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The legends, worship and observances of a god or gods of the distant past. Including but not restricted to the Roman, Greek, Sumerian, Norse, Celtic, Indian, Chinese and Japanese.

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Norse Mythology

Who is Odin's wife?

Frigga, (also called Frigg or Fricka) is the wife of Odin (also called Woden, Wotan, and Odhinn).

Frigga is the Norse "Mother of All." She is the protector of children and families, and is usually pictured with the sacred distaff of life. A distaff is a single, hand-held spindle used to spin wool into yarn. Frigga is also said to know the futures of all, but refuses to tell it.

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Ancient Greece

How did Ancient Greek religion change over time?

In 393 a Christian Emperor, Theodosis, took over Greece, forcing them to answer to the holy christ.

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What was Camelot's religion?

The City of (consisting of Castle Camelot and it's surrounding encampment) Camelot was a fictional city involved with the Arthurian poems and stories involving ancient England. Depending on which source you would believe Arthurian legend to evolve would also depict an ideal of the religion possibly followed in Camelot.

5-6th Century Arthurian Legend:

A 9th century Historia Brittonum cites an Arturius from 5-6th century Romano-British leader who fought against the onsetting Anglo-Saxon invasions. Be this the case the Roman Catholic church had been established in the 2nd century and would have been the invasive religion for the British culture. However, the Celtic religion would have been the cultural norm at the time.


If you subject yourself to the ideal of Merlin being a King's adviser it would suggest that Arthur was a Celt by religion. It was unheard of for a King to have an adviser on their court who was of a religion contradictory to the King's.


If you believe Arthur to have been a King under the reign of the Roman empire then he would be expected to share the generally accepted beliefs of the Roman Empire. The Roman empire was split into multiple religious states:

Pre 350 A.D. : Absorptive with cults and native religions. Picking up local religion and melding it. Greco-Roman polytheism reigned in the central states.

Post 350 A.D. : Constantine and his sons established Christianity (Catholicism) across the empire with certain leniencies toward other religions.

Modern Culture Interpretations:

Most modern interpretations of the Arthurian legends bespeak Arthur as a Christian king, therefore ruling a Christian kingdom.

In the end its really up in the air as to the religion since it is not expressly agreed upon by any of the experts I've read as of yet.

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Old Testament

What is the setting of the story of the creation from Luzon?

It is basically Filipino mythology and folklore involving collections of tales and superstitions about magical creatures and figures. It originally was influenced by Hinduism, but supposedly became Christianized. Since it retains stories about multiple gods, it doesn't fit the description of true Christianity.

The stories involved are not Biblical, involving three gods, who originally didn't know each other. As they met, they rivaled each other, one was slain, the other died of illness. Bathala, the caretaker of the earth, thus became the supreme god, who decided to create creatures he wanted with him on the earth, which already existed. Much of the legend revolves around the coconut tree, which purportedly sprang from the common grave of the two dead gods.

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What is the oldest known religion in the world?

Answers from various contributors:

Oldest Known Religion:

Religion goes back at least as far as human civilizations. Nobody knows what the first religion was. The Egyptians predate the Jews, The Mesopotamians predate them. The Chinese predate them...

Religions with a creation story often claim to be the oldest, since the world began with that creation and with the god or gods of that religion.

Hinduism: Since Sanskrit is the oldest written language, as far as religion being written down, and as far as organized religion is concerned, it would be Hinduism. It is said that when Rama appeared, according to our calendar, was a million or so years ago (not sure of the exact date, but it's a long time!) And Krishna, God himself according to the Vedic scriptures, appeared here 5,000 years ago. Buddha, about 500 B.C., Jesus, about 2,000 years ago. If you go through the different religious book and study this question deeply, you will find out that Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. There are no dates and facts, but its history is about more than 50000 thousands years ago.

