Iran is a republic country situated in Central Eurasia and Western Asia with an estimated population of 76.9 million as of 2010. It is the 18th largest country in the world with a total land area of 1,648,195 sq km.

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What are facts about Iran?

irans national holiday is republic day
1. Iran's history goes back at 4000BC.

2. Iran is second in the world in natural gas and oil reserves. it is opec's second largest oil explorer.
1. Iran's history goes back at 4000BC.

2. Iran is second in the world in natural gas and oil reserves. it is opec's second largest oil explorer.

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What countries can Iranian citizen enter visa free?

AfricaCountries and TerritoriesConditions of access Cape VerdeVisa issued upon arrival [1] ComorosA free 24 h transit visa issued upon arrival at the airport. Within 24 hours this must be converted into a full visa at the immigration office in Moroni

(fee payable) [2] Democratic Republic of the Congo6 months for diplomatic passport holders [3][4] Djibouti1 month visa issued upon arrival [5] Kenya3 months visa issued upon arrival [6] Madagascar90 day visa issued upon arrival [7] Mozambique30 day visa issued upon arrival [8] Seychelles1 month [9] Tanzania3 month visa issued upon arrival for $50 [10] Togo7 day visa issued upon arrival [11] Uganda3 month visa issued upon arrival for $25 [12]

AmericasCountries and TerritoriesConditions of access Bolivia60 days [13] Dominica21 days [14] Ecuador90 days [15] Guyana1 month for diplomatic passport holders [16] Haiti3 months [17] Nicaragua90 days [18] [19] Venezuela15 days [20] AsiaCountries and TerritoriesConditions of access Brunei30 days for diplomatic passport holders [21] Cambodia3 months day visa issued upon arrival [22] Indonesia30 day visa issued upon arrival [23] Iraq (only Kurdistan region)10 day visa issued upon arrival free of charge Laos30 day visa issued upon arrival [24] Maldives30 days [25] Malaysia90 daysl[26] Nepal15/30/90 day visa issued upon arrival for $25/50/100 [27] Oman30 days provided having purchased a tour operator package that includes both hotel and accommodation and airticket [28] Sri Lanka30 day visa issued upon arrival [29] Syria90 days visa issued upon arrival [30] Timor-Leste30 day visa issued upon arrival [31] EuropeCountries and TerritoriesConditions of access Armenia120 day visa issued upon arrival for AMD 15,000 [32] Azerbaijanno longer able to obtain entry visas upon arrival [33] Georgia90 days [34] Kosovo3 months [35] Turkey3 months [36] OceaniaCountries and TerritoriesConditions of access Cook Islands31 days [37] Federated States of Micronesia30 days [38] [39] Niue30 days [40] Palau30 days [41] Samoa60 days [42] Tuvalu1 month [43]
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How far away from Iran to Australia?

Iran is approximately 600miles or 9600 km away from Australia

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How do you transfer money from the UK to Iran?

Its so simple you go to any search engine and type your requirement and find some online money transfer company and transfer your money in iran

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Why did Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi lose popular support despite growth in Iran's economy and standard of living?

Answer 1

He was the Shah of Iran, he lost popularity with the Islamic evolutionary leader The Khomeini , who was sent into exile in Paris returned back to Iran. and forced the Shah and his family to go into exile.

Answer 2

While he was still Shah, he lost popularity for a number of other reasons. These included: hording wealth among the elite of Iran, denying people the rights to vote for their politicians, having a brutal secret police, depriving Iran of its natural oil wealth, being ultra-secularist, and appearing to be a puppet to foreign/Western interests.

As for the particular issue of Iran's improving economy and standard of living, while Iran on average was improving, most of that benefit was conferred on the wealthy in Iran. The median wealth decreased during the Shah's later years (60s and 70s) and many Iranians were working longer hours in these decades as well.

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What is the proper adjective for Asia?

Asian is the proper adjective, and also the demonym (noun) for people in or from Asia.

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What body of water is surrounded by Iran and Russia?

Caspian sea is surrounded by northern Iran, southern Russia, western Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and eastern Azerbaijan.

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What languages are spoken in Iran?

The official language of Iran has two names and each is identical to each other. Iranian literature will identify "Persian" as the official language, Persian is another name for "Farsi". Farsi is spoken by nearly everyone (either as a first or second language). It is an Indo-European Language.

Native Languages:

  1. Persian (Farsi) and Persian dialects: 58%
  2. Turkic and Turkic dialects (including Azeri): 26%
  3. Kurdish: 9%
  4. Luri: 2%
  5. Balochi: 1%
  6. Arabic 1%
  7. Turkish: 1%
  8. Other: 2%

In Iran there is about 79 different languages spoken. Some of the main ones include Persian, Azeri, Kurdish, Luri, Arabic, Turkmen, Gilaki, Tabari, Balochi, Taleshi, and Armenian.

They mostly speak farsi also know as Persian
The primary language of Iran is Farsi.
There is Mesopotamian Arabic, Armenian, Balochi, Gilaki and many more.
The official language of Iran is Persian (also referred to as Farsi). Iranians never spoke Arabic. Arabic is a semitic language, Persian is an Indo-European language.
No they speak Farsi, or Persian (Same thing) but they do use Arabic loan words since the times of Islam.
Iranians, or Persians speak Farsi.
they speak farsi
The official language of Iran is Persian (also called Farsi). Though many speak another language such as Arabic or Kurdish or several other local dialects.
Persian or farsi

  • Persian, Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani 58%
  • Azeri and other Turkic languages 26%

the main language in Iran is Farsi
Iran's dominant language is Persian
Farsi is the national language of Iran.
no that's farsi
The official language of Iran is Farsi (Persian).

