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Animals enrich our lives in so many different ways. The Animal Life category is for questions and answers about animals of all types, including pets, sea life, and farm animals. You can ask questions or find information regarding animals, their history, care, health issues, breeding, and behavior.

Asked in Animal Life, Word Games, Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

What are some animals that begin with the letter J?

Some animals that begin with the letter J: Jabiru (tropical stork) Jacana (wading bird) Jack Russell Terrier Jackal (wild animal like a dog) Jackdaw Jackel Jackrabbit Jack Russel Terrier Jagdterrier Jaguar Jämthund Japanese Akita Japanese beetle Japanese Chin Japanese fighting fish (also known as beta fish) Japanese Spitz Japanese Terrier Jarabugo fish Jaxartosurus (dinosaur) Jay Jaybird Jelen (English Deer) Jellyfish Jenny (another name for female donkey, bird, or crab) Jerboa (rodent) Joey (also known as a young kangaroo). John dory (fish) Jumbo shrimp Jumping mouse Jumping spider Junco (bird) June bug jackass Jaguar Jackal jack rabbit Jaguar, jackal, jack (male donkey), Japanese crane Jay is a bird. Jack Russell Terrier is a dog breed. Jaybird June...
Asked in Animal Life, Goats and Sheep

Wool yielding animals in different countries?

Some wool yielding animals include: Sheep Alpaca Goat llama Angora Vicuna
Asked in Animal Life, Rocks and Minerals

What are some objects made of minerals you can find in your classroom?

Well, almost everything contains minerals in some way shape or form, but direct minerals would be graphite in a pencil, stone tiles, whatever metals, etc. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Taxonomy

What is the scientific name for animals that live in water only?

Aquatic animals. most of the time they say aquatic wildlife, very few will say aquatic animals ...
Asked in Animal Life, Rainforests

What are uses of jungle?

Jungles are used very commonly as every thing in our house is made up of wood. We get wood from jungles. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Biomes, Biodiversity

What animals live in cold and hot region?

in cold they are animals which fur is of many caps and in the hot they're animals who resist the hot sun for ex the desert for many weeks or days ...
Asked in Animal Life, Taxonomy

What four features are used when classifying animals?

The color of the fur The shape of paw, hand, or hoof Shape of face features and texture of fur Way more than four features are used when classifying any organism. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Hunting and Shooting, US National Parks Reserves and Monuments

Can you shoot in Mount Hood National Forest?

Yes, you can shoot in Mt. Hood National Forest for the purpose of hunting. Hunting in Mt. Hood is permitted during hunting season ONLY. Like anywhere else in the state of Oregon, you must have a valid hunting license in order to hunt in Mt. Hood National Forest. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Pigs

Do pigs have tongues?

Yes they do
Asked in Animal Life, Dog Behavior

What does it mean when a dog turns its head left to right when your talking?

because there listening to what you are saying
Asked in Animal Life, Botany or Plant Biology

What if plants could walk?

well they don't so why worry about it? that's like asking what if pigs could fly!? Answer 2: I guess it depends on what you mean by "walk." To me walking implies that they have legs. Snails don't have legs, so they glide rather than walk. In order for a plant to have legs, it would have to have the genetics that underpin everything a leg is, and everything that makes it more. Which is fine, because plants can have huge genomes. More...
Asked in Animal Life, Manufacturing

What is made from animal fat?

all types of stuff gummy bears are made of pig fat bird food is also and much more ANSWER: Gummy bears are made with gelatin or apple pectin. Gelatin comes from the collagen in animal bones, not from animal fat. Animal fat is sometimes used to make soap or candles. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Snakes

How long can a water moccasin live out of water?

They're snakes and breathe air. They can live indefinitely out of water, though they're good swimmers and spend a fair portion of their lives in and around water. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Extinct Animals

Why did the huia become exinct?

They were over hunted for feathers and as food
Asked in Animal Life, Cameras

Does a mobile speed camera van work in the rain?

According to the inventor Dutch Milokan no. He says that rain can distort the lazer beam and alter the reading. Hackworldy or gupile shites ...
Asked in Animal Life, Definitions, Public Utilities

What is sheeding?

Sheeding is a derivative of the word shed (to discard). Example.. liquid slurping over the edge of a receptacle is ...sheeding Origins from Black Country. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Zoology or Animal Biology, Meerkats

Are Meerkats ectothermic or endothermic?

Endothermic. All mammals are endothermic (except for some heterothermic bats, which greatly lower their metabolism and body temperature during sleep, so that they are technically only endothermic when awake). ...
Asked in Animal Life

How does a biological clock influence behaviors?

The biological clock is the sequence of behavioral changes every 24 hours. It can be altered, but it takes a while for the body to become accustomed to it. There are high points and low points in a biological clock. The high point is usually from 3pm to 5pm, while the low point is from 3am to 5am, although they might vary. Behavior is influenced by biological clocks in the way you function throughout the day, whether it be perky and...
Asked in Animal Life, Birds

Do birds have the same bowel movements?

look up what bowel means and you'll have your answer
Asked in Animal Life, Biggest, Strongest, Fastest and Other Extremes

What is the strongest animal?

The Strongest Animal The Hercules beetle is considered the strongest lifter. It is also known as rhinoceros beetle (latin name: dynastes ercules) This insect's avg mass is 20g yet it can lift 17 kg, that is 850 times its own mass!! Can you lift an SUV? What about Ants and Elephants? Well, Consider This... Because, all animals use similar molecules in their muscles, the muscles of all animals is (very roughly) the same strength in terms of force per cross sectional area. However, an animal twice as...
Asked in Animal Life, Colors, Human Behavior

What is black people's favorite color?

It can be any colour, depending on the persons personality
Asked in Animal Life, Rainforests

How do rainforest animals lay eggs?

Well, first the female gets pregnant, then after a couple weeks or months there about to lay eggs.They go find a hidden spot to lay their eggs. Some moms will stay, some will leave and come back. (The more babies an animal has, the shorter time the mother stays with the young and vice versa.) It's mostly like the animals in the woods do except the rainforest has more plants and trees. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Eyes

What happens if your eyes flash yellow?

Do not fear, you are not a werewolf nor a were-animal. You have some form of hepatitis and should seek medical aid quickly. ...
Asked in Animal Life, Waterfowl

How long do spoonbills live for?

they live for as long as ten years