The Greek historian, Herodotus, coined the phrase that 'Egypt was the gift of the Nile', in his 'An Account of Egypt: Being the Second Book of His Histories Called Euterpe'

Herodotus of Halicarnassus was a Greek historian who lived in the 5th century BC (c. 484 BC-c. 425 BC) and is regarded as the "Father of History" in Western culture.

He is cited as writing - That of the Nile 'the river rises of itself, waters the fields, and then sinks back again - thereupon each man sows his field and waits for the harvest.' This was obviously referring to the annual flood.

He also described Egypt as 'A land won by the Egyptians and given them by the Nile.'

So Egypt was the Nile River's gift - because without the Nile there would be no Egypt only desert.

So anything derived from the Nile would also be looked upon as a gift - the water, the floods fertile soil, the fish and the rivers obvious use for transport etc.

The link below provides information and a number of short videos.

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Where is the source of the River Nile?

Primary source - White Nile

Secondary source - Blue Nile

Source confluence at Khartoum, Sudan

To be accurate, the Nile River consists of two river systems (tributaries) namely the Blue Nile and the White Nile. These two rivers obviously have seperate points of origin. The point of origin for a river is marked at the furthest distance along the entire course. The White and Blue Niles converge at Khartoum (confluence) in Northern Sudan before they flow northwards through Egypt as the Nile River.

The White Nile is by far the longer of the two.

Even today there is still debate as to the EXACT source of the White Nile, as there are many smaller tributatires, streams and lakes as you get closer to the source.

Included below are two "accurate" and referenced sources for the river:

  • S. Liu, P. Lu, D. Liu, P. Jin, W. Wang, Pinpointing the sources and measuring the lengths of the principal rivers of the world, International Journal of Digital Earth, Volume 2, Issue 1 March 2009 , pages 80 - 87,DOI: 10.1080/1753894090274608

2°19'35"S and 29°21'30"E. The length of the Nile River is 7,088 km from its source in Nyungwe National Park of Rwanda. It is the longest river of the world.

  • Wikipedia: Nile River Source - See Links below

The source of the Nile is sometimes considered to be Lake Victoria, but the lake has feeder rivers of considerable size. The Kagera River, which flows into Lake Victoria near the Tanzanian town of Bukoba, is the longest feeder, although sources do not agree on which is the longest tributary of the Kagera and hence the most distant source of the Nile itself. It is either the Ruvyironza, which emerges in Bururi Province, Burundi, or the Nyabarongo, which flows from Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda. The two feeder rivers meet near Rusumo Falls on the Rwanda-Tanzania border.

Recent exploration says that an exploring party went to a place described as the source of the Rukarara tributary, and by hacking a path up steep jungle-choked mountain slopes in the Nyungwe forest found (in the dry season) an appreciable incoming surface flow for many miles upstream, and found a new source, giving the Nile a length of 4199 miles (6758 kilometers)

The Nile ends its journey in northern Egypt where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.


The Nile River is longer than the Amazon River in South America (6,575 km or 4,086 miles).

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What is the flooding of the Nile River caused by?

Rains down south of the river flow into it and are carried along to the Mediterranean. The extra water causes it to overflow its banks.

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How was the Nile River life support of Egypt?

It helped because it worked as a trade route, provided H20 and food for the egyptians, it gave them soil, etc...

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What is the longest river in the world?

I know it begins with an O

The River Nile

Who is a nile goddess?


The River Nile

What sea does the Nile River flow into?

The Mediterranean

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Why doesn't the Nile flood anymore?

they put up various dams.


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