Additional input from our users:

  • Others say that animism would be the oldest known type of religion. This is a primitive religion, which sprang up independently in many areas of the world, but in most countries has mainly been replaced by more formal religion.
  • Remnants of animal worship survived in Judaism and Christianity. Satan was a serpent; Jehovah, like Osiris, was worshiped as a bull; Christ was the lamb of God, and the Holy Ghost appeared in the form of a dove. However, these are only symbols of the worshiped object, and are not worshiped in themselves.
  • The Egyptian religion can also be considered the oldest religion. Its origins date back beyond 3000 BCE.
  • First off, this is a very general question. Religion comes from "religare," which is to bind, or have union with, etc. so humans throughout our history have been seeking this union. Yoga, in Sanskrit, means union. This longing for connection to God, to worship God, is innate in most all human beings.
  • Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all Abrahamic religions. Abraham dates back to 1800 BC.
  • This also depends on religion - my personal belief is Judaism, since Adam and Eve, and then through Noah. Many people don't believe that nature or sex worship, solar worship, or worship of elements or forces of nature are technically religions. Most such people believe that a polytheistic worship of gods that represent the values of the people was the first religion (gone from today's world).
  • From a Biblical perspective, undoubtedly many of the religions of the world are very ancient, and no doubt included what is known today as various 'animistic' elements. Such worship is, according to the Biblical view, the worship of the creature rather than the Creator who made the particular object, whether it be the sun, or a tree etc. It would be akin to us worshiping and adoring a technological invention, instead of praising the inventor, as we know that everything has a maker. In the same way the Bible records these religions as a degeneration from the original monotheism we find in the beginning. The Bible also records the first type of religious ceremony in Genesis 3:3-6 where Cain and Abel both made offerings unto the Lord, the Creator of all. According to the Biblical view, all other religions would have come after this time and developed from it, essentially as creations of man. Genesis 4:3-5 (King James Version)
"And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering: But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell."
  • Even before this religious ceremony of the offering of the sacrifice, it is recorded that Adam had a form of open fellowship with God as He had spoken to him and received and understood God's instructions. This simple understanding and fellowship between persons, which in a sense transcends all religious practice as man meets personally with His maker, is what is restored to a degree when a person becomes a "new creation" in Christ and receives the in-dwelling Holy Spirit. This requires no religious ceremony, can occur anywhere and anytime, and is open to everyone who wishes to worship "in Spirit and in truth." It also has the assurance that everything has already been done and completed through the finished work of Jesus Christ, not through any amount of religious works which the devotee can do.
  • Worship of Animals and Plants - In the infancy of the world animals were deified and adored, and trees and plants were regarded as sentient beings and received the homage of man. Nearly every animal has been an object of worship. This worship flourished for ages in Egypt and India. In Egypt the worship of the bull (Apis) was associated with that of Osiris (Serapis). The cow is still considered sacred in India. Serpent worship has existed in every part of the world.
  • Australian aboriginal religion began about 60,000 years ago. The age of ancient religions predate Christianity's claim of a young earth.
  • According to

    "Archaeologists have discovered what seems to be remains of the world's earliest religious worship site in the remote Ngamiland region of Botswana. Here, our ancestors performed advanced rituals, worshiping the python some 70,000 years ago. The sensational discovery strengthens Africa's position as the cradle of modern man. ... While, up until now, scholars have largely held that man's first rituals were carried out over 40,000 years ago in Europe, it now appears that they were wrong about both the time and place. Associate Professor Sheila Coulson, from the Oslo University, however claims to have proof that modern humans started performing advanced rituals in Africa 70,000 years ago. She discovered mankind's oldest known ritual in Botswana.'

  • No doubt it's Islam. The first man also the the first prophet was Adam on the Earth, Adam(Peace be upon him) taught that Allah is the name of the God and follow the commands of Allah was the religion.
  • Vedic Hinduism and Zoroastrianism are considered the oldest organized religions.
  • I would place Hinduism as the first known religion, although it is not strictly a religion in the formal sense of the word, but a spiritual Tradition.

