History of Asia

Asian history is a term that refers to the collective history and recorded events in Asia, including events that occurred in numerous distinct regions in Asia, such as South Asia, East Asia and the Middle East.

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History of Asia
History of the Mongol Empire
The Huns
Sunni Islam

Meri shadi mein rukawat hai kyu k mein sunni hun or lrka shea or mere ghr wale man ni rAHE?

SHAdi karo. . . Suhagraat manao . . . . Aur khudkhusi kar lo

History of Asia
Ancient History
History of China
Silk Road

What countries were involved in the silk road?

Europe, China, England, French, Japan.

turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan ,Russia, Iran, India ,Iraq ,Syria, Istanbul ,Pakistan


Europe and "French" is not a country.

Japan was not involved in trade along the Silk Road

England was not involved in trade along the Silk Road

The second row of countries are modern day nations and therefore could not have participated in trade along the Silk Road.

I would however add the Roman and ByzantineEmpires to the list of "countries" that participated in Silk Road trade.

War and Military History
History of Asia
History of the Mongol Empire

What was the mongol warriors significance to history?

The Mongol Hordes are significant to history because of its influences on warfare.

The Mongols introduced a new aspect of warfare in the Middle Ages that was often overlooked: mobile logistics. The Mongols relied primarily on fighting on horseback; the majority of their army was comprised of cavalry. They often carried multiple horses per person to travel long distances without stopping, and relied on compact supplies like dried meat to avoid being slowed down by large supply wagon chains. This allowed them to travel several times faster than any other army at the time, which made it very difficult for generals to predict the movements of the Mongols. The Mongols used their extreme mobility to avoid strong enemy positions, and picked off weak areas by using hit-and-run tactics. This was expediated by the fact that most Mongol children were taught how to use the bow on horseback, which made it even harder for enemy forces to confront Mongol cavalry: the Mongols would simply run away from the enemy while shooting at them, making it nearly impossible to order conventional charges.

This nullified numerical advantages of the opposition, which was unheard of at the time-most battles during the Middle Ages relied heavily on numerical superiority to overhwlem their enemies.

The Mongols are employed extensive psychological warfare and introduced the darker aspects of a total war. They would exterminate all survivors of one battle to encourage others to surrender. The sight of Mongols stacking skulls into giant pyramids encouraged local governors and officials to capitulate rather than fight back.

The nations of the time were unprepared for the unconventional tactics the Mongols used, and much of later warfare was influences by the Mongols.

History of Asia
Chinese Food

Do people in China eat a lot of butter?

People in the United States eat butter more than people in China. Chinese people eat rice, noodles, buns, etc... never really eat much starch or breads.

History of Asia
English to Thai

Another name for Thai Ginger?

Ginger and Khaa are different, Ginger can eat with all foods but Khaa can cook 5 - 6 of food. And it is not the same.
History of Asia
History of India
French Revolution

What was the significance of the symbols associated with India's freedom movement?

The most important thing to be noted is that significance of symbols is not a thing of past but to be there always and forever.The significance of symbols is to make future generations aware of efforts and pursuits as well hard-goings of their past generation to seek independence from British rule.Be itkhadi movement by Gandhi the cotton wheal as known to world which was a boycott to western goods remember Manchester.As well a successful effort to save the youth from clutches of western influence .
To the present day all Khadi stores all over India have a discount sale from second of OCTOBER to thirty-first of JANAURY.
Festival of Ganpati was started by Lokmanya Tilak to inculcate the feel of indianhood as well an effort to make the present generation realize the richness of our culture and heritage as well grow and identify with it.
The national emblem th, national song , national anthem , the colors of our flag ,the blue spokes wheel in the white color strip of national flag ,all have a great significance.

Chakra was used to promote the use of national products. It was an important symbol popularized by Mahatma Gandhi. Kadhi is also used for the same reason.

The use of black flags to protest against Simon Commission with wordings of "Simon Go Back."

The evolution of Indian flag during the struggle. At first in the Centre Vande Matram was written with different colors like green and red used. Then came chakra as told earlier its importance. It was replaced by present three colors, and a wheel on it symbolizing progress. This is not a complete one but an outline.