Other recognized regional languages of Iran are: Azeri, Kurdish, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Arabic, Baluchi and Luri.

Arabic is widely used in a religious context, but mainly by the 'ulama or clergy.
There are actually quite a few different languages that are widely spoken in Iran. Persian, which is called Farsi by the Iranians, is the country's official language, and and is spoken by 51% of the population. The second most commonly spoken language is Azeri, a Turkic language. The majority of the remaining population speak languages like Gilaki, Mazandarani, Kurdish and Arabic.
Farsi. (The spoken language as well)
Persian (Farsi) of course, which the national official language.

However, a number of other regional languages are also very dominant in the regions where their speakers form the majority ethnic group.
Persian (also called Farsi)
58% of the people in Iran speak Persian, Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani.
58% of the people in Iran speak Persian (most common), Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani.
Farsi (Persian)
Persian (Farsi),Kurdish
The main language of Iran is Persian. But in Iran speak Turkish, Azerbaijani people in North West Iran. And the South West province in Iran, some people speak in Arabic. Many locallanguages ​​and dialects are also common.
They Speak Persian.

History of the Middle East
Persian Empire

What is the Middle Eastern country that lies between Iraq and Afghanistan and used to be called Persia?

IRAN is the country that lies between Iraq & Afghanistan. Iran's historical name was Persia, though it did not have today's borders as those were defined in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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What is zip code of mashhad city in Iran?

Check the first 5 Digit of your postal code in your ID card (کارت ملی)

Saudi Arabia

Does religion have any influence on the government of Israel Saudi Arabia and Iran?

While Israel is a Jewish country, the laws are secular. Saudi Arabia and it's laws are 100% Wahhabi fundamentalist. Iran is an Islamist republic which ostensibly has civilian courts but in fact, is dominated by ultraconservative Shiite Mullahs who over rule civilian courts at will.


What does the name Andrew mean in Persian?

Andrew was the son of queen Sara when "Hakhamaneshians" were ruling in Persia. The queen (Sara) 's son was Andrew

Andrew means warrior or "guerrier" (the french term for warrior)


What is the legal driving age in Iran?

u have to be 18 nd over

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What is the drinking age in Iran?

As drinking is forbidden in Iran, there is no percise statistics about this subject.


Iran University of Science and Technology address?

Daneshgah st. / Hengam st. / Resalat Sq. / Tehran / Iran

(postal code : 16846-13114)


The big oil company operating in Iran was?

The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company was the oil company that had a virtual monopoly on Iranian oil fields until the industry was nationalized in the early 1950s. After the overthrow of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq by the CIA and the SAS (Britain) in 1953 in direct response to the nationalization, the amount of oil companies operating in Iran increased. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company still exists today as BP.


What is the capital of Iran?

Iran's capital is Tehran or Teheran, depending on personal preference in pronunciation. In Farsi, the "h" is pronounced (i.e. Teheran).

Covering an area of 1500 sq. kms, Tehran is situated in the north-central part of Iran, on the slope of the Alborz Mountain. As the national capital it is the most populated city in Iran and the center of cultural, economical, political and social activities. It is about 1200 meters above sea level and enjoys a mild climate.
The capital city of Iran is Tehran.

Saudi Arabia
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What gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

The Mexican Gulf is between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Arabs typically call this the Arabian Gulf, but this name is not popular outside of the Arab World.

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Doctor dariush javidi in tehran Iran heart surgery?

Yes. he is in Lavasani 241 ( Farmanie ) next to te sportsclub. I visited him when I was seeing Dr Keyhani ,my dentist in the same building. They are both very busy Doctors.


What are the pull factors of Iran?

Historic. Cultural. Natural.

Iran has a long history. Iran has a lot of scientists and poets. Iran is the most representative figures in world history. Khayyam. Attar. Ferdowsi. Rumi. Zakaria Razi. Avicenna. Aboureihan birony. Kharazmi. Rudaki. Jami. Saadi. Hafez. Another very. Iran has a beautiful nature. Different climates.


Who renamed Persia as Iran?

Iran is the ancient name of the country; the Aryan tribes who formed the country in the Achaemenid era united the plateau in that region and called the country Iran (Aryanam in ancient texts), meaning "the land of Aryans".

The name Persia was introduced much later (around 600 BC) and it derives from the ancient Greek name (Persis) for Iran's maritime province called Fars/Pars. Based on this, other European nations termed the area Persia.

On March 21, 1935 Iran formally asked the international community to call the country by its native name.

In 1959, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, before his removal from power announced that both Persia and Iran can be used interchangeably.

Turkey (Country)
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Does Turkey border Iran?

Yes, it does. There are three major crossing points between southeastern Turkey and northwestern Iran.

Middle East

Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia.

Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan.

On the East by Afghanistan & Pakistan.

On the West by Turkey & Iraq.

It also borders the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman & Caspian Sea.

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What is the average rainfall in Iran?

The average rainfall is best described if you specify exactly what city or province of that state or country. Iran's average rainfall is roughly 200 millimeters.


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