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With 11 theme parks in four countries, the Disney Resorts are some of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Since the opening of Disneyland in 1955, the company has expanded to include cruise lines, timeshares, and guided family vacations.

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Disney Theme Parks

Is Walt Disney World in Orange county Florida?

Most of Walt Disney World is in Orange County, Florida. Parts of it are in Osceola County.

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Disney Theme Parks
Walt Disney

What did Walt Disney give to the world?

Walt Disney gave animated movies. HE started it all. He gave entertainment and he gave children a chance to smile.


Just to be fair, Walt Disney did not invent animated movies. In fact, it isn't possible to credit any single person with the original idea. However, Disney did bring animation to an entirely new level: in 1928 he made the first sound movie in animation (a "short" called--and featuring--"Steamboat Willie," later known as Mickey Mouse). And in 1937 he produced the first "full length" animated movie in sound: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (It was full length in the sense that it was not a conventional "short" but was as long as traditional movies.) Watching that movie at the New York City movie palace known then, and now, as Radio City Music Hall was a thrill that every viewer would always remember: the characters were memorable, the songs were stirring, and the wicked witch was terrifying.

One feature of Disney's life that is little known is that he was the executive director of fund raising for the John Tracy Clinic, an organization founded by the actor Spencer Tracy, whose son, John, was deaf. The Clinic provided free home-schooling programs and materials for parents of deaf children. Disney volunteered his time and skill to raise the money for that notable service.

Disney Theme Parks
Roller Coasters

What famous rock group has a roller coaster named after them at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World?

Rock n' Roller Coaster Staring Aerosmith. The same ride is also in Disneyland Paris.

Disney Theme Parks
Walt Disney

When did Walt Disney World open?

The Walt Disney World Resort was opened on October 1, 1971. At the opening it only had one theme park, the Magic Kingdom. This was the second Disney theme park to be opened (Disneyland was first). The Walt Disney World Resort also included the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Resort, Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, and the Palm and Magnolia Golf Courses.

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Disney Theme Parks

How much does a performer at Walt Disney World make?

Compensation starts around $8/hour and increases with experience and seniority.

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Disney Theme Parks
Roller Coasters

How did Disneyland impact America's love for roller coasters?

by literally taking over one of the IOA islands and everything else. and that's why there are less and less riders lining up to ride the hulk. they're gajillionares and it's amazing they haven't moved one of the most feared and favorite coasters off marvel super hero Isle. with today's technology. anything's possible.

Disney Theme Parks

Where is Disneyland located?

The original Disneyland is in Anaheim, California in the United States.

There are also Disneylands in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Tokyo

Disney Theme Parks

Is Disneyland open year round?

Yes. Disneyland is open every day, although the operating hours vary.

Disney Theme Parks

When did Disneyland open?

Disneyland in Aneheim California opened Sunday, July 17th 1955

Disney Theme Parks

How much is parking at typhoon lagoon?

FREE!!! believe it or not. You can park here or blizzard beach for free but all the other parks charge $14

Disney Theme Parks

How many visitors are there a day at the Magic Kingdom?

10,000 off season to 90,000 busy times (holidays, christmas) average is 20-40 thousand

Disney Theme Parks

How do you get from Charles De Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Paris?

From cheapest to most expensive, there is the RER train, the shuttle bus, or the TGV train.

vea.fr provides full details of bus transfer times, rates, and drop-offs from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris.

Depending on your budget, for a family or group of 4 or more, it may save time to use a private transfer service. Shuttle-transfers.net are one option that provide English speaking drivers in France, but there are many others.

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Disney Theme Parks
Hong Kong

Why is Hong Kong's Emergency Number 999?

I presume that Hong Kong uses 999 because that is the Emergency Services number in Britain, and we all know that Hong Kong was once a colony of Britain. I suspect that's the same reason we also drive on the left in HK.

Disney Theme Parks

What is the difference between the Disneyland and Disney World?

(How old IS that answer?)

The Disneyland Resort (in Anaheim, California, near Los Angeles) has two parks: Disneyland (the one and only Original) and Disney California Adventure (which is better than you've probably heard, especially if the people you're hearing about it from visited it several years ago).

Walt Disney World (mostly in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando) has four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) and a couple of water parks.

As you might have guessed, Disney World is significantly larger; the primary reason Disney built it was that he was becoming severely constrained by development surrounding the original Disneyland, and he wanted greater control over the entire guest experience including hotels (at the time, Disney itself didn't own any of the hotels around Disneyland; even the Disneyland Hotel was owned and operated by someone who had licensed the name, though Disney has since bought it). However, Disneyland is more 'concentrated'; the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland are not identical, but they are the most similar of any pair of Disney parks in the US, despite Disneyland having a significantly smaller footprint (85 acres vs. 107 acres). (When Star Wars land opens in both locations, the one in California will be part of Disneyland but the one in Florida will be part of Hollywood Studios.) California Adventure has duplicates of several rides from various parks in Disney World, but isn't especially like any particular one of them and vice versa.