Gandhiji's three monkeys, mikazaru, mizaru and mazaru......not to see, hear or speak evil! If you mean to say evil, symbols from the side of British that's just their harsh oppressive rules like it was written in front of public parks or restaurants or libraries "Indians and dogs are not allowed to enter"

History of Asia
History of Japan

Is there a samurai village left in japan?

yea actually yesterday I saw a video about a village full of Samurai descendants and they had 400 year old armor and every thing and they mounted horse in their armor

But they have no official recognition by the Japanese government, which the TRUE samurai had.

History of Asia

What is the state flower of Sarawak Malaysia?

Normah Orchid

History of Asia
Nobel Prize Winners
Rabindranath Tagore

How do you pronounce Rabindranath Tagore?


History of Asia

What is a 3 L lama?

I bet a silk pajama that there isn't one.

There is a poem by Ogden Nash that won't be quoted here since it might be copyrighted, but I will do it a great injustice by summarizing. He says a lama is a priest, a llama is a beast, but there's probably no such thing as a lllama.

History of Asia

Why is Canada a land of diversity?

many people are not 100% pure Canadians. many are younger generations of immigrants from all over the world.

War and Military History
History of Asia
Ancient History

Which religion did Ashoka embrace after the Battle of Kalinga?

Ashoka embraced Buddhism after the Battle of Kalinga.

History of Asia

Which surnames fall under Sindhi Brahmins?

Sharma, Bhatia, Goswami

History of Asia

Confucius was born about 2500 years ago in China and grew up in?

great poverty after his father died when Confucius was 3 years old.

History of Asia

Are there Asians in Malta?


History of Asia
History of the Mongol Empire
The Huns

Who defeated the White Huns?

They displaced the Scythians and conquered Sogdiana and Khorasan before 425. They crossed (425) the Syr Darya (Jaxartes) River and invaded Persia. Held off at first by Bahram Gur, they later (483-85) succeeded in making Persia tributary. After a series of wars (503-13) they were driven out of Persia, permanently lost the offensive, and were finally (557) defeated by Khosru I. The White Huns also invaded India and succeeded in extending their domain to include the Ganges valley. They temporarily overthrew the Gupta empire but were eventually driven out of India in 528 by a Hindu coalition. Although in Persia they had little effect, in India the White Huns influenced society by altering the caste system and disrupting the hierarchy of the ruling families.


History of Asia

Where was the first racecourse of Lahore built?

The first racecourse was initially at Jail Road, Lahore, the current site of Jilani Park.

But moved in September 1981 to a new course at Kot Lakhpat.

Politics and Government
History of Asia

Who is the president of constituent assembly?

Dr.rajendra prasad

History of Europe
History of Asia

What two events happened in 1405?

1. The Chinese emperor starts the first exploratory voyage to the islands in the south seas.

2. French troops land in Wales to support Owen Glendower's rebellion against the English.

3. Florentine (Italian city state) buys Pisa to gain access to the sea.

4. Tamerlane (the Tatrar leader) dies before he could invade China.

History of England
History of Asia

What is the impact British rule Malaysia?

English language, legal system, infrastructure, parliamentary system and many missionary-run schools.

History of Europe
History of Asia
History of India

4 Emergence of Bismarck and Sardar Patel their belief life history?

The question appears to be quite vague and absurd. Bismarck and Patel have nothing much in common for the history purpose.Type your answer here...

History of Asia
History of India

What is the significance of symbols during Indian freedom struggle.?

People usually need a rallying point, or representative symbol, to articulate their intended message in simple but eloquent terms.

History of Asia

What is name of Mongolian hut?

Yurts are used by Nomads of Central Asia, who build these portable homes.

History of Asia
English to Chinese

Ni shi na guo ren?

What country person are you from? Better said as, " What kind of person are you? American, Japanese, Etc. " The correct way to answer this in english is, " Wo jiou mei guo ren or chinese, 我就美国人。

History of Asia

What is the biggest library of Pakistan?

The Quaid-e-Aazam Library in Lahore


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