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Glaciers are large, dynamic bodies of ice that form over long periods of time when snow accumulation exceeds ice ablation. They are among the most significant forces shaping Earth's landscape over long time scales. Glaciers are currently found at Earth's poles and in mid-latitude and equatorial mountains.

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What are four glaciers in New Zealand?

New Zealand has more than 3000 glaciers. The most famous are: Fox Glacier Franz Josef Glacier Hooker Glacier Mueller Glacier Murchison Glacier Tasman Glacier The Bonar, Therma, and Volta glaciers surround Mt Aspiring/Tititea, and the Tasman Glacier flows from Mount Cook/Aoraki. See the related link below for an interactive map of the glaciers found in New Zealand. ...
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What types of valleys do glaciers form?

u shaped valleys
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What is pate a glacier?

It is a pre-tempered chocolate that is solid at room temperature but melts easily and smoothly. ideal for dipping to coat and drizzling for a hard set plating design. ...
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Can you see the aurora borealis from Seattle WA?

It is uncommon for the Northern Lights to be visible at lower latitudes. But sometimes there are solar storms strong enough to produce the Northern Lights in places like Seattle Washington. ...
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Why are sea levels rising?

Sea levels are currently rising for two main reasons. Water in the oceans is expanding. This is the first and by far the greatest reason, due to the rising average world temperature. Melting of the ice caps and glaciers. The second and more minor reason at the moment is due to this melting putting more water into the oceans. A: Sea level rise is rapidly becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Sea level rise is caused by global warming which in turn is...
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I am in love and time has been passing so slowly and I can't stop thinking about her especially with the slow time - is this normal?

You have fallen victim to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. I kid you not!! Einstein argued that time is relative to what you are doing. So when you are with your beautiful lady, time goes by in the blink of an eye. When you are without her, each hour feels longer than a week in jail. With regards to thinking about her all the time, this is perfectly normal. Cherish each moment with her, treat her right and good luck. *Ok i don't know exactly...
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Will rising sea levels affect the Gulf stream?

Yes, the thermohaline currents will be affected.
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What are the glaciers that swept over north?

Glaciers are mountains of ice which lay on North America, glaciers can move up to 3mm a year and are dangerous. ...
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What do glaciers and icecaps store?

water, and anything that gets trapped inside them.
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What is the difference between a Continental glacier and a Valley glacier?

Valley glaciers travel down between the mountain ridges; these glaciers carry rock debris with them as they move. Continental glaciers are giant ice masses that cover hundreds of miles. They flow out onto the sea, where they form floating ice shelves. Continental glaciers smooth the landscape by scraping and eroding features that existed before the ice appeared. Alpine glaciers carve out rugged features in the mountain rocks through which they flow and are also are very different in elevation. ...
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How are continental and valley glaciers different?

Continental glaciers are thicker and larger. Valley glaciers are formed on mountains; continental glaciers are formed on flat land. ...
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Describe the features of Moai?

Moai are monolithic human figures on Easter Island. Moai Seamount is a submarine volcano in the Pacific Ocean west of Easter Island. ...
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How do you prononuce Haemonetics?

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How do glaciers change the Earth's surface?

When they slide or move across the land they pick up rocks and soil which changes the Ground beneath it. By glacial erosion which is when slowly over time large U shaped valleys are carved out; or by 'plucking' which is when rocks or boulders are literally plucked up from the surface and carried down the valley. Rocks frozen underneath glaciers carve the land when glaciers move ...
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How do glaciers cause weathering and erosion?

ANSWER: A glacier is nothing more than a frozen river still moving. It might only move an inch or two per year, but it still moves and this ice will erode the ground and rock below it faster and more agressively than if it was just water. Its because glaciers also pick up and move the rocks that they run over and this gravel (chunks of rocks) can carve mountains down and cut valleys miles deep....
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Are the cap and rotor the same for 1979 Datsun 280ZX as a 1980?

on a Nissan 280zx from 1979 to 1981 everything on the entire car is the same even down to the body doors and hatch ...
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Why are glaciers called nature's bulldozers?

because they are big and they tear stuf up on the town
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How are continental glaciers and valley glaciers different?

They are different because continental glaciers are the largest, and valley glaciers are on the top of mountain peaks. ...
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Why is visiter center at portage glacier in Alaska named for Begich Boggs?

The Visitor's Center at Portage Glacier is named after Nick Begich, Sr from Alaska and Hale Boggs from Louisiana. Begich was running for Alaska's lone seat in the US House and Boggs was a Congressman. Begich and Boggs were both passengers in a small plane that went down somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean in the early 1970s. ...
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What is a glacier?

Glaciers are huge masses of ice slowly flowing over a land mass, formed from compacted and recrystallized snow in an area where snow accumulation exceeds melting and sublimation. They can either descend from high mountains, as in valley glaciers, or move outward from centers of accumulation, as in continental glaciers. They are like a great river of ice, slowly moving and crushing rock underneath it, shaping the landscape. a large mass of ice and they form where snow falls more than melts a big...
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Is it possible that fate exists?

I believe we are in fact all manifestations of one "divine rule" that governs all in existence and this means that although we are guided by laws both physical and non-physical, we are an expression of that law and therefore are that law . yes some times some things r ment to be but u cant leve ur life and decitions to it.u are in controle of ur life and u call the shots even if fate lends a helping hand...
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How does material deposited by glaciers differ from material deposited by streams?

To answer this, think about the way water moves and how ice moves. Now think of steady fast-moving streams of water and massive hulking glaciers scraping across the land. Streams push sediments along and sort them into normalized groups. Sand is separated from stones of different sizes. Glacier pick up rocks in their slow progress and deposit them later as the ice melts. The streams' depositions are very regular; the glaciers' depositions are very irregular. ...
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How do glaciers make valleys?

The glaciers rubs against the land form which changes the land form into a U shape valley this works because the ice is so packed it pushes any land as in dirt sand and minerals out the way creating the valley ...