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German Language and Culture
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What are some German physical traits?

Pretty simple. The original/indigenous people of Germany are Europeans from the central and northern regions. However they are not exclusively limited to that, since Slavs also inhabitated parts of eastern Germany. Thus the physical features/ traits would be similar to North and Central Europeans in most cases. As a whole Germans belong to the light and blond branch of Europeans, however this varies greatly. The so-called Nordic type linked to a tallish stature, slender build, longish head shape, strong chin, narrow features, a a pale complexion, with light eyes and light/blond hair is seen among Germans, but is not dominant. This was the type associated to people who brought Germanic languages to Germany. However the Palaeolithic type which is larger in build, taller, broader-featured, shorter-headed, darker-haired( more brown-haired), as pale and light-eyed is dominant in northern to central Germany. The so-called Alpinid/Central-European type which is darker than both types already mentioned and is also broader-featured, shorter-statured than the Nordic, mainly hazel to brown-eyed is common in southern Germany. However due to population movements Alpinid could be found as individuals anywhere in Germany. Now as in every population there are mixing, thus Nordic-Alpinids are common, especially in central and eastern Germans populations. Nordic- Palaeolithics are very common in the north, this type is as blond as the Nordic, but broader featured. Slavs also brought another type known as the Osteuropid, which is somewhat blonder-haired than the Nordic, with more grayish-colored eyes found mostly in northeastern parts, but is in the minority. Thus a whole Germans belong more to the blond regions of Europe than brunets. The very tall, medium-build, hook-nosed, brunet-complexioned, dark-eyed Germans are also found especially in the south and are slightly more common than the Osteuropid ones. Nevertheless Germans are by far predominantly Northern European (60-80%) in physical traits, the rest Central European.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
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Did cave man live during the Mesozoic Era?

Nope-all that stuff you've heard about neanderthals fighting giant tyrannosaurus Rex is fictional. In fact, Homo sapiens, or early humans, didn't appear for another 20 or so million years after the last dinosaur went extinct!

Bible Statistics and History
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Adam and Eve

When did people come onto earth?

The Bible states that it was about six thousand years ago that GOD made us and all! Only a couple of days after GOD made Earth, did GOD add us onto Earth!

Religion & Spirituality
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Who started religion?

The entire ancient world possessed the original traditions of the Creation, the existence of the human soul and the afterlife, etc.

One thing that researchers agree upon is that mankind has always believed in a Higher Power. Archaeology has shown that no ancient society ever existed that did not believe in the supernatural. (See:Can you show me that God exists?)

Based upon a massive worldwide study of the most ancient inscriptions and the earliest levels of civilization, Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt (in his twelve-volume Der Ursprung Der Gottesidee) concluded that the original belief was monotheistic; a belief in One God (see footnote 1, below). It was a simple belief in the Creator (Dyeus Pater; Sky-Father) with no imagery of any kind. It gave way relatively quickly to polytheism and idolatry, but its traces could still be seen by the careful researcher, just as (for example) Proto-Indo European has left indelible marks within the later languages. Other traditions also are traceable worldwide, such as the religious significance of the number seven, and the immortality of the soul.

The process by which the awareness of One God gave way to a belief in many gods, has been described by Scandinavian researchers (see footnote 2) as splitting ("Gottespaltung"): the people gradually viewed God's attributes of truth, righteousness, fertility etc., as separate from Him, and afterwards personified and worshiped the attributes themselves, until God was largely forgotten.

According to Jewish tradition also, (Rashi commentary, Genesis 4:26), monotheism is more ancient than polytheism. Maimonides (see footnote 3, below) describes the process by which polytheism began: "A couple of centuries after the Creation, mankind made a great mistake. They said that since God had created the stars and spheres and placed them on high, accordingly it is fitting for people to praise and glorify them and to treat them with honor. They perceived this to be the will of God, that people should magnify and honor the stars. They began to praise and glorify them with words, and prostrate themselves before them, because by doing so, they would (according to their false conception) be indirectly honoring God too."

It was the original belief which Abraham reinstated through his teaching of ethical monotheism.


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3) See the full quote from Maimonides, in: "How did polytheism start?"

Human Origins

How many subspecies of homo sapiens exist?

None. There's only one living species in our genus of Homo.

Social Sciences
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Did the neanderthals walk upright?


Ancient History
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Who invented India?

India is ancient most country and civilisation in the History with Aryans the first known race as her habitants.

