This category covers questions about Pennsylvania, one of the four Commonwealth states and one of the New England states. Pennsylvania was the second state to ratify the Constitution, five days after the first state, Delaware, on December 12, 1787. The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.

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What is the state capital of Pennsylvania?

Harrisburg is the state capital of Pennsylvania. Lancaster was the state capital from 1799 but they moved to Harrisburg in October of 1812.

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Law & Legal Issues
Criminal Law

What is the penalty for grand theft in pa?

Felony 3rd Degree/ Felonyu*7 yrs$15,000

Food & Cooking

How many McDonald's in PA?

According to McDonald's website there are 35 restaurant locations in the state of Pennsylvania. See the Related Links for more information.

Famous People

What are some famous people that lived in Altoona'PA?

Tina Walker-Thompson(author) grew up in Altoona, pa born in May, 1961 at Altoona Hospital, to Frances (Russell) Walker and Charles Bennett Walker. She was one of five children.

Food & Cooking

What foods are grown or produced in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a major producer of beef, dairy products, poultry, eggs, and honey. Important crops include food grains, soy beans, crops raised for vegetable oil, garden vegetables, a wide variety of fruit and nuts, and mushrooms. Heinz products are also from Pennsylvania.

History of the United States
Colonial America

Who founded Pennsylvania and why?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania on March,4,1681 for two reasons: To make money and to provide the Quakers a safe haven in the American colonies. Penn considered his attempt a "Holy Experiment." Pennsylvania accepted all colonists who believed in one God. Because many colonists of differing beliefs were allowed to settle in Pennsylvania, the colony prospered. Dutch, Germans, Swiss, as well as British Quakers settled the area.

William Penn wanted to name Pennsylvania "Sylvania" which means woods, but King Charles II wanted to name Pennsylvania "Penn" because of Williams dad's (and Willam's) last name was Penn. So King Charles II and William made an agreement and put their 2 ideas together. "PENN" and "SYLVANIA" put it together it makes PENNSYLVANIA.
William Penn


Which is the nearest airport to Pennsylvania?

You could fly right into the state if you wanted to for example Philadelphia International Airport (PHI) or Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). If you only want to get close without entering the state you could consider Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Countries, States, and Cities

Is north mammon a real city in pa?


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No, North Mammon is a fictional city that was created for Criminal Minds. According to the Criminal Minds Fan Wiki, it is implied that the town is located in Allegheny County. Allegheny County is a real county in Pennsylvania. You may know it for being the county where Pittsburgh is located. I have never seen it on the internet anywhere but I think that North Mammon represents Clairton PA. The football team's colors are black and orange. The Clairton Bears football team wear black and orange uniforms. North Mammon made the state championship in the episode. The Clairton Bears have won three consecutive state championships. Clairton is located in Allegheny County where football is what the town is all about like North Mammon. In the background of the North Mammon Police Office are smokestacks, suggesting that it could be a mill or steel town which Clairton is as well as other towns along the river.

Divorce and Marriage Law
State Laws

Is there a way a man and woman can get a civil union or domestic partnership that gives them the same rights as a married couple in Pennsylvania?

Yes, bear with me a moment:

Marriage is a civil contract between two people. This is fundamental. Another fundamental in the US is contract law. Contracts in the US are difficult for any outside party to break or void, especially governmental agencies.

Corporations and Limited License Partnerships are also civil contracts, similar in many ways to marriage.

Think outside the box and file an LLC, or LLP. You might find as such you have more rights.

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New Jersey
Road Distance

How far is West Chester PA from Newark NJ?

About 120 miles according to MapQuest.


What is the punishment for involuntary manslaughter in pa?

15 years recommended

Rain and Flooding

How much rain does Pennsylvania get each year?

About 40.26

Cosmetic Surgery
Skin Care

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

The average tummy tuck performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will cost between $5,000 and $10,000. The price ranges due to the variations in patients and surgical techniques involved. To simplify, some people merely have a protuberant belly and require what plastic surgeons call a mini-abdominoplast. Other patients require extensive work, like those patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and now have excessive loose skin. Others still may have moderate to severe abdominal muscle laxity and when the surgery involves the muscles, the price will increase.

