Order Coleoptera is the largest group in the animal kingdom. With over 230 families and more than 350,000 know species, this category is where you need to be to get your questions answered about beetles.

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How long have stink bugs been around?

They're actually pretty recent. Stink bugs have been alive since the Paleogene period, when the mammals started getting diverse and the dinosaurs were all getting eliminated from the map. They're about around 50 mil. years old.


Are tiger beetles harmful to humans?

I Would Say No But I Really Dont Know .


Do stink bugs bite humans?

They absolutely DO bite. We have a stink bug problem in our home. We have a professional pest control come every month but stink bugs do not respond to the treatment like other pests do. Our bed is near a window where we believe the bugs are crawling in at night (they are drawn to heat, light, and light colors) along with other windows and door frames in our home. Generally, the bugs just crawl around on the walls or buzz around your lights, but at night if one crawls into your bed or into your clothing to get warm, and your roll over to sit down on one, it WILL bite you along with also possibly spraying you. Their spray is stinky, yes, but also can be toxic to your skin if not washed off immediately... especially if you have sensitive skin, it may cause a rash. I currently have 5 bites on just one arm (the arm I tuck under my pillow which is directly next to the window). The welts left from the bites are significantly larger than mosquito bites. The swelling causes a lot of pain and itching in the area. The bite itself may be surrounded by a yellow or orange color in your skin (sort of like an old bruise) or may be red or even brown at times. You may even see a small red spot in the center which would be the puncture mark. I have some red welts as small as a quarter and one near my armpit which I think may be a combination of bite/spray which is about 2" in diameter. The oldest of the 5 bites is still healing (2 weeks later) so be prepared to be treating a stink bug bite for some time. They do not seem to heal as fast as other bug bites I've had.


Is the lady bug out of bugs life a girl?

No, but he gets in touch with his feminine side.


What do flying type beetles eat?

They are known to eat leaves, bark, dung, and other insects as well as man-made fabrics.


What do green tiger beetles sound like?



What does it mean when a lady bug lands on you?

Nothing, they land for a few seconds and then fly away.


What is another name for the cockchafer beetle?



What does a queen stink bug look like?

I don't know for sure there is a "queen stink bug" but I seen one at work today we were calling the "queen". It was twice as large as a normal stink bug (brown marmorated beetle) with larger wings, longer legs, longer antennae, but the feature that stuck out the most was a shell-like bit that stuck out in the middle of it's body and had a center row of spikes going down the middle of it. Also, it had a long black "feeder" (or sucker, I'm not an etymologist so I don't know the proper terminology) sticking out of it's "mouth" that was black and curled under it's head. It was big, and gross and when one of my coworkers kicked it, something red came out of it's hind-end and then retracted back inside. I'm 99% sure it was a stink bug, and if it was, it was certainly a bigger, badder version.

Slugs and Snails
SpongeBob SquarePants

How do you keep a pet snail?

Get a container with some holes punched in the roof (not too big or the snail might escape) and fill it 1/3 - 1/2 with soil or compost. Put some places for yourpet to hide-rocks and vegetation are a good idea. Then for food, some fruit like strawberries or some damp paper or cardboard.

Hope this helps! x


What flowers do lady bugs eat?

They don't eat flowers, they eat aphids and green fly which tend to eat roses. That is why gardeners welcome them into the garden as they remove parasitic insects from their flowers.


What does the rolly polly insect eat?

If you're referring the harmless Pill Bugs, they are scavengers and eat dead things (like plants, small bugs)


What is an assassin beetle?

There are many types of assassin beetles, which are actually a group of beetles in the Reduviidae family. These beetles use their beaks to kill prey, hence the name.


What is scientific name for a grub worm?



How do you remove dead weevils after fumigation?

You throw them out with the food they'd infested.

Wasps and Hornets
Black Holes

What insect looks like a beetle or hard shelled wasp bright red almost neon in color with a black stripe across its back?

That's what I was wondering to.