History of India
Chinese Language and Culture
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Are Chinese People Descendants from Indians?

yes, unless you go all the way back to "hunter and gather" stage.

Most of the Indians are descendant of Aryan or Dravidian.

The ancient most race known in history was Aryans.

With passage of times they spread out allover and new countries and races got developed and known.

Just the way Sanskrit the language of the Aryans is the oldest and mother of all languages, the race of Aryans is the mother of all civilisations.

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Which two continents did homo sapiens spread to more quickly?

Homo Sapiens originate from Africa, Europe, and Asia. They spread to Australia and then North America during the Ice Age. This was due to land bridges being formed during this time period. South America was only connected to North America, so to reach this continent the Homo Sapiens had to first pass through North America (which is what they did).

Human Origins
Adam and Eve

Where do black people come from if Adam and Eve were white?

First of all, Adam and Eve came from the Bible. Before the Bible was written (which dates back to events of not much more than 2000 years ago) people were drawing pictures on caves of up to 30 000 years ago, creating stone tools, etc. The Homo genus evolved over 500 000 years ago, from a common ancestor to the ape and this was discovered because anthropologists dug up fossils that demonstrate this fact. This means that through verifyable dating analysis, this fossil was sitting there for 500 000 years. God did not put that fossil there. This is something that just happens, as all organic things must die.. By the way this happened in what is now called Africa. It was shortly after this that humans migrated, traveling up through europe and across ice bridges into North America. There were other hominid species like Homo neanderthalis, which coexisted with human for a while, but later became extinct. Whether there relationship was symbiotic or conflicting is another debate altogether.

AnswerGod formed Adam and Eve from the dust of the earth which is brown,if you research you will see that the garden of Eden is located in Africa. Adam and Eve were black. The different races came about after the flood when Noah's sons and their wives traveled and settled in different places with different climates. Over time people began adapting to their environments thus the change of skin color and face structure. Also, there are plenty other races in the world besides black and white. Because many whites felt superior, many artists would depict Jesus and Adam and Eve to look European. This is why many people believe they were white. Jesus was Jewish, the original Jews were olive skinned with dark curly hair, some straight. American Jews have been mixed with whites. Africans are original blacks, whereas African Americans have been mixed with other races, just like jews. Over time many races have blended together esspecially in America "the melting pot".
Human Origins
Slot Machines

Caveman keno strategy?

There isn't any real strategy per say, as the numbers are randomly generated and impossible to anticipate. I enjoy playing the game, and tend to do 4 numbers up or down or side by side conected. (4,14,24,34 or 1,2,3,4 for example) I tend to win more often when playing just one quarter. The 4x and 8x multiplier seems to come in more often on a single quarter bet then when I up it to 2, 3 or 4 credits. I have never hit a 6 or 7 spot, but always hear from people who say they have. I do notice I can last longer on my $20 playing the 4 spot then people doing the higher numbers. With that said, if they do hit 7 out of 7, thet will win much more than I will!

Zoology or Animal Biology
Human Origins

Is a human a mammal?

Yes, due to many features including hair and norochord.

Ancient History
Human Origins

How did Cro-Magnon become a village?

Cro-Magnon people entered into village life by staying in one place and constructing homes there, instead of following the reindeer herds in their seasonal migration.

Human Origins

Were the first humans called homo sapiens?

The first hominins (human ancestors that walked upright on two legs) appeared between 6 and 7 million years ago. The genera Sahelanthropus, Orrorin, and Ardipithecus have all been suggested as the earliest hominin. Modern humans, Homo sapiens, did not evolve until about 200,000 years ago.

Cars & Vehicles
Auto Racing
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What is the world's oldest race car?

at the site of the targaflorio, they mention"the older race of the world", maybe they mean the oldest race of the world. It is held from 1906 to the mid seventies at Sicilie, Italy. source: Possibly the 999 built by Henry Ford and raced in 1901. The car is on permanent display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan. It appears that the first race was held on July 22nd 1894 between Paris and Rouen in Normandy and organized by sports journalist Pierre Giffar of the daily "Petit Journal". A total of 21 cars, 14 powered by gas and 7 by steam, took part. Only 14 made it, after roughly 10 hours.

Prehistoric Animals
Human Origins

What does the prehistoric or preliterate era refers to?

The time before humans developed written language.

Human Origins
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

How did BBC film an Australopithecus Afarensis?

They used actors in suits.

Ancient History
Human Origins

What did the cro-magnons clothes look like?

