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History of China
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What is the Chinese word for 'please'?

  • The Chinese characters: 请 (Traditional: 請 )

    Pinyin: qǐng

    This is the most common way to express "please".

    e.g.: 给我一杯茶,可以吗?(May I have a cup of tea, please?)

  • Another expressive way in Chinese: 麻烦

    Pinyin: ma fan

    This word is also used widely that with the same meaning with "qing" in some situation.

    e.g.:麻烦给我一杯茶,可以吗?(May I have a cup of tea, please?)

History of China
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How do you say I like you too in Chinese?

我也喜欢你。(Wo3 ye3 xi3 huan1 ni1)

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Who led China's communist revolt?

Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) in 1949.


The above answer is the year in which Mao Tse Tung was the leader of China when it became a comminist country. The date was October 1, 1949.

Mao had had a long history with the Chinese communist party. Most historians have said that he took over the leadership of the Party in 1934. In that year he was the primary political & military leader of the Communist Party.

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Silk Road

What countries were involved in the silk road?

Europe, China, England, French, Japan.

turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan ,Russia, Iran, India ,Iraq ,Syria, Istanbul ,Pakistan


Europe and "French" is not a country.

Japan was not involved in trade along the Silk Road

England was not involved in trade along the Silk Road

The second row of countries are modern day nations and therefore could not have participated in trade along the Silk Road.

I would however add the Roman and ByzantineEmpires to the list of "countries" that participated in Silk Road trade.

History of China
Chinese Dynasties

What is the first han emperor discard?

Legalism and adopted Confucianism is what the first Han Emperor discarded.

History of China
Chinese Dynasties

What did the tang dynasty of china invent?

they invented:

~porcelain (although it was not perfected for centuries)

~woodblock printing


~magnetic compass

History of China
Chinese New Year
New Year's Day

What are the colors that represent New Year's?

Silver & Gold. Or Sometimes Bright colors Such As Blue, Red, Yellow, Green ect.


If you're talking about Chinese New Year, according to your category, then its best to use Red. Because Red means Good Luck.

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History of China

How you say 'I really dont care' in Chinese?

我 真 的 不 介 意。

Wo3 zhen1de bu2 jie4yi4.

I really don't care.

In Chinese,we have 4 tones.

1 means the tone is flat.

2 means the tone is go up.

3 means the tone goes down first and then goes up.

4 means the tone is go down.

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Where is acupuncture widely practiced?

Acupuncture originated from China, and is the primary method of treatment under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From ancient times and even to this day, acupuncture is used as a primary means treatment in China along with other more modern treatments.

In the United States and Europe, acupuncture is viewed as a type of alternative medicine (albeit one of the more popular ones), but in Asia it's use and popularity is much more mainstream.

China is not the only country where acupuncture is popular/widely practiced however. Acupuncture goes back thousands of years to areas that are now Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia. The Japanese have also developed their own style of acupuncture, most notably involving moxibustion and the non-invasive Shiatsu form of acupressure.

Today, acupuncture is widely practiced throughout most of the world, with over 20,000 licensed acupuncturists in the United States alone. Various types of certifications and training programs are available in the U.S. and other parts of the world, along with of course one-on-one classes and in-depth apprenticeships offered in China and elsewhere in Asia.

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China and Chinese Territories

What are people not allowed to in china?

im a Chinese, and i can tell you that China is not as terrifying and tyrannical as it sounds in western media.

But there are, for sure, something banned in China, which government on this planet doesn't ban things anyway?

in China, people are claimed to have the freedom of speech according the constitution, but in reality, people and media are only allowed to attack the local government and officials, but when the central government or the leading politicians got involved in a scandal or something, people and media would remain silence about it, and let some secret government agency to deal with it.

and FYI, since 2008, there are a few websites banned in China, like, facebook, youtube and twitter, i don't know why the government banned them, i see no threat in these websites, right?

but there are some softwares for people to open these websites freely inside China, we call it "wall-climbing software". you'd know them well if you come to visit China.

anyway, we, Chinese, are practically living our lives just like everyone else in the world, we pay our bills, students worry about their academic grades, parents concern their children's problem, girls like go shopping, boys want to buy cigarettes and booze with a fake ID.

everything's just the same.

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What lands did Zheng He visit?

Zheng He's fleets visited Arabia, Brunei, East Africa, India, Maritime Southeast Asia and Thailand during his seven voyages of exploration.

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China's One-Child Policy

What do the people of China think about one child policy?

As authentic Chinese man, I think the one-child policy taken by the Chinese Central Government has more advantages than disadvantages, though it's not carried out completed in some rural areas of China.

I have to admit that the policy do help China a lot both in economy development and social development.

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China's involvement in World War 1?

China declared war on Germany in 1917, and China offered to send as much as 40,000 soldiers to France, but France and the Great Britain deemed this to be impractical, instead China sent labourers to man to docks and take care of construction in Europe whilst most of their labourers were on the front lines. In France alone in 1917/18 there were 54,000 -- 96,000 Chinese labourers. But manpower was not the only way in which China made a difference in WW1. When China entered the war, all German ships in Chinese ports were seized by the Chinese state, as were the assets of German banks, notably the Deutsche Asiatische Bank in Shanghai, dealing a blow to German economic capacity. Despite this, after the war China did not receive the recognition and respect it had expected, China's demands at the Paris peace conference were unfulfilled and so China did not sign the Treaty of Versailles.

History of China

How was Athens' government structured?

The Ancient Athens Government was structured by the council of 500 people, the Assembly and finally the court. I hope that this information will help you.

History of China
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How do you say fin in mandarin?


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Ancient Egypt

How did Ancient China Men Wear their hair?


History of China

Was gunpowder first discovered in the Renaissance?


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History of China

Why did feudalism fail in china?

for one, the dynastic ruler opposed modernizing the army/navy. Also, the many warlords afterwards prevented massive industrialization.

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How did Liu Bei meet Zhang Fei?

Zhang Fei was a alcoholic in a town where Liu Bei's fellow student was in charge of. When Zhang Fei was causing problems, he was arrested and sentenced to death. But Liu Bei saw how well he could fight, so he presuaded his peer to keep him alive, and because of Liu Bei's kindness, he served him as an older brother.

Liu Bei met Zhang Fei during the yellow turbn rebellion(along with guan yu),nd after fighting as brothers in arms, swore an oath(along with guan yu)of eternal brotherhood

History of China
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Who were the enemies of the Han Dynasty?

The Xiong Nu mainly, and the Xian Bei during the Eastern Han Dynasty.

History of China

Why did the practice of foot binding begin?

because back in early china history, it was seen as beautiful for a woman to have small feet. So they devised a method, (tying a woomens feet to a wooden board) so that the feet would have no room to grow because of the board and they would just stop growing. the major downsides are that the woman had a hard time walking on the small feet and the bones in the feet had to break many times before hey stopped growing.


Started in Qing dynasty ( 1644 to 1911)

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When did the first postal service start in china?

900 BC

The very first postal service - for government in china

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History of US Immigration

What did Chinese immigrants call US?

Story of Maccanas Gold



History of China
History of India
Zen Buddhism

Where was Bodhidharma Born?

There are no contemporary Indian records about his life. The only records that do mention him come from China. They are very contradictory in nature as they say he was from Persia or from different areas of India.

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History of China

What is the year of the battle of red cliffs?

The Battle of Red Cliffs was fought during the winter of 208/209 AD.


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