It most probably a red velvet ant- which is not an ant at all- it is actually a wingless wasp.

Red velvet ants are predators, hunting other insects, especially bees, and infecting their victims bodies or nests with their parasitic eggs.

They are a particularly aggressive species and can deliver a powerful and painful sting- this is how they got the nickname Cow Killer! Note that the female is wingless while the male has dark wings.

They are not poisonous or deadly (unless you are allergic) so no worries.

If you see them- turn around and walk the other way fast, they probably won't bother you if you leave them alone.

if you have an infestation call an exterminator.


Are all ladybugs boys?

No, that would make reproduction a little difficult. Males and females of the species look pretty much the same to the untrained eye, however.

Cars & Vehicles

Is it possible to find out what day a car was built using the VIN?

Well there are several ways to see when your car was built. The best way is to find out where in the car the manufacturer put the build sheet (could be in the door cover or under the drivers seat, even under the carpet); ask the dealer.

Your dealer can tell you almost as much as the build sheet if you get friendly with the parts counter at the dealership and give them the VIN.

You cant necessarily find out what day the car was built using the VIN but you can see the year, the plant it was built at and all kinds of information... Just look up the breakdown of how to read a VIN number. Its kinda fun, you can look at any VIN number and know all kinds of info about the car if you simply know how to read a VIN... Learned that in the Honda PACT program..

On some vehicles there is a sticker on the driver door where the door latches. It should let you know what month and year the vehicle was built. If you have a 2009 it may have a sticker with a June- 2008 year built. So you are getting a 2009 but it may have been built 6 to 8 months earlier.

Simple like I said before. Look up the breakdown on how to read a VIN number. The point of a VIN is not to tell if a car has been stolen, it gives a wide array of information, such as when, where, what trim level, all that good stuff on the car. Enjoi


That is not necessarily true and is specific to your vehicle's manufacturer. I work at a CDJ dealer and I can see what the date and even the day of the week a car was built on. I can view what the car is, manufacturing information, features, paint code, recall information, service tips, and etc. I know Ford and GM are similar in set up as well. However, we used to sell Suzuki and the only thing a VIN number told us was generally a model, paint code, and maybe a production date.

Some vehicle have a date code on a label on the drivers door jamb. It is set up as MM/DD/Hour. There will also be a year listed.


Are beetles carnivorous or omnivorous?

There are about half a million beetle species, depending on who you ask. They fall into all known categories: carnivores, omnivores, highly selective plant feeders that eat only one species of plant, etc.

Some are carnivorous, e.g. carabid beetles, some eat only leaves, e.g. chrysomelids, some eat dead dry or rotten wood, e.g. the common woodworm, a beetle. Some eat dead animals.

There is almost no natural organic substance that is not eaten bij at least one kind of beetle.

So a general answer for all beetles is not possible.


How many wings does a rhino beetle have?

Rhino beetles like most other beetles have 2 pairs of wings, 4 wings in total. However, the front pair of wings are not used in flight. They have evolved into hard covers called elytra which protect the hind wings which are folded up underneath them when the beetle is not flying.


What do beetles eat?

Every different species of beetle eats different things. Most beetles that live on leaves also feed on them. Some species, such as weevils, only eat very specific plants. Most beetles that feed on leaves will eat just about any plant. Many beetles are predatory, which means they prey on smaller animals. They generally eat any small insect, spider, bird or crustacean that they can find. A few species only prey on very specific animals. A few species of beetles eat poo, dead animals and fungi.

Beetles are the most diverse group of insect that there is. There is almost a particular beetle for about every plant there is.
Rose beetles eat red and white roses.


How long do ladybug eggs take to hatch?

Ladybug eggs can hatch in 2-5 days after laid.


What do lady bugs eat in winter at your house?

Ladybugs will eat anything in the winter except for fabric, plants, and other household items. So try to get some oatmeal or apple slice ( small enough for them to eat/digest.)

Stick Insects

What insects has black body and when wings are lifted is red underneath?

muddauber or muddiver


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