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Snow forms when a water droplet is frozen and becomes a crystal, while ice forms when water is crystallized on a cold surface or when snow melts and freezes again.

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How many inches of snow would one inch of rain produce?

The ratio of snow to water can vary a great deal depending on the vertical profiles of temperature and moisture, and how they change during a storm. Typically 1 inch of rain is equal to 1 foot of snow, a 12-1 ratio. Depending on the temperature and moisture profiles of the snow growth region of the atmosphere and the origin area of the storm system, that ratio can go higher, say 20-1, which would be 20 inches, or lower, say 6-1...
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What is the name of an Eskimos ice shelter?

An Igloo. Real Answer: Inuit do not have ice shelters. They have regular houses. Before that, they had houses made of sod. ...
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Does it snow in El Paso TX every year?

The average year in El Paso gets 3 snowfalls. However, this is just based on data from the airport- elevation varies greatly within the city, but the airport is practically at the top, almost 4,000 feet. The bottom of the city and the valley can be lower than 3,000 feet. Also, the median is 0, which means that most years don't get any trace at all. And that is for the airport, which is the probably the coldest place in the...
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What are four glaciers in New Zealand?

New Zealand has more than 3000 glaciers. The most famous are: Fox Glacier Franz Josef Glacier Hooker Glacier Mueller Glacier Murchison Glacier Tasman Glacier The Bonar, Therma, and Volta glaciers surround Mt Aspiring/Tititea, and the Tasman Glacier flows from Mount Cook/Aoraki. See the related link below for an interactive map of the glaciers found in New Zealand. ...
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Is hail made of ice crystals?

Yes. Hail is composed of ice and ice is a crystalline solid.
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What countries have snow all year long?

It depends what you mean. You could go to many places with high elevations and find glaciers, and often on these glaciers it is possible to see some snow falling during the summer. The only places where you could see snow falling close to sea level would be in the high Arctic, but even that is quite uncommon. In other words, there is no city where you could expect to find winter weather in the summer. ...
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Should the choke be on when using the snow blower?

I have an older Spirit 8hp which is about in its grave. I have found that it is necessary to have the chope slightly or moderately open when getting her warmed up. If you keep it open too long I think you bleed out the gas. I had to experiment with mine to see how it reacted to adjusting it while starting and operating. trial and error. Chokes can be really picky on small engines. You almost always have to have it...
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Why is ice hard?

As the temperature lowers the molecules slow down and form into a crystal. The total volume of actual h2o is smaller. The reason the ice cube is larger than its relative size in liquid form is due to gaps the crystal structure creates. The higher density and crystal structure makes solids of any molecule much harder relative to its liquid counterpart. This goes for every liquid vs. solid. ...
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What is the differences between ice cap and tundra?

Ice cap is made of ice. Tundra is actually soil land that's just covered in snow and ice for most of the year. During the short summer months the snow kinda melts exposing grass. ...
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What country has no snow fall?

Africa and Turkish republic of Cyprus
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How much is 15cm of snow in inches?

Just convert cm to inches. If there is 2.54 cm in 1 inch. 5 inches of snow. ...
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Does it often snow in Anchorage Alaska?

not year round, but in the winter yes
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Was there a real ice age in 2012?

No, in fact 2012 continued the warming trend of the previous years. It was "the warmest year on record" for the lower 48 states of the US, and the eighth warmest year world-wide. ...
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How do you stop snow from melting?

Put it in your freezer. because it cannot stay outside and not melt unless the temp. stays under 0 degrees Celsius. ...
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Why does an ice cube not float?

Ice cubes do float on water.
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What lives on ice?

Animals such as penguins, polar bears, and seals live on ice.
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How many snow plows are in Georgia?

13 snow plows. The state is very cheap and dont want to waste money..
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What mountain has the most snow year to date?

In terms of Mountains with public ski areas - Mt. Hood's Timberline Lodge generally gets some of the highest snow totals each year. Right now 12/17/2010 they have already received 243 inches! Beat That upstate NY!! ...
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Why do some mountains have snow year round?

Temperature decreases as you get higher. If you get high enough, the average temperature is below 0°C most of the year, and the few days in summer which are above 0°C are not enough to melt all the snow which fell during the long winter. The snow stays there permanently until there is enough to slowly slide down the mountain under its own weight. This is called a glacier. Temperature also decreases as you get nearer the poles. The height above which glaciers...