Insects play a very large role in the circle of life on earth. They represent a large population of the animal kingdom. Fascinating to some,creepy to others but always present in our daily lives. Questions about any sort of bug go here.

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What do lightning bugs eat?

In the larval stage, which comprises most of their lifespan, lightning bugs eat slugs, snails, and earthworms.

As adults, many fireflies don't eat anything at all—they're only adults for a few weeks, so they mostly just procreate and die. However, females from the Photuris group are a notable exception. These "femme fatale" fireflies lure in males from other groups with enticing flashes and then, as the nickname suggests, eat them. Think about that next time you're oohing and ahhing over them in the backyard.


When is mosquito season in Alaska?

It can run from about a month or two up north, to as much as nine or ten months down south. Depends on climate and temp. Usually spring to fall. In the spring Alaska has what we call break up. This is where the ice starts melting and the rivers and creeks start flowing again. Mosquitos are usually out right after that.


What is the most abundant insect on earth?

The beetle is the most abundant insect beetles make up 75% of all creature! (reference to ID3415556874)


What kind of insects live under rocks?

Worms, beetles, ants, centipedes, slugs, and many others.


Which insects bite and draw blood?

Mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas.

Animal Parasites

What do sand fly bites look like?

Well, I've experienced sand gnat bites before so. When you first get it on the first day it should look like a little red dot or pale dot. the second day, you may start to itch a little and it get a little redder. But be careful of how much you itch it because it might start to bleed or be infected. What you do if it really itches is to go to a drug store around you somewhere and get itching cream extra strength. then you must apply it on your face, but not to much like 3-4 times. that should do it. but you also may get 1-20 bites somewhere on your body.


Where is a grasshopper's hearing organs?

They have 2 sensors on their head and that is how they hear

Human and Animal Interaction

Do roaches have eyes?

Of course.

Word Games
Anagrams and Word Scrambles

What is the anagram from leaf meaning an insect?


Pest Control

Are potato bugs poisonous?

Yes, this is because the potato plant itself is poisonous. The only non-poisonous part of the potato plant is the starch inside the tuber. You are not even suppose to eat the potato peel. And under non-circumstance are you to eat of the potato fruit.

Because the potato bug can eat the potato plant it inherits its poisons.

Keep in mind though that "poisonous" does not mean "venomous". The potato bug may be poisonous to eat, but it is not venomous, meaning it cannot bite you and inject venom into your body. The only way you could ever be harmed by a potato bug is if you ate enough of them to become sick from their protective poison.

Wasps and Hornets

Which bug has a thin black body yellow legs and looks kind of like a cross between a fly a mosquito and a wasp?

May be a crane fly a Megarhyssa macrurus or even a Sphecidae. This is the best I can do with this description. :)


Is food safe to eat with ants in it?

It varies in poison, from the fire ant to the sugar ant, there are many different ants you can consume. I hope this has helped you.



As Isabella said, ants differ in how safe it is to eat them. Most are OK, but have a sharp taste. Some kinds have been used instead of pepper (I would rather do without pepper, but if it suits you, all right).

Some kinds are not especially poisonous, but they have a very bad taste and smell when they get hurt, so you wouldn't want to eat them. Some kinds are quite poisonous, but I never have heard of anyone eating enough to get poisoned. Some kinds, like bulldog ants and fire ants sting badly when hurt, so you had better make sure they are dead before eating any in your food. Once they are dead, it would take a lot of ants in your food to hurt you though. Generally, if your candy bar or sandwich has ants on it, blow off as many them as you can, make sure that there are not many live ants left on the food, and go ahead and eat it.

Butterflies and Moths

Where can you get butterfly in a jar at?

Well i got a butterfly in a jar in my hometown Georgia!

Also, if you are looking for those fake butterflies in a jar that you tap the top and they flutter around, go to a local Cracker Barrel store/restaurant.

Food & Cooking
Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do roly polies taste like?

If prepared well, they taste similar to shrimp. And yes, they’re edible.

Contrary to popular belief, roly polies (also known as pill bugs, doodle bugs, potato bugs, and by their scientific order name, Armadillidiidae) aren’t insects or arachnids. They’re land crustaceans, and as such, they’re more closely related to lobsters, crayfish, and shrimp.