    The origins of Hindu tradition have been traced as far as the ancient Vedic civilization (2nd and 1st millenia BCE up to 6th Century BCE) and ancient Indus Valley civilization (c3,000- 1500 BC) although there are archaeological indications that strongly suggest such spiritual Traditions whether Hinduism or not existed long before that - into pre-history

  • I'm sure neolithic man and even earlier Species of Mankind had their form of Ritualistic Worship or Traditions. It's possible we might never discover the first true religion and still others may wish to express their points of view or further this question based on their knowledge or expertise on the subject.
  • The practice of seeking and sharing (or hoarding) scarce resources, or alternately, practices and traditions that strengthened clan loyalty.
  • The oldest documented religion still in existence today is a form of paganism, believing in a god and goddess, it is over 40,000 years old, and was once practiced everywhere, though loosely, by Native Americans, Celts, and ancient Romans and tribal Africans. However, it is not as strong because of conviction and genocide by the catholic church.
  • The oldest known religion is shamanism, examples of this date back to when Neanderthals still accompanied us on the planet. The wisest and usually the oldest of a tribe would be appointed the Shaman. Responsible for guidance and medical treatment the Shaman defined religious rites and practices for his tribe. This is only one step away from the family unit which is usually not described as a religious group. Shamanism is found in the all parts of the world. An interesting note, a tribe that was expelled due to religious persecution from Egypt, migrated west and carried their religious practices and some Egyptian traditions with them, they still practice that same religion to this day in Mali. The Dogon? worship Ama, a god who came down on an ark and a wave of fire and landed in a storm who came from the Star Sirrus B, a star that is too far for the naked eye to see, yet they know exactly where it is using a special tool and information given to them by their god more than a thousand years ago.
  • This is easy to answer, Sumerians have the oldest KNOWN religion.Known is the key point, Sumerians have the OLDEST form of communication that told about their religion. Therefore, Sumerians have the oldest KNOWN religion.

  • Animism is believed to be the oldest religion on earth. Animism has been practised by Australian aborigines for at least sixty thousand years. There is also early evidence of animism in European cave art.
  • One thing that researchers agree upon is that mankind has always believed in a Higher Power. Archaeology has shown that no ancient society ever existed that did not believe in the supernatural.

    Based upon a massive worldwide study of the most ancient inscriptions and the earliest levels of civilization, Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt (in his twelve-volume Der Ursprung Der Gottesidee) concluded that the original belief was monotheistic (see note 1, below). It was a simple belief in the Creator (Sky-Father) with no imagery of any kind. It gave way relatively quickly to polytheism and idolatry.

Notes: 1) Albright, "From the Stone Age," p.170; and J.A. Wilson, "The Culture of Ancient Egypt," p.129.
Also Baron, "A Social and Religious History," vol. I, p.44 and 311.
Also James Meek, "Hebrew Origins," p.188, quoting Langdon, Lagrange and John Ross.
Also Martin Nilsson, Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaften, 2nd ed., p.61, 141, 220 and 394.

Another Answer from our community:

Some say that Islam, in its general sense, is the oldest religion as it started by universe creation.

Some say that Hinduism is the oldest religion (that evoloved from Sanatan Dharma- eternal religion).

Ancient Religions

When was Guru Nanak born and when did he die?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on the 15th of April 1469 and passed away on the 22nd of September 1539.

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Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Mythology

What did the Ancient Egyptian god Horus wear?

