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China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The first historical records of Ancient China start around 2100 BCE. The period of Ancient China ends with the overthrow of the last dynasty in 1911 when the modern Republic of China was formed. This is the place for questions about all of Ancient China’s innovations in social organization, culture, literature, philosophy, politics and everyday living.

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Ancient China

What was Ancient China citizenship like?

You did as you were told by the leaders. In the meantime you kept your head down and your mouth shut. the only rights you had were those that suited who ever was holding the sword at the time.

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Ancient China

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Ancient China

How did ancient china choose their leader?

They did not choose their leader...Just one dynasty after another , and the emperor is passed to son , then grandson , and pass on until the dynasty ends.

An dynasty was believed to have heaven's blessing to continue ruling. However, when the dynasty was in decline and there were numerous natural disasters, people thought that heaven withdrew the mandate and a new dynasty would arise. On average, any particular dynasty would last 300 years. AND COWS ACTUALLY RULED ANCIENT CHINA FIRST. Just to let you guys know.

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Ancient China

Why did the Ancient Chinese build the Great Wall?

The Great Wall was built over the course of nearly 2000 years, but primarily with the same purpose, to prevent nomadic Mongolians from invading China, sacking Chinese cities, and acts of raping and pillaging. In the Ancient Period, the Mongol adversaries were the Xiongnu Tribe.

Ancient China

How long did ancient china civilization last?

In recorded history,1600BC - 1911(from Sang dynasty to Qing dynasty).

In legend,2070BC-1911(from Xia dynasty to Qing dynasty).

A lot of people think 221BC,the begining of Qin dynasty, is the begining of China civilization.That is wrong.The king of Qin conqured other six kingdoms, and created the first centralized government in chinese history,and became the first emperor of China. Before the Qin dynasty, China was similar to the medieval Europe.They were not same, just similar.You could use a royal family and seven lords to understand it.(Remerber they were not same, just similar! Qin shihuang was one of the seven lords, he defeated the royal family and other six lords.) Before China became a whole centralized country, the civilization had last for almost two thousand years.

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Ancient China

How do you prevent flooding?

We can regulate the river flow by building man-made lakes,dams and increase the storage capacity of lakes.We can restrict the overflow of river water by building dykes along the river.Also we can plant trees to prevent silting,have a better monitoring and relief polices,speed up the river flow by dredging and straightening rivers in order to prevent flooding.

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Ancient China

What was ancient chinese money called?

Bare dolla fam.

Ancient China

What rights did ancient China have?

Ancient China

Do school boys in ancient china where uniforms?

yes yes they did

Ancient China

Where did the nobles of ancient China live?

The nobles were moved Xian yang then Luoyang

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Ancient China

What fish did ancient Chinese eat?

Any type of fish that they could catch at sea or in their rivers and lakes.

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Ancient China

What are the achievements of ancient China?

The Chinese have made wonderful accomplishments. Some of them are The Great Wall Of China, The Terra Cotta Army, paper, silk, the wheelbarrow, rudder, firecrackers, and much more. The Chinese also improved the plow by using two blades instead of just one.

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Why were the rivers important to ancient china?

Ancient China

Did people in ancient china have pets?

only the richist ladys did.

Ancient China

What was entertainment in ancient China like?

the game of goChinese chess


game fowl

cricket fighting

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Ancient China

What is the ancient Chinese secret?

They can't tell us otherwise it wouldn't be a secret!

AnswerCalgon They had a commercial in the 1970s where a frustrated housewife would take her husband's stained shirts to a laundry and ask the Asian laundry-person how she got them so clean. "Ancient Chinese secret," was the reply, but really she was just using plain old Wisk. It's almost comically inappropriate by today's standards.
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Ancient China

Did China have any ancient explorers?

I don't know about ancient, but in the early 1400s the admiral Cheng Ho, in a series of seven voyages, explored and made diplomatic contact with south east asia, India, the Persian Gulf, Africa and the islands of the Pacific. Michael Montagne There was a diplomatic mission carried out by Zhang Chen during the reign of Emperor Han Wudi (Western Han Dynasty)to seek out allies in Central Asia to fight against the XiongNu tribes that is bordering the Han during that time. He is also credited with the opening of the Silk Route from Chang'An (today's Xi'an) to Rome. An another explorer was the Zheng He

Ancient China

What were the three philosophies in ancient China?

Buddhism, daoism and confucinism.

Ancient China

How were rulers chosen in ancient China?


Ancient China

What was the most popular job to have in ancient China?

most of people were farmers because not many of the ancient Chinese could read or write

Ancient China

What were the roles of children in ancient china?

They were there to work for their parents. Boys were educated while girls stayed at home with her mother to do work. A male child was needed in every family to continue the family name.

Ancient China

Where was ancient China?

It was mainly centered around the eastern coast, but settlement existed far inland along the major rivers.

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How to find Chinese genealogy?

Answer:There are many good books at major public libaries on researching one's Chinese roots and ancestry. There, also, is an online source that covers the Chou Dynasty and about 15 major Chinese surnames. The URL is

Chinese surnames like Chow, Chang, Ching, Wong, Lai, Yap, Kwock, Lau, Ing, Sun, Choy, Mao, Goo, Chiang, Ho, Loui, Woo, Dang, Siu, Young, Chock, and Tom can be found at this site as well as other Chou Dynasty related surnames.

The above families and surnames are part of China's current Imperial family.

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Ancient China

What did the ancient Chinese use matches for?

The Ancient Chinese used matches for Fireworks

Ancient China

How big was ancient china?



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