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Want to know almost anything about the United States? This great country has something for everyone. Do you like nature? Try seeing the Old Faithful or hiking in the Sierra Nevada. Like amusement parks? Try visiting Cedar Point or Disney World. Like historic locations that shaped America? Try the Alamo or the Liberty Bell. Like to see some manmade wonders? Try the Golden Gate Bridge or the St. Louis Arch. Like Sports? Try the Dallas Cowboy Stadium or Madison Square Garden. What more can you ask from a country like the USA?

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What US city names have 8 letters?

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· Aberdeen, Washington

· Anaconda, Montana

· Anaheim, California

· Anderson, Indiana

· Anderson, South Carolina

· Beaufort, South Carolina

· Beaumont, Texas

· Bellevue, Nebraska

· Bellevue, Washington

· Billings, Montana

· Bismarck, North Dakota

· Caldwell, Idaho

· Chandler, Arizona

· Cheyenne, Wyoming

· Columbia, Missouri

· Columbia, South Carolina

· Columbus, Georgia

· Columbus, Ohio

· Damascus, Oregon

· Danville, Kentucky

· Danville, Virginia

· Dearborn, Michigan

· Dunwoody, Georgia

· Eldridge, Iowa

· Espanola, New Mexico

· Evanston, Wyoming

· Fairhope, Alabama

· Florence, South Carolina

· Franklin, Louisiana

· Franklin, New Hampshire

· Franklin, Pennsylvania

· Franklin, Tennessee

· Gillette, Wyoming

· Glendale, Arizona

· Glendale, California

· Glendive, Montana

· Glenwood, Iowa

· Hartford, Connecticut

· Hastings, Minnesota

· Hastings, Nebraska

· Hiawatha, Iowa

· Holbrook, Arizona

· Honolulu, Hawaii

· Imperial, Nebraska

· Jennings, Louisiana

· Johnston, Iowa

· Kankakee, Illinois

· Kennesaw, Georgia

· Kingston, New York

· Lakewood, Colorado

· Lewiston, Idaho

· Manassas, Virginia

· Marietta, Georgia

· Meridian, Idaho

· Newberry, South Carolina

· Pasadena, California

· Portland, Maine

· Portland, Oregon

· Richmond, Kentucky

· Richmond, Virginia

· Riverton, Utah

· Rockport, Indiana

· Sandusky, Ohio

· Sarasota, Florida

· Savannah, Georgia

· Thornton, Colorado

· Townsend, Montana

· Tualatin, Oregon

· Umatilla, Oregon

· Unalaska, Alaska

· Valdosta, Georgia

· Villisca, Iowa

· Waterloo, Iowa

· Woodburn, Oregon

· Yoncalla, Oregon

· Zumbrota, Minnesota

What state has the most letter E's in its name?

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That would have to be Rhode Island because its official name, "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations", uses 13 different letters.

What us states begin with the letter D?

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There is only one US State that begins with the letter D. It is:

  • Delaware (DE)

What state at 35 degress north latitude and 105 degress west longitude west '?

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Well, a set of latitude/longitude coordinates actually describes only a single point,
so it's not possible for a whole state to be right there.

That particular point is in the San Isabel National Forest in south-central Colorado,
about 27 miles southwest of Pueblo.

What US states have directions in their names?

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There are 5 US states that have "directions" (north, south, east, or west) in their names : North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

1965 little Jim's fish and chips store Harlem NYC on 116st. between 7th and Lenox ave. what type of fish did the use?

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They had the best fries and fish with their home made ketchup. The fries can in a brown paper bag that was nestled in a half of bread baggie.

Love you hat place.

How many distribution center are there in the United States?

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The number of distribution centers in the United States can vary greatly depending on the industry and the specific criteria used to define a distribution center. There are thousands of distribution centers across the country, serving a wide range of purposes, from shipping and receiving goods to managing inventory and logistics. If you're looking for specific information about distribution centers in the USA, it's advisable to consult relevant industry reports, government databases, or trade associations for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Additionally, if you're interested in promoting a PR distribution service in the United States, you can visit the following website for more information.

Which US state is purported to have the best public education?

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According to the Washington Post, January 8, 2009, two independent studies determined Maryland has the best public schools in the U.S.

Editorial Projects in Education, which publishes the trade newspaper Education Week, conducted a three-year study of public school performance following the 2002 federal Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act. The study evaluated school systems on a number of criteria, including accountability standards, college readiness of high school graduates, spending and equity. The composite results placed Maryland at the top of the rank.

A second report by MGT of America found that "proficiency levels statewide [in Maryland] have improved dramatically for all students," particularly in elementary schools. The state cut the gap separating proficient from below-proficient students by 50% between 2004 and 2008, an impressive achievement.

MGT of America attributed much of the improvement to hiring new, better qualified teachers, improving student-teacher ratios by creating 8,300 new teaching positions, and increasing school and classroom accountability for achievement.

These studies aren't the only indicators of public education performance, however. An analysis of standardized test scores indicate higher achievement in specific areas by students from other states. For example, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Kansas have a higher percentage of 4th grade students performing "above advanced" in math (Maryland is fifth). Assessment scores for 8th grade writing place Connecticut first and Maryland sixth.

Although no single state performs best in all measures, overall, it appears Maryland's public education system is excellent.

What is the smartest state in America in 2010?

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In 2007,Vermont was the smartest state,with a smart rating of 18.57. Massachusetts and Connecticut were in 2nd and 3rd place, but Massachusetts does excel in test scores.In fact,most of New England is actually smarter than the rest of the United States.

Some of the dumbest states are Arizona,California,and Mississippi.kansas is 13th from the top of being smart

What is the most dangerous high school in America?

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The most dangerous high school in America is probably loche high school or crenshaw

What does it mean when a state is out of the contiguous US?

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The 48 American states whose borders are shared with one or more states are contiguous. The remaining two states, Hawaii and Alaska, do not have borders that touch any other American state. They are, therefore, not contiguous states.

How do air ferns grow?

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By absorbing moisture from the air.

What state has the largest cookie factory?

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The state with the largest cookie factory is Illinois.

Why do Americans eat burgers?

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Americans fell in love with burgers because they are easy to eat while traveling. The 1950s made hamburgers fast.

What state grows the most daisys?

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West Bengal, Bihar, Ittar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orisa