Persian Language and Culture

Farsi and Dari-Persian languages are primarily spoken in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iraq, as well as other Persian Gulf countries such as Bahrain.

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Persian Language and Culture

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Persian Language and Culture

What does the Farsi word shenidam mean?

It means "I have heard (it)"

Persian Language and Culture

How do you say take care in farsi?

Movaazeb eh khodett baash

Persian Language and Culture

How do you say thank you very much in Farsi?

kheyli mamnoon

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Persian Language and Culture

What is 'shah' when translated from Persian to French?

Chah, schah, and shah are French equivalents of the Persian word shah (شاه). The masculine singular noun most famously references a supreme ruler in Iran. The pronunciation will be "shah" in French.

Languages and Cultures
Persian Language and Culture

What languages are spoken in Iran?

The official language of Iran has two names and each is identical to each other. Iranian literature will identify "Persian" as the official language, Persian is another name for "Farsi". Farsi is spoken by nearly everyone (either as a first or second language). It is an Indo-European Language.

Native Languages:

  1. Persian (Farsi) and Persian dialects: 58%
  2. Turkic and Turkic dialects (including Azeri): 26%
  3. Kurdish: 9%
  4. Luri: 2%
  5. Balochi: 1%
  6. Arabic 1%
  7. Turkish: 1%
  8. Other: 2%

In Iran there is about 79 different languages spoken. Some of the main ones include Persian, Azeri, Kurdish, Luri, Arabic, Turkmen, Gilaki, Tabari, Balochi, Taleshi, and Armenian.

They mostly speak farsi also know as Persian
The primary language of Iran is Farsi.
There is Mesopotamian Arabic, Armenian, Balochi, Gilaki and many more.
The official language of Iran is Persian (also referred to as Farsi). Iranians never spoke Arabic. Arabic is a semitic language, Persian is an Indo-European language.
No they speak Farsi, or Persian (Same thing) but they do use Arabic loan words since the times of Islam.
Iranians, or Persians speak Farsi.
they speak farsi
The official language of Iran is Persian (also called Farsi). Though many speak another language such as Arabic or Kurdish or several other local dialects.
Persian or farsi

  • Persian, Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani 58%
  • Azeri and other Turkic languages 26%

the main language in Iran is Farsi
Iran's dominant language is Persian
Farsi is the national language of Iran.
no that's farsi
The official language of Iran is Farsi (Persian).

Other recognized regional languages of Iran are: Azeri, Kurdish, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Arabic, Baluchi and Luri.

Arabic is widely used in a religious context, but mainly by the 'ulama or clergy.
There are actually quite a few different languages that are widely spoken in Iran. Persian, which is called Farsi by the Iranians, is the country's official language, and and is spoken by 51% of the population. The second most commonly spoken language is Azeri, a Turkic language. The majority of the remaining population speak languages like Gilaki, Mazandarani, Kurdish and Arabic.
Farsi. (The spoken language as well)
Persian (Farsi) of course, which the national official language.

However, a number of other regional languages are also very dominant in the regions where their speakers form the majority ethnic group.
Persian (also called Farsi)
58% of the people in Iran speak Persian, Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani.
58% of the people in Iran speak Persian (most common), Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani.
Farsi (Persian)
Persian (Farsi),Kurdish
The main language of Iran is Persian. But in Iran speak Turkish, Azerbaijani people in North West Iran. And the South West province in Iran, some people speak in Arabic. Many locallanguages ​​and dialects are also common.
They Speak Persian.

Names and Name Meanings
Persian Language and Culture

How do you spell Ashley in Farsi?


From right to left

Persian Language and Culture

How do you say no in Dari?


Persian Language and Culture

What do you call a lion in farsi?

Sheer means lion
Sheer also means milk.

Surgery and Hospitalization
Persian Language and Culture

Doctor dariush javidi in tehran Iran heart surgery?

Yes. he is in Lavasani 241 ( Farmanie ) next to te sportsclub. I visited him when I was seeing Dr Keyhani ,my dentist in the same building. They are both very busy Doctors.

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Persian Language and Culture

چگونه با شماره تلفن كسي را رديابي كنيم?


Persian Language and Culture

How do you say happy new year in farsi?

sale no mobarak
norooz mobarak

Persian Language and Culture

What do Persian men want in a girl?

Persian men want women primarily who can understand the idiosyncracies of Persian culture and their family lives. In addition to that, Persian men want the same things that all other men want to varying degrees.

Persian Language and Culture

What is the difference between farsi and dari?

Both are dialects of the Persian language (spoken mainly in Iran). Dari is the name of the Orthodox dialect which retains the classical Persian alphabet, grammar, and spelling rules. Farsi has more speakers, and while comparable to Dari, has altered some of its spelling rules and letters.

Persian Language and Culture

How are you doing in dari?

chitor asty

Persian Language and Culture

How do you say I'm good thanks in Farsi?

man khubam mersi or just khubam mersi خوبم مرسی

Persian Language and Culture

Apa saja contoh dari metode traditional?

di mana saya lahir ??

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Persian Language and Culture

Bagaimana cara mendownload gambar dari Mozilla?

cara download gambar

Kurdish Language and Culture
Persian Language and Culture

Which continent are kurdish and Persian languages spoken?

Both languages are spoken in Asia

Persian Language and Culture

Islam berkembang dari mana?

Al quran,..orang orang masuk Islam karena membaca Alquran,..peace

Persian Language and Culture

What does zang bezan mean?

It means Call me in farsi (persian)

Persian Language and Culture

Unsur ideologi pancasila dilihat dari nilai kehidupan?

unsur sikap positif pancasila

Persian Language and Culture

How do you write the basic word for peace in Farsi Gaelic and Thai?

In Farsi



Persian Language and Culture

Why do English speakers use 'Farsi' instead of the English word 'Persian' when referring to the language spoken by Iranians?

"Persian" is derived through Latin, from Old Persian "Parsa". The Persians referred to their language first as "Parsig", modern "Parsi". In a very large percent of dialects, this became "Farsi" under possible Arab influence. (Arabic has no 'P', often turning the 'P' in Persian words into 'F'.) While "Farsi" originally (and in many cases still does) refer to all the dialects of Persian, names such as "Farsi-ye dari" for the dialect spoken in Afghanistan were shortened giving "Dari", and "Farsi" came to often refer specifically to the Iranian dialects rather than the standard forms found in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Referring to the modern language as "Farsi" is thus part of the small movement to attempt to refer to languages as their native speakers do, such as "Deutsch" instead of "German".

Persian Language and Culture

How do you write happy birthday in farsi?

تولدت مبارک

*from right to left


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