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Those things relating to an order of existence beyond the visible, demonstrate-able universe; that which is above and beyond the laws of nature; and/or matters involving the action or influence of the supernatural or paranormal powers and the secret knowledge of them.

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Supernatural and the Occult
Fables and Folklore

Why is it bad luck to walk under a ladder?

The practical reason why walking under a ladder is considered bad luck is that it’s just plain dangerous. The more superstitious theory is that the shape of a ladder against a wall forms a triangle, a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Christianity. Some believe that walking under a ladder would “break” the Trinity, a blasphemous act that could attract the devil.

That's not the only explanation, though. Some believe a ladder against a wall resembles a gallows (associated with death by hanging), and the ancient Egyptians believed walking under a ladder could accidentally allow you to see a god climbing up or down it.

Supernatural and the Occult
Chinese Food

What foods are Asians not allowed to eat?

Asians are no different from other racial or ethnic groups. They eat whatever they want as long as it does not go against their religious or cultural beliefs.

Muslims do not eat meat from a pig (pork). Hindus do not eat beef. Some Asian people are vegetarian or vegan by choice. Devout Buddhists are not supposed to kill any living creature for food. Roman Catholics are told not to eat meat on Fridays, but fish is okay.

Supernatural and the Occult
Medical Terminology

What would the medical term for a zombie be?

There are actually several real-life conditions and diseases that cause one to act in a zombie-like state.

They are:

  • Cotard's Syndrome - also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome. This is a psychological condition where people believe they are dead after a near-death experience. Causes them to act zombie-like (blank minded) but with no violence
  • Sleeping Sickness - caused by infected bites from tsetse flies, found in the African continent. The condition causes you to sleepwalk violently in a zombie-like state
  • Rabies - rabies symptoms are the same as "zombie-like" symptoms. Aggression, agitation, no control over actions, partial paralysis, cannibalism, unstoppable hunger, mania, disregard for own safety and so on. In fact, scientists think accounts of "zombies" in history was actually a rabies outbreak
  • Necrosis - this is a condition where a person is medically "half dead". Their skin, tissue and muscle begin to rot, decay and peel away. People with necrosis sound and act like a zombie because the brain is slowly decaying inside the body while the person is still half alive. No cure.
  • Dysarthria - a medical condition causing loss of control over limbs, behaviour and speech. Causes people to walk around in a "sleepwalking-zombie"-like state while groaning due to loss of control over vocal chords.
  • Leprosy - leprosy is a condition which affects the muscle and tissue of sufferers, making them appear to look zombie-like. It causes numbness in limbs that causes them to walk in a zombie-like fashion.
  • Lazarus Syndrome - this is a rare condition where the heart starts pumping blood around the body of a dead person. The individual is already dead because there is no brain activity, but due to an electrical charge still in the body, the heart starts pumping again after death. 30% of the time the patient can be brought back to life when this happens, but it is extremely controversial to bring them back from the dead when they have this syndrome, because the brain was already dead before being forced back to life. So waking them up will cause

    permanent neurological damage - sometimes locking people in a zombie state.

  • Ophiocordyceps unilateralis - this is actually a fungi released from spores. The spores are released into the air by this fungi. Any passing insects are immediately affected by the spores. The spores are breathed in or swallowed by the insect, which then hatches and releases a parasite inside the insect. The parasite takes over the brain of the insect and turn it homicidal and cannibalistic. When the parasite has had enough, it grows a new fungi, using the brain as fertiliser, then eventually releases new spores, killing the insect in the process. According to scientists, if this problem grows and gets out of control, it will affect larger animals and eventually humans.

There are several fictional conditions that people believe can cause zombification, such as "Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome", which was made up by an author for a spoof medical journal - it does not exist in real life.

Supernatural and the Occult
Famous Quotations

What does well-starred mean?

To be 'well-starred' is to be of good fortune, promising fate and desirable destiny. A similar expression is used in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet when he describes the couple as 'star-crossed' lovers. In this case Shakespeare means to express that the tragedy that is to befall them is already written in their destinies and reflected in the stars. As you probably know, the cosmological patterns of the heavens were frequently believed to mirror or foretell the ongoings on earth- If you are well-starred it's because the heavens reflect positively in regard to you.

