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Halo is a science fiction video game series produced by Microsoft and Bungie. This game runs on PC, Xbox, and Xbox360 and is considered the best trilogy first-person shooter game. This category includes questions and answers regarding Halo.

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Can you assassinate on Halo 3?

Depends whatyou mean. In halo 3, you can assasinate if you melee an opponent from behind, giving you a special medal.However, the assasination animation was firstintroduced in Halo Reach, so the knifing animation is not in halo 3. ...
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What is an initial loadout camera on halo reach?

It's when you start the level that's what you see from. Example: If you do online matchmaking you'll get a preview of the place before you start. That's the initial loadout camera ...
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How do you do the Halo 3 double melee and shot?

NOTE: They took out the double shot from halo 2 in halo 3 so that wont work. The following is a glitch in the game that that didn't notice allows you to double shot. 1. Get killed without firing a shot at least 5 times to start the glitch (I know this is annoying but this will start to game to glitch for you). 2. Now, to start the glitch ether get blown up by someone else or yourself and shoot 3...
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Where can you download the trial demo of 3DS Max 5?

To view the downloads for this software, please check out the Related Links listed below this answer. Thank you. ...
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How do you get other peoples maps on reach?

go to local files and somewhere in there you can find peoples forge maps based on which maps they are made in such as forge world or sword base Edit: Reach also has a custom search where you can search for specific map/game names or other player's file shares containing maps, it can also categorise the type of game or map you are looking for. However, to do all this you must have 'Xbox live' with Internet connection, if you don't, then...
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If you preorder Halo reach with your parent because you are underage can you pick up the game without them present?

yes ,because they already have your name saved in there system to save you a copy and they already know its ok with your parent. ...
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What is the shortest mission in halo reach?

"Lone Wolf" the last mission which makes reference to Carters opening cut scene quote "no lone wolf stuff here were a team" ...
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Where is the hidden stash on halo reach?

First start Pillar of Autumn on rally point bravo. When you start on the walkway go down the left staircase and take a left to the armory of weapons. Without going in there go behind the building and there should be a UNSC symbol on the wall. If you hit the wall then a hidden ammo cache should come out. In that ammo cache you will find a DMR, a shotgun grenade launcher and a magnum. If this guide didn't help...
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How do you make the kill boundary work on halo reach?

When you spawn a kill zone or safe zone form the spawning menu, you can either choose from Soft or normal zone. Normal will kill you once you are within it's boundary, and soft will give you 10 seconds to get back inside. A Kill boundary kills players inside it, where as a soft boundary does the opposite, killing people outside of it. The boundaries can be resized by pressing X, and will not effect you during forge. ...
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How do you take a screenshot on halo reach?

To take a screen shot you must first play a match, then enter theater mode from the main menu, when there, select your film, and start the game. move your camera to any position until you find where you want to screen shot, then on the theater menu, select the option that looks like a camera ...
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How do you create a game mode on halo reach?

The Custom Games menu is selectable from the main menu screen. "Game Options" are available for every gametype, and variants of a gametype may be saved on your hard drive for later use. ...
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Does reach blow up IN HALO?

It wasn't exactly blown up. It was glassed, but not in the normal way, either. Glassing is sending streams of plasma down on a planet, and the heat created wipes out most life forms on the planet, sometimes making material (including organic material) into glass, hence its name. However, Reach was a bit different. The covenant detected forerunner artifacts on the planet, so they didn't completely glass the planet, as they were afraid completely glassing the planet would destroy the forerunner artifacts they held...
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What guns in halo reach are ordnance?

"Ordnance" weapons are weapons found in the weapon drop offs in Invasion. For it to actually be called "ordnance" though, is it has to come from a drop pod in Invasion. Some include the sniper rifle, focus rifle, spartan laser, plasma grenade launcher, but for the challenge "Explosive Ordnance," it has to be the playlist Invasion. Hope it helped! -AndyO1209 ...
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Who is the bad guys on halo wars?

covenant & flood
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How do you make the zombie randomly on halo reach?

You can't. That feature was removed completely
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How much money did halo reach make?

Four billion, eight hundred and fifty thousand, two hundred and eight dollars. ...
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What is halo cryptum?

Halo Cryptum is the first novel in Greg Bear's Forerunner Chronicles, taking place thousands of years before any of the other fiction in the Halo universe. ...
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Can 2 people play halo reach on story mode?

Yes you can, 4 players can play in the same game.
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How do you get to fly the saber in halo reach?

-Spoiler Alert- You get to Pilot the Saber on the Mission '' LONG NIGHT OF SOLACE '' Shortly after storming the beach, entering and taking control of the first base. ...
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Can you create a map in halo reach?

YES! Halo reach has a "Forge" feature, which allows players to create maps, the reccomended map is forge world. ...
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What is Jorge's left shoulder halo reach?

This is the EVA shoulder, if I am not mistaken. I use these, and I also use his grenadier chestplate and a military police helmet. Someone correct me if I am wrong. ...
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How much does halo wars cost?

Depends on where you buy it. Different places have different cost. But if you want cheap, I suggest Ebay because my mom is a seller on there and most stuff she buys from there is cheap. It's an online store if you don't know what it is. ...
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How do you activate recon armor for Halo 3 online?

Login to your bungie.net account (use your Windows Live ID linked to your Xbox account). Go to your halo 3 profile, and if you have all 7 of the Vidmaster achievements, click the button to unlock Recon. There are four Vidmaster achievements in Halo 3, and 3 Vidmaster achievements in Halo 3: ODST. You must have all 7 in order to unlock Recon. ...
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What elite is strongest in halo?

Honor Guards, Zealots,and Councilors (orderdweakest to strongest) are strongest in Halo 1 and 2. In Halo: Reach, field marshalls are strongest. ...