Greek and Roman Mythologies

Greek and Roman mythology is the collection of legends and myths belonging to the ancient Greeks and Romans, concerning their gods and heroes, and the nature of the world.

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Greek and Roman Mythologies

Where does the Greek goddess Atlanta live?

Atlanta isn't a person but Atalanta is. However, she had royalty parents and married only someone who could beat her in a race. She was beaten by her husband who she loved very much even before the race. If he didn't succeed he would be b-headed.

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Ancient Rome

What is a greek or roman bottle?

There were very few small hand held, portable "bottles" at the time as they were determined not to be cost effective given the very little volume they would hold. Instead, an "Amphora" (Plural: amphorae) was used to transport fluids. An amphora was similar to the size of a modern day flower vase with handles on either side.

Drinkable fluid from an amphora would be poured into a small "Kylix" which is the most direct equivalent to a small drinking cup.

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Zeus (Jupiter)

What woman did Zeus turn to stone?

Niobe is the most well known because with her children killed by Apollo and Artemis she prayed to be turned to stone.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

Orestes avenges the death of what person?


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Greek and Roman Mythologies
Hades (Pluto)
Demeter (Ceres)
Persephone (Proserpina)

Demeter vows that she will not let fruit grow on the earth until Persephone is returned?

Yes. That was why there was a giant famine.

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Greek and Roman Mythologies

What is the offspring of two Demi gods called?

The two offspring of demigods depends on how powerful the demigod is if they are both demigods of really powerful gods it is a trigod if there is one powerful god a quadgod and if they are both from minor or non-powerful gods they arent really demigods anymore

I'm not sure from where that answer comes, but it isn't actual mythology. Divine heritage was a literary device, and a means for important men to add legitimacy to their power. Julius Caesar claimed divine heritage as a descendant of Aeneas, whose mother was Venus/Aphrodite. That said, Aeneas had a son, Aascanius, whose mother was Creusa, daughter of Priam and thus a descendant of Zeus. He wasn't called a demigod or anything other than "king" (of Alba Longa).

Technically demigod means "half god". They didn't deliniate beyond that because there was no need to. They weren't creating a new race - they were trying to make themselves more important.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

How do you kill a demigod?

As in the child of a god or a mortal?

Same way you kill a human unless he/she has somehow earned himself invincibility. Or takes a dip in the river of Styx. If they take a dip in the river of Styx and come out alive and make it out of the Underworld then they only have one week spot.

If you read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and you're talking more about that then the myths, then Celestial Bronze, Stygian Iron and probably Imperial gold.

Thunderstorms and Lightning
Greek and Roman Mythologies

Why was the lightning bolt important in Greek mythology?

The lightning bolt as important in Greek Mythology because it was the symbol of Zeus, lord of the sky and ruler of Olympus

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Greek to English

What does the Greek mythology word flora means?

Plants/ plant life.

More than that, though, Flora was the Roman goddess associated with flowers and the season of Spring. The Greeks, however, didn't have personifications of the seasons, since they viewed their passing as the coming and going of Persephone from the Underworld. So, Flora's Greek counterpart was the nymph,Chloris, from whose name we get the word "chlorophyll".

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Greek and Roman Mythologies

Who is the goddess of shapeshifting?

Celtic Goddess Morrigan (also Morrigu, Morrighan, Morgan) - shape shifting goddess of lust, magic, prophecy, revenge, and war. Known as Great Queen, Supreme War Goddess, Queen of Phantoms, and Specter Queen.

In Greek mythology, all of the deities and even the lesser divinities like the nymphs had the ability to change their form, and the forms of others. They didn't have a specific god or goddess associated with that.

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Roman Empire

Who's Roman history and myths are evident in western culture and literature?