As a general disclaimer, you shouldn’t eat random crustaceans you find walking across your basement, but if you decide to eat roly polies, they’re apparently fairly easy to prepare. The blog Off Grid Homestead Prepper recommends boiling them to sterilize them, then frying them in the oil of your choice.

“I regret not trying the sow bugs after boiling them but before frying them,” the writer notes. “I would like to know if there is a taste change because after frying with a little olive oil [because] all they tasted like was olive oil.”

“I ate about half and will probably throw the rest into a salad where the taste will be hidden. They would be fine to throw into a stew or soup if you were just trying to boost your protein levels.”

That doesn’t sound especially appetizing. Here’s another perspective.

“From my experience, some of them do in fact taste similar to shrimp,” writes Joe for the sustainable food blog Eat the Planet. “Any bug should be cooked before eaten, but some people eat them raw. They make a great sauce, or they can be added to soup. There are a lot of other ways to cook them including mixed with dough, egg, or rice.”

Joe notes that some pill bugs might be less edible than others, and he only recommends eating the wood lice that roll into little balls (since they’re less likely to be confused with non-edible bugs like pill millipedes). There’s no need to remove the shell.

You’ll need quite a few of them to make a meal, but they’re not poisonous to humans. Don’t eat any that smell bad, and if you notice a bad taste, stop eating. If you ever find yourself in a dire situation in which pill bugs are your only source of sustenance, that could be important knowledge.

And while roly polies aren’t technically insects, we should note that many insects are edible, and the United Nations has essentially advised people to eat more bugs in order to fight world hunger. The United States might be getting with it—the Seattle Mariners recently introduced fried grasshoppers as a concession at Safeco Field, and the dish quickly became one of the park’s most popular food options.


How do millipedes and centipedes breathe?

Both centipedes and millipedes breathe via tiny holes called 'spiracles'. These spiracles a openings on te skin which lead to a respiratory system. Millipedes have two pairs of spiracles on each body segment, while in centipedes the number varies: not all body segments necessarily have spiracles, while others might have a pair.


What do Meadow Spittle bugs eat?

they eat plants by sucking out the sap


Do stink bugs bite humans?

They absolutely DO bite. We have a stink bug problem in our home. We have a professional pest control come every month but stink bugs do not respond to the treatment like other pests do. Our bed is near a window where we believe the bugs are crawling in at night (they are drawn to heat, light, and light colors) along with other windows and door frames in our home. Generally, the bugs just crawl around on the walls or buzz around your lights, but at night if one crawls into your bed or into your clothing to get warm, and your roll over to sit down on one, it WILL bite you along with also possibly spraying you. Their spray is stinky, yes, but also can be toxic to your skin if not washed off immediately... especially if you have sensitive skin, it may cause a rash. I currently have 5 bites on just one arm (the arm I tuck under my pillow which is directly next to the window). The welts left from the bites are significantly larger than mosquito bites. The swelling causes a lot of pain and itching in the area. The bite itself may be surrounded by a yellow or orange color in your skin (sort of like an old bruise) or may be red or even brown at times. You may even see a small red spot in the center which would be the puncture mark. I have some red welts as small as a quarter and one near my armpit which I think may be a combination of bite/spray which is about 2" in diameter. The oldest of the 5 bites is still healing (2 weeks later) so be prepared to be treating a stink bug bite for some time. They do not seem to heal as fast as other bug bites I've had.


What insects lay their eggs on clothes that are hanging on the washing line?

Most commonly moths & butterflies, sometimes spiders


What is the breathing organ of insects?

They respire through spiracles.

Praying Mantis

What do baby praying mantis look like?

A baby praying mantis looks like a miniature replica of a fully grown praying mantis. They can be varied colors from brown to green. It depends on the species. Sometimes they will change color when they are older, or remain the same color.


What does a mayfly bite look like?

Mayflies do not bite


Do leaf hoppers bite people?

YES! and they are very annoying to have in your garden. to get rid of them, spray them with a strong soap solution. hope this helps!


Do insects have six legs?

Yes they do. It is one of the distinguishing features of an insect.


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