I got a quote for a tummy tuck for 2,500 USD. Bulgaria seems to have good "cost friendly" options for cosmetic surgery. I am a plastic surgeon in Utah and my fee for a full abdominoplasty is variable depending on what needs be done, usually about $5500.

The prices for Tummy Tuck surgery can vary and it depends on the size of your case and the travel package which our patients would prefer.

The exact cost can be determined by a detailed consultation and examination with considering your expectations.

In my practice, prices for Tummy Tuck surgery reaches from 3750 Euro up to 5750 Euro range, and it also includes the travel package such as accommodation, local transfers, and language assistance.

New York
Greyhound Bus Line

How much do greyhound bus tickets cost from Ny To Pa?

You need to provide what town in NY you are leaving from, as well as what town in Pennsylvania you are going to. To find out the answer, go to related link.

Child Support

Child support payments stop in Pennsylvania?

see link

Children and the Law

Can you visit out of state when you have joint custody?

Moving Out of StateThis is all dependent on the State in which you live. I am a paralegal and also a mother that has joint custody with the father and I have legally removed my children from the state where we all lived. There should be a portion of your Parenting Plan/Domestic Relations Affidavit that directs you on how you are to handle this. If there is not, you need to call the clerk of the court in the county where the custody papers were issued, and ask what you need to do. In MOST states, you have to send the other party a certified, registered, return receipt letter stating the city and state that you are planning on relocating to. The opposing parent has 30 days to respond, in writing. If they do not, you are free to go. If they do respond and it goes to court, you generally have to prove to a Family Court judge that the benefits of moving the child far outweigh the detriment that the lack of the second parental involvement would have

Read on for more input from Wiki s contributors:

  • Watch out if you have joint custody and you live in the same county. He can take you to court and make it where you can't leave the state. But if you have a man that wouldn't do that, it's more likely he will have them for the Summer and maybe Christmas here and there.
  • You made an legal, binding agreement. Live with it, or surrender custody.
  • If you have joint then you will need to let the father know that you are planning to leave, But he can take you to court and make you stay in the same county. If he doesn't mind and lets you go then sure but if he takes you to court them you might have to stay, it's up to the judge then. If you just go he could call the cops about you stealing the child.
  • Any lawyer would have to prove that either it is in the best interest of the child or not the best interest of the child. Also one point to be taken into consideration is if there are other siblings that are not by that father as well. The courts will find it is best to keep siblings together. With an agreement of liberal visitations there should not be any problems if you both can work it out in that manner. Also another fact is that if the physical placement is with you and the child knows you the best, the judge may also look at the fact that if the mother is not happy the child will not be happy and this situation could disrupt the whole family long term. Consult with an attorney because to prove it is not in the child's best interest is what the other party needs to do.
Colonial America

What does Penn mean?

"Penn." is the old abbreviation for Pennsylvania. "Penn" or "Penna" is still used in legal documents, and was used in addresses (like "Wash" used to be for Washington State). But after postal codes were initiated, PA became the offcial abbreviation.

Importing and Exporting

What are some major imports in Pennsylvania?


State Laws

Is it illegal to resale used mattresses in PA?

It's unlawful to sell it and claim that it is a NEW one.

PA Dept of Labor & Industry

Bedding and Upholstery Law Act249

Speaking directly with the contact at the PA Dept of L&I, clarification was given as individuals may sell such bedding and are not restricted by this Act249 if they originally purchased the items without intent to resell. Selling a mattress you bought, without intending to resell it but may no longer want it or need it, at "yard sale" is legal and not governed by Act249.

Postage and Shipping

How long does mail take to get from Allentown PA to New Philadelphia Ohio?

1.28 Gigawats

US Civil War
History of the United States

What did the Mason-Dixon Line divide?

Maryland (slave) and Pennsylvania (free soil)


How many states are larger than Pennsylvania?

There are 32 with a larger area.

Cars & Vehicles
Property Law

How long does a person have to claim an abandon car on private property in Georgia?

Just a guess, but normally 30 days, but check with the police or the DMV in Georgia to find out the right answer.

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Where is Philadelphia located?

Philadelphia is a city located in the state of Pennsylvania. On the north eastern side of the United States of America. In Pennslyvania

Colonial America
Climatology and Climate Changes

What was the climate of colonial Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania's climate during Colonial times was very similar to its climate today, though perhaps a little colder. See the related question for a description of the current climate.


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