Supernatural and the Occult
Paranormal Phenomena

How do you conjure a ghost?

You can perform a Seance to communicate with the ghost, which basically means you have to have the ability of Necromancy.


First we have to establish just what a ghost is. Would it surprised you to know that there are a number of ghosts who appear in different forms. Let us first discuss the ghost which Satan conjures up. These are evil spirits which enter the body of a person who desires to serve Satan. Their bodies may be inhabited by the spirit of an evil spirit who resides with Satan.
Others are Ghost or spirits who are worthy people who have passed on, but are given some assignment to visit the earth, either to do the will of their father in Heaven by causing some calamity to warn the people, or who are to give some message to some living person.
There are three ways in which you can tell where these ghosts come from. A ghost, if from Satan, when asked to shake their hand your hand will pass through theirs. A righteous ghost will refuse but give their massage, while the other will be a resurrected being and so you will feel their hand.
Spirits can be asked to visit with you if your reason warrents it and God or Satan sanction it.

Another Answer:

Within the depths of our minds are all the spirits one could wish for. They are the archetypes that represent various desires, fears and actions. One can use a black mirror in the dark to distort ones reflection into becoming one of these archetype spirits.

Supernatural and the Occult

What are facts about the sons of ipswich?

As far as I know they are fictional, featured in the movie "The Covenant." Ipswich, however, is a real place, located in Essex County, MA, not real far from Salem and Danvers (the latter, known as "Salem Village" in 1692, was where the Salem Witch Trials took place, not Salem proper). It's a nice town. My own ancestors were among the original settlers in the early 17th century and I know of no stories of certain families having magical powers.

Snow Leopards
Supernatural and the Occult

What is a devil's imp?

a devil imp is the underings of the devil the little worshippers

Supernatural and the Occult
Philosophy and Philosophers

Is perfection achievable?

Not in this world. We can and should approachperfection.

Supernatural and the Occult

What do you call a person who reads palms?

He is called a palmist.

Another term is cheiromancer, after famed palmist Cheiro.

Supernatural and the Occult

Is bezebul the devil?

Beelzebul or Beelzebub. This is a name derived from Ba'al Zebûb which means literally "Lord of the Flies". In christian and biblical sources he is a demon and is one of the seven princes of Hell. So in actuality he is not the devil himself, but a demon.

"The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said, 'He (Jesus) is possessed by Beelzebul,' and 'By the prince of demons he drives out demons.' - Mark 3:22

"Some of them said 'By the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons, he drives out demons." - Luke 11:15

Supernatural and the Occult
Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
Example Sentences

Meaning of dragonfly symbol?

The meaning of a dragonfly changes with each culture. The main symbolisms of the dragonfly are renewal, positive force and the power of life in general. Dragonflies can also be a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly frequently represents change. And as a dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live its life to the fullest with the short time it has - which is a lesson for all of us.

Supernatural and the Occult

Does everyone have a spirit guide?

Interesting Question.

In my experience, anyone and everyone who chooses to search for their spirit guide eventually finds one or more.

Some people who choose not to search for their spirit guide find one, or are found by one anyway, whether or not they choose to accept the experience for what it is, depends upon the individual.

And some people who choose not to search for their spirit guide never find one.

I do not know if that is because they refused to acknowledge the spirit when it tries to contact them; if they are oblivious to the attempt at contact; or if instead, there is no spirit guide for them.

Supernatural and the Occult

What is the name for a demon that leave scratches?

First answer:

A poltergeist is defined as a a ghost that announces its presence with rapping and the creation of disorder, but can be any spirit that can move objects, touch or harm people or animals physically, or creates illusions such as bloody walls.


I will provide you with a clear overview on this issue. There is no name for a "demon" that leaves scratches because there is no demonic spirit who can singly cause that to happen. To be demonic or spiritually retarded means that one is very weak in The Light of God.

