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Theme parks are lands of wonder. Acres of rides, playgrounds, shows, food and smiles for the whole family to enjoy. Ask questions about popular theme parks here.

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Head Injuries
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Is it safe to ride a roller coaster with a level one concussion?

It depends on high speed limit

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What date was the Merry-Go-Round invented?

The first example of the Merry-Go-Round, or Carousel was in Paris in 1605. They were developed in Italy though. These usually took place in squares or large courtyards, and consisted of elaborately costumed riders and horses (usually from the cavalry) performing choreographed routines such as forming shapes together, riding in lines criss-cross against each other. They often took place at night, with riders carrying torches, and were accompanied by music. for more info go here:

The fairground machine called a Merry-go-Round or (in America) Carousel was developed in the 19C when practical power-units made them viable. Merry-Go-Round is generally the public's, not trade's, name.

In the UK fair trade at least, they were and are known generically as "rides", and more specifically by a descriptive or trade-name. The traditional ride with horse and cockerel "sculptures" as seats arranged to rise and fall as the machine rotates, is called a "Galloper".

Initially they were driven by a small steam "centre-engine" on the truck that forms the machine's base on the fairground, and the transport trailer for travelling between fairs. Later rides became powered electrically, from a generator first on the steam "Showman's Road Locomotive" (large, powerful traction-engine) that towed the ride from town to town; then on lorries that performed, and still perform, the same duty.

Typically they were fitted with a "self-playing" organ - using mechanical perforated-card readers to control the stops and notes - for the role now taken by the disco sound-system on modern rides. However the name "steam organ" for these instruments is a complete misnomer, for although they may have been powered by an auxiliary steam-engine the pipes always used only air.

British rides always run from right to left as you watch them. American (& I think Continental European) rides traditionally go from left to right.

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Lego Video Games

Where can you download Legoland The Video Game?

I'm afraid Legoland the Video Game does not exist.

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How tall do you have to be to go on air at aloton towers?

You must be at least 1.4 meters tall (about 4.6 feet).

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What are two ways a roller coaster can accelerate?

A roller coaster can accelerate using an electromagnetic field or linear motor.

Another way for a roller coaster to accelerate is by using a hydraulic launch method. using cables to catapult the ride forward.

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How many rides are there in Camelot?

There are 26 different rides.

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Six Flags

Does Six Flags have go karts?

Yes, six flags has go carts.

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How do you stop being sick on a Roller Coaster?

By covering your ears with cotton or your hands as ears are responsible for static and dynamic equilibrium.

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Birmingham England
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How far is Alton Towers from Blackburn?

The distance between the Alton Towers and Blackburn -137 kms means 1 hour(s) and 41 minutes(s). But the weather conditions, traffic may effects the driving distance.

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How many rides does flamingo land have?

There are rides like 'cliff hanger kumali' and lots more. Overall, there are about 40 + rides.

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Disney Theme Parks
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How did Disneyland impact America's love for roller coasters?

by literally taking over one of the IOA islands and everything else. and that's why there are less and less riders lining up to ride the hulk. they're gajillionares and it's amazing they haven't moved one of the most feared and favorite coasters off marvel super hero Isle. with today's technology. anything's possible.

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Confederate States of America

Whose faces are carved in Stone Mountain in Georgia?

The figures carved into Stone Mountain are the Confederate heroes, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.

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How far is Gatorland from Miami Florida?

Gatorland is at 14501 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida, 32837 which is 219.39 miles from Miami and about a 3.5 hour drive. It is educational for those who are interested enough to see these creatures up close and persoonal.

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English Spelling and Pronunciation
The Difference Between

What is the difference between a carousel and a merry-go-round?

According to Holly Marie Combs in an episode of Charmed called Forget me...not, "A merry-go-round has lots of animals. A carousel only has horses." This is not actually true; carousel and merry-go-round are synonyms. Although most people, and dictionaries, consider carousel and merry-go-round to be synonyms, there is a distinct difference to amusement ride manufacturers. Carousels turn counter-clockwise, while Merry-Go-Rounds turn clockwise.

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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises
Roller Coasters

Can you ride on roller coasters when pregnant?

No, because the jarring and getting thrown around can cause placenta abruptae, in which the placenta is torn from the uterine wall and the fetus bleeds to death.

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Universal Studios Theme Park

Can you take bottled water to Universal Studios in Orlando?

of course you can

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Driving Times
Universal Studios Theme Park

What is driving distance from Disneyland in California to Universal Studios in Hollywood?

About 40 minutes/37.5 miles according to Google Maps.

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What is the worst thing that has happened to a water park?

A boy was trampled while in a wave pool, there can be more horrible accidents but in my opinion I thinks this it it


June 3, 1997, One dead, 30 hurt in water slide collapse

June 03, 1997

At least 30 people were injured in Monday afternoons accident at Waterworld USA, about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco.

The students seniors on a pregraduation outing ignored a lifeguards warning and tried to ride down the 75foottall slide together, according to Waterworld general manager Steve Mayer.

Our guard couldnt control it, he said of the large gathering of teenagers going down the water slide.

The accident occurred soon after the park announced that Napa High School students visiting Waterworld about 120 in all, according to the school should return to their buses for the trip home.

At that point, some of the them rushed to the top of the slide, according to Rick McCurley, vice president of Premier Parks Inc., which owns Waterworld.

Survivors said they were trying to break a school record for total number on the slide when it gave way.

Witnesses said people on the winding slide, called the Banzai Pipeline, crashed to the ground when it collapsed. The pool of water below turned red with blood.

The injured teens were screaming and crying for help, witnesses said. It was a very chaotic scene at first, one police officer at the park said. It was pandemonium, another officer said.

One girl, a 17yearold Napa student who was not identified, died 45 minutes later from a crushed chest. Helicopters and ambulances transported the injured to nine hospitals.

In a statement issued late on Monday, Premier Parks defended its safety record. Safety is our number one priority. Based upon what we know at this point, we believe this slide was safe, the company said.

Concord police Lt. Jim Jennings said city officials would conduct an investigation at the site.

He said police were not aware before this incident of any safety problems at the park.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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How many people die at Disney World each year?

On average, roughly one a year since Disney World opened. Some of these deaths have been suicides, and some of them didn't actually occur "at Disney World" but followed an incident there.

The most common cause of death for Disney employees is falling while working in a high place or being run over by a transportation or ride/show vehicle.

The most common cause of death for guests is "preexisting conditions" (usually heart problems), though "doing something that's contrary to both the rules and common sense" is also a significant contributor.

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What is the name of the water park with aqua in the name?


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What year did Knott's Berry Farm first open?

It was opened in 1940, when Walter Knott built Ghost Town to give folks waiting for the Chicken Dinner something to do. It started in 1920 as a roadside stand selling berries. A coffee shop and small store were open by 1927. A dining room was added in 1934 and by 1941 it had expanded to a 600 seat restaurant. By then several shows and attractions had been added and in 1947 the farm was officially named Knott's Berry Farm. The first ride was a narrow gauge railroad opened in 1956. Between 1968 and 1975 the first thrill rides were built, including the world's first 360 degree roller coaster.

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What are the three fastest roller coasters in the world?

#1 - Formula Rossa - Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 149.1mph (240.0kph)

#2 - Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson Township, New Jersey, USA. 128.0mph (206kph)

#3 - Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point - Sandusky, Ohio, USA. 120.0mph (190kph)

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Lost pass elitches?

If you lost your season pass atElitch gardens, fee and valid I.D is required if you want a new one.

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Six Flags

What time does Six Flags open in December?


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Are linda park and grace park sisters?



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