Alternative Religions

Those faith systems and spiritual beliefs which fall outside of the better known and more commonly practiced religions. These include, but are not exclusive to: Witchcraft, Paganism, Voudoun, Santeria, and Satanism.

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Alternative Religions

Is WesCVINMD a religion?

No. That's a string of gibberish letters

Ancient Religions
Alternative Religions
Norse Mythology

Who is Odin's wife?

Frigga, (also called Frigg or Fricka) is the wife of Odin (also called Woden, Wotan, and Odhinn).

Frigga is the Norse "Mother of All." She is the protector of children and families, and is usually pictured with the sacred distaff of life. A distaff is a single, hand-held spindle used to spin wool into yarn. Frigga is also said to know the futures of all, but refuses to tell it.

Philosophy and Philosophers
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How do you create an inductive argument?

you start by creating premises that make the conclusion probable but not necessary (as is the case with deductive arguments).

For example,

Socrates was Greek

Most Greeks ate fish


Socrates probably ate fish

this is an inductive argument, because it is based on probability. the natural sciences frequently use this type of argument


First pick your subject and have ready certain facts which can be put forward for discussion. The facts may be argued for or against, but in the end all come to a general conclusion of the possibility that the facts contain enough evidence to argue the point, certainly enough to satisfy all concerned that the possibility that the evidence put for or against has merrit.

Alternative Religions

What is jardalanin?

"The assistant of an Oroqen shaman (called jardalanin, or "second spirit") knows many things about the associated beliefs. He or she accompanies the rituals and interprets the behavior of the shaman. Despite these functions, the jardalanin is not a shaman. For this interpretative assistant, it would be unwelcome to fall into trance."

Please see the related link below.

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Alternative Religions

Is everything of one consciousness?

I would say everything is of one 'sub-consciousness' and that those who embrace spiritual oneness hope for one consciousness to see the light of day.


That is an outstanding answer, I totally agree. But it is almost impossible for people involved in a religion to take their eyes off of their individual God, to understand that. 'The Lost Rivers Out of Eden' by Mike Kusiak, takes the Holy Bible and shows the reader the spiritual side of it which makes the Holy Bible the most inspirational book in the world. It begins by separating the sub-conscious from the conscious minds of the reader. A guide takes the sub-conscious mind on a journey and leaves the conscious mind behind to turn the pages and read the book.

It is a fascinating journey where ALL of the previously mysterious verses and parables in the Bible become completely clear. Actually the 'mark of Cain' and the '666' appear before your very eyes which makes the entire Bible transparent, it's a great book which if read by enough people will end the Mid east wars forever, end all addictive behavior and all of the current problems which face mankind. It is truly worth reading. It's cheap on

Alternative Religions

Has anybody ever been to a Christadelphian Hall?

I spent decades in their "halls." Their "halls" have the appearance of a normal church. After defecting, I nonetheless came to the conclusion that Christadelphianism is a cult, and, if not a cult, it is in many ways "cult-like." However normal and pedestrian their houses of worship may appear, these are not "mainstream" Christians. Do some very thorough Internet research before drawing your own conclusions.

Alternative Religions

What is Sheilaism?

Robert Bellah in Habits of the Heart tells of a woman named Sheila who had constructed her own private religion out of bits and pieces from here and there and had named her new religion "Sheila-ism."

Taken from:
Andrew Daw Plymouth UK Bibliography

Authors, Poets, and Playwrights
Alternative Religions

How did Ernest Holmes die?

Alternative Religions

Is The Center for Spiritual Living a cult?

It widely depends on what you consider a cult, and your view of the Center for Spiritual Living. I cannot, as an impartial answer, testify to it being or not being, it is more of something to judge yourself if you wish to do so.

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Are there any Wiccan supply stores in Paducah KY?

There's the Magical Cat -- I think that's the only one in that town.

Alternative Religions

What do believers of Thelema think happens after death?

Crowley believed in reincarnation , so that's pretty much it , the link should give you an idea of his thoughts on the subject , there is no hellfire , no fat children with wings , no fields of gold ,no valhalla , maybe indefinite residence on the astral plane(s) (if you are a secret chief , but if you are you wouldn't be asking this question) .

The text you'll find by following the link should explain to you how to obtain memories of past lives.

Also this is a more cryptic explanation of the thelemic notion of death .

The main idea is you have nothing to lose in death. I'm not going to give you an advanced explanation along the lines of cosmic cycles & "we are the total sum of all our memories" & "there is a Higher Self above the mundane conscience that dies & is reborn with every thought , one that is immortal and has access to so many memories of so many lives" etc.The links should be a pretty good guide your personal understanding of the matter is something you must put together yourself...

Supernatural and the Occult
Alternative Religions

How is trong-jug tantric technique used?

Trong-jug is a spiritual and mystical tantric technique used to:

  1. animate corpses
  2. travel as an animal
  3. give its practitioners virtual immortality.
  4. switch bodies

Trong-jug is basically the core root of all vampire lore.