Most spirits or discarnates are not strong enough - not spiritually advanced enough - in The Light to manifest telekinesis or a significant healing influence. If most spirits could easily do that then we would see objects levitating and flying through the air all of the time.

What most discarnates like to do is combine their energy with others of like mind into what is termed a Group Entity. This provides them the advantage of shared culture, telepathic unity, and the collective power of their combined consciousness in The Light. Group Entities can manifest minor feats of healing and telekinesis and they are the power behind all the traditional religions.

This is why the miracles of healing and telekinesis in any one religion do not outshine those of any other. Compare the miracles of Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf to Sai Baba of India who in the 1970's was referred to by many as 'The Christ of India' precisely because he could duplicate the miracles of Jesus. Both channeled a large yellow-energy Group Entity on the fourth plane that provided them with their Gifts of the Spirit.

Parapsychology is still in its infancy in understanding. A poltergeist is really just another term for Group Entity. When telekinesis is present, rest assured that it is most likely being manifested by a Group Entity, not by an individual spirit - until Ascended Masters emerge in The Light.

One does not have to be highly evolved to be part of a Group Entity. In the seven plane or seven heaven paradigm that is found in all the world's major religions and a number of minor ones, the basically spiritual types gravitate to the fourth or fifth planes. Most Group Entities and religious heavens consist of yellow-energy Group Entities on the fourth plane. In development, most spirits are just below a basic level of spirituality and thereby gravitate to the third plane after death.

The Seven Planes & Corresponding Dominant Aura Color That Spirits/Discarnates Cannot Hide

First Plane - Brown

Second Plane - Red

Third Plane - Orange

Fourth Plane - Yellow

Fifth Plane - Violet

Sixth Plane - Sky Blue

Seventh Plane - White

Individualistic saints ascend to the sixth or seventh plane and don't seek to unite their consciousness into a Group Entity but strive to be A Light Unto Oneself. In contrast, the first plane is the most hellish of dimensions and the souls who reside there are too hostile and their consciousness is too small to be able to combine into a Group Entity or poltergeist at all. Those on the second plane can only combine into a Group Entity for minutes at a time before their consciousness shrinks further from their acts of evil and they fall to the first plane. Those on the third plane can only combine into a Group Entity for hours at a time.

It is not uncommon for a demonic Group Entity to manifest scratches on someone. These are not fatal, only frightening, which is their desired result. I have had this happen to me. No big deal. If one simply waits it out, they will retrogress away from The Light, their Group Entity will disintegrate, and they will shrink their consciousness to a lower, hellish plane; thereby no longer being a problem. This is the punishment of The Light of God.

What you want to avoid doing is projecting white light or love to demonic spirits, as that only temporarily strengthens them while failing to change their focus away from sadism to one of moral responsibility.

One way to deal with a demonic Group Entity is simply to call them out for what they are. Say to them in heated (emotionally impacted) whispers, "It must be very frustrating to you to only be inferior spirits who are too cowardly to stand on your own in The Light and that you must hide behind a Group Entity." These kind of statements greatly frustrate Group Entities.

By definition, poltergeists or Group Entities that have a significant number of members - like hundreds or thousands - can use their combined energy to bend eating utensils, teleport small objects (called apports), and manifest minor healing and levitation energy. In contrast, one advantage that individualistic discarnate saints have over them is in their ability to manifest emotional healing.

One has to be very stupid and morally corrupt in order to combine into a Group Entity/poltergeist on the Other Side and then use your collective energy to do evil for its own sake, only to lose your GE and shrink your consciousness down to hellish dimensions. But there are allot of stupid and morally corrupt people on the Other Side who wind up becoming inferior spirits on the first plane who cannot harm anyone and who live in a constant state of emotional agony, until they take moral responsibility and strive to amend their karmic debts.

Supernatural and the Occult

How do you contact the devil?

To contact the devil, try drawing a large pentagram on a sheet of paper. Fold up the paper and place it beneath a large, black candle. Turn off all of the lights, light the candle, then close your eyes and visualize the devil appearing before you until your desire becomes true.