The Pharaoh was Horus on earth, so Horus is often represented wearing the "double crown" -- the combined white crown of upper Egypt (it kind of looks like a big bowling pin lol) and the red crown of lower Egypt to symbolize his association with and authorization of the ruling family. He is usually in the form of a man with a falcon head, though sometimes he is represented as just a falcon wearing the double crown. While Re was the sun god, Horus represented the various stages of the sun (dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, and the hidden sun at night) which paralleled the stages of human life. In representing the stages of the sun as well as the life of "the son", because of course the pharaoh, like Horus, was the son of a god (Osiris was Horus's father, but the pharaoh was son of a father God/King and through him could be the son of whatever god he or his family wanted to associate themselves with) who had (as the Egyptians would say) "gone to the West" (ie died and been reborn), Horus is sometimes shown with such things as an eye or a solar disk to suggest which stage he is meant to portray. His actual name in Egyptian was simply "Hor". Horus is the Greek version of his name. While he is not a primordial god, he was one of the earliest gods worshipped in Egypt, for he was the son of the first god, Osiris, to die and be resurrected. His mythology centers around setting order over chaos through victory over the god Seth, who was responsible for murdering his father. While Horus's father ruled the underworld after his death, Horus was the god who remained in the earthly realm in his father's stead, ruling, as the pharaohs hoped they would too, with the blessing of those who had come before and as an example of maat (order and justice) to those who would follow.

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Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Mythology

Who is Thoth's wife?

Egyptian myths can be slightly confusing, so brace yourself...

In a well known myth to those who are familiar with basic Egyptian myths is the myth of the Ogdoad, these were the 8 children (4 sets of twins) born of Thoth and his wife Ma'at, daughter of Ra, who was the personification of truth and justice.

But, in some Nomes (Regions) of Egypt, another wife of Thoth was the goddess Seshat, who was his 'counter-part' as goddess of the written word.

I've tried to keep this a s simple as possible, so sorry if I ended up confusing you ...

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The Afterlife

Did the Mayans believe in an afterlife?

Yes, they did. it is described in their hieroglyphs that have been only partly deciphered.

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Is neutralism a religion?

Yes, Agnostic Neutralism is a form of anti-religion in which (as a broad description) one believes that there is no definitive proof of either the existence of a(ny) deity(ies) nor the lack of existence thereof.

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Shiite Islam
Sunni Islam

Is ahle sunnat n barelvi same?

Maulvi Ahmad Raza Khan (1856-1921) was a Muslim scholar from Bareli, India.

His followers, called Barelvis, consider him Imam. Maulvi Ahmad Raza Khan was the central figure around which the movement of Barelvi school of thought was promoted in the South Asia between the 19th and 20th centuries, earning followers and opponents.

Followers of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan in India claim to be Hanafis by Madhab (School of jurisprudence), but accept the other three Sunni schools to be true and valid. His opponents truly claim that he added a number of heresies to Islam and the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence.

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Who is the Arcadian goddess celebrated on January11?

Carmenta or Carmentis

Ancient Religions
Greek and Roman Mythologies

What is the cyclops attitude toward the law?

The cyclops didn't like following rules. They liked to make up their own rules. They weren't scared of the law; they just didn't want to live by it. Besides, Cyclops in mythology represented the tops of volcanoes.

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Why did the Ancient Egyptians want to preserve a body of a dead person?

They applied natron salt, and then wrapped them in linen cloth. Natron salt was a mixture of salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). This natron salt dried out the bodies but didnt get rid of the skin, just took out the moisture. What was also placed on the body was amulets. The ancient egptians placed many small amulets on the body. They placed these on them after they were wrapped in cloth. they also put in a book-of-the-dea. inside the bodies sarcophagus.

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When did religion start?

According to the Bible: A dictionary defines religion as "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs." It further defines it as "something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience." The Genesis account of the Garden of Eden is one of the most widely known accounts in the Bible. In this account, we find that Jehovah placed Adam and his wife, Eve in the garden, and provided them with a set of standards. These were simple commands. One well-known law was that there was a restriction against eating from one particular tree.-(Genesis 2:17) Another simple command was to populate and subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28) Whether Adam and Eve performed any specific rituals, the Bible does not say, but they most certainly had to believe in God, and obey him. This, by definition, would constitute a religion. A few years later, we read in Genesis 4:2-4, Adam's sons, Cain and Abel, both made sacrifices to God. Cain's was an offering of crops from his garden, and Abel's was an animal sacrifice. This also would constitute an act of religion. So right from man's early start, religion has been in existence.

