Amish refers to an assembly of Christian church fellowships known for their plain dress, simple living, reluctance to adopt the conveniences of modern technology, and refusal to perform any kind of military service.

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Arranged Marriages

Do the Amish have arranged marriages?

No. In fact parents play a very small role in their childs choice of a marriage partner.

When an Old Order Amish adolescent reaches the age of 16 they enter a period called rumspringa where they will typically enter a "peer group." Groups are not formed by adults but are often defined simply by their level of deviation from the norm. In my area (the 3rd largest Amish settlement in America) they have even named the groups. One is very wild, experiments with liquior and drugs and drive cars. Another group drives cars and dresses in modern clothes. Another group does not drive cars and maintains more traditional dress. The latter group participates in what are called home singings.

From their peer group the Amish teen will often select a spouse. The boy and girl make the decision together and then inform the parents of their decision. It is kept a secret, although many others have discovered it by this point, until it is publicly "published" about 8 weeks before the wedding.

While parents may instill in their children certain values or hold certain families in high esteem, both of which may influence their selection of a peer group or spouse, the parents themselves have little if any role in the the selection of a childs spouse.

Parenting and Children

How do the Amish spank?

Most Amish use things such as wooden spoons, belts, straps, or their bare hands. They hit them on their bottom a few times when they are very naughty.

Religion & Spirituality

What are Amish toilets like?

The vast majority of Amish communities allow inside flush toilets. There are some notable exceptions such as the Swartzentruber Amish and the Nebraska Group in Pennsylvania. There are other communities such as Buchanan County Iowa and Adams County, Indiana that did not allow flush toilets. I know at least some, if not all of the Adams County community allows the use of indoor flush toilets. Communites not allowing the use of indoor flush toilets would make use of outhouses and chamber pots.

Mental Health

How do the Amish view people with ADHD?

They would view them as a regular person loved by God.

Religion & Spirituality

What is the difference between Amish and Hutterites?

The Hutterites are open to most modern technology, while the Amish shun it. The Hutterites also believe in an undivided way of life, such as what's mine is yours and what's your is mine, while the Amish tend to have a more independent lifestyle.


Why do the Amish live the way they do?

They live the way they do because they don't believe in the modern world and choose not to live like non-Amish people.


Do Amish marry non-Amish?

If they want to continue to live in the Amish community, the Amish marry within their faith.

Manners and Etiquette
Business Etiquette

How can you learn good table manners?

Good Table Manners
  • The host and hostess (giving the dinner) generally sit at each end of the table. In some cases if there are grandparents or great grandparents and depending on the culture they will sit at each end of the table.
  • If the dinner is fancy and there will be soup, salad and a main course then the table should be set with dinner plate on bottom, salad plate on top of that and the soup bowl on top of the salad plate. Cutlery to each side of the plate with a napkin (sometimes people will put the napkin in the wine glass).
  • Don't start to eat until everyone is seated. Some people may say a prayer of thanks before eating and if you are a non believer at least bow your head. Don't simply just 'dig into the food!' The host and hostess are the ones that should pick up their knife and fork first to eat and everyone else follows suit.
  • Place your napkin on your lap and DON'T tuck it into the top of your dress, blouse or shirt.
  • If it's a fancy dinner then work from the outside in. Soup may be served first, then a salad and then the main course. When eating soup you cup the soup spoon (hollow side) away from you and scoop the soup up that way. No slurping! Then the smaller fork is used for the salad (and even perhaps a smaller knife depending on the salad.) The smaller knife is a 'butter knife' and can be used if buns are served. If the table is set properly there should be a separate plate for your bun. If there is no plate for the bun then putting the bun on your dinner plate is acceptable.
  • If wine is served it's usually served from the right or, if it's a simple family dinner the bottle is passed along the table. If you don't like wine then just say so. Water glasses with ice water should also be placed at the top of the dinner/salad plates.
  • Don't feel you have to eat everything that is given you. Say nothing, but pass the food (if not served by a maid) to the next person. If a maid or (if in a restaurant) a waiter/waitress is serving then just quietly say 'no thank you.' Don't take huge portions of food because you can always go back for seconds (if asked!)
  • When you finish your main course cross your knife and fork across your plate (this means you are finished.) If you aren't finished and would like more then place your knife and fork on the plate side by side. This is only used at wealthy banquets or at high end restaurants. When eating at someones home cross your knife and fork on the plate. The Hoestess will usually ask if you would like another portion of everything and if you want to then do so.
  • If eating with a family then offer to help clear the table or even do dishes.
  • Be sure you thank the host and hostess for the delicious meal.
  • A lot of the mannerisms that are expected of anyone while eating are mostly common sense really. Well, actually it's a little common sense and a little of learning from a good website. Act like a gentleman or lady, which ever the case.

How can you tell an Amish man is married?

In both Old and New Order Amish communities single males are clean shaven. Once married they begin to grow their beard.

Women's Clothing

What kind of panties do Amish girls wear?

home / hand made ones

Punctuation and Capitalization

Should the word Amish be capitalized in a sentence?

Yes, it should be capitalized because it is the proper name of a group of people.


Where did Pennsylvania Dutch settlers come from?


Comparative Religions and Denominations

Are the Amish Quakers?

No. They are two different denominations. Most modern Quakers (members of the Society of Friends) do not dress 'plain' as the Amish do.


How do you say father in Pennsylvania German?

It would be pronounced as "Vader".

Colonial America

Who are the Pennsylvania Dutch?

The people called "Pennsylvania Dutch" were settlers from Germany that set up homesteads in eastern and central Pennsylvania. The word for German is Deutsch, so when people asked them were they were from, the English heard 'Dutch' and assumed they were from Holland, e.g. English speaking folks thought they said "Dutch".

Care of Horses

Why don't the Amish ride horses?

The Amish DO ride horses, but mostly they use buggies for transportation.


Is there an ATM in Amish country?

Yes, there is.


Where are Amish communities in Nevada?

Therre ain't none!

Religion & Spirituality

What is the phobia for fearing Amish people?

They are a very Loving people and only people that are against GOD are against them. Have you looked at any films, studies, interveiws, of/with them?

Where can articles about the new Amish heaters be found?

See the related link below.


Where is Amish country in Pennsylvania?

In Lancaster.


What do Amish people call non Amish people?

Or they call them non amish or outsiders too honestly!

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken by the Amish?

The Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch- (a dialect of German) as a first language and learn English when they are about six and begin school.
The Amish speak German among themselves and English with the broader, English-speaking community.
The Amish speak a version of the German language. They also speak English so they can deal with their non-Amish neighbors.
They speak Pennsylvania Dutch which is a dialect of German as a first language and learn English when they begin school at about six.

Answer2: They also speak their Swiss German dialect.


What is livermush called in Pennsylvania German?

It's known as Scrapple.


Do Amish women shave their armpits?

Amish women do not shave their armpits, legs, or any other place on their body that growns hair (besides your head) because they believe God but it there and that's special and should not be cut off or in this case shaven.


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