Below is a portion of an explanation from the Unexplained forum


"Because the procedure is real, and lineage holders are active today, its implementation is always veiled under a thick coat of secrecy. Trong-jug is used this way:

Having identified a healthy young victim, the adept transfers his/her Consciousness Principal (CP) to that vicinity. Using erotic projections to loosen the target's own CP, the adept "hooks" it through a lower orifice and removes it, causing (brief) clinical death. The practitioner's CP then enters the victim's body through its crown chakra and stabilizes at the heart chakra. The adept's original body is now dead, but his/her mind functions through its newly stolen body.....

Trong-jug is usually done when the lineage holder has grown old or diseased. In this way, (s)he can pass from an aged weak body to a young strong one in a (theoretically) never-ending series......

Lineage holders also like to emphasize the difficulty of the technique, but in fact it is fairly easy for those who have a good foundation in tantric yoga, especially phowa..."

Alternative Religions

How do you renounce Christianity?

A:You do not need to renounce Christianity unless you wish to do so. The one practical reason for doing so would be if you live in a nation such as Germany or Denmark, where the government pays a tithe to the established Church based on the number of Christians said to live there. Renouncing Christianity would mean that the Church no longer receives a tithe on your behalf.

Otherwise, your decision not to be a Christian can be entirely private, with no need to tell anyone else. A somewhat more public way of renouncing Christianity is to quietly tell some friends or relatives that you are no longer a Christian. Joining another religion, such as Buddhism, also effectively ends your association with Christianity. Finally, you can also contact your former church and ask to have your name removed from its register of baptised members, although few bother to do so.


It is to having once known that Christ exists as the son of God, then coming out in open denial off such an existance. Usually this is replaced with some other belief which does not include Christianity.

Ancient Religions
Alternative Religions

What does purakau mean and give an example?

Purakau is a Maori teaching story, for example a Maori creation myth would be a parakau.

Alternative Religions

How do you use success spiritual oil?

Spiritual oils are used in prayer and rituals to emphasize one's intention. In seeking success, the oil may be used to anoint the tools one will use to achieve success, or any article that symbolically represents the area in which one seeks success.

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Alternative Religions

What does the phrase Fe Vit Frith Grith Heil mean?

Fe (wealth), Vit (Wisdom), Frith (Harmony), Grith (Security), and Heill (Health)

Earth Sciences
Alternative Religions

Who are the scientists that possess scientific attitudes?

Anyone who is a scientist should possess scientific attitudes, or she/he is not a scientist.

They have perseverance and determination and that's the true scientist.

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Comparative Religions and Denominations
Alternative Religions

What is Total number of religions in the world?

There are more than 730 religions in the world. The three main ones are Hindu, Muslim and Christian.

Alternative Religions

What was heaven's gate cultist's comet called?

Hale Bopp

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Which is a feature of religion in the Fertile Crescent?

Biblical Hebrew originated there.

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Is the NextGen Academy affiliated with the Unification Church?

NextGen Leadership Academy is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization based in Seattle, WA.

General information found on [related links]

GuideStar is an extensive database on nonprofit organizations [related links]

Category (NTEE):O Youth Development / O50 Youth Development Programs

Mission StatementVision: Change The World Through Personal Transformation.

Challenge and Empower the Next Generation to Create Lives of Authenticity, Abundance and Altruism.

Impact StatementNextGen Academy is an innovative leadership program that changes lives. We give college age youth the power and confidence to believe that they can do anything, from serving the communities of the United States to East Asia and rural Africa, our participants realize that they have the potential to do anything and everything.

Financials and Forms 990 and Docs may be viewed after becoming a registered user of

Alternative Religions
Religion & Spirituality

When was the religion Asatru founded and where?

Asatro as a reconstructionist movement was founded almost simultaneously in Iceland (Íslenska Ásatrúarfélagið) and America (Asatru Free Assembly). This occurred in the early 1970s.

The historical basis for Asatro is Norse mythos, which may be up to 40,000 years old and originated in northern Europe.

It is very important though to note that Asatro and ancient Norse religion are by no means same - they simply share mythology, and symbols, as religions they are however fundamentally different. The latter was a nature religion which primarily focused on pleasing gods, in exchange for basic material needs and provide protection from the forces of nature and enemies, whereas the latter is a New Age religion with more spiritual aims.

As our knowledge of the old Norse religion is fairly scarce, and sources for understanding the thinking of this ancient people even more limited, it is safe to assume that making an accurate reconstruction of the the Norse religion is an impossibility, and would also serve little or no purpose.

Alternative Religions

What is Jashin?

Jashinism is an ancient Japanese religion that originated in Japan and spread to Europe, afica, and the USA. There is proof and research behind that. It supposedly is a real but not widespread or popular religion. It apparently is a misunderstood religion. yes it did appear in the anime series 'Naruto'. No that doesn't mean its fake. And i actually did find this old book in a library quite a bit ago where i used to live that was pretty much about the religion, history, beliefs, etc i took it...shhh. you can visit this website if you want. it explains the religion, beliefs and such.

Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
Alternative Religions

What does it mean when you see black birds on a wire with a white bird in the middle of them?

It's a sign of hope that segregation is over

Alternative Religions

What does the color gray mean on a flag?

holy spirit


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