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What religious beliefs did the Hammarabi code reflect?

Apparently none, all 282 written laws make no reference to any particular religion. The would-be Jews that lived during this period may have had some influence, though this was prior to scriptural Judaism.

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Greek and Roman Mythologies

Three gods who control mortal destiny?

Fates (goddesses

Ancient Religions

What are 5 modern day examples of mythology?

1: Clash of the Titans movie

2:achiles tendon

3:Tennessee Titans

4:Trident gum


History of England
Ancient Religions
Roman Empire

Which British Chief was made King by the Romans?

Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus (Usually known mononymously as Cogidubnus)

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English to Hebrew
Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Mythology

Who was Isis' beloved?


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What idea kept the Hebrew people together and united?

In the traditional Jewish viewpoint, the common heritage is the central uniting factor. "Our nation is a nation only through its Torah" (Rabbi Saadiah Gaon, 882-942, in his Emunot Vedeyot).

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Roman Empire
Ancient Rome

What is Rome's nickname?

The Eternal City or The City of Fountains is Rome's nickname.

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Chinese Language and Culture

In china does sun mean life and moon mean death?

not exactly, the sun and moon are aspects of Yang and Yin respectively. These forces have other aspects as well. Including hot and cold, dry and wet, life and death. So by association it is possible to say that the sun means life and the moon means death however really it is only because they are aspects of yin and yang.

Ancient Religions

What is Wutado?

Please translate it from the origin German website. I will try...

The idea:

WuTaDo is a five thousand year old doctrine, which draws on the knowledge before the time of today's civilizations. WuTaDo is the origin of Shamanism, Wuismus, Taoism, etc. WuTaDo is clearly not a cult, not a religion, not a belief system. WuTaDo followers are warriors.


The home of WuTaDo is an ancient China, some 5-6 T. years ago! They are also today inked to China.

TheWuTaDo teacher were knowledged in history in the background of significant political, cultural and military actions, they have affected China. Where WuTaDo came to China from, the outsiders do not know.


WuTaDo is thousands of years in the shadows living secret and opaque brotherhood, a secret society of the "knowing", but by itself totally non-violent and peaceful, but which is to be treated with extreme caution and respect, since it is clearly a warrior society, or warrior caste of scholars. They respond according to the action. They respond devastating.

Teachers and students:

The master of WuTaDo are not called themselves as master, but as a teacher. The teachers are unremarkable people who live among us. They try to do everything to remain unobtrusively. It is assumed that today (100% confirmed), only four people, four real living teachers with the knowledge of the "Wu" are alive. As the direct successor of the four living teacher is speculation about a number from about 5 to 7 students of the first rank. The teachers, as well as their direct descendants are men and women of diverse backgrounds, and races.

Wu-Tado teachers and their students are physically and mentally oriented, they seem to be excellent fighters and warriors, great thinker and analyst, formed in every respect, but outwardly they face different dar, not to be recognised.

The power of WuTaDo, as well as the teachers and their students is based on the direct knowledge gained by WuTaDo. The teachersand students power is based on power commonly referred to as "Qi", but the WuTaDo force is much stronger than the power of Qi / Qi energy, and it is clearly superior to the Qi. The Wu power is higher then Qi.


Little is known about WuTaDo teaching. It divides into three sections, physical, psychological, metaphtysical.

First, there is a physical formation, and later comes what is known as WuTaDo combat training (similar to Gung Fu, Tai Chi, etc.). During this training, what take years, and can even last for decades, the mind is formed. Students learn the worldly knowledge, they are experts on various, mostly in several areas. About the third stage is virtually nothing known, since there are no insider informations, actually none.

In 2010 took place a secret meeting in Germany of the four last teachers. The holder of the doctrine was koren after the lat one was asassinated, the most powerful of the four.

It is neither the wanderer and seeker, the seer, nor the warrior ancestors. As the holder of the time the weakest of the body but the strongest of the Spirit was chosen. The One who is the warrior in his soul, and was prroved by the ancients.