Roman history and myths are throughout western culture. The calender that we use is a product of Rome and so are the names of months. The months are Roman Gods. Our names we use for the planets and stars also come from Rome. Some of the ideas in government stem from the Roman ideas of how people should have a say in the government. Many the items we have started in Rome. Rome had apartment houses, paved roads, city water systems, invented cement, had the first arena, malls, and many other things come to us from Roman culture.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

Who are the most famous Demi gods?

Hercules, Perseus, and Theseus.

I think you can also add Achilles (the son of Thetis - a sea goddess) and Aeneas (the son of Venus/Aphrodite) to that list as well.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

Where does Nemesis live?

by the river banks

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Demeter (Ceres)

How old did Demeter the goddess live for?

The ancient Greeks believed that gods and goddesses are immortal; therefore, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Demeter lived forever.

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Poseidon (Neptune)
Minoan Civilization

How was the minotaur made?

Poseidon, god of the sea, had gives Minos, king of Crete, a bull to be sacrificed to him. Minos liked it so the bull never got sacrificed. Poseidon got mad and caused romance between the bull and Minos' wife. The result of this relationship was the Minotaur, half man, half bull.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

The name of the most powerful greek god?

There is a top god. It is Zeus, God of Lighting or ares but mostly Zeus

It's worth mentioning that the Greeks viewed all of their gods as being omnipotent. Zeus was considered most powerful by virtue of his station, but there were places in the world were Poseidon, and even Apollo, were considered most important.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

How many children did the goddess Amphitrite have?

Triton, calmer of the seas, herald-son of Poseidon.

Rhode, a daughter of Poseidon goddess of the island Rhode; wife of Helios.

Kymopoleia, wife of the hundred-handed, storm-giant Briareos; goddess of the waves and daughter of Poseidon.

Benthesicyme, wife of the first Ethiopian king Enalos; wave goddess and daughter of Poseidon.

She was also "mother" of many unnamed seals, dolphins, fish and shellfish.

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Greek and Roman Mythologies

When was Psyche born?

No dates are given in any Greek myths. Most gods were thought to have lived for eternity.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

Why did Helen go with Paris in Troy?

Because Aphrodite granted Paris marriage to the most beautiful woman in the world and that was Helen. Eros shot his arrow and Helen was smitten and left her husband Melaus king of Sparta for Paris prince of Troy.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

Who is Boreas's greek god parents?


Astraeus, Titan god of the stars and planets and the art of astrology.


Eos, Titan goddess of the dawn.

Greek and Roman Mythologies
The Odyssey

What is the allusion of Daedalus and Icarus?

The Allusion refers to one following the rules or laws of society. The rule of law was put into place to protect us. In this case, Icarus refused to listen to his father and got caught up in the glory of flight. He was told to stay away from the sun but ignored his father, Deadalus, and few to towards the sun. This resulted into the glue melting from the wings which fell off his back and eventuality Icarus's death into the ocean.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

How do you cite Edith Hamilton's mythology?

See 'related links'.

Goats and Sheep
Greek and Roman Mythologies

Who is the goat man of myth?

To the Greeks the entire race of goat-men were referred to as Satyr(s)

To the Latins (Romans) they were called Faun(s)

The most well known Satyr would be Pan.

In early Christian mythology Satan because associated with goats and being a goat man, probably due to the remark of Jesus Christ of:

Matthew 25:31-46 "When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

Which is really unfortunate as goat are lovely creatures and some of us like them.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

How is arachnids related to mythology?

Arachnids are related to mythology because a maid called Arachne was so proud of her abilities to weave that she challenged the goddess, Athena to a weaving competition. Arachne boasted that she would easily win. When Arachne lost to Athena, she hung herself in shame. Athena saw her do this so she turned the hanging rope into a web and turned Arachne into a arachnid so she can forever weave with her descendants.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

How does Aegeus know Theseus is his son when they first meet?

Aegeus buried his sandals and sword under a huge rock and told Aethrathat when their son grew up, he should move the rock, if he were hero enough, and take the tokens for himself as evidence of his royal parentage.


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