You cannot contact the Devil personally so that he will appear before you, for he has no body but is in spirit form. He will however contact you through another evil person who is susceptable to his promtings. He will at times prompt you to do something that you would not normally do, but have a desire to do. If your desire to contact him is strong enough he will find a way. I do not know the reason for your asking such a question, I only hope that it is out of curiosity.

Supernatural and the Occult

What did people think witches did?

Witches were being condemed because of various reasons because they had much power of which they could not even control themselves which triggered selfness.

They could do many things to satisfy there need no matter whether the consiquences could hate other people. The communities got fed up of these behaviors and that led to ban witchcraft but those few who did it for the best of the communities were being praised.

Supernatural and the Occult
The Bible
Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

Is being Pyrokinetic a sin?

Assuming for a moment that pyrokinesis is not an imaginary phenomenon, which it is as far as I am aware, pyrokinesis would not be a sin under Judaism, Christianity, or Islam under general conditions, primarily because these religions tend to address real-life situations and not unlikely scenarios. (This is the same reason why none of these traditions have a description of how to make contact with aliens or how to perform time-travel.) Of course, pyrokinesis could be argued to be a form of sorcery or magic, which all three of these religions label a sin, but there is no religious ruling directly on point.

The only relevant case directly on point is within Judaism. It would be a sin to perform acts of pyrokinesis on Shabbat in Judaism since manipulation of fire (regardless of method) falls under the forbidden labor of Ignition - Meva'ir (מבעיר) and extinguishing a fire (regardless of method) falls under the forbidden labor of Extinguishing - Makhava (מכבה). On any other day, these prohibitions would not apply.

Within Zoroastrianism, pyrokinesis is likely to be some form of a sin, given the elevated level of holiness bestowed on fire in that religion.

Supernatural and the Occult
Psychics & Psychic Readings

Is Sylvia Tartan a real grande psychic?

There is no such thing as a "Grande psychic", unless you're just calling her large. So, no. She's not.

Supernatural and the Occult
New Testament

What does an upside down trinity mean?

There is no such thing as the trinity, so if you take nothing and turn it upside down you still have "nothing"... The Doctrine of the Trinity is not only foundational to true Christianity, but has also been well established by sound Biblical exegesis over the centuries. Contrary to oneness teachings, Biblical Christians (Trinitarians) do not teach that "Jesus and God are two separate and distinct beings." It is important that we study the Bible in the context of its entirety and not remove individual verses upon which to build doctrine. True Biblical Christianity teaches that:

1. God is one. (Deu 6:4-5)

2. The Father is God (Isa 43:10-11) (Isa 44:6)

3. Jesus is God (Joh 1:1) (Joh 10:30) (COL 2:9)

4. The Holy Spirit (Ghost) is God (Act 5:3-4)

5. God is one (Exo 20:2-3)

One God in three persons. The Trinity.

To deny the true triune nature of the Godhead as revealed in Scripture is not only to create a god in your own image and in accordance to your finite understanding but it is also to deny the very Atonement itself. Unless Jesus suffered and died as a true "person" (not just simply a manifestation of God), fully God and fully man, distinct/separate from (while still one with) the Father, the Atonement is incomplete and we remain in our sin. Trinitarian doctrine accepts the reality that God is far beyond our mortal comprehension and that " ... The things which are impossible with men are possible with God" (LUK 18:27). Simply put, where God is concerned, some things must be accepted by faith.

The Bible teaches each of the above five points of the doctrine as the absolute truth of God. The only way to reconcile the points is to believe Jesus when he tells us that LUK 18:27 "... The things which are impossible with men are possible with God" and believe the whole word of God when it tells us that God is indeed ONE, and that The Father is God, and Jesus is God, and The Holy Spirit (Ghost) is God, and that they all interact with mankind, and each other, as distinct Persons (not separate beings). Simply put, the God of the Bible is One God, an eternally existent triune God. The Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Three in one.