He should live in Germany, unassuming and unrecognized. The holder of time carries the title Wu before his own Wu name, and he determined over all the warriors of the time. The holder always decises about certain way. The present road is: the war.

Then, it was said to him, the Soul of Power has spoken to all of the four:

at the same time

(bad translation from other language, Sanskrit)

"unexpectedly the warrior will come,

in the worst time of distress,

because, he is the One who He is,

and all listen to his word. "

Other verses of the statement are known to us, but ... they are hard to digest.

The Nostradamus of our time has spoken.

As said, the warrior is not the Wu-leader by himself, but another person, a Wu prophecy!

The top priority of the Wu is to protect the expected warrior,

at any cost and by any means.

This warrior is already among us, his name includes:

the Yellow Dragon, Golden Dragon, Tiger, the silent death, the Death Tiger.

He is entitled to bow before for of all Chinese.

He is also the leader of the children of the erased "Protectors of the Cross".-

He is the leader of: "The Group of the Last", the group of "AMMA", and the wished god "Inkari Inti".

This warrior gathers together his own army now.

Most triads have been recognized for their leadership given to him, he speaks for the ancestors.

He is in search of the Dragon of blood (Red Dragon), his mirror image. When he finds his mirror image, so the prophecy, then it will be so far.

Chinese gowernence silent on this matter, the words "Wu" and "WuTaDo" are "unknown" to them, even though it contacts with the Wu and Wutado maintains.

Various other "groups" have joined the ranks of the Wu warrior already. As I said, they all are expecting the appearance of the second warrior, the Red Dragon, the Dragon of the Blood. Then..., then...,

The current head of Wu lives in Germany, but he's not a German.

It was callculated, that the the fraternity is to possess hundred thousand fighters arround the world . Not members, but fighters! And about two million followers. As far as known, there are neither contributions nor financial obligations to the Wu, as they say they finance them: "by itself, from ancient sources".


WuTaDo has an extremely large secret library, which was built up over millennia. They have the most extensive library of old wrightings in the world!

The most important sanctuaries of WuTaDo are two particular books. The first book receives the providences and prophecies of all teachers since the WuTaDo is known. The name of the book is known. The book is called: Chronicles of the Souls. Contents of the second book, a millennium old font collection is not exactly known, there are unconfirmed reports only. The transcripts are only in the hands of four teachers. The few attempts to get at the contents were fatal, last 2010th. Balance of Wu 3: Other 0. The Atentat on Wu-teacher in Germany has failed, but has shaken all up.

Special features:

WuTaDo a teacher is teaching "worthy" only one student, a man without vices, drug free, above all, violence free, open mind, etc.

WuTaDo supporters constantly strive for more knowledge, reject the unnecessary consumerism and materialism in particular. It is noted that all the family generations Worldwide, in conjunction with WuTaDo. Here are simple people, not rich or famous family clan leaders.


It is believed that WuTaDo teachers protect ancient knowledge that is for thousands of years in their hands. They should be dealing with the knowledge, experience, or beyond our technologies, etc., of human ideas!

In the past 15 years, more then four (what we know for sure) teachers have been assasinated. Also more then 20 others high lewel students have been eliminated. Wu striked back, as far as it is known, about 350 points on some 25 assaults on Wu.

2010 the Master Teacher Wu got 3 assasins on him in his own hands.

The teachers of Wu are in:

South America,

Africa, France and South East Asia,

and Germany.

One of the highest prophecys of the Wu,

the Golden Dragon (Death Tiger),

is real.

The Gold Dragon is among us.


So many words! Wu, when you call,

I will be there,,


I will not come allone!

We know what we know,

and do what we do.

We know what we die for.

Wu have since 2011 they own webpage as On certain dayes they announce new verses from the book of the Souls , or give other informatons.

History of Africa
Ancient Religions

Where did the Bantu migration begin?

along the Benue river


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