Known for its war-ravaged past, Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia and home to 86 million people.

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Nilai tukar uang 1 dollar ke rupiah?

satu dolar berapa rupiah kah?

1 USD(us dollar) bisanya itu berkisar dari 8.900 - 10.000. tergantung market(nilai tukarnya)

Jobs & Education

What jobs do people have in Vietnam?

80% is still agriculture, however manufacturing and fishing are growing fast.

Football - American

What is Vietnam National Sport?

There is no official sport of Vietnam, but the most popular sport is association football (known to some as soccer). In addition, the country has a growing community in cricket, rugby, and badmitton.


How do you say 'Peace be with you' in Vietnamese?

chúc bình an

Vietnam War

How was the Tet Offensive successful?

The Tet Offensive (1968) was a military failure for the NVA, but a political success for North Vietnam. The reason is because up to the Tet Offensive, the US Presidential Administration had been proclaiming that the Communists were weak, under-supplied, disorganized, and low in morale. The Tet Offensive completely proved them wrong, you have a near-simultaneous uprising against US and South Vietnamese targets (military barracks, airfields, administration units, even the US embassy in Saigon was overrun and in North Vietnamese hands for a few hours).

While all the NVA/Viet Cong attackers in each case were eventually killed, taken prisoner, or driven off, the incident shook not only the credibility of the US Administration, but also proved to the world that the NVA and Viet Cong still had lots of fight left. Two years later, the Nixon administration decided to start the gradual withdrawal of American troops, eventually the South Vietnamese ARVN (Army, Republic of Vietnam) was unable to withstand the onslaught of NVA and Viet Cong attacks. The war ended in April 1975 with the NVA marching into Saigon and the last helicopter lifting off the roof of the American Embassy.

Lakes and Rivers

Are there any deserts in Vietnam?

There are no true deserts in Vietnam.

Languages and Cultures
Southeast Asia

What languages were spoken in Indochina?

Indochina was a French colony, so the official language of administration was French. The native peoples of Indochina had a wide variety of languages. The Vietnamese, who were the largest Indochinese population, spoke Vietnamese, which is an Austroasiatic language. Khmer, the dominant language of Cambodia is also Austroasiatic. Lao, which is dominant in Laos is a Tai-Kadai Language. There were also ethnic minorities who spoke Sino-Tibetan Languages, Austronesian Languages, and Hmong-Mien Languages.


What is the name of the study that revealed that US efforts were compromised in Vietnam?


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World Currencies

What is the name of Vietnamese currency?

Vietnamese Dong

Snow and Ice

Does it snow anywhere in Vietnam?

Lao Cai or Sa Pa. Usually high up on the mountains next to the border of China.


How do you say 'hello' in Vietnamese?

"Xin chà o" or just "chà o".

chà o bạn OR chà o

+ FirstName

if you're more or less at the same age or you're especially close. chà o anh if the person is older than you and is male chà o ch� older, and is female chà o em if the person is younger, for both male and female


How do you say I like my teacher in vietnamese?

you can say" Em yeu co " if your teacher is female and " Em yeu thay " if your teacher is male :)


What is Saigon?

here is the answer:

"Saigon" is the former name of Ho Chi Minh City, and is the largest city in Vietnam.

At one time the largest city in Asia, "Saigon" was the capital of South Vietnam from 1954 to 1976. In 1976, after the reunification of the North Vietnam and the South Vietnam, the name "Saigon" was changed to Ho Chi Minh city. "Ho Chi Minh" is the name of a Vietnam's great hero.


Diem thi tot nghiep nam 2010 cua nha trang?

nguyen khac huy 150340


When did the Vietnam soldiers return home?

They returned to the US in 1973 when US involvement in Vietnam officially ended as part of a peace treaty.

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Vietnam?

Vietnamese (tiếng Việt, or less commonly Việt ngữ) is the national and official language of Vietnam.

