Nomadic People

Nomads are any community of people who have no settled home. They wander from place to place seeking fresh sources of food for themselves or fresh pastures for their animals. Some nomadic groups move among settled people selling small items they have made, doing specialized mending, entertaining or begging. Nomads keep themselves separate from other people and usually speak their own language among themselves even though they also know the languages of the people around them.

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Nomadic People

Indo -european nomads tended to be.?

patriarch/ head of families paterfamilias

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Nomadic People

What is nomadic herding?

when farmers considerably move from one place onto another for different reasons , e.g.: lack of nutrition and minerals in the soil which make the soil useless to grow.

Nomadic People

Are the coahuiltecans nomadic?

Yes, They Found Theyre Food By Farming And Hunting

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Nomadic People

Are nomads homeless?

Nomads aren't homeless.

The term describes a group of people who move from place to place as a community, following food sources or preferred climatic conditions.

The word can also describe a person who moves about a lot, or who changes jobs frequently, living what might be termed a nomadic life, but this still doesn't imply such a person is homeless.

Nomadic People

Is the kwakiutl tribe nomadic or stationary?

The Kwakiutl tribe is proven to be stationary. They had enough food and resources that it was not necessary for the tribe to be nomadic.

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Nomadic People

What is a Nomad?

Nomadic people, also known as nomads, are communities of people that move from one place to another, rather than settling down in one location. There are an estimated 30-40 million nomads in the world.

Many cultures have been traditionally nomadic, but traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries.

simply a man or woman who moves from place to place not having one set home.

Nomadic People

How were the clans important to Bedouin life?

they provided support and security in the extreme desert climate

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Nomadic People

Why are people so clueless?

People are clueless because they've shown a disinterest in learning about a certain topic which makes them clueless about that subject.

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Nomadic People

Why do people paint?

Painting can be fun, or a challenge, and those who are better at it can make a living from various forms of art.

Painting is a release of creative energy, and it also helps calm and relax your body.

(but once started it can become very, very addictive - you were warned)

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Nomadic People

What are Nomads?

Nomads are people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place within the deserts or winter-climated places. They mostly live in marginal areas.

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Nomadic People

What does nomadic mean?

groups of people tending to travel and change settlements frequently

Nomadic People

What were the nomads of Syrian and Arabian deserts called?


Nomadic People

Nomadic people received income from?


rare goods trading, information trading, transport, livestock trading, slave trading, teaching, and about anything else the they could trade


journalese, programmer, teaching, and just about any other profession

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Nomadic People

What does nomadic herding do?

they wonder around with their herds and possibly growing crops if they are planning to stay in that place for long.

Nomadic People

What do nomads gather?

There are actually 3 categories for nomads: First is the "hunters-gatherers" or known as foragers, they gather wild fruits and vegetables. Second is the "pastoralism", they move depending on the available of their resources and they pastures for their livestock. pastoralism uses animals to use the milk as their dairy products, the skin or wool or other animal hair to use as clothing, manures as fertilizer and fuel. The last is the "peripatetic" nomads, they are widely skilled in crafting and trading their works to others.

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Nomadic People

Why do people say peoples?

AnswerWell, people and peoples are correct, but wannabe G's = want to be gangsters say: peoples.
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Nomadic People

Why do people say to you a silent guy?

Maybe you dont talk much or add much to the conversation at hand. Get involved with what is going on around you but dont be overbearing.

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Nomadic People

How do people give thanks on Thanksgiving?

I'm Canadian, but both US and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving. It started with the original puritans or pioneers giving thanks for the harvest of the year and all blessings they have received from God, by having a day filled with a bountiful harvest on the dinner table. The is mainly of Christian heritage, but the act of thanksgiving is not just for that day only, but started with native Americans and the putitans and pioneers. It a reminder that we should always be thankful for Gods many blessings. Being thankful is a good mindset to have.

You can give thanks on Thanksgiving by:

  • Helping Others
  • Donating Food to Others
  • Being With Your Family
  • Doing Anything That Make Others Happy

Thank you for reading my answer. Have a happy holiday!

Your friend,


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Nomadic People

What are factors which helped early humans transition from nomadic life to a life of settlement?

nomadic people became more dependent on agriculture in some sittuations in other they found a food source that did not move as much usually in climates that didn't have an extreme winter

Nomadic People

Are the gulf Coastal Indians Nomadic or sedentary?


Nomadic People

How are nomadic and sedentary people alike?

they are alike because they are both American tribes

Nomadic People

What would be the pros and cons of living as a nomad in a simple village and a complex village?

You could move around whenever it got crowded. It would get tiring never getting to stay in one place all the time.

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Nomadic People

How do people connest with earthbound spirits?


Nomadic People

How were the Hebrew people able to establish the kingdom of Israel after having spent many years as nomadic people?

The Bible says that after having spent many years as nomadic people wandering in the wilderness with their every need catered for by God, the Israelites swept in and conquered the fortified cities of Canaan. Only after almost another four hundred years did the Israelites establish a kingdom under Saul. Carol A. Redmount (The Oxford History of the Biblical World, Bitter lives) says the story of the period of the judges does not ring true to anthropologists because it is much too long and it also coincided with a long period during which we know the Egyptians had firm control of Palestine.

Societies move from a segmentary tribal organisation to a hereditary permanent, centralised monarchy, often passing through an intermediate stage known as 'chiefdom', all within a relatively concentrated period of time. Kings Saul, David and Solomon are thought of more as chieftains than hereditary kings like those who followed. Just as the biblical Exodus from Egypt is now recognised as not reflecting actual history, so also the period of the judges must be regarded as improbably long.

Archaeologists support the anthropological view, saying that there was no military conquest of Canaan, and that small settlements only began to appear in the hitherto sparsely populated Canaanite hinterland a little before 1200 BCE. These Hebrew settlements reflect a Canaanite heritage, and the Israelites are now considered to have been Canaanite peasants who migrated peacefully from the region of the rich coastal cities of Canaan. The establishment of a monarchy followed a normal pattern for an emerging civilisation. Centuries after they carved out their own nation, and long after they had forgotten their real heritage, the Hebrews developed traditions of a glorious past in which they overcame great hardships as slaves in Egypt and went on to conquer Canaanite cities that did not even exist at the time.

Nomadic People

Where is bedouin located?

the Bedouins are a tribe of people in Africa. It is not a country.


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