Adherents to the oneness doctrines are absolutely correct when they state that "the reason it is essential for us to know this (the true identity of Jesus) is because the validity, authority, and truthfulness of all he taught depends on his identity as God." The question here is "Which God?"

Make no mistake, Trinitarian Doctrine teaches that Jesus is God. Jesus, Fully God, Fully Man, God the Son, The second person of the ONE true triune God of the Bible.

Three Persons - As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him. And a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." (MAT 3:16-17)

One God - For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. (1 JOHN 5:7 KJV)

Supernatural and the Occult
Haunted Houses

How do you build a haunted house for a project?


Things You'll Need:
  • 2 large rectangular tissue boxes
  • 1 square tissue box
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Black craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Orange tissue paper
  • 10 by 17 inch piece of thin cardboard
  • Double stick tape
  • White card stock
  • White tissue paper
  1. Step 1

    Draw two sets of two windows on the long side of one of the large tissue boxes. Draw a set of windows and a double door on the second large tissue box. Draw one set of windows on the small tissue box. Cut out the windows with a craft knife and save the pieces. Cut out the doors, leaving the outer edges attached.

  2. Step 2

    Trace two hourglass shapes on the thin cardboard and cut them out. Lay the hourglass pieces on top of each other perpendicularly. Fold the pieces at the mid point and attach them to the small tissue box with double stick tape.

  3. Step 3

    Attach the leftover window pieces to the sides of the windows for shutters. Stick the shutters on with double stick tape. Place the shutters on crooked to give a spooky effect.

  4. Step 4

    Paint all three of the tissue boxes with black craft paint. Paint the shutters black as well. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

  5. Step 5

    Fill the inside of each box with crumpled orange or yellow tissue paper. Stack the boxes up with the smallest on top and the door on the bottom. Attach the boxes with double stick tape.

  6. Step 6

    Cut ghost shapes out of white card stock. Cover each ghost with tissue paper and then tape it to the haunted house.

  7. Step 7 Have fun

Supernatural and the Occult

How can you tell if you were reincarnated?

Some people find they have dreams, pseudo-memories, or an inexplicable affiliation to places, events or people. This is often interpreted as proof of past lives. Additional study called past life regression can be used, but should only be attempted with a reputable practitioner.

Much as I personally believe that we are continually being reborn on our spirit's path of evolution, the skeptic in me, wonders why so many people who "go public" with their past life stories were princes and queens and influential people, and not thieves, peasants or criminals (barring the famous ones that is).

Supernatural and the Occult
Paranormal Phenomena

What is the most supernatural place on earth?

It's hard to tell which is the most supernaturealy active of all but I will list a few of the really busy ones. The Tower Of London, Gettysburg, The Myrtels Bed and Breakfast, Alcatraz Prison, Rose Red, and an Edinburgh castle that is said to be a portal to hell.

Supernatural and the Occult

Is broken colored glass good luck?

Broken anything is not usually lucky. There are several charms of protection I know of that use broken glass as part of the spell, and re-cut pieces of coloured glass can be cleansed and used in magical charms or decorative stained glass pieces.

Supernatural and the Occult

How can you read someone's aura?

Focus on the outline of the person's body and sorta look into the background, practice often and you will eventually see different colors.

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Supernatural and the Occult

How long do zombies live?

Zombies themselves are not living. however, they are often reanimated by a virus, which is living, so it eventually REdies. You may be tempted to argue that a virus isn't a living thing, and you may be right, seeing how it doesnt reproduce by itself. Because a virus need living cells to reproduce, and zombies aren't living, the virus would eventually die out, thus de-animating the zombie. So the question becomes: how long do zombie-making viruses live? According to Max Brooks' Zombie survival guide, it takes about 3 to 5 years for the reanimated corpse to "die".

Supernatural and the Occult
Georgia (US State)

Where are the ley lines in Georgia?

No idea. You'd need to go out and sense them for yourself. If you can't sense them, you can't use them. It's harder in the city, so head out to woods or fields, and walk around until you get a sense of energy in your feet, your hands or your head. Once you find them, you then need to know what to do with the energy.


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