In its early history, Vietnamese writing used Chinese characters. In the 13th century, the Vietnamese developed their own set of characters called Chữ nôm. The celebrated epic Đoạn trường tân thanh (Truyện Kiều or The Tale of Kieu) by Nguyễn Du was written in Chữ nôm. During the French colonial period,Quốc ngữ, the romanized Vietnamese alphabet used for spoken Vietnamese, which was developed in 17th century by Jesuit Alexandre De Rhodes and several other Catholic missionaries, became popular and brought literacy to the masses.

Various other languages are spoken by several minority groups in Vietnam. The most common of these are Tày, Mường, Khmer, Chinese, Nùng, and H'Mông. The French language, a legacy of colonial rule, is still spoken by some older Vietnamese as a second language, but is losing its popularity. Vietnam nevertheless remains a full member of La Francophonie.

Russian - and to a much lesser extent German, Czech, or Polish - is sometimes known among those whose families had ties with the Soviet bloc. In recent years, English is becoming more popular as a second language. English study is obligatory in most schools. Chinese and Japanese have also become more popular.
Salut: The main language is, of course, Vietnamese. The other official language is French. Several other minor languages are spoken.
Vietnamese as a first, also some Vietnamese people speak Chinese because they worked in China and some older ones speak a little French.
Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) is the name of their language. Many also speak English, especially the younger generations. French is another language that some Vietnamese have learned.

To the ears of US servicemen, it sounded like a form of Chinese.

Vietnam speaks vietnamese.
The amount of Vietnamese that are bilingual are increasing but still quite an amount only speak Vietnamese. Those that are bilingual usually speak Vietnamese and English.
Vietnam is a country and is incapable of speech. The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese.

Vietnamese was always the primary language.

French was the secondary language because it was the French who colonized them.

Most practiced reilgion in vietnam

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese.

Besides, there are many languages spoken in the minor ethnic groups

English, Japanese, French, Chinese and Russian are optionally taught in junior and senior high schools but English is the most popular and is also taught in elementary schools.
Vietnamese is the 1st most popular language, then English as the 2nd most popular language.
The official language of Vietnam is vietamese.
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) is the official language, though there has been talk of it changing to English as of 2008.
No. Vietnamese is the only official language.
It was a second language during the war; if you can speak French, you can get around over there.
Vietnamese is a Viet-Muong, Vietic, Mon-Khmer, Austro-Asiatic language.
The official language is Vietnamese.
French,a few English, and mostly Vietnamese
the languages are chines budbud ,zingz,fangs, bobo,and 107 more
The 4 most common lanquages spoken in Vietnam are


-Chinese, Yue


Vietnamese speaks Vietnamese
It's Vietnamese.
Nowadays, most Vietnamese people speak "Vietnamese" or "Tieng Viet".

For more information about the evolution of Vietnamese Language, visit [related links].

The official language is Vietnamese. The second language is English. Some speak Chinese, Khmer, and French.
The language spoken is, and always has been Vietnamese. However for administrative purposes, classical Chinese was used. During French colonisation, French superseded Chinese. Following independence, Vietnamese was used officially in schools, universities and for official business.

(For more info about who speaks Vietnamese and the evolution of Vietnamese Language, see the related link)
Vietnamese people speak Vietnamese. There are different ethnic groups in Vietnam, so one person might possibly speak their ethnic groups' language plus Vietnamese. The national language of Vietnam is Vietnamese.

History of Asia

What are some Vietnam accomplishments?

The North Vietnamese Air Force has recorded 16 aerial aces from the Vietnam War; however the US recognizes about 3 North Vietnamese pilots as aces. An Ace is a pilot that has scored a minimum of 5 aerial kills during air to air combat (dog-fighting). The US had 2 confirmed aces during the war; Ritchie and Cunningham, both flew the US F4 Phantom jet. North Vietnamese airmen flew MIG-17's, MIG-19's, and MIG-21's. NVAF pilot MAJ. Pham Tuan, flying a MIG-21, reportedly shot down a USAF B-52 on 26 December 1972 with an air to air missile; the USAF verifies a B-52 lost that date, but to a SAM (Surface to Air Missile). If Major Tuan's aerial kill can be verified, he would be history's only airman to have shot down a B-52 Stratofortress bomber in aerial warfare. MAJ. Tuan was Vietnam's first Cosmonaut, when he and Soviet Cosmonaut Viktor Gorbatko were launched into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on 23 July 1980.