Animal skins converted to clothing.

History, Politics & Society
Stone Age
Human Origins
Adam and Eve

Who was the first human being on earth?

I'll assume you're asking your question for the purposes of finding out what science has to say about when the first "humans" appeared on earth. A strictly religious point of view would obviously differ considerably. Humans belong to the species Homo sapiens. This is the biological name for "people." To answer your question, you need to have some background on what a species is, and a sense of how humans evolved Biologically, individuals belong to different *species* if they are unable to produce children who themselves can have children. For instance, when horses and donkeys mate, they produce a baby that is a little like a horse and a little like a donkey. We call the baby a mule. Mules are sterile and so cannot breed further - with each other, or with a donkey or a horse. Thus donkeys and horses belong to different species. Where do these differences come from and how do they arise? The short answer is that they represent differences in the DNA found in horses and donkeys. DNA is the genetic code which specifies all components needed to "make" an organism. Every cell in your body carries your DNA which acts as a blueprint of how to make "you." Over time changes occur in the DNA. These changes are the result of mistakes made when the DNA is copied from cell to cell, or of more "genetically traumatic" events such as large duplications or deletions in the genetic code (kind of like adding or removing a chapter from one of your textbooks). It's important to realize that these mutations happen randomly. You can't tell when or where a mutation will occur. The effect of these changes is tested against the environment. Beneficial mutations, ones that help the organism survive and have children, are more likely to be passed on to later generations. It's also important to realize that significant amounts of change happen very, very slowly, so slowly that it's impossible to see any change over a person's lifetime. Scientists must look at fossils from millions of years ago to note and appreciate the scale of evolutionary change. Humans evolved from a common ancestor shared both by us and by the apes we see in the world today - gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans. This common ancestor is referred to as Kenyapithecus. Its fossils have been found in Africa, and are ~16 million years old, indicating it lived 16 million years ago! Over time (millions of years!), subgroups of Kenyapithecus became sufficiently different that they could no longer interbreed (different species). One of these subgroups led to the line Homo - our direct descendants. Members of the Homo line include Homo habilis which lived ~2.5 million years ago, and Homo erectus which lived ~ 1.8 million years ago. The first humans ( Homo sapiens neanderthalis) are believed to have evolved from Homo erectus approximately 500,000 years ago. Thus, the first humans appeared nearly half a million years ago. Who they were and what they did represents a large field of study, pursued by Archaeologists, Anthropologists and Evolutionary Biologists.

Human Origins
Glee (TV Series)

Is Irving Penn still alive?

No, Irving Penn passed away on October 7, 2009 at the age of 92 in Manhattan.

Ancient History
Earth Sciences
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Planet Earth

How long has Earth existed?

approxamately 4.6 billion years

Human Origins

Are neanderthals taller than homo sapiens?

No. They were shorter and stockier.

Human Origins

Human beings are mammals?

Yes, we are.

Adam and Eve
Human Origins

Who was the first man on the earth?

Other answers from our community:

Adam is a fictional character. There is no way of knowing who the first male (or human) was, by name anyway.

Answer Prophet Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) and Hawwa "Eve" (Peace be Upon Her)

Adam - no surname


the name of the first man on earth is ADAM.


If you believe in God, I think he was called Adam. Its ok if you dont.

Prophet Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) and Hawwa "Eve" (Peace be Upon Her)

Answer: Strictly speaking, there was no first man on earth. Evolution works slowly and there was never a single set of parents who were from the species Homo erectus, who had a son who was completely different from them. The was gradual change over thousands of years, until eventually an entire generation and not just one man, was so different that we could say that everyone was now Homo sapiens, or modern humans.

Traditional Christians regard Adam. from the second creation story in Genesis, as the first man on Earth, but some Christian denominations now acknowledge that biblical tradition as not literally true.

Answer: In all abrahamic faiths [Islam,Christianity,Judaism,Bahaism,etc] Adam is the first Man on Earth and [INSHALLAH] Science will proof that "Adam" was the 1st Man and the father of all humans.

His name was Adam meaning 'red clay.'

Genesis 2:19 New King James Version (NKJV)

19 Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.

Oral Health and Dental Care
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How long does it take for Coke to decay the teeth?

It depends on how long the tooth is in contact with the teeth. we did an experiment in school and we concluded that if a tooth was soaked in coke it would decay in 0-1 weeks when soaked in fanta it took 1-2 weeks.


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