There's a Universal Studios in the general vicinity of both locations; the one in Florida is bigger (and significantly closer to the Disney parks) but the one in California is "more authentic" in that that's where the working backlot where many movies have been filmed is ... however, a fire a few years back destroyed large swaths of the backlot, so a lot of what you see there now is no longer the original set that was used for many of your favorite movies either.

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Indian Ocean

When is the cheapest time to go to Cozumel?

During winter since that is an off season time and hotels tend to be cheaper in off season.

Disney Theme Parks

What is the most frightening ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios?

The only two rides that can really be considered 'frightening' are Rock 'n' Roller Coaster & Tower of Terror

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Road Distance

Distance between Bridlington and withernsea?

According to Google maps UK the distance between Bridlington and Withernsea is 31 miles

Disney Theme Parks
Walt Disney

Who designs Walt Disney World's costumes?

All costumes worn at Walt Disney World and the other Disney theme parks are designed by Walt Disney Creative Entertainment.

Disney Theme Parks
United States of America
United States

What is an example of a US city with 700000 people?

Grand Rapids

Germany in WW2
Disney Theme Parks
Jokes and Riddles
Home-Based Businesses

How do you keep a blonde busy for hours?

  • Imagine you are a blond, if you ain't one
  • Put her in a circular room and tell her to find four corners
  • Get a piece of paper and write please turn over on both sides
  • Put her in front of mirror so she has someone to talk to.
  • Put a carton of apple juice in her front, she will CONCENTRATE for hours
  • Teach her to spell.
  • Put her in a circular room and tell her to sit in the corner.
  • Give her a bag of M & M's and tell her to put them in alphabetical order!
  • Give her two shovels and ask her to take her pick
  • Make her phone herself until someone answers.
  • Lock her in a closet
  • Give her a bottle of shampoo that says "Lather, Rinse, and Repeat"
  • Ask her "Which came first the Chicken or the Egg"
  • Give her a book of Blonde Jokes
  • Give her a dictionary, and tell her to stop reading it when she figures out who did it.
  • If you want to keep yourself busy too, you can tell her a joke and wait until she gets offended.
Disney Theme Parks
Hong Kong
Maps and Directions

How do you get Hong Kong Disneyland?

Take the Tung Chung subway line to Sunny Bay station.

Take the special Disney train that goes straight to Disneyland.

Have fun!

Disney Theme Parks

Does the magic kingdom have wifi?

Please note that this is not true of the Disneyland Resort in California. The parks themselves "have" wi-fi in that you can see that there are networks there, but they are for Disney's internal use and are not open to guests; if you want internet connectivity you'll need to use a cell phone data network provider (the outside areas in the parks are covered reasonably well by the major cellular providers, though you may lose signal inside many of the buildings). The one exception to the "no open wi-fi" rule is the viewing area for World of Color, which opens its wi-fi network (though it still does not provide internet connectivity) during the waiting period prior to the World of Color shows so that guests can play a game involving the lights on Mickey's Fun Wheel.

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Amusement Parks

How many people die at Disney World each year?

On average, roughly one a year since Disney World opened. Some of these deaths have been suicides, and some of them didn't actually occur "at Disney World" but followed an incident there.

The most common cause of death for Disney employees is falling while working in a high place or being run over by a transportation or ride/show vehicle.

The most common cause of death for guests is "preexisting conditions" (usually heart problems), though "doing something that's contrary to both the rules and common sense" is also a significant contributor.

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Business and Industry

How did socio-cultural differences create problems for Walt Disney in opening parks overseas?

In the book "International Business" (11e) by Ball, McCulloch, Geringer, Minor and McNett they discuss this.

For one, Disney figured that in France (where parents typically don't take kids out of school during the year for vacations but rather take them for several weeks in the summer/fall) they could convince the French to adopt a more American model of family vacations throughout the year. They were wrong. The busiest time of year for them was one month. The rest of the year they struggled. Their prices were high, and they put in fancy/expensive restaurants thinking the French would be like many Americans that skip breakfast and run out to "play." They weren't. Disney then tried pre-packaged breakfasts in the guest rooms. That didn't go over well. Eventually they had to revamp their facilities.

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Walt Disney

When is the best time of year to visit Walt Disney World to save money?

The only places you might reasonably expect to "save money" are travel and possibly at the hotel; Disney passes are pretty much the same price year-round (single day pass prices do vary, but it's kind of silly to go all that way for one day at the parks), as are meal costs. You're far better off contacting a travel agent, who should be aware of any special deals good for specific dates, than relying on any nebulous advice like "Oh, go in fall".


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