Southeast Asia

Vietnam was once part of indochina colony of?



What does the name Tra My mean in vietnamese?

Tra my is just a name in vietnamese. If you had symbols on the name, it might have a meaning but not all names have a meaning. For example, if your name was trà my, the trà means tea but the my part has no meaning that I know of. My vietnamese name doesn't have a meaning. It's simply a name I was given at birth.

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Dap an mon hoa hoc thi tot nghiep nam 2010?

de 493

Citizenship and Marriage

What are Vietnam visa fees in 2010?

The Vietnamese government officially announced that Vietnam provided visa-on-arrivals at international airports and border crossing points for all international travelers. Vu The Binh, head of the travel department of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), officially gave the information to reporters.

Visa on arrival will save you at least 20% over getting a same one at embassy.

There will be no consulate fee, time fee as well as no transportation fee to visit the Vietnam embassy. There will be no postage fee as everythingis done over email.

There are two kinds of fee for both Visa on arrival (pick up at the airport) and Visa code (pick up at the Embassy): service fee and stamping fee.

The service fee will be paid us online in USD through OnePay. This service fee will be used to progress your visa approval letter.

Kinds of visa

Service fee/pax (USD)

Visa on arrival/code -1 month single


Visa on arrival/code -1 month multiple


Visa on arrival/code -3 months single


Visa on arrival/code -3 months multiple


NORMAL PROCESSING service fee: GUARANTEED 2-3 working days.

URGENT PROCESSING service fee: GUARANTEED 1 working day (plus 10 USD/pax).

Documents needed to process a visa for you, we need the following information:

1. Your title (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)

2. Your name exactly as it appears in your passport

2. Date of birth

3. Nationality

4. Occupation

5. Passport No. (valid at least 06 months)

6. Date of Passport issuance

7. Date of Passport expiration

8. Proposed date of arrival

9. Flight Ref.

10. Port of arrival - Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) or other

11. Purpose of visit (Vacation/Business/Visit family)

12. Type of service (Visa approval code or Visa on arrival)

13. The city at which a Vietnam embassy or consulate is located, where you plan to get the visa (only for visa approval code type)

The stamping fee

Visa on arrival: You will pay this stamping fee at the Vietnam airport to get your passport stamped. Your approval letter will be the legal evidence to show the airport Officer that you are allowed to legally enter Vietnam by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Visa code: You will pay this fee directly at the Vietnam Embassy in your country to get your passport stamped. This fee will be different from country to country.

Kinds of visa on arrival

Stamping fee/pax (USD)

1 month single


1 month multiple


3 months single


3 months multiple


Flight Times
Los Angeles

How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Bangkok?


Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Bangkok (BKK)

Flight Duration 17 hours 0 minsDistance:

The distance between Los Angeles and Bangkok, Thailand is 8263 miles (13298 km).


What kind of pets do they have in Vietnam?

dogs,cats,pandas and fish!

Vietnam War
Countries, States, and Cities

Is there a capital city with an s in it?

Hanoi (21°2′N 105°51′E) is the capital of Vietnam. It lies in the blue river Delta in Vietnam's central north. As of the end of 2007, Hanoi had a population of 3.4 million. Hanoi has been the capital city of the country for almost 1000 years.

Its name has been changed several times, variously including Dai La, Thang Long, Dong Do and Ha Noi. Hanoi is commonly confused with Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, which is another popular, crowded city.


What does may tuoi mean in vietnamese?

Mấy tuổi = how old


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